Silent Hearts

Title: Silent Hearts(默脉)

Author: Mugeng Mugeng (木更木更) / Jingshuibian (静水边)

Translator: Alex

Status: Completed with 81 chapters

Translation Status: Completed, with free chapters available up to Chapter 26. Please purchase the official translation HERE.

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The two people in the relationship are both able-bodied. The top’s grandmother is an Alzheimer’s patient, while the bottom’s elder sister is deaf and mute. Although the top has been designated as a student with special needs (because he needs to bring his grandmother along with him to school), he is able-bodied.

Previously known as Love in Silence.



The meaning behind Lin Mu’s name is the forest at night.

Every time Lu Rong signs his name, he would sign it wrongly, calling himself “Little Deer.”

Much later, Lin Zhao signed with her fingers, smiling at the two people.

She signed, “The little deer is sleeping in the forest at night.”


CP: Lu Rong (Sly, gentle, walking pheromones machine, flirtatious, strong, easily jealous, good looking, tragic top) and Lin Mu (Bright, sunny, good at fighting, good at clinging, adorable, good looking and valiant bottom)


A special group of people, a special progress of life, and a special love.

My silence, and your affections.

Please, world, treat us a little more warmly.

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