TANW Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Childhood Dreams of Being A Pilot 

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The basketball finals was scheduled to be on Saturday at 9am, when YeLang reached XuXian’s place at 8am, LingYang’s door was still tightly closed.
XuXian gestured helplessly, “YangYang is still sleeping, he is the reincarnation of Morpheus, if there’s no breakfast to bait him he can sleep till ten. You better call him up, if not we won’t be able to leave today.”
XuXian returned to his room for a phone call, YeLang knocked on LingYang’s door, but after a few knocks there was still no reply. As they were all guys, YeLang did not think too much, he just pushed open the door.
XuXian suddenly thought of something, sticking his head out from his room, “Right, don’t go into his room, YangYang has a…”
He had only spoken halfway, and then he saw YeLang quickly closing the door, an awkward look upon his face.
The corner of XuXian’s mouth twitched, struggling to complete his sentence, “… habit of sleeping in the nude, he says that like this he can get closer to nature…”
YeLang’s head tilted down, he did not express any opinions.
XuXian suddenly realised he had made a mistake, “I’ll go wake him up instead.”
Talking into the phone for a bit, he hung up and pushed LingYang’s door open.
Seeing the image in front of him he closed his eyes, next time he had to teach YangYang, a blanket was for covering himself, not for rolling into a ball and hugging it to sleep.
Walking closer XuXian also saw the scar on LingYang’s back that YeLang had mentioned the last time, it was a very long and irregular scar, although it had healed completely, but one could imagine that the situation then was very dangerous, no wonder LingYang would become dizzy near water.
LingYang was unwillingly roused from the bed by XuXian, walking out of his room sluggishly he saw YeLang. He immediately perked up, happily greeting him.
YeLang turned his head to the side awkwardly, as though he was thinking about something he should not be thinking about.
By the time the three of them reached the competition venue, the seats around the basketball court were already full, many people without seats were squeezing in the aisles and back row.
However BaiLong had somehow managed to reserve four seats in the first row with the best view, when XuXian and the rest sat down, they could feel numerous eyes on their backs.
The competition had yet to start, the atmosphere in the court was already very enthusiastic, an unknown group was taking bets, LingYang who loved joining in the fun also wanted to go up and place a bet.
“Are they betting on the winner and loser?” XuXian asked.
LingYang smiled evilly, “They’re betting in which quarter would the fight start.”
Both QianTang and LuoMing’s playing styles were known to be very aggressive, each time they met nothing good would happen. Nearly every finals conflicts would happen, technical offences were considered light, the most serious time was when they even beat up the referee who came up to stop them, ending up with the referee having to go to the hospital. Both of them were disqualified then.
“What did you bet on?” BaiLong asked him.
“I bet that they would not fight, the odds on this are very slim, if it happens I’ll win big,” After that he turned and asked YeLang, “Brother Lang you want to follow my bet? It’s highly profitable.”
YeLang thought about it for a moment, passing his wallet to him, LingYang also unabashedly took a note out from it, “Don’t worry, with Little White Dragon here, I won’t let you lose any money.”
BaiLong nodded, “This is a good idea.”
As expected, once the game started both teams started displaying little underhand tricks, the bodily contact increased, as there were too many of them, the referee could only close one eye, if not the game would not be able to go on. XuXian watched from the audience, and felt that LingYang’s money was about to go down the drain.
People from the military school were trained in beating people, as such, their actions were more skilful, attacking their opponents sneakily without a change in their expressions, using their elbows and hitting them in all their main points.
T.Rex’s stomach was elbowed by one of the players from the military school, angry he pushed that guy, the referee immediately blew a whistle and called foul. QiFeng went up to hold back the furious T.Rex, whispering something into his ear, and only like this the situation was stabilised.
Seeing this some of the people from the military school exchanged looks, they confirmed who the breaking point would be, that later all the underhand tricks would fall onto T.Rex. As they leapt for the control of the ball again, two players from the military school used their bodies and slammed against T.Rex, pushing him out of the group.
