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Author’s Note:

The author has something to say: Somebody asked what “boot fetish” means. I’ll explain it here. The fetish here is not just simply liking to look/wear/collect etc. It’s a quite commonly seen but often hidden type of sexual desire. It could be considered a type of object sexuality.

People with a boot fetish can be sexually aroused by both boots and people wearing boots. They might do some abnormal or slightly perverted sex acts. Someone with a boot fetish of an ordinary degree would not be categorised as a sexual pervert.

If you want to understand more about this topic, you can search Baidu, search terms: boot fetish, BDSM.

The MC bottom in this novel is an incurable gay with a boot fetish and is a fan of BDSM. From the second volume onwards, mentions of boot fetish will start appearing and become prevalent in the third volume. However, this novel is not a documentary nor a homosexual novel, and it is definitely not erotica. The reader has to always remember that this is a Danmei novel and is also a light and refreshing e-gaming novel. So when something unsuitable for the novel occurs, there may be changes, dimming of lights, a summary, or just blurring the scene out. This novel involves all the topics mentioned and tries to present it in the best light and make everything seem cute so as to prevent most people from leaving halfway from finding it too hardcore. Of course, a lot of terms may be wrong or distorted. Professionals, please close one eye.

All account names mentioned in this novel are imaginary. If they do exist, it is coincidental.

The biggest trigger in this novel is that this is a novel from the bottom’s point of view — the main character is the bottom, but the top is the master. In other words, their positions are unequal (the truth is that they entered the DS relationship willingly), so please exert some control especially those who like to see dominant queens. Apologies.

The second trigger is that everyone has BL tendencies, and the main character is involved in a love triangle, but it is innocent, absolutely spotless, 1V1 all the way.

The trigger warnings have been written clearly. Please check before reading to not waste your time. Thank you.

P.S. This novel, although it’s a gaming novel, the author’s gaming ability is poor. Someone who is lousy at online games but insists on writing a gaming novel — can you stop them???

Chapter 1 – The First Experience of Cohabitation

Ling Yang finally fulfilled his wish of moving out of the dormitory.

This meant that he no longer had to use that slow-as-hell school internet that made people go crazy, and he also did not have to rush to shut down his computer before midnight and risk his CPU frying.

Once when he was halfway through a PK with someone, his roommate opened PPLive to watch a movie which caused him to lag as his health bar turned red. It was only when he was left with 30hp did the game finally sync up again, but he inevitably lost the game.

Usually, a loss was nothing. But it just so happened that a dare was at stake. If he lost, he would have to confess his feelings to his best friend. So then… There was no need to mention what happened next. Anyway, from that day on, he was determined to move out. 

The reason why Ling Yang never rented a place outside was that the rent for a single apartment was too expensive, and he had never found a suitable roommate.

But the heavens were kind. Just a few days after he was determined to move out, something big happened in school which directly affected his future.

This can only be explained by starting off with the history of his university.

Yanshan University was an old college with a hundred years of history… (We’ll omit ten thousand words here). 

A school with such an extensive history would definitely come with many good qualities. One of them was its inclusive tolerance.

If you’re in disbelief, you can go and check out any school with a hundred years of history. The feeling of this all-accepting tolerance was ubiquitous. Whether it was the second-hand bookseller, the recycled CD/DVD seller, the pornography seller, or the pancakes or fruits seller etc., none of them would feel excluded.

This could also be seen throughout the school’s forum.  

Yanshan University’s school forum was a very large bulletin board system (BBS). There were many sub-forums, many participants, and there was always a new topic coming up. Even people outside the school also liked to participate. The webmaster eventually conferred with the webmasters of other colleges and created a joint forum.

In the forum there was a sexuality sub-forum, and within it there was a sex section. In Chinese it was called “Sexual Relations”. There was also a health sub-forum, and within it there was a sexual-health section. In Chinese it was called “Sex Health” and “Sex Psychology.” There were also participants from the medical and psychology departments.

The openness of this forum was truly remarkable.  

Ling Yang knew that there was a group of people that requested to create a new sub-forum for a long time already, but the webmaster had yet to approve it. This created a huge sensation; Everyone on the forum knew about it, and some even started a petition.

A forum that authorised a sub-forum for sex, why would there be so much debate about the creation of another sub-forum?

The reason was that the requested sub-forum’s topic this time was homosexuality — a place for homosexuals.  

