TANW Chapter 61 (NSFW)

Chapter 61 – Little Fat Antelope Is Eaten Up     
YeLang’s right hand gripped onto LingYang’s neck, and he kissed him. His kisses were always full of possessiveness, and without waiting for LingYang to react, he forcefully slid his tongue into his mouth. LingYang cried out a few times, but gradually fell into the kiss as well, his hands sliding up on to YeLang’s neck. Their tongues tangled wildly together, saliva occasionally flowing out of the corners of their mouths, leaving ambiguous traces.
YeLang pulled LingYang into the room, kicking the door close, then pushed him onto the bed. Throughout the whole movement, their bodies did not separate, only until YeLang’s hands started roaming across LingYang’s body did LingYang realise something was wrong. He tried to push him off, “Wait, what do you want to do?”
“What do you think?” YeLang panted, unhappy to be interrupted.
“But… We didn’t prepare anything?” Even the condoms that were distributed to him the last time, he had tossed them to XuXian due to his failed confession.

YeLang reached behind him, condoms and lubricant miraculously appearing in his hand. LingYang was shocked, “Where, where did you get them?”
“I called little Xian and got them from his room.”
LingYang’s eyes rounded, “What! You even ask him for this?!”
YeLang felt that he was really too long-winded, “What’s wrong with that, I’ll just buy some later and return it to him.”
“… That’s not the point ok!” The point is now he knows what you want to do!!!
“You talk too much, “YeLang lowered his head, dissatisfied, and blocked his mouth again.
A LingYang who could not speak was depressed, only a moment ago he was the warm and gentle YeLang, a moment later he became the irritable and irascible Night Wolf, I know you’re a warrior, but do you have to be so good at changing your attitude in the blink of an eye!!
While LingYang was still upset, his clothes had already been removed completely by the other. YeLang’s kisses fell continuously onto the corner of his mouth, his ears, his neck, his collarbone. Under his constant attacks, LingYang could not help but get into it, tossing all his previous concerns aside. Hugging YeLang’s head, he arched his body, slowly grinding against the other, signalling his invitation. The tip of YeLang’s tongue again slowly travelled from his collarbone back to his lips, and their tongues twisted together again.
When the kiss ended, LingYang closed his eyes, breathing heavily. He could feel YeLang sitting up next to him, but after waiting for awhile there was no further progress, so he opened his eyes to see YeLang staring in a daze at the condom in his hand.
“What to do with this?” YeLang asked.
LingYang wanted to smash his head open on that condom.
“You ask me, then who can I ask? It’s your first time, is it not my first time?”
YeLang’s expression showed that he did not believe him, “You’ve already brought this along with you when you didn’t come home that night.”
“I’ve already said that that was public service! Public service!”
YeLang stared at LingYang, a multitude of expressions flashing on his face. First was shock, next was happiness, finally it was self-satisfaction. LingYang knew exactly what was going through the other person’s mind, and scratched at the bedsheets in frustration.
“Then why do you keep mocking me for being a virgin?”
“When did I ever mock you! Stop imagining things by yourself!” This sort of repressed, reticent personalities were the scariest, you never knew what he was thinking about! 
YeLang was still staring at LingYang, a shadow of a smile hanging on his face. LingYang knew that the other was definitely imagining things again, but he was at his wits’ end, and could only speak harshly, “Little Dragon Girl’s first time wasn’t given to YangGuo too.” He tilted his head back, with a pose showing that others were free to do what they wanted with him, “Come on, ZhiPing.”
(T/N: Little Dragon Girl, Yang Guo and ZhiPing are characters from The Return of The Condor Heroes. LingYang is reference the part where Little Dragon Girl’s first sexual partner was ZhiPing, although that was non-con.)
YeLang was angry to the point where he lifted LingYang’s thigh and slapped his butt, then pushed him down again. His actions were rather rough, even biting and nibbling, making LingYang feel weak.
YeLang moved downwards, his tongue circling LingYang’s belly. LingYang was ticklish so he twisted away, but was restrained by the other, and could only tense his abs and struggle fruitlessly.
Wet trails were left across LingYang’s belly, shining under the light. YeLang admired his own work, then took a bite, listening to the other’s pained cry smugly.
With the continuous friction on LingYang’s lower part of the body, unable to bear it, he hooked his thighs around YeLang, signalling him to speed up.
YeLang took LingYang into his mouth, only to hear an “Ah…”, LingYang called out in pleasure, his head leaning back, his hips tilting up unconsciously.
