TANW Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – Going Their Separate Ways 
2nd of December, Friday, 00:20
T.Rex happened across Wind Valley.

[Local] UncleHe: Bell, what are you guys doing? It’s so late, you’re not going offline?
[Local] Bell: Killing these bird people to collect crystal shards, need to kill 1000 of them, kill until we vomit blood TAT
[Local] UncleHe: Why do you need so many crystal shards?

LingYang traded him the recipe for him to take a look.

[Local] UncleHe: What a cool spear! You’re crafting it for Night Wolf?
[Local] FlowerHouse: They’re going to meet, Bell is preparing a love confession token (Pfft
[Local] UncleHe: Really? That’s great! I just happen to be free, I’ll help you collect the flame crystal shards.
[Local] Bell:
Ah? I wouldn’t want to trouble you.
[Local] UncleHe:
Why are you so polite? Night Wolf is also my brother!

2nd of December, Friday, 00:40

[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master~~~~~~ You’re still online?
[Whisper] Bell: ... Ever since I knew your true identity, to see you speak like that I feel very disconcerted.
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: You’ll get used to it ~\(≧▽≦)/~ What are you doing?
[Whisper] Bell:
<Banishing Spear Crafting Recipe> collecting crystal shards, crafting a spear for your master’s husband!
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
How many have you collected?
[Whisper] Bell:
I’m halfway through the air one, T.Rex is helping me collect the flame one.
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Oh… Fighting!

2nd of December, Friday, 02:50

[Whisper] LuoMingWind: How persistent.
[Whisper] Bell: ? Why aren’t you sleeping yet?
[Whisper] LuoMingWind: What do you think? Angry has been collecting shards for you.
[Whisper] Bell:
Ah? What! You better get him to go to bed.
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
I’m not able to do so, he says he wants to help you collect all 99.
[Whisper] Bell:
Then what about you?
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
What do you think? Of course I’m helping him collect it, however, I’ve noted this down, you’ll have to repay this in the future.
[Whisper] Bell:

LingYang suddenly discovered that FlowerHouse had not been moving in awhile.

[Local] Bell:  Flower? How many have you collected?

There was no reaction.
LingYang stood up and went next door, he discovered XuXian had already fallen asleep on the table. He tiptoed over, covering him lightly with a blanket, then transferred all the shards in FlowerHouse’s inventory to himself, and tiptoed out.
LingYang washed his face with cold water, when he returned he found that he had enough air crystal shards, so he went to collect earth crystal shards.
2nd of December, Friday, 06:00
LingYang fell asleep instantly, in his inventory there were 99 air crystal shards, 99 flame crystal shards and 48 earth crystal shards.

On the top right corner of his screen, the message icon was blinking, there was a message from Little Buckle in his inbox, attached was 60 earth crystal shards.
2nd of December, Friday, 14:30
When LingYang woke up, there was a blanket covering him, next to the computer was a breakfast wrapped with a cloth, reaching out to touch it, he felt as though he could still feel the warmth emitting from it.
He woke up, brushed his teeth, ate breakfast, and pulled open the curtains. The winter’s afternoon sun shone into the room, it was another beautiful day.
LingYang went to the forest to kill a rabbit, a <Lucky Rabbit’s Foot> dropped.
The Lucky Rabbit’s Foot was a grey item, but because of its name, many people thought of it as a lucky symbol, when crafting or farming they liked to carry it on them, it was a little superstitious.
(T/N: Grey items refer to items in-game that are of no use, but can be sold to vendors for currency.)

LingYang brought the materials up with him to the peak of Mt. KunLun, facing the sky, he bowed three times.

[Local] Bell: God, Jesus, Virgin Mary, Buddha, Jade Emperor, Mercy Buddha, God of Earth, God of Mt. KunLun as well as Brother Lang please bless me with a high grade craft.

In <Pale Soul OL>, the weapons and armours crafted had four grades, low grade, medium grade, high grade and top grade. Medium grade items were the most common, high and low grades took second place, and there was no need to mention top grade, the chances of that happening was minute, when a top grade item was crafted, it would be announced throughout all servers.
People who crafted items were mostly very superstitious, LingYang doing this was not considered overboard. Some people when crafting high level armour would even practice divination, studying the sky, insisting on crafting only on an auspicious day, only at a location where the FengShui was good.
LingYang double-clicked on the <Banishing Spear Crafting Recipe>, learning it. He selected his lifeskills panel, his cursor on the crafting button, and pressed down apprehensively.
The progress bar seemed to move along slowly, finally, the crafting of the spear was completed. An announcement appeared on the screen, at that moment, LingYang could not believe what he was seeing.