Ling Yang was prepared to bring popcorn and watch the drama develop, but had no intention to participate. To be honest, he had no confidence that this request would be approved.

So when an alert for the creation of the new sub-forum was received, he got a big shock.

This was truly a century-old school. So accommodating, such great tolerance…

LingYang was very proud of himself for managing to enrol in such an excellent school.

That’s right, LingYang was born gay. Not only was he purely gay, he was a bottom to the core.

Although he did not participate when they were arguing about whether to start the sub-forum or not, it did not mean that he would remain a lurker after the sub-forum’s creation.

He was an active participant in the school’s BBS, and with a well-known ID, he quickly became famous on the homo sub-forum. He also participated in the first meet-up hosted by the sub-forum and met quite a few people like him.

Xu Xian was one of them. 

Ling Yang and Xu Xian often chatted with each other online. After their encounter, their only regret was that they did not meet each other sooner, as they instantly became intimate friends.

Xu Xian also wanted to move out of the dormitory for a long time, but he could not find someone to share the utility bills with. Both of them agreed to move out together and immediately started searching for a place.

The reason why Xu Xian did not want to live in the dormitory was one of the reasons why Ling Yang wanted to move, and it was also the main reason why most openly gay guys did not want to live in the dormitory. The school’s history has to be mentioned again…

As Yanshan University was a very old compound and the newest dormitory was built 12 years ago—do not even mention ensuite bathrooms—the entire block had to share 2 public toilets, and showering had to be done in the bathroom outside the block.

For gays like them, public bathrooms were essentially the combination of both heaven and hell, both anticipatory and awkward.

Even if this were the only reason, they would wish for nothing else but to move.  

With their not-very-strict criteria, they quickly agreed upon a two bedroom rental. Although the place was old, the lighting was good, it was clean and tidy, and the best part was that the location was pretty good: it was just within the school compound, and they did not even have to exit the school gate.

As for why there were houses available for rent within the school compound, this was due to the fact that this was a school with a hundred long years of history… (Old School: “What crap!”)

If you’re in disbelief, you can check it out. Any school with a long history would have places like this available. They were originally meant for staff, but, now that most of the staff were rich, almost all of them bought houses outside. Thus, these old rooms were rented out to students.  

There were many benefits to staying within the school compound: they could enjoy the welfare provided by the school, but did not have to follow the dormitory’s curfew; both going to the cafeteria or calling for food delivery were very convenient; and if the teacher happened to be doing a roll-call that day, they would also be able to rush down in time!

The best part was that their block had broadband service but still kept the connection to the school’s intranet. They would connect to the broadband if they wanted to play games, and if they wanted to go on BBS they would connect to the intranet. With both lines available, they were delighted.

Having chosen an auspicious day to move in, with the help of Ling Yang’s roommate Xiong-ge, Ling Yang’s luggage was carried from the North Gate to the East Gate of the school, and the two of them started their cohabitation.

Of course, they were genuinely just roommates.  

Why they did not become a couple, you ask? The reason is simple.

If two tops end up together one of them may become a bottom, but when two bottoms get together they can only rent a place together.

Oh, and also be bosom buddies.

The best part about living together with someone of his orientation was that he did not have to think of ways to hide his secret. Sometimes they could share photos of hunks, gay porn, and other things like that.

To summarise, even if they brought a guy home it would not cause any panic.

From all perspectives, Xu Xian was a pretty good roommate, as (he said) he could cook, (he said) he liked to do housework, and — the most important thing — (he said) he would not use PPLive to watch movies.

This point was very, very important.  

Ling Yang set up his computer, and after inserting the internet cable, the first thing he did was to enter the underground accounts trading website — 3715.com

All sorts of gaming accounts with dubious origins could be sold here, but all risks and safety concerns had to be born by the user. Even if they were cheated, nothing could be done about it.

But business here was still okay because compared to the legal trading sites there were two advantages: one was that it was cheap, there was no need to pay middleman’s fee; second was speed, and there was no need to go through the confusing trading process.

As long as they found something suitable, they can contact the seller within the day and complete the transaction.  

Ling Yang was playing an online game called <Pale Soul OL>. This game was developed pretty well. Whether it was PVE or PVP, the system’s design was very reasonable.

<Pale Soul OL>, like most of the online games in China, was divided into several regional servers. There were 2 servers available in their region; Daishan was available since the start of the game, while Linshan started only about half a year ago.

