TANW Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – What Husband Did I Invest In

Sender: Murong (Sweet MuRong)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: It’s Not Nice to Create Rumours
Location: Senlan Technological University  The Blue of Sen Sea BBS via Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

The incident that happened yesterday afternoon wasn’t a love triangle. Someone from the sports school had scammed our schoolmates’ money in a game. After doxxing him we only gave him a little lesson, but halfway through other people from the sports school came to shield him, only to escalate it. If you don’t believe me, you can ask 7wind.


Sender: Sevenwind (Wind)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: It’s Not Nice to Create Rumours
Location: Luoming Sports Institution Clear Jade Water BBS via Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

No point asking me, our team was at a training camp. But the version I heard was that our schoolmates were doing housekeeping, and your people came to join in but was injured accidentally, that’s why they started fighting. Anyway that person is not from my guild, I can’t do anything about it.


For once, Ling Yang listened to Night Wolf, he did not move randomly, he did not aggro, and he followed FlowerHouse obediently, occasionally healing teammates.
Although Night Wolf was leading the team, he still kept an eye on this cleric that was following the team, and he was pretty satisfied with his performance.

Actually, the reason Ling Yang was so obedient was all thanks to the cleric that had been taking care of him for the past few days, FlowerHouse.
One glance at this FlowerHouse name it was obvious the player was a guy, but the account was a female, and also with a classically pretty face. 1
Although Ling Yang had never directly asked about their gender, having interacted for the past few days, he felt that FlowerHouse’s tone was not feminine at all, and he would occasionally burst into light vulgarities.
The other guild members also silently accepted FlowerHouse was a guy. Recalling that they knew each other offline, Ling Yang was even more certain, this person was just like him, a guy playing a ladyboy account.
FlowerHouse already had top-grade gear for raiding, but still accompanied Ling Yang to do small raids, and he would appear every time he asked without any complaints.
Looking at him completing what was supposed to be LingYang’s tasks, LingYang had a very favourable impression of him.
FlowerHouse saw that this was this first raid that Ling Yang was participating in after ‘losing’ his memories, and he took even closer care of him.


【Whisper】FlowerHouse: Walk along the wall here, don’t aggro the monsters on the right.

【Whisper】FlowerHouse: Stand at where I’m at now and use your flying skill. When you see the pine tree run and jump, you will be able to get onto the stone ledge.

【Whisper】FlowerHouse: This boss would target a person every 30 seconds. If the boss targets you immediately hit 1 in the party chat, you can also set a macro.


Ling Yang had actually done this raid before, and he already knew the information provided by FlowerHouse. However, in the past, he always had to figure it out himself or look at guides, and no one had ever explained the raid techniques so clearly to him before.
If not for the evidently pure-heartedness that can be seen from every sentence, Ling Yang would have suspected that Bell’s husband was not Night Wolf but this patient, attentive and caring FlowerHouse.


【Whisper】Bell: Thank you, you’re really a nice person!

【Whisper】FlowerHouse: Uh, are you trying to friend-zone me?

【Whisper】Bell: No, I mean it sincerely!

【Whisper】FlowerHouse: No worries O(∩_∩)O

【Whisper】Bell: I see that everyone calls you Flower, can I call you Flower too? I have a good friend called Flower as well ^_^

【Whisper】FlowerHouse: Of course… Actually Bell you used to call me Flower anyway. Suddenly changing to my full name, I really wasn’t used to it.

【Whisper】Bell: Sorry I didn’t mean to forget you T.T

【Whisper】FlowerHouse: I didn’t mean to blame you! It’s great that you’re fine, you don’t know how worried Ah Lang was when you disappeared.

【Whisper】Bell: Ah Lang is referring to my husband?

【Whisper】FlowerHouse: Right, I’m used to calling him that, I can’t change the habit.

【Whisper】Bell: You seem very familiar with him?

【Whisper】FlowerHouse: We’ve known each other for over ten years. It’s not familiar, it’s overly familiar XD

【Whisper】Bell: Ah, the feelings of two childhood sweethearts truly make one jealous.

