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Chapter 38 – The Indispensable Better Half

Sender: Qfyouass (Anonymous)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: [Confidant] Fucking Annoying
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Recently, he’s been very friendly with a little boy. Previously they were hugging each other in public being lovey-dovey, and two days ago, he even brought him to our school.
Leaving after eating and cleaning up, not taking responsibility after doing it with me, is he still a man? I really want to castrate him!


Sender: Sevenwind (Wind)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: [Confidant] Fucking Annoying
Location: Luoming Sports Institution Clear Jade Water BBS via Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

This BBS can show your IP address, want me to teach you how to use a proxy tonight?


The difficulty of Moon Well was higher than what Ye Lang had expected originally. To increase the disparity amongst the players, the developers added an intensive buff on the new dungeon, and thee hp and attack of all the bosses and monsters were increased by 20%. This was a commonly used method by the developers. It could encourage the competitiveness of the higher skilled players, increasing the sense of glory of every kill, and could also stimulate the normal players into spending some money, encouraging them to work towards a higher objective.
On the first night of the release of the new content, just killing the little monsters along the way, Passionate Sword had already spend half an hour’s time. It took them another two hours to meet the first boss, and then two minutes into the battle, the team was magnificently destroyed.
This result actually did not surprise anyone. Linshan was a new server, and their progress were half a year slower than the other servers like Daishan. As the players on Linshan progressed, they were already very familiar on the strategies of how to take down all the bosses in the dungeons. From pictures to guides to videos, they were detailed to the point where every move taken by every profession were listed out clearly. The players on the new server, even while exploring, had the support of the players from the older servers. They had never had the experience of facing a completely new boss.
As such, it was not only Passionate Sword who was faced with this awkwardness. All the other big guilds from Linshan all failed to progress beyond the first boss. They were even too embarrassed to reveal their own progress, and the best and only progress announced was Luoming’s 50%. Apparently this boss had a few phases, with a different attacking style every phase. Luoming had already passed the first two phases on the first day, and this progress, even on the old servers, was considered to be a pretty good result.
As the previous team had always been farming Qielan dungeon with no difficulties, Passionate Sword had not used YY for commanding raids in a very long time. After yesterday’s painful lesson, everyone realised that for the exploration, typing might not have been the best idea. So, the guild sent a notice, and from then on, the exploring team members had to go onto YY to listen to commands.
When Ye Lang logged onto YY he unexpectedly found Bell’s lit up name in his friend list. They had added each other during the previous guild battle.
Behind Bell’s name was displayed an unfamiliar channel number. Ye Lang hesitated for a moment, then he double-clicked and entered the channel Bell was in. Upon entering, Ye Lang realised it was Ninth Heaven Luoming’s guild channel.
Just like many guild’s YY channels, there were many rooms in Luoming’s channel. As it was still not raiding time yet, there were only a few people hanging out in the dungeon channel, while most of them were in the karaoke room of the entertainment channel.
The room was public. Ye Lang silently entered. Listening to them for five seconds, he again silently exited it…
He then scrolled down the list, finally seeing Bell’s name appearing in the room allocated to Little Wind Chime under the PVP section. As expected, together with Bell’s name was also Luoming Wind and Luoming XiaoGe these two IDs.
This room was actually not locked as well. Composedly, Ye Lang entered. This was still the first time in his life that he did something like eavesdropping, but this eavesdropping was also a little too above board.
Upon entering he heard somebody speaking.
“I’ll stop the rogue, you go stop the warrior.” Luoming XiaoGe’s name lit up.
“Fuck! Boss don’t give me damage over time!”
“Fuck I’ve been surrounded, you’re actually ignoring me, dumbass, go go go go go!”
“Teleport teleport teleport teleport!”
Another voice called out, “Can you do it, you’re dying so quickly?”
Ye Lang had heard this voice before on Mt. Pagoda. As the owner of this voice really deserved a beating, he remembered it immediately. There was no mistake, it was Luoming Wind.
“I’ll be dead if you don’t come!”
“You think the healer’s dead?”
Bell’s name was lit up for a moment. Ye Lang was stupefied, and he could not help but increase the volume.
Bell must have saved XiaoGe then, and Xiao Ge’s voice also sounded happier.
“What the fuck, awesome.”
“Choose an archer, the pets are too annoying.” Luoming Wind’s voice.
“Watch me!”
Xiao Ge’s pleased cheers quickly came from YY. Ye Lang could guess that the other team should have fallen. As expected, the match ended in a short while, and Xiao Ge started boasting about his recent outstanding performance.
“Boss’s attack just now was awesome!”
“What’s there to be proud about? Just now, if Bell wasn’t around, you would have been killed by that warrior. How embarrassing.”
Bell spoke up, “That warrior had a pretty high hp pool, I think his gear is should be full of level 6 life gems. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to withstand the three axe blows.”
After that, the three of them continued discussing other matters, but YeLang could not longer pay attention anymore. How could it be like this?
Luoming Wind must have switched his screen. Seeing Night Wolf’s name in YY, he whistled.
“Bell, there’s a guest, come and receive him.”
“What?” It was silent for a moment, then the other person’s voice sounded again, “Oh, Hubby, you’re here?”
His voice was full of joy. “Are you here to look for me? Once I’m done with this match, I’ll accompany you.”
“What the fuck? Can you be a little more professional?” Xiao Ge spoke up. “We’ve only fought how many matches?”
“Accompanying Hubby is more important. Who do you think you are?”
In comparison to Bell’s relaxed joy, Ye Lang’s mood had dropped drastically. With a move of his hand, and without a word, he left Luoming’s YY channel.
He had thought that Ling Yang and Bell were both Yanshan students, both Pale Soul players, both with hand injuries, both got dizzy near water, and with so many clues he could pretty much conclude that they were the same person. After Ling Yang fell into the pool, he was very sure of his conclusion.
But Bell and his two friends insisted that it was Bell’s little finger on the left that was injured, while Ling Yang had injured his other three fingers. Even if the team of three had colluded with each other and lied to him, how could anyone explain the matter that Ling Yang was clearly with him that afternoon, but Bell was online the entire time?
Ye Lang had met Ling Yang thrice. The first time, neither of them spoke, the second time, they had talked quite a bit to each other, and the third time he had already remembered Ling Yang’s bright and clear voice. Even through the distortion online, he was sure that he could identify it.
But who was that unfamiliar voice just now in YY? Ye Lang swore that he had never heard that voice before.
Could it be that the coincidences between the two of them were really just coincidences?
Ye Lang, who was originally close to discovering the truth, now had to discard all his previous evidence.
After Ye Lang exited the channel, a tinkling laughter came from YY. That was a standard female voice, although bewilderment might be felt after paying close attention to it.
“What the fuck! Switch off that damned voice-changing application of yours, it’s making me sick!”
The female voice spoke again, “Hey, why did my husband leave so early? If not, I could perform my impressive ability in changing my voice for him.”
“Continue playing like this, and sooner or later, you’ll burn yourself,” Luoming Wind spoke.
An old voice sounded, “I’m an unlucky gambler, gambling my accumulated 16 years and losing it all in one night. Now that I’ve managed to somewhat free myself, you think I’ll still dare to go all in without any consideration?”
Ling Yang finally returned to using his own voice, “Dear, I can’t afford to lose.”


