The Antelope and Night Wolf

Title: The Antelope and Night Wolf (小羚羊与夜太狼) /
         [Online Gaming]: I’m Not Worthy ([网游之]我不配)

Author: Yi Xiu Luo (易修罗)

Translator: AlexPT

Status: 87 Chapters, 2 Extras

Translation Status: Completed

Physical Editions: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3



Online Gaming Case: Spent 500 dollars to buy a ladyboy account, but it also comes with a husband?
Just logged in to the game and was immediately accused of owing a huge debt, am forced to sell myself and pretend to be an ideal couple with my “husband”.
This is the story of a little antelope who just escaped from a tiger’s den, only to accidentally enter the arms of a big-tail wolf ^_^.

Case in Reality: The top was originally a simple heterosexual, but was forced to be gay with a bottom who had a boots fetish, after a series of confusing conversion journey, finally becoming an outstanding, cold-hearted, black-bellied sadist top, so this is actually an inspirational story of the growth of the top XD.
[This is a story where the bottom is aggressive, not a story where the MC is the top, the top is the master, not the main character, please be clear yo yo yo, giving me no choice but to add this into the case =_,=]

LingYang : I only bought an account, why must it come along with a husband?
YeLang    : You can also choose not to have the husband but the debt instead.
LingYang : Dear, can I don’t accept the gift?
YeLang    : Sorry, this is a bundle, no returns allowed.

Lordly Heterosexual Top X Sunshine Bottom with Boots Fetish, Bottom Attacks Top

A group of college student’s youthful online gaming adventures, loving and harmonious, a sweet story that cannot be abused even if you want to! 1V1, the ladyboy is necessary, the god is essential, the drama is compulsory, a love-triangle is mandatory, HE is obligatory!

Currently being translated into:
Indonesian — XiaSena14
Portugese — Mariana

Character Sheet:
Here’s a short character sheet introducing some of the people in The Antelope and Night Wolf. Be warned that spoilers are in there if you haven’t read the novel!


Chapter 1: The First Experience of Cohabitation
Chapter 2 – It’s Risky to Tease the Handsome Guy
Chapter 3 – Can I Reject The Free Gift
Chapter 4 – God’s Guarantee is Guaranteed
Chapter 5 – A Ladyboy Must Have Integrity Too
Chapter 6 – Otaku and Hunk Are Not Compatible
Chapter 7 – What Husband Did I Invest In
Chapter 8 – Not Reading Gu Long That’s Too Much
Chapter 9 – The Reunion of the Master and Disciple is Chaotic
Chapter 10 – Husband and Wife Can’t Agree to Breaking Up
Chapter 11 – Mental Patients’ Thoughts are Unfathomable
Chapter 12 – Mentally Disabled Children Are Happier
Chapter 13 – The Premiere of the Mole in the Guild Battle
Chapter 14 – Broadcasting Brokeback Mountain on Chinese Valentine’s Day
Chapter 15 – Don’t Cast Aside The Bottom On a Blind Date
Chapter 16 – The Tops Are Fighting
Chapter 17 – 7/7 Night is Overflowing With Gay Feels
Chapter 18 – Danger Is All Around When School Starts
Chapter 19 – Getting Out of Danger Thanks to Teacher
Chapter 20 – When Fate Meets and Looks Back
Chapter 21 – Love At First Sight at Cafeteria 2
Chapter 22 – Holding onto Each Other at Lake ShiWen
Chapter 23 – Little White Dragon the Mr. Right
Chapter 24 – FlowerHouse’s Spring Awakening
Chapter 25 – QieLan Dungeon Sets the World on Fire
Chapter 26 – A Brotherhood That’s Touching Beyond Anything
Chapter 27 – Solving The Crisis Resourcefully
Chapter 28 – The Husband Who Is Ready
Chapter 29 – As They Meet Face to Face
Chapter 30 – Hand In Hand on Mt. Pagoda
Chapter 31 – Autumn Days, Falling In Love on Second Meeting
Chapter 32 – Racial Discrimination is Intolerable
Chapter 33 – One Day Tour at LuoMing Sports Institution
Chapter 34 – QianTang Military School’s Faculty of Command
Chapter 35 – Three Childhood Friends of Sixteen Years
Chapter 36 – SenLan Technological University’s Swimming Complex
Chapter 37 – New Content Pale Zhen Cao
Chapter 38 – The Indispensable Better Half
Chapter 39 – Childhood Dreams of Being A Pilot
Chapter 40 – LingYang Returns to The Swimming Pool