QiFeng who was always calm lost his temper when seeing this, he immediately grabbed onto the collar of the offending player, the other party also immediately retaliated. Players from the military school had long expected this to happen, they crowded around the two of them, while players from the sports school were also reluctant to show any weakness, they stepped forward bravely, a fight ready to be triggered at any moment.
Catcalls rang out from the audience, especially from those who had bet that the fight would start in the first quarter. In a twinkling, a figure dressed in white jumped down from the three metres high stand, appearing in front of the two people that were gripping onto each other, he grabbed onto their wrists with both his hands.
The both of them were shocked by the sudden appearance of this outsider, the military school players were about to start a fight with him, but upon seeing who it was, their fists stopped in midair.
“Play a good game, why are you guys fighting?” BaiLong advised them earnestly.
“They started it first,” The people from the military school, not resigned, they pointed at QiFeng.
BaiLong let go, he took a step back, tilting his head down slightly he used his index finger to rub the tip of his nose.
The people from the military school immediately quietened down.
Seeing this, QiFeng let go as well, turning around to show concern over T.Rex’s injuries.
The referee who was originally ready to run away then blew his whistle, trembling in fear. “You you you, how can the audience run onto the court?”
BaiLong laughed, “I’m their biggest fan, just wanted an autograph, I’ll go back now.”
BaiLong ran back, jumping up, scrambling up the wall and returned to his seat.
Climbing walls was one of the basic trainings in the military school, the students from the military school did not pay any attention to it, but students from other schools were all impressed by that one move.
LingYang counting his money, did not lift up his head, as though he was already used to situations like this, “You see, this is the might of QianTang’s number 1 tyrant.”
XuXian’s face was full of worship, while YeLang was somewhat surprised. Looking at him, BaiLong really only looked like a scholar.
“Too bad he’s actually a bastard.” LingYang continued, laughing slyly.
BaiLong tilted his head down slightly, his index finger rubbed his nose tip. LingYang immediately shut his mouth, holding back his smile he pretended as though he did not say anything and BaiLong did not hear anything.
(T/N: 钱唐一霸 – QianTangYiBa, Qian Tang’s number 1 Tyrant, then LingYang made a joke saying that the 霸-ba, tyrant should be the 八-ba from 王八 – WangBa, which means bastard.)
T.Rex had twisted his ankle when he fell, he could no longer continue playing in the game. Holding back his anger he went to the resting area, which happened to be near LingYang and his friends.
As they were all members of the same guild, LingYang definitely had to express his brotherly love. He stuck his head out, “Yo! T.Rex!”
T.Rex was already full of frustration, upon looking up he saw him and was furious, “Why do I see you everywhere I go?”
LingYang grinned, “Hey, please call me dear Brother Antelope!”
With BaiLong’s interruption, the military school team no longer had so many underhand actions, then the sports school naturally focused on the game. The game got more and more engrossing, neither teams able to take the lead in points, the audience felt that this was not a wasted trip, only feeling a little regretful about their losing bets.
The sports school had lost a core player, although the replacement was also very skilled, but in the end they still lost trailing by two points. QianTang Military School was the champion, the home advantage was immediately reflected, a military song immediately sounded out from the audience.
It was so loud that LingYang’s ears hurt, he pulled onto YeLang next to him, “Let’s go take a walk.”
XuXian was ready to stand up and follow them, but was grabbed onto by BaiLong, “Why are you following them, stay back and sing the military song too.”
XuXian: “…”
LingYang confidently brought YeLang around the military school, YeLang was surprised.
“You’re very familiar with this place?”
“Yes, I used to come here often in my first year.”
“Isn’t this place closed to public?”
“If you stick Little White Dragon’s face on your forehead, no one would stop you even if you entered the armoury.”
YeLang followed LingYang to a training ground, there were many strange appliances that he had never seen before.
“What is this place?”
“The pilot’s training base, the first years would do their basic training here, only in their second year would they go to the external campuses to fly planes, HuShuo is too hilly to have a flat area big enough for their training.” 
“You seem to understand this very well?”
LingYang jumped onto a huge reel, both hands gripping onto the railings of the reel, “Come and turn me around.”
YeLang walked to the side of the reel, using half his strength he moved the reel.
“It’s ok, you can go faster.”
The speed of the reel increased, LingYang spun along with the reel, yelling out in delight.
