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Chapter 2 – It’s Risky to Tease the Handsome Guy  

Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope has moved out)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: The First Day of Cohabitation with Flower
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

Officially moved out with Flower, and ate the breakfast he personally made in the morning. He’s truly a virtuous wife, you guys can now be jealous and envious.


Sender: Ironman (Ironman-I’ll Streak if Real Madrid Wins)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: The First Day of Cohabitation with Flower
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

Originally I was jealous, then I saw the emoji that only the bottoms use, now I’m relieved.
Wish you guys a good, blissful sex life.


As Ling Yang came online, the guild channel went crazy.

“Fuck, am I blind?”
“!!!!!! Sister-in-law is online!!!!”
“Eh? Did I use the wrong method to start the client?”
“Oh yeah? What’s the situation?”
“Is it really Bell?”
“Damn cheater still dares to come online! Why hasn’t anyone kicked this person out of the guild?”
“We haven’t discovered the truth yet, guys, don’t rush to accuse.”
“Marry a wife is so risky, being a gay is better, Bell is a living example.”

Ling Yang thought it was too noisy, so he muted the guild channel.

Sooner or later he would leave the guild, but before that happened, he had to carefully examine this recently purchased account.
From the appearance of the character, there was no need to even mention the gear, it only got worse under close scrutiny.
That ring of unknown origin, just looking at it made one want to cry silently.
Fuck! Why is a cleric wearing a ring that with strength attributes, is he planning on doing melee attacks?!

At least there were still some achievements completed. Looking at them, it seemed like the original owner of this account preferred PVE. They rarely did PVP, had lots of monster kills, but very little battles. There were basically no arena records, but many map areas had been explored, and it seemed like they preferred to explore the world map.
With Ling Yang’s many years of experience, accounts like this tend to have husbands/wives. As they were unable to do bedroom activities in the game, they could only explore the map.  

As for non-combat skills… only the cooking skill was leveled. How useless.
Ling Yang was a non-combat skills fanatic. In his previous account he had maxed out all three skills (if it was not for the system only allowing 3 skills to be trained, he would have maxed out all skills available). Even useless skills like fishing, which was designed to waste time, were all capped.
For now he had not decided what to do with this account’s non-combat skills. His favourite combination was foraging and alchemy, but sewing was also one of his favourites as well. Weapon-crafting was also another good choice, and he did not want to abandon any one of them.
He would take his time to consider this.

Ling Yang also ignored the social panel. Eventually he would remove everyone on that list.
Finally was the skill tree panel, and this was also one of the major highlights of <Pale Soul OL>.
There were six classes in the game. Every class had many different paths, and the paths could could also be linked together. Other than creating meta builds, many new builds could also be created as well.
By allocating skill points in various ways, the character’s combat skills would differ completely from each other.
Testing and exploring different combinations of skill points to create different builds was always one of the most popular features of <Pale Soul OL>.
<Pale Soul OL> had a specific forum just for build discussions, and Ling Yang was also a frequent poster there.

Using the cleric class as an example, there were at least 3 meta ways to build a character.
The first was the holy light archetype, who was adept in healing. The available skills needed time to warm-up before casting, the cast time was long, and the character had a considerably large pool of HP. It was an indispensable support member, also known as the great nanny healer.
The second was the shadow archetype. It was adept in attacking, and its special ability was to leech life from enemies. It was also known as the vampire, hated by many, and was a common character on the PK arena.
Third was the summoner. It was adept in buffing, able to greatly increase the pets’ combat ability, as well as healing the pets. There were many different types of pets in <Pale Soul OL>, including melee type, spell type, curse type… Expert summoners in a party could have all sorts of roles, all of them very unpredictable, and the play style was the most difficult to predict. As the designs of the pets in the game were all very cute, there were many girls who would play this style.
There were also the monk archetype, hybrid archetype etc, each differing from the other.  

Ling Yang’s build was the druid type.
Druid builds used to be very unpopular, but ever since a druid expert posted his own PK videos online, it got very popular for awhile, with many clerics copying the build.
However they slowly discovered that this build was not easy to play. Not everyone could get used to it, and some people who were not as skilled had to give up on playing this build. So, its popularity started going down again.
However Ling Yang always preferred choosing the road less travelled, and he still preferred playing a druid.    

Bell’s skill tree was very generic, it took the holy light archetype route.
Ling Yang was not surprised. Looking at her achievement page he already guessed that it would be like that.
But Ling Yang did not really like standing there like a pillar and casting spells. Even while healing, he liked moving around.
So he decided to go to the career guide NPC to reset the skill tree.  