LingYang’s successive cries invigorated YeLang, like what LingYang did for him previously, he slowly swallowed LingYang’s desire, a hand reaching out for the lubricant next to them. Squeezing some onto his finger, he then explored LingYang’s behind.
YeLang’s middle finger slowly entered LingYang, the tempo matching the one in front. Feeling the tight muscles relaxing slightly, the index finger also slowly sank in, going deeper this time, stroking leisurely.
Being stimulated both in front and at the back, a pleasure that LingYang had never felt before rushed over him. The currents ran from his hips to his navel, finally travelling up to his mind, drowning him in desire. These waves poured over him, surrounding him, brushing against every inch of his skin.
LingYang felt that he was about to come, he quickly motioned at YeLang, “Stop, stop…” YeLang understood, releasing LingYang from his mouth. The number of fingers in LingYang had already increased to three of them, LingYang’s body was no longer as resistant to being entered like before.
YeLang grabbed onto LingYang’s hips, his lower part of the body that had long hardened beyond belief pressed against the entrance, thrusting in bit by bit. He had clearly stretched it out pretty well just now, but it was still clamping down on him so tightly to the point he thought he might get injured.
“Relax…” YeLang found it a little difficult to endure it, he tried to pacify LingYang as much as possible.
LingYang took in deep breaths, the pain of the penetration had rid him of his pleasure, his nerves tensed instinctively, trying to drive off that foreign object. He had never expected it to be so painful. The bottoms in those gay videos were always so excited about it, and even when YeLang’s fingers entered, he also felt pleasure in it. He even anticipated it, but now when the real thing came in, why was there such a huge gap between his imagination and reality?
YeLang remained motionless, LingYang took this opportunity and tried to get used to it, but his erection slowly wilted due to the pain.
YeLang bent down and kissed him, and this made LingYang feel slightly better. YeLang pulled out a little, then slowly pushed in again, repeating this numerous times. Each time he pushed in he went a little deeper than before, each time LingYang would feel that his body was being torn apart, and so he could only desperately kiss YeLang to divert his attention.
YeLang’s voice had turned hoarse from holding back, “Painful?”
“Bear with it.”
That joke was not recited like this, ok?!
LingYang felt that his mental strength was too impressive, he could even been amused now, although he could imagine that most likely his laugh was uglier than his crying now.
He worked to open his eyes, YeLang’s face was very close to his. He could see that he was also trying his best to endure, looking at his bright eyes, this time, he smiled sincerely.
“Go ahead, I’m much better now.”
Getting a confirmation, YeLang immediately started thrusting impatiently. His rational told him that LingYang was lying to him again, but his instincts were not paying attention to it. He had already endured patiently for so long, he really could not hold himself back anymore.
As the actions proceeded, LingYang’s face turned pale, tiny drops of sweat beaded on his forehead, he gritted his teeth, his hands clutching at the sheets, even his fingernails turned white.
At this moment, he was only holding on entirely with a sort of mental strength, that psychological consolation that he was becoming one with the person he loved. Fitting their bodies intimately together, devoting themselves wholeheartedly to each other, this feeling transcending everything, allowing him to willingly overcome all pain.
When YeLang started moving, he could no longer hold himself back. After a period of time, the parts of them that were in intimate contact with each other started getting tingly, accompanied with some pain. A faint pleasure built up slightly, increasing gradually, it spread across all four limbs. The two contrasting sensations grated at each other, tearing at each other, struggling for dominance, taking over LingYang’s mind.
YeLang noticed the change in LingYang, he bent down, sucking on one of the sensitive points on LingYang’s chest, his tongue circling it. His hand also fondled the slowly hardening member, kneading it. Under YeLang’s touch, it slowly revived.
“Ah… Ah… Uh ah…” The room was slowly filled with LingYang’s broken cries, these sounds pleased YeLang greatly. He further teased the two points of LingYang’s chests, his hand speeding up, LingYang’s breaths became even more urgent, his cries louder. In the end, his body arched up, his mind blank, coming into YeLang’s hand, the white fluids spilling over it.
As LingYang reached orgasm, his channel also contracted wildly, screwing down. YeLang realised that something was different, he paused his movement and held on tightly, only like this did he prevent himself from coming due to the contractions.
After climax, LingYang lay on the bed, worn out, his chest still heaving rapidly. Having managed to control his desire, YeLang wanted to thrust some more. LingYang hurriedly pleaded, “Don’t, don’t, a five minutes cool down.”
YeLang knew that after an orgasm, the channel was too sensitive, so he slowed his movements down and looked at the white substance on his hand, then looked at the panting LingYang below him. Wickedly, he forced his finger with LingYang’s cum into his mouth. LingYang was unable to withstand him, and could only allow him to do as he pleased. In the end, he even pandered to him, sucking on YeLang’s finger, his tongue writhing against it, provoking his desire.