Ling Yang originally played on the old server, but as time went on, some players went AFK and some players went to the new server. There were less and less people online, and it was often difficult to fill up a party.  

It just so happened that Ling Yang recently met a long-time acquaintance He also used to play on the old server, but moved to the new server when it started. His ranking was apparently quite good there.

He heard about the pitiful status of the old server, so he thought he might as well invite Ling Yang over. Ling Yang also did not want to stay on the old server, so he quickly agreed.

After that was the chaotic situation of looking for a place and moving in. When everything settled, Ling Yang naturally wanted to return to his previous career. Remembering what his acquaintance said, he decided to purchase an account on the new server to play.

When playing games, Ling Yang had a wide variety of interests. He was good with PVE, as well as PVP. He liked doing chain quests, selling items, and completing missions. Even collecting books, farming, and boring tasks for training skills, he took delight in them. However, there was only one thing he did not like, and that was levelling.

On his previous account, he was forced to level alongside his two childhood friends. To get him to level his character, the both of them, as though they were pleading to their ancestors, begging him on their hands and knees.

The reason had nothing to do with him specifically. It was only because Ling Yang was the only cleric aka nanny they knew.

Although Ling Yang really was a gay, he was still a guy, and very few guys like playing healers.

When creating his character, Ling Yang also wanted to be an archer or a mage, as he liked ranged attacks. Killing people from ten steps away, not even a blade of grass would be able to stain his body.

But they were his diehard friends, his good brothers. They said that the party needed a cleric, and he was undoubtedly the most suitable person for it.

Looking back on all these years of friendship, Ling Yang gritted his teeth, hardened his heart, and trained a nanny.

Ling Ying found a fully-levelled cleric on the Linshan Server in 3715’s databank.

Do not ask him why he continued playing a nanny even though he could choose a new class. After playing a cleric for so long he was already used to it. Habit was a truly scary thing.

He also discovered that being a cleric was actually very meaningful; when explored properly, it was a lot of fun.

Although he could not be like mages and archers, killing people from afar; however, when providing buffs to his team to attack their enemies, seeing them gnash their teeth but unable to do anything about it was also a form of pleasure.

There were four accounts that met Ling Yang’s requirements.

Ling Yang could not be bothered about equipment and items, as those could be bought, but names could not be changed.

Choosing a good name was the key criteria.  

The first name was “Obama Complimented Me For Being Handsome.” Ling Yang tsked. Bin Laden also praised my skills in bed.

The second one was “Husband, Please Do It Gently.” Gag.

The third one was in leetspeak.

The last one did not look bad—“Bell.” It could also be considered part of Ling Yang’s clan1, and hearing it was fresh and cute. An image popped into Ling Yang’s head of a small Loli with big eyes, two long pigtails on her head, and two bells attached to the hair ties.

Bell was a female account, but this was not important. Whether or not he was a ladyboy did not depend on his appearance, but rather whether or not he had a ladyboy heart.

Ling Yang had a guy’s heart, so having a Loli’s appearance did not matter to him.

Ling Yang also had a heart that liked guys, so if he could pick up a handsome guy while playing a female account, that would not be too bad, either.

Thinking of this, Ling Yang contacted the seller without the slightest hesitation.

After bargaining, Bell was bought with 500 dollars. This amount of money, on top of the money spent on rent, meant that Ling Yang used up his allowance for the month.

What was worse was that the school already started its break. The cafeterias were all closed; the funds in his meal card was useless.

Luckily, Ling Yang had foresight. When moving, he had Xiong-ge to also move a carton of instant noodles here. If he ate them slowly and went to Xu Xian every few days to freeload a meal, he should be able to survive till next month.

Since Ling Yang had not logged in to the game in a while, just updating and patching the game took about half an hour.

After entering the account password, a Loli with crap gear appeared on the selection screen.

Although Ling Yang did not expect a 500 dollars account to have any good gear, this was too pathetic. A level 80 character wearing level 50 pants, and the robe was something LingYang had discarded at level 60. Worse were the shoes. If he remembered correctly they were a reward for completing a level 38 mission.

The only decent item was the weapon. It was a sceptre commonly used by fully-levelled clerics, but because it was an account-bound equipment, it could not be sold.

Ling Yang sighed lightly. He selected the character and entered another world that was familiar yet foreign.  

Translator’s Note: A link to a short character sheet has been included in the Table of Contents! Warning for spoilers within!​

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