Chapter 41 – Goodbye to the Past, Hello to the Future
Chapter 42 – The Black and White Couple Shirts
Chapter 43 – The Confusing Love Pentagon
Chapter 44 – Night Wolf, the Fury Debuff
Chapter 45 – The Gathering of Righteous Power
Chapter 46 – Engineering: Love As Deep As The Sea
Chapter 47 – Azure Buckle Surfaces
Chapter 48 – The Split Personality of the Glacier Beauty
Chapter 49 – The Sleeping Lion is Finally Waking Up
Chapter 50 – The Foreshadowing Of Upcoming Events
Chapter 51 – In Moon Well, A Girl Died For Love
Chapter 52 – Going Their Separate Ways
Chapter 53 – Three Couples, Where New People Replace The Old
Chapter 54 – The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 55 – On Probation, No Fooling Around (NSFW)
Chapter 56 – Two Idiots In Love
Chapter 57 – Imperial Dynasty Enters LinShan (NSFW)
Chapter 58 – Distinguishing Between the Real and Fake Bells
Chapter 59 – The Official Love Rival Finally Appears
Chapter 60 – Brother Lang Goes for the Oscars
Chapter 61 – Little Fat Antelope Is Eaten Up (NSFW)
Chapter 62 – Voice Activation Mode Is Not Good
Chapter 63 – The Madhouse Director Bai ShaoTang
Chapter 64 – Little Antelope, the Expert
Chapter 65 – Love is Stronger than Gold Finally Comes to an End
Chapter 66 – Meeting an Old Friend in the Air Force Compound
Chapter 67 – An Angel on the Streets, A Demon in the Sheets (NSFW)
Chapter 68 – A Painstaking Investigation for the Truth
Chapter 69 – The Unmentionable Boots Fetish (NSFW)
Chapter 70 – The Innocent Young Master Awakens


Chapter 71 –  A Bloody Wedding at The MatchMaker’s Temple
Chapter 72 – The Black Bellied Wild Wolf on His Daily Mission
Chapter 73 – The Height of Confrontation at MaiMeng City
Chapter 74 – The Stone Heart of The King of Beasts
Chapter 75 – Two Little Bottoms Learn to Play the Flute
Chapter 76 – A Passionate Battle in the Wild (NSFW)
Chapter 77 – Vowing to Never Quit this Sympathy-Gaining Ruse
Chapter 78 – Unlocking the Secret Level (NSFW)
Chapter 79 – The Past Reappears, Thank You
Chapter 80 – The Manipulator Behind the Scenes Reveals Himself
Chapter 81 – Rewinding the Clock Back to One Year Ago
Chapter 82 – The Ubiquitous Invisible Person
Chapter 83 – Walking Down Memory Lane With A Tearful Smile
Chapter 84 – We’ll Always Be Brothers
Chapter 85 – Living For You; Born For You
Chapter 86 – I’ll Fly You to the Heavens
Chapter 87 – Final Outcome: I’m Not Worthy


On The Court
Extra 1 Part 1Extra 1 Part 2Extra 1 Part 3Extra 1 Part 4
Extra 1 Part 5 | Extra 1 Part 6Extra 1 Part 7Extra 1 Part 8

Extra 2

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  3. Hi, I read this novel months ago and I’m now trying to read this one scene but I don’t remember what chapter it was from. Meng Hu had a meal with MC and ML but before that they went shopping before eating at their apartment. Thanks in advance if anyone replied! <3

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