[Announcement] <Bell>’s excellent forging skills has struck the jackpot, <Top Grade Banishing Spear> is born, what can compete with this object!

The global chat exploded.
“What the fuck! What kind of insane godly weapon is this!”
“The attributes are crazy!!”
“This is a new recipe from Moon Well? I’ve never seen it before.”
“Ahahah what jackpot is this, I’ve been crafting for two months and no good items were crafted!”
“Crafter please name your price, I’ll take it.”
“Buying it with RMB, name your price.”
“Those on top who are asking for a price please take a look, just by looking this weapon is for a guardian warrior, the crafter is Bell, it’s definitely for a certain somebody, I’m afraid you’re out of luck.”
LingYang’s personal chat window was also flooded with the guild members’ congratulations and enquiries.
He hesitated, switching out of the game window, he went to the game’s payment page on the website.
LingYang had played <Pale Soul OL> for about a year and a half already, he had never bought any credits, the first time he spent money on the game was the 500 dollars he used to buy the account. In contrast, as his team used to contribute to the game magazine, he even earned some money.
He took out his bank card, purchasing 200 game credits, then went on the marketplace to buy weapon-upgrading tools.
The weapons and armour in the game could be augmented up to +10, below level 6 the upgrading-tools could be purchased with the game currency, anything above that would require a purchase of <Top Upgrading Gem> in the marketplace with credits.
LingYang first used the low and middle upgrading gems to augment the spear until +6, then one by one he threw a top upgrading gem on it.
The game developers, to encourage the purchase of credits, would announce each successful augmentation of the weapon with the top upgrading gem throughout global!

[Announcement] <Top Grade Banishing Spear +6> has been augmented by <Bell> to <Top Grade Banishing Spear +7>
[Announcement] <Top Grade Banishing Spear +7> has been augmented by <Bell> to <Top Grade Banishing Spear +8>
[Announcement] <Top Grade Banishing Spear +8> has been augmented by <Bell> to <Top Grade Banishing Spear +9>

The discussion just now in the global chat had yet to finish, and the three consecutive upgrading news again blinded the audience.
“I despise rich people!”
“Rich people are so detestable!”
“It’s a rich man’s wife ╮(╯▽╰)╭”
“Marrying into a good family is better than being born in a good family ╮(╯▽╰)╭”
“Taking the husband’s money to throw it on the husband’s body ╮(╯▽╰)╭”
“The above people are all just envious, jealous and haters, no explanations.”
200 credits worth of top upgrading gems disappeared in the blink of an eye, the weapon was only augmented to +9. LingYang thought that since he was already at this point, gritting his teeth, he purchased another 200 credits.
This time he bought a gem worth 100 credits first, and threw it.
The chances of failure from +9 to +10 was insanely high, LingYang was prepared to lose the 100 credits, who knew that after throwing that last gem, he actually succeeded. 

[Announcement] <Top Grade Banishing Spear +9> has been augmented by <Bell> to <Top Grade Banishing Spear +10>

Global chat erupted.

[System] Your friend <DevotedCouple> would like to travel to your location using the Friend Locator, do you agree? Confirm/Cancel.

LingYang selected confirm.

[Local] Bell: Sister DC needs something?

Devoted Couple initiated a trade with him.

[Local] DevotedCouple: Pass me the spear.
[Local] Bell:

Although LingYang did not understand, but he still placed the spear in the trade window, the other party did not confirm the trade with him, but half a minute later, Devoted Couple closed the trade window.

[Local] DevotedCouple: Done.

LingYang placed his cursor over the item, and realised Devoted Couple had enchanted the spear, and it was the highest level defence enchantment in the game.

[Local] Bell: Ah! This must have cost you a lot!
[Local] DevotedCouple:
It’s nothing much, I got the crystal for the guild’s storeroom, the enchantment dust was from everyone donating the equipment they no longer had a need for. But Little Cloth that pig saw the wrong attribute, and accidentally demolished the pants he’s currently wearing, so he’s running around butt-naked now.
[Local] Bell:
[Local] Bell:
Thanks everyone TAT
[Local] DevotedCouple:
If you continue speaking like an outsider I’ll confiscate the spear.
[Local] Bell:
( ⊙ x ⊙)

The augmentation was complete, the weapon was enchanted, all that was missing was a gem to slot into the weapon, LingYang could not decide between a gem that would increased hp or defence.
While he was contemplating, he received another message, upon opening it LingYang was stunned.

[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian:
Is this worthy of our MT’s spear?