Resetting was not expensive, only 20 gold coins were needed.
However the guide alerted him that he did not have enough currency, asking him to return only when he had enough.
Ling Yang opened his inventory. There were 36 silver coins and 88 bronze coins…
Oh, this powerless frustration.

Although his previous account could not be considered rich, but he still had a few hundred gold on him usually. His highest accumulation had been about 1800 gold, and at that time LingYang also felt that he was flush. He was even tempted to find a handsome sugar baby.
Having been forced back to the starting point, this made him unhappy.
Now, the most important task was to look for some money to reset his skill tree, then slowly start selling things to earn money.  

Just as he was thinking about it, someone appeared next to him.
Ling Yang’s screen turned white with this person’s appearance.
The better a person’s gear, the higher the enhancement level, the higher the enchantment effects, the rarer the socketed gems. Every time the character appeared, the lighting effect would be brighter.
So this person that just appeared, his body was basically tagged with the label of a “rich person”.  

Ling Yang immediately recognised the black armour worn by the person as the best armour for warriors. It would only drop in high-level party raids, and the weapon and shield he was holding clearly showed that he was the tank for his party, and very likely to be the main tank.
That was right! He was the one at the front of the party, showing his asshole to everyone, that dumbass character tanking all of the boss’ attacks.
Many guys liked to play this sort of “sacrificing myself to protect everyone” character. Apparently it could create a strong sense of delight, satisfying their chauvinistic and expansive egos.
As an irresponsible little bottom, Ling Yang could not really understand this sort of being abused but still proud of themselves behaviour.
However this person’s appearance was truly timely. Now, even that black as crow armour, in LingYang’s eyes, was as beautiful as a swan.

Ling Yang’s current location was not a waypoint. However, having been dazzled by the glowing effect coming from the person, he did not even consider how the person had appeared there.
Seeing him, Ling Yang’s eyes brightened — at first passively, now actively.
At this moment he only had one thought — This was a essentially a piggy-bank that fell from the sky.

【Local】Bell: Hi, handsome.

The person did not reply.
Ling Yang understood completely. A handsome guy always had to act cool. 

【Local】Bell: Handsome, help me please, my account was just hacked. I don’t even have money to reset my skill tree. Can you lend me 20 gold? I’ll return it in the future.

As if he would return it. 20 gold to people like this was just a drop in the bucket. By then, even if Ling Yang remembered, this person might not even care for it.
After waiting for a while, that person still remained motionless. Just as LingYang started to silently criticise that rich people were the stingiest, he received a trade request from that person.
Ling Yang confirmed the request, and received 20 gold from the other player.

I still thought that he would give a bit more after seeing that my account was hacked. I asked for 20 and he really only gave 20. Truly, the richer one gets, the stingier one becomes. I should have asked for 50 at the start, LingYang thought shamelessly, but he still continued acting.

【Local】Bell: Thanks handsome, here’s a MUACKS ╭(╯3╰)╮!

【Local】Bell: Take care, handsome. Bye, handsome. 

Ling Yang hurriedly transferred the money to the NPC and reset his skill tree.
Having not played for awhile, he could not clearly remember how his previous skill tree looked like. He could only allocate it point by point based on his memory, and he took the chance to study the newly added skills and keystones.
This alone took about 20 minutes.
When Ling Yang finally confirmed the allocation of his skill tree and closed the panel, he realised that the rich person who lent him the money was still standing next to him. His position had not moved for the past 20 minutes, and even his pose did not changed.  

Ling Yang trembled. Could it be that he was afraid he would not return the money?  

【Local】Bell: Handsome, you’re here to reset your tree as well?

【Local】Bell: Then take your time, I’m done resetting, I’ll leave first, bye~

Ling Yang took a step, but the continuously silent person who kept pretending to be dark and mysterious finally said something. It turned out to be a whisper.

【Whisper】NightWolf: You don’t know me?   

Crap, was this rich person someone he was supposed to know? From their interactions just now it did not look like they were friends… Was he an enemy? Ling Yang blinked.

【Whisper】Bell: Should I know you?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Press the ‘O’ key, which is on the left of the ‘P’ key, on the right of the ‘I’ key, on top of the ‘L’ key.

That person patiently guided Ling Yang.
Ling Yang followed his instructions, and opened the social panel that he had ignored previously.

【Whisper】Bell: What next?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Do you see the three tabs at the top? Use your mouse and click on the second one.

The three tabs on the top of the social panel were: Friend | Spouse | Enemy
LingYang selected the middle tab accordingly.
For now this game did not have the option for bigamy (there would also not be this option in the future), so there was only one person in this list.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Now, you know who I am?

【Whisper】Bell: Yeah…

【Whisper】NightWolf: So, can you tell me now, who are you?

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