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Chapter 37 – New Content: Pale Zhen Cao

<Pale Soul OL> Forum Gossip Section

Topic: I Don’t Know if This is Considered Linshan’s Biggest News+Gossip Since the Start of the Server
Poster: Scout
Content: Just three words — Little Wind Chime, no further explanations…

1L: First, immediately understood, laughing speechlessly.

2L: If anyone from Linshan comes by, I didn’t see anything.

3L: It’s that weird woman again! Her husband can really tolerate it, if it’s me I’ll have divorced her long ago. This person’s head is green enough to grow grass!

4L: They’re the model couple of the server don’t you dirty their names HIAHIAHIA

5L: Wind God, did you forget Uncle He!

6L: I cannot understand why god will want to team up with that someone, bringing her to get ranked? The question is, bringing her, can they get ranked?

7L: There’s another reasonable explanation, Bell, this account, has invited a professional ranked player to replace her. This is quite common, but I wouldn’t have thought the god would do this.

8L: Why don’t we say, beauty brings disaster? I support getting rid of Bell, let the god and MT be gay together!

9L: Why can’t I understand this, can’t somebody explain it???


Xu Xian pinched his fingers, thinking, “Yangyang injured his left hand’s… index finger, middle finger… and ring finger.”
Ye Lang was shocked. “So many??”
Xu Xian spread out his right hand, his left hand gesturing. “Imagine if his hand spread out and landed on the ground. With a fall like that, breaking three fingers at once is not impossible…”
As Xu Xian was speculating, he glanced over to Bai Long next to him and got a fright.
Bai Long’s face was livid, as though he was bearing a deep grudge against someone.
Ye Lang saw it too, and he looked at Xu Xian with questioning eyes.
Xu Xian shook his head helplessly, whispering, “Every time Yangyang’s hand is mentioned, he becomes like this.” Luckily, there was no knife in his hand today.
Ye Lang sent his farewells with Xu Xian and Bai Long. By the time, he returned to his dorm it was close to dinner time. <Pale Soul OL>’s new content had been released by noon, and the patch had been released earlier. As such, with a small update he could quickly log onto the game.


【Whisper】Bell: Hubby~~~ Why are you so late, I’ve been waiting for you the whole afternoon!

【Whisper】NightWolf: You’ve been waiting for me the whole afternoon??

【Whisper】Bell: That’s right, the client was available since 12pm, don’t you know that? Oh, but queueing took half an hour!

【Whisper】NightWolf: …


At this moment Little Bottom Don’t Run Away called out happily on the guild chat.


【Guild】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Bell, quick, look! <Druid Talisman><Druid Talisman>

【Guild】Bell: Ahahahahah!!!!

【Guild】Bell: Why!!!!! 55555 My talisman T口T

【Guild】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Hahahaha, who ask you to forget your friends when your husband is around! Just let old Wolf sell himself as compensation!


Ye Lang could not hold it back anymore.


【Guild】NightWolf: What’s this situation?

【Guild】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: It’s a talisman dropped from one of the new dungeons, your wife has been farming for the entire afternoon but didn’t get it. Upon seeing you, she left the party to look for you, and in the end we tried it once more and it dropped, haha!

【Guild】Bell: Sister Run Away is bullying me T^T Hubby please console me~~

【Guild】NightWolf: …


【Whsiper】NightWolf: You guys have been farming for the talisman the entire afternoon?

【Whsiper】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: That’s right, Bell’s hand is extraordinarily unluckily, you better farm one for her. If not, I’m afraid she’ll go knock her head into the wall!

【Whsiper】NightWolf: How could he be online the entire afternoon!

【Whsiper】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Why not? She’s been online since the client came online. After that, we formed a party, if not, it’s our hallucinations?

【Whsiper】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Also, old Wolf, did you type wrongly, he?

【Whsiper】NightWolf: … I typed wrongly.


Ye Lang threw his mouse aside indignantly, what fucking kind of situation was this!


【Whisper】LuomingWind: Is that your actual self?

【Whisper】Bell: Yo, Great God!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Azure Buckle? Ask your master to remember to come online at 6pm punctually.

【Whisper】Bell: No pu-ro-ber-lem~ No problem!

【Whisper】Bell: Hubby~ I’m going to get some food, there won’t be anymore buns in Cafeteria 2 if I’m late, see you later!╭(╯3╰)╮


【System】<Bell> is now offline.