【Whisper】Bell: Hubby~~ Why did you leave without saying anything?

【Whisper】NightWolf: It’s nothing.

【Whisper】Bell: Wait for me to finish this match, and we’ll go fight 2V2.

【Whisper】NightWolf: I don’t feel like fighting tonight, you guys go ahead.

【Whisper】Bell: Why?

【Whisper】NightWolf: I’m not in the mood.

【Whisper】Bell: Wuwuwuwu then ok T^T

【Whisper】Bell: Right, I’ve sent you an email, please look at it carefully ~\(≧▽≦)/~


Ye Lang opened his inbox. There was really another email from littleflyingantelope.
The email had a zip file attached to it. He opened it after downloading, and discovered that it was the guide to defeat the first two phases of the first boss. There were both screenshots and words, from the boss’s abilities to the coping strategies, everything was written in detail, and even the MT’s path was drawn clearly on the screenshot.
It could be seen that the guide creator was also still feeling their way through, as this was clearly a draft exploration guide. Many areas were marked with a ‘?’ sign, some places were marked clearly that it was yet to be verified, and until the boss reached 50% hp, the guide ended, with three letters: TBC. 
Under Ye Lang’s voice commands, Passionate Sword’s exploration today was much more successful than yesterday. At least, it was not a group of people after applying buffs rushing to die. They managed to get to the second phase of the boss, their best run pushing the boss down to 62%. Towards a team that only focused on exploring, this progress could be considered pretty good. Mourning Mo was very surprised with the result.


【Whisper】MourningMo: How did you know to fight like this here?

【Whisper】NightWolf: I read a guide.