Just by looking at it YeLang felt a little dizzy, “You won’t get dizzy spinning like this?”
LingYang gradually slowed down, “I definitely did at the start, but after practising more I wouldn’t get dizzy anymore.”
“Why did you practise this?”
“This is a basic requirement for being a pilot, once in the sky you’ll spin even more than this, I’ve been practising since young, ah, there’s also this.”
LingYang got into a very strange pose, he started rotating speedily on the spot, this action YeLang had also seen it before. During the soccer team’s training they would sometimes use this method to train the players’ sense of balance, but YeLang had never seen anyone rotate as quickly as LingYang.
YeLang remembered that in high school when he saw the soccer team practising this, they all did it in pairs, one person would spin while the other person would be on standby, as such when LingYang stopped, YeLang unconsciously supported him.
“Eh? You know this as well?” LingYang stopped very steadily. “This action is very dangerous, when spinning around there needs to be someone else to watch over him, if not the head would get knocked very easily.”
He lifted up his fringe, “See, I’ve knocked my head before.”
YeLang fixed his eyes on it, the corner of LingYang’s forehead had a small and inconspicuous mark, as many years had passed, it had healed to the point where it pretty much blended into the surrounding skin, without looking at it carefully you would never know it was there.
“You have quite a number of injuries.” YeLang himself knew of three of them.
“Maybe because my skin gets scarred easily?” Thinking of this LingYang was also very distressed, “It’s so ugly, I can’t get rid of it even if I wanted to.”
“It’s nothing for guys to have a few scars.” YeLang suddenly remembered the reason why YeLang refused to enter the public bathroom, it seemed that he really minded the scars on his body.
“Pfft, these are the opinions of rough old folks.” As an exquisite gay, having any flaws on the body was an indescribable stain to LingYang! Of course, YeLang would never understand this.
YeLang suddenly realised something, “You trained so much, was it to become a pilot? Then why did you not become one in the end?”
QianTang was a military school under the control of the air force, all sorts of plane models could be seen around the school grounds. The last time XuXian came here it was at night, he could see them more clearly in the day, at that moment he stopped in front of an old combat plane model from World War Two, looking down he read the description on the monument.
“Previously you mentioned, YangYang did not pass the body checkup, is it because he gets air sick?”
BaiLong sneered, “If you ask him a hundred times, he can give you a hundred excuses, none of them repeated, but none of them true.”
“So what’s the real reason?”
“You can’t guess it?” BaiLong walked in front of the monument, brushing the dust off it unwittingly. “The body checkup for potential pilots is very strict, not only must your body be fit, to be of an excellent quality, your body has to be perfect as well, not a single flaw is allowed on your skin.”
LingYang heard someone calling his name, he returned to his senses, “Ah, sorry, I drifted away again?”
“Are you ok?” YeLang asked in concern.
He shook his head, “I’m fine, what was I saying?”
“You were talking about why you didn’t become a pilot.”
“Oh, that,” LingYang waved his hand, unconcerned. “It’s only a childhood dream, who didn’t have such dreams as a child, and how many of them actually came true.”
When YeLang went online at night, Bell was already online, feigning, he asked Mourning Mo, and found out that Bell had been online once in the afternoon, and even completed the daily tasks with Little Cloth and the others, just at the moment when he was with LingYang strolling around QianTang’s school grounds.
By then YeLang could already confirm that LingYang and Bell were two different people, but for some unknown reason, this confirmation made him feel very uncomfortable.
Bell upon seeing YeLang’s arrival he immediately dragged him to queue in the arena. The role of the guardian warrior in 2V2 battles were very simple, the most important thing was whether they had a suitable teammate. If they met a very strong cleric partner, even if the skills of the warrior was so-so, the results of the battle would still be pretty good.
Let alone recently, Bell had been teaching him many PK techniques for guardian warriors, YeLang was a person who learnt things quickly, with Bell’s cooperation he improved greatly, both of their points soon approached 2000.
In the arena you had to get 2200 points before you could exchange for a set of pauldrons, in the previous season YeLang’s 3V3 convenience team had always hovered between 1300 to 1600 points, with this progress, YeLang should have no issues getting the pauldrons.
The both of them were halfway through a match, a system notice appeared on YeLang’s screen.