Ye Lang stared at the words “buns in Cafeteria 2” and he suddenly lost his appetite.
Even looking at it, a person would feel full. No wonder the girls in Yanshan called this a diet weapon, this description was not exaggerated at all!
The new season in the arena was now available.
Ye Lang was not very skilled at PVP. A guardian warrior was like a god in the dungeons, but in the arena it had many limitations. Unless he had very suitable teammates, it was very difficult for him to progress.
However, the base score could still be awarded by participating in ten arena fights, and with the base score, it could be exchanged for an arena outfit. So, many players would form convenient teams to participate in ten arena fights to get the base score.
Ye Lang had a fixed arena team. Together with FlowerHouse, who also was not very good at PK, as well as Uncle He who could not find a team because of his explosive temper, they formed a convenient 3V3 team.
The previous Bell was completely not interested in PVP. She could not be bothered to even participate, and hence was not included in Ye Lang’s team.
Before submitting this season’s application, Ye Lang still specially asked the current Bell.


【Whisper】NightWolf: Do you want to participate in the arena fights?

【Whisper】Bell: Doesn’t Hubby have a fixed team already?

【Whisper】NightWolf: If you want to join, we can find someone else to form a 5V5 convenient team.

【Whisper】Bell: Heehee, thanks Hubby for thinking of me, but you guys go ahead, no need to bother about me ~(@^_^@)~


At the start of the season, everyone started with an original score. The teams were matched quickly, including a large number of convenient teams. Their standards were comparable, and when fighting it was also not easy to lag behind.
Ye Lang’s team of three had participated in the previous season, and they could also be considered to have some mutual understanding of each other. Out of 9 matches, they had 6 wins and 3 losses, and were waiting for the last match of the day.
The system alerted that the teams were matched successfully. Ye Lang’s team entered the arena. A two-minute countdown started, the doors opened, and the three of them rushed out straight away, only to be stunned when they saw the opposing team.
Uncle He’s started running after LuoMing Wind, chopping away out of reflex.
Uncle He was a frenzied warrior, with high attack strength but weak hp. Luoming Wind was a rogue, with weak attack strength but high evasion, perfect against warriors. Nearly every other attack from Uncle He was a miss.
After much difficulty, Uncle He hit Luoming Wind with two blows, only for him to get healed quickly by Bell.


【Party】FlowerHouse: Attack the healer first.


Night Wolf’s target was correct. However, right from the start he was restrained in turns by Luoming XiaoGe and Bell. He first became a pig, then was tied up by the twines summoned by Bell.
In comparison, the teamwork within the opposing team was seamless. Coming up, they converged on FlowerHouse.
Without the cover of his teammates, FlowerHouse was killed in a few moves.
Not long after, Uncle He went down too.
Night Wolf was the only one who remained standing, but he did not possess any threat, they only needed time to slowly grind away at his hp.
In the arena, the opposing teams could not communicate with each other, but they could still perform actions. Just before Night Wolf was about to go down, Bell ran forward to threw him a flying kiss, with a loud smacking sound.
The entire match lasted for less than three minutes. Although Night Wolf’s confused tactics were one of the reasons, people with a little knowledge on PK could tell that the opposing team was very strong.
Bell, the cleric who was the focus of the hatred, did not receive any attacks at all. By the end of the match, all three of them had full health.
The battle ended, and the results were displayed on the screen.


【BuddhaBlocksKillingBuddha】loses, 0 kills, 0 alive, Points -17

【LittleWindChime】 wins, 3 kills, 3 alive, Points +17


Ye Lang’s face did not look very good.


【Whisper】NightWolf: Come here.

【Whisper】Bell: But we haven’t finished fighting.

【Whisper】NightWolf: I want you to come here!


Ling Yang sighed.


【Party】Bell: My fellow is very angry now, I have to go calm him down.


Luoming XiaoGe did the action where both hands were on his hips, laughing heartily.


【Party】LuomingWind:Go ahead. Just nice, we can take a break.


Bell flounced over to Night Wolf.


【Whisper】Bell: Hubby~~ You missed me?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Little Wind Chime? Why don’t you give yourselves a more intimate name?

【Whisper】Bell: Hubby, you’re getting jealous =。=


Ye Lang did not know why. No matter if he was Bell, Luoming Shadow or even Ling Yang, as along as he saw any interactions between him and Luoming Wind, he would be filled with anger.


【Whisper】NightWolf: You’re so impressive, you can even join the god’s team and enter the arena. This time, he’s bringing you to get points?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Such a big thing, the entire server should know about it right? As the husband, am I the last to know again? If we didn’t catch you guys this time, how long would you keep this from me?

【Whisper】NightWolf: You said you wanted to be low profile, you’re really very low profile. You’re only missing the word ‘cheater’ to be stuck on your forehead!

【Whisper】Bell: … Hubby, you’re so talkative today, I’m a little unused to it =。=

【Whisper】Bell: Otherwise, Hubby, why don’t we form a team for 2V2?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Don’t change the topic!

【Whisper】Bell: Luoming Wind and I are really just friends. People like him with a belly full of evil schemes, I will never like him!