The item MuRong sent him was nothing but the champion prize for this year’s PK competition, a black level seven gem, it would increase all attributes by 3%.
The highest level of gem in the game was six, a level seven gem would only be given as a prize in special circumstances. Three types of level seven gems were awarded during this year’s PK competition, they were the champion’s black gem, the runner up’s purple gem and the second runner up’s orange gem. LingYang should have one, but he had never logged back into his account on the old server to take a look.
As gems were items that were detachable in <Pale Soul OL>, as such, a level seven gem like this could be considered as a priceless treasure, even if one had the money he would not be able to purchase it.

[Whisper] Bell:
You’re really willing to part with it!!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian:
If you’re willing to do so much, why would I be unwilling to do this. The MT is the face of a guild, if our MT carries a spear like this, it will also bring glory to me.
[Whisper] Bell:
!!! Ok, thanks for your kindness!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian:
If your confession is unsuccessful just sell yourself to repay it.
[Whisper] Bell:

2nd of December, Friday, 17:30
XuXian and BaiLong were drinking tea in the A Milk Tea Shop, XuXian sneaked a peek at his watch.
“You have something on?” BaiLong asked.
XuXian hesitated a little and shook his head. Today BaiLong had invited him out, but he did not seem to be in a very good mood. On one side he was concerned about LingYang’s confession, on the other he was worried about BaiLong, he did not have the heart to leave him alone.
The two of them sat there silently, BaiLong suddenly spoke, mentioning about his past.
“I, LingYang, and one more person, the three of us grew up together.”
XuXian’s attention was attracted by his topic.
“Do you still remember when I told you about that time LingYang pushed me into the river? When I climbed back ashore, LingYang had ran off, I had nowhere to vent my anger, so could only fight the other child from our compound who was still standing by the shore. He lived just next to me, and was also LingYang’s closest friend.”
“Since young, they were as close as though they were one person, that person really pampered LingYang, his family background was better than LingYang, if he had anything good he would first offer it to LingYang. Wherever they went he would take care of him, even a couple in a relationship might not have been able to behave like him.”
BaiLong hesitated, “LingYang always says that he’s born gay, actually he’s not.”
XuXian’s jaw dropped.
“I always thought that it’s because that person was too good to LingYang, resulting in turning him gay, although LingYang had always refused to admit this point.”
“He was LingYang’s first love, since adolescence he had a secret crush on him, but as everyone were very good friends, so he never mentioned anything, until when that person graduated high school and suddenly had a girlfriend.”
“Right from the start I had already understood LingYang’s thoughts, during that period of time it was very tough for him. That person always came to look for LingYang, spending even more time with LingYang than his girlfriend, and LingYang had to pretend as though nothing was wrong and continue hanging out with him… How stupid.”
“After that I really could not bear with it anymore, my instincts told me, that person’s feelings for LingYang was not as simple as just good friends, so I placed a bet with LingYang. As long as I won, he would have to confess to the other person, whether or not it was successful, he would have to settle this problem.”
“Actually I was not very confident about that bet, but on that day I don’t know if the heavens were helping me or harming him, I ended up winning easily.”
“Having lost the bet, and under my half cajoling and half coercion, LingYang took the initiative to confess to the other person. Until that moment he left, I still thought that my instincts were right, that him having a girlfriend was a pretence, and he actually liked LingYang.”
“Who would have thought…” BaiLong gripped the glass tightly, there were a few times XuXian thought that the glass would shatter in his hand.
“If I hadn’t been so opinionated at that time, our 16 years of friendship would not have developed such a huge crack. We three childhood friends wouldn’t have became strangers overnight, and LingYang’s hand would also not have…” BaiLong choked up.
XuXian was shocked by BaiLong’s unusual behaviour, he reached out his hands, holding him tightly.
2nd of December, Friday, 18:00
Tang XiuWen walked up the podium, opened the document in his computer, and projected it onto the screen.
His eyes swept past the clock on the bottom right corner of the screen, it was six pm on the dot.
The two hundred over students in the auditorium slowly quietened down.
He turned on the mic, adjusted the volume, “Let’s start the class.”
2nd of December, Friday, 18:30

[System] <NightWolf> is now online.
[Whisper] Bell:
Husband you’re here ~\(≧▽≦)/~
[System] Your wife <Bell> is using the ‘Inseparable Lovers’ skill to summon you, do you agree? Confirm / Cancel

YeLang selected cancel.