YeLang’s finger continuously moved in and out of LingYang’s mouth, as though imitating a blow job. LingYang licked at it for awhile, then suddenly bit harshly on it. YeLang’s hips stabbed in deeply, and LingYang released YeLang’s finger with a cry.
With this provocation, YeLang no longer cared if LingYang’s cool down was ready, he sat up, lifting LingYang’s right leg onto his shoulder and started pumping vigorously again. LingYang was like a powerless boat rising and sinking along with the waves, his body entirely slack, but his hole still tight. This allowed YeLang to advance more smoothly, each time he entered he could feel the other’s helpless resistance, when he retreated he could feel the other’s unwillingness to let him go.
This incomparable experience caused YeLang get even hotter and harder, LingYang had already been through heaven and hell, while it was as though YeLang had just started getting into it. LingYang was upset that he had already tried so hard to DPS the other, but the other continued like he was completely not affected.
“Are you really a virgin?” LingYang who had been pushed down for so long finally could not help but ask. “Why do your hp not decrease no matter how I attack you? You must be cheating, I want to complain about you to the GM.”
YeLang saw that he had been worn out to this extent but was unable to control his mouth, he wanted to smile, “Sorry, I’m an MT, my hp level is very high, it won’t drop so easily.”
LingYang really wanted to yank out his power source, “That’s also because I’m a good healer.”
The curve along YeLang’s mouth became even more obvious, “Then you continue healing, see how long I can last.”
LingYang reached out to grab a pillow, thinking about using it as weapon, but discovered that he did not even have the strength to do this, and could only obediently give up, allowing the other to dominate his body and do whatever he wanted with him.
YeLang flipped LingYang over. LingYang suddenly thought of something, “Don’t look!”
YeLang gently kissed the scar on his back, ”It’s not ugly.”
LingYang buried his head deeply into the pillow, YeLang thrusted into him from behind. This angle would hardly let LingYang, whose body was starting to get used to the motions, feel any pain. Instead, or maybe because each roll of YeLang’s hips would press against that spot, LingYang’s body started to show signs of reacting again.
YeLang discovered LingYang’s weakness, and started steadily attacking that spot. Indeed, LingYang was again quickly captured by the other, and was lost again in the sea of desire.
YeLang was definitely worthy of being a swimmer, both the power of his waist and stamina could not be denied. This was also one of the reasons why LingYang was first attracted to him. But he had never imagined that YeLang’s level could be this high, he could even be compared to a perpetual-motion machine. If they were online, LingYang could still come up with wacky ideas to take advantage of him, but now that they were offline, the situation became completely one-sided. YeLang was like a savage wolf biting his neck, trapping him, removing all hopes of escape.
LingYang was grinding against the sheets at the front, with YeLang’s fierce attacks from the back, under the double offensive, LingYang finally could not hold on anymore. He took hold of YeLang’s hand and started calling out, “Hp is low! Needs cool down! Out of mana!” YeLang ignored him and continued thrusting, with another cry, LingYang accepted defeat.
YeLang again felt the convulsions from LingYang’s hole. This time he straight away turned LingYang around, supporting his hips, and hammered into him. After some forceful thrusts, YeLang released a beast-like growl, his hips shoved in deeply, fitting seamlessly with LingYang, bursts of warmth could be felt within LingYang, one after another, stopping only after about seven or eight spurts, strong and high-spirited, throbbing in LingYang’s body.
He let go of LingYang’s waist, supporting himself up with a hand on each side of LingYang’s head. A drop of sweat slid down the side of his face, trailing across his jaw, and finally gave in to gravity, landing on LingYang’s collarbone.
At that moment, LingYang really wanted to ask him why did he bother getting condoms, but he was too tired to say a single word.
YeLang slowly recovered his senses after that orgasm, he opened his eyes and was drawn to LingYang’s slightly pale face. He was frowning, his eyes closed, his breathing thready, damp hair sticking against his face. His entire person seemed to have collapsed, unable to move even a finger. What pleased YeLang the most was that chattering mouth of LingYang, saying things that often made him want to beat him up, but could now only be used for breathing.
Seeing LingYang like this, other than feeling both tender and protective towards him, a sense of revenge inexplicably welled up within YeLang. Recalling how he had been killed numerous times in the game by him, he suddenly felt that it no longer mattered, now, he had finally found a method that could completely subdue LingYang. 
He bent down and kissed his face.
“A hundred ways to fuck your wife to death —— Number 1.”

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