TANW Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Night Wolf, the Fury Debuff

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Don’t you have something you want to explain to Big Brother? ^_^

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I was wrong! Stop joking around with me already!!!

When LingYang woke up again, YeLang had already woke up. YeLang had wanted to ask him to stay till the afternoon and they could leave together, but LingYang insisted on going back to shower, so YeLang could only give in to him.
When YeLang arrived at LingYang’s place in the afternoon, BaiLong was already there. XuXian was busy in the kitchen, while LingYang and BaiLong were on XuXian’s computer playing The King of Fighters. The both of them were battling energetically, their mouths did not stop moving as well.
“Cowardly Antelope, if you can you just continue counter-measuring to your death.”
“If you can you break through the countermeasures!”
“Take this combo!”
“Are you addicted to combos? Haven’t got sick of them yet?!”
“You still locked my keys?”
“Fuck fuck fuck! Fuck this!”
“Stupid antelope, are you submitting yet?”
“I let you win, again!”
“Choosing Crazy Rugal? LingYang do you still know what shame is?”
Leaning against the door looking, YeLang knew that LingYang was no match for BaiLong. Both their hands were very fast, BaiLong should be considered of a upper-middle standard, while LingYang was basically just randomly mashing buttons, no strategy to it.
The two clowns from fighting on The King of Fighters turned to fighting in real life, in The King of Fighters LingYang could still throw in a few hits, while in real life LingYang completely had no chance of winning, subdued by BaiLong within a few moves.
As he was falling, LingYang saw YeLang standing by the door, and did not forget to call out “Hi”.
BaiLong saw that YeLang had arrived, he generously released LingYang, dusting his hands off, “Submitting yet?”
LingYang snorted, lying there, he did not dare to say he was not submitting, but he also did not want to say that he had submitted.
BaiLong could not be bothered with him, lifting his chin towards YeLang, “Wanna match?”
As a child YeLang had many consoles at home, he essentially grew up playing such combat games, so he was naturally quite good at it. Fighting with BaiLong, he did not fully exert his ability, and so the two of them ended in a draw.
LingYang was just bullied by BaiLong, as such he naturally sided with YeLang, cheering when YeLang won, booing when BaiLong won, noisy to the point where there was a few times BaiLong wanted to knock him out with the keyboard.
LingYang could also tell that YeLang was very skilled, pestering YeLang to teach him as he chased BaiLong out of the room. BaiLong also did not want to play gooseberry, after a few matches he found an excuse and left for the kitchen.
After BaiLong stood up, LingYang hurriedly took over his seat. Out of habit, BaiLong warned him, “Don’t play for too long, take care of your eyes.”
LingYang’s hand froze, BaiLong immediately realised he said something wrong, and continued, “If you become blind you won’t be able to look at handsome guys any more.”
LingYang glared at him, making jokes like this without any consideration of our surroundings, my husband is present!
LingYang’s sudden discomfort was not hidden from YeLang, when BaiLong left the room, YeLang asked, “Is it also because of the pilot thing?”
LingYang nodded, “Yes, as kids, when people were playing arcade games, they all watched over me and didn’t let me play, saying that they were afraid my eyes would be affected. If not for this I would also not be so noob, even Little White Dragon is able to bully me.”
LingYang’s eyes then turned starry, “But now I can just play happily, come, hero, teach me!”
LingYang selected Yashiro Nanakase for no other reason than the fact that his pecs were the best, and his legs were very long.
YeLang gave him an explanation, actually LingYang could remember all the moves, but as he did not have enough experience, so when going into battle it all became very disorderly.
There was no other choice, YeLang could only reached his hands out from behind his back and demonstrated it to him.
As YeLang was teaching he was not distracted, but after his demonstration, when it was LingYang’s turn to try, looking at him concentrating on the screen, YeLang was a little restless.
Why did the action just now looked like he was hugging LingYang intimately from the back.
The memory from that morning again replayed in his head, YeLang felt guilty for having such thoughts in his mind.
YeLang felt that he could no longer continue like this, he stood up quickly, “Didn’t you say that you had issues with your graphics card? I’ll help you check it out.”
“Ok,” LingYang was engrossed in the game, replying without turning his head.
YeLang went into LingYang’s room next door, turning the computer on, the entire process took two and a half minutes.
The 360 boot assistance proudly announced, your booting speed has beat 2% of the country’s users…
YeLang was speechless, he had never seen such a long booting time.