[Whisper] NightWolf:  I have to go settle some things first, I’ll come by later.
[Whisper] Bell:
Ok, I’ll wait for you ~\(≧▽≦)/~

YeLang first went to the property management area, then bought something from the NPC there, with a ‘To the Ends of Earth’ he flew over to Bell, the other person was waiting for him at Lake ShiWen.
Upon seeing him LingYang immediately made his character jump around, expressing his joy.

[Whisper] Bell: Husband~~~~
[Whisper] Bell:
I have something to tell you ~\(≧▽≦)/~
[Whisper] NightWolf: 
I also have something to tell you.
[Whisper] Bell:
I’ll go first I’ll go first, do you remember the agreement we made the first time we met?
[Whisper] NightWolf: 
I remember.
[Whisper] Bell:
That time I still had yet to think of the third condition, can I say it now?
[Whisper] NightWolf: 
You can.
[Whisper] Bell:
Then, my third condition is, no matter what I say later, Husband you won’t get angry.

The other person did not reply.

[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] NightWolf: 
Ok, then my third condition will be the same.
[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] Bell:
Then I’ll go first, I have something for you.
[Whisper] NightWolf: 
No, let me go first, I also have something for you.

Above Night Wolf’s head appeared an indication that he was in the marketplace, soon after that, a gift icon appeared on LingYang’s screen.
He selected it uncertainly, and discovered that YeLang had gifted him the most expensive double-seater ride in the marketplace.

[Whisper] Bell:
??? Husband, what are you trying to do?
[Whisper] NightWolf: 
This is my first gift.
[Whisper] NightWolf: 
Just now I went to the property management area and transferred my house to your name, there are also many things in the storeroom, they’re all for you, that is my second gift.
[Whisper] NightWolf: As for my third gift.

YeLang sent a trade request.
LingYang accepted it.
The trade window opened.
YeLang put the third gift inside it.
LingYang’s index finger that was on his mouse trembled slightly, he was unable to click on it.

[Whisper] NightWolf: 
Ever since the first time it met, I’ve been forcing you to stay, I used the debt to pressure you, but actually you don’t owe me a single cent.
[Whisper] NightWolf: 
You stayed, acting this out with me, and helped me protect Bell’s reputation. Although sometimes you’re very annoying, but no matter what, I have to admit, you’ve helped me greatly, you’re an indispensable member of the team. Without you, we would not have been able to clear Moon Well so quickly.
[Whisper] NightWolf: I know that doing this is very scummy, and even a little of burning the bridge after crossing it, but I cannot think of any other ways to compensate you. If there’s still anything you desire, that I can achieve, I will fulfil it.

LingYang really wanted to ask him why, but he did not know why he could not say it out loud.
He accepted the trade in a daze, opening his inventory, there were both a pair of scissors and a spear, what a mockery.
He had never knew that such a model couple like Bell and Night Wolf, they would have chosen a ‘Dew’ marriage. He had thought that people like YeLang who was willing to spend so much money in the game, would definitely choose the ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’ option.
So it turned out that this marriage that everyone thought was so praise-worthy, could be easily broken by a pair of scissors that was only worth 12 copper coins; So it turned out that how far the two of them could go, never depended on their original vow.

[Whisper] NightWolf: 
Thank you for tolerating me all this while, from now on, where you want to go, who you want to be with, it’s now your choice.
[Whisper] NightWolf: 
If you’re the one to cut it, when the announcement appears, it would be better for your reputation.
[Whisper] NightWolf:  So this pair of scissors, I hope you’ll be the one to use it.
[Whisper] NightWolf:  Sorry.

LingYang clicked on the scissors, trembling.
A window appeared on the screen: Are you sure you want to cut this marriage, and break off this couple relationship with NightWolf?
LingYang moved his cursor, closed his eyes, and clicked.
At that moment, on the screen of every online players, this message appeared.

[Announcement] <Bell>’s arm rises and the sword falls, breaking her affection with <NightWolf>. From now on the two would go their separate ways, in separate directions, they would be free from all constraints, and forget each other.


The author has something to say:

[Combat] <PureIndigo~> has thrown a landmine!
[Combat] <Ah Fish> has thrown a landmine!
[Combat] <Ah Fish> has thrown an RPG!

[Dropped] <Little Antelope’s Unsuccessful Confession>

The author’s reply:
Bell is Night Wolf and someone else’s past, so this marriage has to be dissolved. The both of them have to wave goodbye to the past before they can move forward, with a little more struggle, maybe there would be a happy ending with the blink of an eye, everyone can also see that the author will start becoming Cupid.
At least Little White Dragon only feels brotherhood and guilt towards Antelope, his main function know to let everyone understand Antelope’s past, as for his personal problem… We’ll talk about it when those two people are settled.

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