【Whisper】FlowerHouse: It’s childhood buddies ^  ^


The first boss was the guard of the dungeon entrance. It was basically an easy fight, and they defeated him comfortably.
Ling Yang did not have anything to do, so he cast a few healing spells that would only activate upon attack on Night Wolf, and the names of the spells appeared on screen.
With the boss down, the doors opened, releasing a stream of monsters. These monsters were not difficult to handle. As long as the main tank stalled them, a few spells would get rid of them.
Night Wolf released a warcry when the monsters were nearby. They then targeted him, but one second later the spells on Night Wolf that were cast by Ling Yang activated, and all the monsters turned their attention to Bell.
Ling Yang saw the monsters that were originally headed towards Night Wolf rushing towards him. He considered his options, feeling that he could not handle it with only the attacks controlled by his mouse. Night Wolf was also too far away, and he thought that he might as well just stand there and give up.
In a twinkling, just as the monsters surrounded him, Night Wolf’s body released a huge pink heart. At the same time Bell was enclosed in a gold bubble, and Night Wolf appeared right in front of Ling Yang to absorb all damage from the monsters.
Ling Yang had previously played a male account. He never got married, so he got a shock seeing this.


【Whisper】Bell: What skill is this?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Till Death Do Us Part.

【Whisper】Bell: Warriors still have this skill? How come I’ve never seen it before.


The reply only came awhile later.


【Whisper】NightWolf: It’s under the couple abilities.


After saying this, Night Wolf went down. But having managed to stall for the team, the mages quickly surrounded and killed the monsters. Bell naturally was uninjured.

Ling Yang was puzzled. Even if no one healed Night Wolf, these monsters should not have been able to kill this main tank with high HP pool and awesome gear. So he opened the couple abilities panel, and there was really the Till Death Do Us Part skill.


— Till Death Do Us Part:Absorb all damage to your partner for 60 seconds, then dying after, only for male characters.


This was a skill for guys, whereas the one for the girls would be:


— A Chinese Ghost Story:You will become a spirit after your death, absorbing all damage to your partner for 60 seconds, only for female characters.


Ling Yang had often seen this skill in play. His disciple had used it on his husband a few times. By the way, how should he refer to his disciple’s husband, disciple-in-law?
No matter how one hear it, he sounded like a butcher2
Ling Yang was speechless when he look at Night Wolf who was lying at his feet.


【Whisper】Bell: The repairs for your equipment cost much more than mine, you should have just let me die instead.

【Whisper】NightWolf: I got used to it.


By then Night Wolf had already been revived by FlowerHouse, with the other team members buffing him while mocking him. Night Wolf returned to the front of the team without turning back, leading everyone towards the boss room.
Ling Yang had not finish examining the couple abilities, and he let Bell follow FlowerHouse while he opened the panel to study the skills.
Some of the skills were used very frequently, like:


— To The Ends of The Earth: Immediately teleports you to your partner.

— Inseparable Lovers: Immediately teleports your partner to you.

— Sharing Weal and Woe: Provides 3200 HP to both partners in 30 seconds.

— Exchange Love Glances: 20% increased EXP, REP and gold upon killing of monsters and completion of missions, passive ability.


There were some that LingYang had never even heard before, like:


— Kiss Your Husband: 2% increase in DPS for both partners for 10 minutes, only for female characters.

— Hug Your Wife: 2% increase in HP regeneration and HP restoration for both partners for 10 minutes, only for male characters.

— A Charming Smile: If one of the partners is a mage, increases spell damage by 300 points for 8 seconds, only for female characters.

— Rising Anger: If one of the partners is a warrior, increases fury by 50points, only for male characters.


These were already nauseating enough, but there was an even more nauseating one below:


— The Birth of A Child: Summons a human-shaped pet to join the battle for 3 minutes, only for female characters.


LingYang was completely speechless, did the game developers suffer from brain damage?
LingYang clicked on The Birth of A Child option.
Then he helplessly watched that butt-naked child happily running towards the nearest monster. Originally there was no need to defeat that monster, they only had to avoid it, but now that it had discovered Night Wolf and Bell’s child, it ran towards him like a pedophile.
Night Wolf who was leading the team had never stopped paying attention to Bell. Now that he saw him getting into trouble again, he immediately used the corresponding ability to The Birth of A Child.


