TANW Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – Brother Lang Goes for the Oscars

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Herbivores occasionally also have to eat meat to grow healthy and strong ~\(≧▽≦)/~

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I’m only afraid that your hotpot is fuelled by gunpowder.

LingYang and that person looked at each other for a long time, and he finally took his phone out from his pocket and tapped at it.
LingYang’s phone rang, he stared at the number for a bit, then answered.
That person across the street also held his phone to his ear, “Don’t blame little Bai, I made him give me your number.”
“Oh.” LingYang answered emotionlessly.
“Don’t hang up, I just want to tell you something.”
LingYang listened quietly.
“I know you still blame me for that incident, but just for today, can we don’t mention what happened that day? For just one day, just like before, we’ll be good friends for a day, ok?”
After waiting for a long while, a voice sounded softly from the phone, “Ok.”
MengHu hung up and crossed the street. Just like BaiLong, he was a military school student, even when casually walking his posture was erect. YeLang’s male instincts perceived a danger, unconsciously he also straightened himself, as though getting ready for battle.
MengHu walked over, greeting BaiLong by exchanging a glance with him, then faced LingYang. “YangYang.”
LingYang smiled at him, “You’re back.”
He nodded, “The internship for this semester is completed.”
“The flight base must have been fun?”
“Very remote, very desolate,” he paused. “I’ve missed you very much.”
LingYang ignored the meaning of that statement without a change in expression, “That’s of course, little Bai and I miss you very much too.”
“Now that you’re back, why didn’t you accompany your girlfriend?” LingYang asked.
MengHu’s expression was somewhat complicated, “We broke up long ago.”
“Ah, what a pity,” LingYang spoke. “Are you staying in school these days?”
“Then, let’s have dinner together tonight?”
As the day was cold, LingYang made noise about wanting to eat hotpot. XuXian seconded it, and the other three people naturally did not oppose. They went to the supermarket, BaiLong and XuXian pushed a cart to the meat section, while LingYang and the rest were in charge of getting other items.
YeLang was pushing the cart as LingYang dumped items in it, periodically discussing with YeLang about the item selection.
Behind them, MengHu watch their harmonious behaviour, and felt that it was somewhat painful to the eyes.
MengHu observed LingYang carefully, six months had already passed since he last saw him. He did not seem to have changed, and still looked as spirited as before.
Ever since he was little, he had always felt that LingYang was a person with no worries, with a smile free from any stress on his face. Every time he saw him, his mood would improve ineffably.
He had once vowed to always let him maintain this carefree smile for the rest of his life, but this vow was broken with his own hands.
LingYang was wearing a jacket with a hood. He had been wearing the hood when outdoors, only pulling it down after entering the supermarket. Seeing LingYang’s half-dried hair, MengHu suddenly realised something was different.
“YangYang, you went swimming?”
“Yes, weren’t you waiting outside the swimming complex just now?”
“I thought you only went to take a look, how come you… You don’t get dizzy near water anymore?”
“I’ve recovered.”
“How did you do that?” MengHu was both surprised and delighted.
LingYang glanced at YeLang triumphantly, “I have a very awesome personal swimming coach!”
YeLang turned his head towards him and smiled, not saying a word.
After selecting their items, they went to the cashier. XuXian separated the items into four bags, carrying one, he walked out.