【Whisper】NightWolf: Hmph.

【Whisper】Bell: Their 3V3 team needed one more person, so I filled in the spot out of friendship.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Hmph.

【Whisper】Bell: 2V2 is for couples, you form a team with me for 2V2, and there would definitely be no one spreading rumours.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Hmph.

【Whisper】Bell: Ok ok~ I only want to form a team with Hubby~

【Whisper】NightWolf: As a guy why do you like to be so coquettish?

【Whisper】Bell: Don’t you like this type?

【Whisper】Bell: Just take it as though you’re accompanying me, Hubby, you’re the best ╭(╯3╰)╮

【Whisper】NightWolf: Keep your pig mouth away from me.

【Whisper】Bell: Then I’ll go play 3V3 first. Hubby, go create a team, think of a cool name!

【Whisper】NightWolf: Oh.


After Bell left, Ye Lang thought, when he called him over what did he want?


【Party】Bell: Done, start the queue.

【Party】Leader <LuomingWind> has joined the waiting teams for the arena’s 3V3.


Playing against teams in the initial grade was nothing for Ling Yang and his team. Little Wind Chime had fought in twenty matches, each match lasted for an average of five minutes. They lost two matches, with one of them being a system fault, the other when the two people from Luoming disconnected abruptly.


【Party】Bell: Your school internet is also quite unreliable.

【Party】LuomingXiaoGe: There’s reliable school internet in this world?

【Party】Bell: Someone should grab your Angry T.Rex and move out~

【Party】LuomingWind: I’ve been looking for a place, but unlike your school, they’re not as readily available here.

【Party】LuomingXiaoGe: Wuwuwu, Boss you’re abandoning us?

【Party】Bell: You should also quickly look for a good man to marry.

【Party】LuomingXiaoGe: Sorry, I, XiaoGe, like girls.

【Party】Bell: What a non-mainstream sexual orientation, but I won’t discriminate against you ╮(╯▽╰)╭

【Party】LuomingXiaoGe: I thank you for that.

【Party】Bell: I’ll go accompany my labourer first, when the instance is ready, just call me.

【Party】LuomingWind: You really won’t give up a single moment of spending time with him.

【Party】Bell: Chairman Mao said, we must make use of every opportunity to be in love!

【Party】<Bell> has left the party.


【Whisper】Bell: Anata~~~


【System】<NightWolf> has sent you a party invitation.


【Party】<Bell> has joined the party.

【Party】Bell: Have you created the team?


【System】<NightWolf> has invited you to join <Master and His Maid> 2V2 team, do you agree?


【Party】Bell: ……………..


Bell did not appear on Passionate Sword’s name list for the new dungeon, but became LuoMing’s new external aid. Surprisingly, no one from Passionate Sword mentioned their doubts. Although Ye Lang felt that it was odd, he could only pray that no one would ask him the reason why.
Passionate Sword again accepted a new holy cleric, a friend introduced by an old member to replace Clinging Scent. They became Night Wolf’s new healer, joining them in the new Moon Well dungeon exploration.
Mourning Mo happened to just be staying above Ye Lang. Before forming the team, he specially went down to discuss the roles of each member with Ye Lang, but throughout the discussion, he kept feeling that Ye Lang was somewhat distracted tonight.
“Old Wolf, you don’t seem to be on the ball tonight, is there something going on?” Ever since the start of the client today, there were many gossip spreading around the server. Mourning Mo had heard quite a bit about it, and he was very worried that these rumours would have an effect on Ye Lang.
Ye Lang hesitated for a bit, but instead, he asked about something else, “Momo, do you know anyone who would feel dizzy when they go near water?”
Mourning Mo did not understand. “Why would you ask about this suddenly?”
“Today someone told me that getting dizzy near water was very common, why have I never hear of this before?”
“Uh, old Wolf, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you, that, actually I am…”
Ye Lang looked at Mourning Mo, startled.
“Mine is hereditary. My mom, my sister, and me, we all tend to get a little dizzy near water. How should I describe it? When we look at the water surface for over a minute, we will feel dizzy and nauseous.”
“… Really?”
Mourning Mo rubbed his head in embarrassment. “Old Wolf you’re in the swimming team, it’s very normal for you to not have anyone who would feel dizzy when they see water. But in my circles, getting dizzy when seeing water is a pretty common occurrence…”
Mourning Mo returned to his room. Ye Lang again pressed the ‘O’ key out of habit. Bell’s location showed that he was already in the new dungeon, while Luoming Shadow’s name was still in grey, as though it would never light up.
Ye Lang recalled what Xu Xian said that afternoon. He spread his left hand out, studying his own palm. They said that the fingers were connected to the heart. To break three fingers at once, how painful was it?
Ye Lang could not imagine it.

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