— A Father’s Love is Limitless


He teleported over to the child and killed the punk attacking him.

When Night Wolf returned he did not forget to say something that seemed flirtatious to others but mocking to LingYang.


【Party】NightWolf: Watch our son.

【Party】Bell: …

【Party】 LittleRights: Watch your son.

【Party】LittleCloth: Watch your son.

【Party】DevotedCouple: Watch your son.

【Party】CuteEgg: Watch your son.

【Party】FlowerHouse: Watch your son.

【Party】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Watch your son.

【Party】MourningMo:Watch your son.



Ling Yang choked upon seeing the continuous spam from the party chat.


【Whisper】NightWolf: Will you die if you don’t create trouble?

【Whisper】Bell: The son is created from half of me, and also half of you.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Sorry, I don’t remember having a child with you, please act with some decorum.


Ling Yang needed some time to suppress his urge to beat up the other party.


【Whisper】Bell: You are a scum top!

【Whisper】NightWolf:You are a trash bottom?


Ling Yang was stunned.


【Whisper】 Bell: How do you know this?

【Whisper】NightWolf: I’ve heard Little Bottom Don’t Run Away use it before, but I don’t really understand it, what does it mean?

【Whisper】Bell:… If you don’t understand it don’t use it!


The second boss was nicknamed Grandpa Calabash, while some also called him Snow White.
Although both cartoons were light years apart, they shared a similarity, that was they were accompanied by seven other characters.
Boss number 2 had 7 elite monsters, 4 on the left, 3 on the right, and people referred to them as the Calabash kids or the seven dwarves.
It was not difficult to defeat these Calabash kids, they just had high HP pools, taking more time to damage them. With seven of them together, the team control had to be a little more careful.
Most of the team could only kill the Calabash kids bit by bit, this would take at least 15 minutes.
There was only one exception. If the team included a druidic cleric, they could use a druid skill to kite the boss from between the kids, and there was no need to defeat any of the elite monsters.
But as mentioned previously, druid builds were very unpopular, and no clerics would temporarily change to the confusing skills set-up just to avoid these elite monsters.
Ling Yang had not fought these Calabash kids like these for a long time already. As he was originally a druid, when their guild was killing Grandpa Calabash previously, it was always Ling Yang who kited him out.
But his identity now was a handicapped person, and he had also lost his memories, so he did not wish to take the lead.
Slowly killing them was nothing, it just made people feel bored and sleepy.
Ling Yang was someone who always had to keep himself busy. After being bored for a little while, he could not help but start looking for entertainment.
For example, there was an NPC standing a slight distance away from him…


【Party】NightWolf: Don’t talk to him!

【Party】Bell: ……… Too late.  


【NPC】SnoringAwareness: Who? Who disturbed my sleep…


It had to be said that <Pale Soul OL>’s developers were really bastards. They actually created this kind of NPC at this kind of location, basically inviting players to interact with him.3
This SnoringAwareness NPC, if left undisturbed would only be a decoration, if disturbed he would become an very powerful boss. Even the strongest team would not be able to defeat him.
When this raid instance was just introduced, many people unknowingly interacted with SnoringAwareness. All of them died under his blade, including full parties.
Nobody knew why an NPC was created to be standing there, but by now people had gotten into the habit of never disturbing SnoringAwareness’s sleep.
There would only be people like LingYang with itchy fingers who should know better than to disturb him.
The team saw that Bell had awoken SnoringAwareness, and they all naturally wanted to leave the instance.
Seeing that the situation was turning chaotic, Ling Yang hurriedly tried to keep them together.


【Party】Bell: Everyone stop panicking, there’s no use walking away from this!


The team members saw Bell’s words, and they suddenly had faith. All of them stopped, waiting for her instructions, seeing what sort of amazing strategy would result from this amnesiac team member.
Only, they saw Bell waving her right hand, buffing herself with increased movement speed.


【Party】Bell: Walking away is useless, we need to run!


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