Mourning Mo was even more surprised.


【Whisper】MourningMo: Where did you see this guide? This dungeon was just released, there’s no one releasing any guide on this boss.


Ye Lang did not want to explain it, so he brushed past it.


【Whisper】NightWolf: A friend sent it to me, it’s their guild’s internal guide.


During the next few days, Ye Lang would receive an email from Bell every day. Following Luoming’s dungeon progress, Bell’s guide also became more and more complete, even planning out the roles of each profession.
There were also more and more screenshots in the compressed folder, listing out the position and path of everyone in the team. Bell even asked for the name list of Passionate Sword, assigning the team members accordingly for Passionate Sword to have the best possible results.
Ye Lang was starting to get used to sending Bell the DPS and healing records, as well as the battle records after the end of the raid every day. Bell only had to look at the battle records once, and then was able to quickly and accurately point out the reasons for the team’s destruction. He would point them out to Ye Lang the next day, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of every member. Ye Lang discovered that Bell had a very wide knowledge on the various professions, and he was very familiar with nearly all the skills and abilities of every profession, as though he had studied them before.
With Bell’s help, Passionate Sword’s progress from being the fourth or fifth on the server became the second, following closely behind Luoming. Often, a day or two after Luoming had settled a boss, news of Passionate Sword killing the boss followed as well. Many players now saw Passionate Sword in a new light, and the guilds who used to be ahead of Passionate Sword also tried their hardest to catch up.
In the eyes of Ye Lang, Bell was always the epitome of ditziness, but he would become very serious when talking about the battles, as though he became another person. Sometimes, when something could not be understood through typing, the two of them would go onto YY and talk. Bell was still that low and slightly hoarse voice, a voice that Ye Lang had never heard before in real life.
When explaining how to beat the various stages of the dungeon, Bell would still jokingly call Ye Lang husband. Hearing this word was a very different feeling from seeing this word, and each time Ye Lang heard a strange man calling himself husband he would feel an inexplicable sense of incompatibility.
As such, if at the start, Bell was a contract wife forced to stay by Ye Lang, and next, he was a harasser who not only kept creating trouble for Ye Lang but also kept going crazy over him, then today, even Ye Lang had to admit, Bell had now already became an indispensable teammate.
On the other side, in the 3D world, the annual college town sports competition was happening. Ye Lang’s training increased. If he did not have classes in the afternoon, he would be in the pool. Since young, Xu Xian was Ye Lang’s loyal swimming fan. As long as Ye Lang was participating in that competition, he would definitely be there to cheer him on, bringing along Bai Long who was also there during the qualifiers.
Today was inter-school qualifiers for swimming. There was a large audience, and as always, Xu Xian sat by the pool and looked after YeLang’s bag. He also helped Ye Lang to answer his phone.
Ye Lang successfully passed the qualifiers and went to Xu Xian to collect his key. Looking around him, he finally could not help but ask, “Why didn’t your roommate come?”
Xu Xian’s jaw dropped, only answering after a long period of time, “I’ve asked him, but he said he didn’t want to see water.”
Ye Lang felt a little disappointed.
Xu Xian exchanged glances with Bai Long. “Umm, the basketball finals would be held at the military school in a couple of days. I’m going with Bai Long to watch it, would you like to join us?”
The basketball finals were just a day before the swimming finals. Ye Lang could not decide whether to go watch the competition or stay back and train.
“… Yangyang is going as well,” Xu Xian added.
Ye Lang nodded, “Ok.”
Bai Long gave Ye Lang’s departing figure a side-eye. “Are you sure your childhood friend is straight?”
Xu Xian did not know how to reply.
Bai Long laughed coldly. “A straight guy would store Ling Yang’s photos in his phone?”
Xu Xian really did not meant to peep. The main reason it happened was that it was very easy to select the album key when Ye Lang’s phone was on standby. Xu Xian was only helping him to answer a call, but who would have known he would accidentally play a slideshow.
“I…… He……” Xu Xian suddenly felt that his world views had been subverted. “If he really… Would you…?”
“As long as it’s someone Ling Yang likes, even if he is a straight guy made of titanium, I would also help him bend him.”
Xu Xian was completely speechless. “Why does it sound like you’re actually the one interested in Yang Yang?”
Bai Long shook his head. “This is something I owe him.”
Author’s Note:
Today’s drop is cooler:
[An Anti-Spoiler Note]: What does Little White Dragon owe Yangyang? It’s written at the start of the first chapter…

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