[System] <LuoMingShadow> is now online.

YeLang was taken aback, he also did not care that he was in the midst of a PK, his fingers sending a message on reflex.

[Whisper] NightWolf: You don’t seem to come online often?

QiFeng had spent a lot recently for the guild’s exploration, today he remembered that there were still some repair robots stored in his side account, and wanted to take them out. In the end upon coming online he received Night Wolf’s message, for a moment he was amused.
He had clearly reminded LingYang that his labourer was more interested in himself, but he did not want to believe it, insisting on walking the devious path of national salvation, what could he say about him? It was really a case of once bitten, twice shy.
However, with QiFeng’s character, he would never make things easy for others, to not cause any obstruction, he was already giving them a lot of face.
Too bad he was short of time today, he could not play around with this love rival. QiFeng transferred the robots to his main account, then he replied.

[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: Heheh.
[System] <LuoMingShadow> is now offline.

Without a doubt, YeLang lost this match. Bell asked him why did he stop moving halfway, was he lagging?
YeLang suddenly lost interest in it, coming up with a reason to dismiss Bell, thinking for a long while he did not know what to do, finally flying over to Lake Shiwen to fish.
While fishing he pondered, what was the meaning of this damned ‘heheh’?

The author has something to say:
<Pale Soul OL>’s game design: Couple abilities can be used in the dungeon, but not allowed in the arena.
The author has been doing research in all sorts of online games, but if at any point a mistake is made, everyone please don’t mind it, just like seeing dear Brother Antelope everywhere, don’t complain.
5 men team in the author’s dungeon: [PureIndigo~]x1, [AnAn]x1, [Division]x2, [ZiFeiYu]x3
Dropped: [Cafeteria 2’s Special Edition Buns] x4, Effect: All messages sent in the chat will be changed to ‘heheh’ for ten minutes.
As for [PureIndigo~] who is farming for notes, and commented that he didn’t want buns, the author has been touched by the player’s sincerity, as such a note is dropped, opening it–
[A Year’s Supply of Discount Code for Cafeteria 2’s Buns]
Please kindly accept it!

Why does YangYang’s scar not allow him to fulfil his dream, these are the reasons supplemented by some kind readers and the author:
Online Friend:ZiFeiYu
The reason why you can’t pass the pilot body checkup with scars on the body is, most of the time the pilots have to fly the planes high up into the atmosphere. The pressure exerted on the body is tremendous, [Real life example: In civil aviation when the planes are ascending and descending the passengers would feel uncomfortable] if there are any small scars on the pilot’s body there’s a high chance [95%+] that it would split and start bleeding, and the bleeding will not stop easily. The carbon dioxide levels up in air is lower than on the ground, the haemoglobin in the blood is to transport oxygen, so when losing blood there’s a problem of decreasing oxygen levels.
Ok, actually I’ve started with the more accurate knowledge, the part about lacking of oxygen is just my conjecture, so if I’m wrong please comment.
The Author’s Reply:
You’re right, there’s the risk of the scars opening again as a pilot, especially for those flying combat planes. Not to mention failing the air force body checkup, you’ll even fail the civil aviation body checkup. But this doesn’t affect passengers, even copilots, as long as you’re not the one flying the plane. The pilots’ physical examination is very strict, people who exercise too little normally would find it difficult to pass the test, but people who exercise a lot would not find it easy to pass as well. The heartbeat rate of athletes tend to be slower than ordinary people, this would also have an effect when flying, so if people like Cuttlefish Wind and T.Rex applied it’s likely that they would fail too. Little Antelope has been going through the standard pilot training since young, he has very good control over his exercise, this was mentioned by BaiLong before. He only trained in swimming which was good for the lungs, and iceskating which was good for his balance, both of them advantageous for flying. There are many hints like this throughout the chapters, it’s up to everyone if they can recognise it. During year 3 when the author was in high school, everyone who applied for the pilot test all failed, the only one who reached the last stage was the author’s BF then (Eh? Is this a spoiler?), finally because when upright his left shoulder was lower than the right shoulder by 1cm and so was rejected, really don’t know how they measured this ╮(╯▽╰)╭
I made a mistake, Cuttlefish Wind’s height has exceeded the requirements, no need for the test he would be rejected.

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