He resolutely deleted those that needed to be deleted, closed those that needed to be closed, although he could not make any major changes, but he could still optimise some of the software.
That was roughly the most he could do, to do more would require a software kit, YeLang felt that the next time he had to properly clear up LingYang’s computer.
He wanted to test out the effects of the optimisation, YeLang opened the game client of <Pale Soul OL>.
It seemed although LingYang did not seem to come online often, the client icon was on the desktop…
A familiar image appeared, YeLang skipped the opening, patiently waiting for the game to load. Coming to the log-in page, as LingYang had chose to store his ID information, only the password section was blank.
He deleted LingYang’s ID from the box, logging into his own account, it was another loading screen, the progress bar was a lot slower than on his computer.
Coming online, some of the guild members greeted him. After one of them asked if Bell was coming tonight, only then did YeLang realised that he had forgotten about it.
Opening the social panel, under spouse, the other person’s name was still in grey, the last time he came online was two days ago, showing that Bell had not been online in these two days.
Today as YeLang came online he did not mute the global chat, he happened to notice someone mentioning a love pentagon, this reminded him of another unhappy memory.
YeLang was very distracted during this meal.
Even XuXian could see his abnormal behaviour.
“You don’t like today’s dishes?” XuXian asked.
YeLang came back to himself, “How could that be.”
“You didn’t eat much.”
YeLang looked down, he really had only been picking at his rice.
The three of them all stopped to show him some concern, but what YeLang said next gave them all a shock.
They heard him asking LingYang, “Are you still going to my place tonight?”
LingYang dropped his chopsticks again, other things that dropped included XuXian’s jaw. Only BaiLong looked at YeLang in interest, then turned to look at LingYang.
“Why should I go over to your place?” LingYang finally found his voice.
“Levelling.” YeLang knew this excuse was very weak, but after thinking for very long he could not think of any other excuses.
“This, I don’t think I’m going…” LingYang stuttered.
Why… LingYang’s heart was very bitter at that moment.
If Bell didn’t go online tonight again, he would definitely be flayed by YeLang!
But he could not mention this reason…
“That, I, I have something on tonight.” LingYang started to look for an excuse.
“You still have something on this late?”
“I have an appointment.” He lied.
YeLang’s face sunk, it’s because I know you have a date with that bastard, that’s why I don’t want you to go!
LingYang completely had no idea about that unjust case of LuoMing Wind in the morning, he only came up with a random excuse, who would have thought he would hit the jackpot like that, how to explain it, life was full of coffee tables…
(T/N: You place cups on coffee tables. Cups = 杯具 – Bei1Ju4, which sounds the same as 悲剧 – Bei1Ju4, tragedies, so when life was full of coffee tables, it implies that it’s all tragedies.)
After sending away YeLang was clearly unhappy, XuXian immediately broke his resolution, the story had already progressed to an extent that was already beyond his expectations.
“Such a good opportunity, I thought with Ah Lang’s invitation, you would scuttle over immediately, but you’re actually rejecting it?”
“Your rejection has already left me appalled, but for him to invite you it really blows my mind. I’m his childhood friend, and yet he has never invited me to his dorm to stay over night… Also, would most guys invite their friends of the same gender to stay in their dorm rooms?”
“If I didn’t know you guys so well, I would have suspected that he was gay, and you’re straight!”
LingYang also felt chagrined, “Actually I really want to fly after him, but I also have unspoken difficulties.”
“Don’t tell me you’re afraid you wouldn’t be able to control yourself and have sex with him,” BaiLong added fuel to the fire, as though fearing that there was not enough chaos.
LingYang again put on the pitiful puppy expression: “Little White, since young, you’ve always been the one who knows me the best, this has never changed.”
Today Passionate Sword’s raid was very successful, no, it should be said that it was too successful.
Their MT, as though having ingested gunpowder, killed everyone in sight no matter who they were, his DPS even higher than a certain leecher.
This leecher was of course not an official member of the team, but a replacement for T.Rex. T.Rex had applied for leave today, apparently he had rented a place outside, and was moving that night.
But this unlucky bastard was quickly kicked out of the team by the MT, deducting that day’s DKP, he was also not allowed to pick up any equipment for two rounds, the entire team was shrouded in a negative state that was named “Night Wolf’s fury’.
Many people could not bear it anymore, they secretly whispered Night Wolf’s wife — Bell.

[Whisper] CuteEgg: Sister Bell, I’m so scared, the big wild wolf is so scary when he goes mad T.T
[Whisper] Bell: /pats
[Whisper] LittleCloth: Sister-in-law, please talk to Brother Wolf, use your wiles, coax him whatever, if this continues we’ll all die.
[Whisper] Bell: You…
[Whisper] LittleLeech: Madam please help me talk to him, don’t deduct my DKP! I promise I won’t leech anymore!
[Whisper] Bell: Your fault…
[Whisper] DevotedCouple: What’s going on with your husband? He ate gunpowder? Or your sex life is troubled?
[Whisper] Bell: Fuck…
[Whisper] LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: We’ve all heard about it, although this is a little unfair to you, but you should let them be together!
[Whisper] Bell:  I #¥&*!

Due to the MT’s amazing performance and that the team members’ forced excellent performance, the raid that was set for three hours was completed in two hours, the raid leader Mourning Mo saw that Night Wolf still wanted to vent his anger, he quickly announced the early dispersal of the team, everyone ran away immediately.

LingYang thought it was not feasible to continue like this, now it looked like what QiFeng said previously seemed to be correct? But how was he going to admit this to YeLang?
You have to know, with Bell’s previous performance, to admit his identity to YeLang would essentially be the same as confessing to him, LingYang already had a tragic experience of confessing to a straight guy, that lesson was engraved deeply within him, he could not longer withstand a repeat of history.
An even more important point was, he could imagine YeLang’s fury when he learnt about his identity…
LingYang rested his head in his hand miserably, this time the game seemed to have gone overboard.
After much consideration, LingYang finally decided to wait a time when YeLang was in a good mood to admit his identity.
He had even thought of an apology gift, it was that weapon recipe he got when raiding with LuoMing. As only LuoMing had completed the Moon Well dungeon so far, there was only that one recipe on the server, its attributes were also very cool, he decided to create the gun and give it to YeLang, then he would sweet-talk him, coax him, and maybe everything would pass.
LingYang immediately took action, this Bell account’s foraging and alchemist skills were already fully trained, he resolutely deleted them, starting to train in mining and forging.
After mining for a bit, LingYang suddenly discovered a purple skeleton made of smoke coming out from his head, it was trouble, this was a special ability of conjuring mages, one of the most difficult opponents, and also was the direct rival of LingYang’s druidic cleric. Meeting a conjurer, if they were of similar capabilities, then LingYang would be the only one getting a beating.
LingYang did not even want to look for the location of the opponent, increasing his movement speed he wanted to escape.
But the other person clearly did not want to let him go so easily, a series of curses fell onto him, without much effort LingYang’s character was shrouded in black smoke, his body bound.
LingYang was forced to the point where he had no other alternatives, he could only stay back and start battling.
This battle continued for 30 minutes, LingYang did not die a single time, but lost seven times.
This was because every time the other person would stop each time LingYang had only 5% of his hp left, allowing LingYang to refill his hp pool, then fought again, this cycle repeated for a total of seven times.
While LingYang had only managed to drop that person’s hp once to 12%, which he slowly gained back by using hp pills. His hp pool was never full, always hovering midway, but LingYang was unable to kill him.
Experts who could beat LingYang like this were not many, LingYang really wanted to know who he was, but the other person had taken an anonymous potion, LingYang did not even know his name, and could only lose humbly.
After seven times, LingYang tossed his mouse away, entering a command to lie down, and he refused to get up.
This fellow was not planning on fighting him properly, LingYang knew this very clearly, right from the start, he had been baiting him!
He forced him to have no other choice but to take action, then exposed his flaws on purpose to see how he would respond, so as to understand his PK methods and style. 
How could LingYang not know this, previously, he had also used the same method to understand many of his rivals in the arena.
Now he was the laboratory mouse, this feeling really made people furious.

[Local] Anonymous: Stand up, why are you not fighting anymore.
[Local] Bell: I’m not fighting anymore, you don’t have any compassion for the fairer sex.
[Local] Anonymous:
Oh, are you of the fairer sex? Let Big Brother check it out~
[Local] Bell:
I have a husband, please conduct yourself properly!
[Local] Anonymous:
A husband? I’m afraid you’re just a scheming wife.
[Local] Bell:
What do you mean?
[Local] Anonymous:
Up till now, haven’t you thought of giving Big Brother an explanation ^_^

LingYang immediately jumped up, alt+f12 to open the expressions panel, page down and quickly scrolled down the page, selecting the 3rd action from the back on the right column. These actions took less than a second to complete, the graceful girl on the screen had her hands folded, placed on the side of her waist, curtseying towards the man in front of her.

[Local] Bell:
Greetings to Guild Leader.

The author has something to say:
Title Explanation: 狄霸夫=debuff.  
(T/N: 狄霸夫 – DiBaoFu, di is usually a last name, while baofu can mean a tyrannical husband, so the title can mean Night Wolf, the furious tyrannical husband as well.)
Night Wolf’s Fury— people who get this debuff would suffer immense pressure on their spirits, their efficiency in work and study would increase, temporarily their stress tolerance +100, their sleepiness -100, the effect would last for 2 hours.

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