BaiLong carried one in his left hand and hurriedly caught up with him, his right hand reached out and grabbed the bag in XuXian’s hand, taking over it. The two of them left together.
The supermarket cashier tapped on the screen, experienced, and reported the amount.
MengHu took out his wallet and passed it over.
LingYang reached out, taking YeLang’s wallet from behind MengHu instead.
“YangYang?” MengHu asked, puzzled.
“It’s rare that you’re back, how can we let a guest pay for dinner?” LingYang smiled, casually retrieving a few notes from YeLang’s wallet looking like he had done it many times before, and passed it back again.
Hearing the word guest, MengHu frowned. He took a look at YeLang, but there was no change in his expression.
LingYang paid the bill, and picked up the two bags left behind.
MengHu was waiting by the cashier, he reached out, about to take those bags.
LingYang lifted his hands and passed them both to YeLang. YeLang accepted the bags naturally, one in each hand, then turned around and left the supermarket. LingYang followed behind him, looking at the receipt.
MengHu felt unhappy, but there was nothing he could do, and followed.
Everything in LingYang and XuXian’s place were for four people. Luckily the attentive XuXian had bought an extra pair of slippers at the supermarket, but there was nothing to be done about the chairs. After a short discussion, they decided to move over to the coffee table in the living room, as they would be able to use the sofa there.
This was the first time MengHu had came to LingYang’s place. He went into his bedroom, and immediately saw the mouse on the table.
“Is the mouse comfortable?” He asked casually.
LingYang reached out to unplug it, and MengHu quickly stopped him, “What are you doing?”
“Returning it to you?” LingYang replied as though it was expected.
MengHu was silent for a bit, “If you give it to me I also have no use for it, let’s just keep it with you.”
LingYang had finally improved after playing the King of Fighters with YeLang recently, he then insisted on showing his progress to MengHu.
The both of them played a few rounds, but LingYang still lost. MengHu wanted to let him win, but he could find a way to do it subtly.
YeLang came over to let them know dinner was ready, seeing him, LingYang quickly called him over, “Master, come and help me.”
YeLang walked over, standing behind LingYang, his hands slid around him, and with a few moves he defeated BaiLong. The last time he played with BaiLong he did not employ his full strength, this time he exposed his ability, not showing a single mercy.
LingYang had a worshipful expression, “Master is so impressive!”
YeLang straightened, his face calm, patting him, he spoke, “Let’s go and eat.”
LingYang was a little disappointed, “Ah, I haven’t played enough.”
MengHu spoke out of habit, “Don’t play too much, be careful of your eyes.”
LingYang laughed in spite of himself, “Why do I still need to be careful of my eyes now?” He stood up, “You’re the one who has to be careful of his eyes, let’s not play anymore, we’ll go eat meat!”
HuShuo City was in the north, so there was heating in winter. With the different temperatures indoors and out, on top of the hotpot, everyone had already removed their jackets, only left wearing a single layer.
LingYang was someone who did not stop talking even while eating, bickering with BaiLong, then chatting with XuXian. YeLang was a person of few words, other than a couple of sentences, the rest of the time he was cooking meat and placing it in LingYang’s bowl. Other than the first piece that LingYang cooked himself, the rest of the meat he ate had been cooked by YeLang.
Although LingYang was chatting happily and eating freely, he did not forget to be hospitable, calling loudly at MengHu, as though afraid of neglecting him.
MengHu saw that LingYang was interacting normally with everyone, but treated him like an outsider, the grievance in his heart grew heavier.
He raised his glass of beer towards YeLang, “MengHu.”
After they met, the two of them had yet to introduce themselves to each other. To be more exact, this was the first time they had spoke to each other.
YeLang also raised his glass, “YeLang.”
“I heard from little Bai, this period of time you’ve been taking care of YangYang, it’s been hard on you.”
YeLang shook his head, “Part of my duties.”
Hearing that, MengHu’s hand trembled, his beer sloshed out from the glass. He did not do it on purpose, at that moment he was also shocked.
“It’s fine,” YeLang, whose shirt got wet, placed his glass down unconcernedly, standing up. “I’ll go change.”
He went into LingYang’s room and closed the door.
When MengHu saw YeLang exiting from LingYang’s room, his eyes widened.
YeLang’s shoulders were broader than LingYang’s, their clothes were definitely of different sizes.
Anybody with eyes could see that the shirt YeLang changed into belonged to himself.
And that shirt he was wearing, it was impossible for MengHu not to recognise it.
That limited edition shirt to commemorate a pilot, there was only one in the entire HuShuo City.
At that time LingYang would run to that store after school and drool in front of its window, but with his finances he was not able to buy it.
MengHu’s family was much better off than LingYang, but military families tended to be stricter on their children’s upbringing, only giving their children a certain amount of pocket money. MengHu had scrimped and saved, hoarding his daily lunch money for an entire month, and had to top up with his lucky money before he had enough.
(T/N: Lucky money refers to the money in the red packets given to children during the Chinese New Year.)

But by the time he finally managed to save enough money, somehow LingYang found out about his plan, and refused to let him buy it.
Just as he went behind LingYang’s back to buy it, the boss said that the shirt had already been purchased the day before, could YeLang be that person who bought it?
LingYang had borrowed that shirt after he fell into the pool that time, and returned it to YeLang after that.
Later, YeLang saw that he liked it, and found an excuse one day to leave it in LingYang’s place.
YeLang did not have any other intentions when leaving the shirt there, but he never expected that it would come in useful right then.
Now when he saw the shocked expression on MengHu’s face, he knew he had achieved his goal.
MengHu turned back to look at the other three people, but no one else expressed their surprise, as though it was completely normal for YeLang’s clothes to be stored in LingYang’s room.
LingYang did not like drinking beer, after drinking a few glasses he demanded for a change in drinks. YeLang stood up to get some, and LingYang shouted behind him, “Get Tiger a bottle too, he can’t drink too much.”
(T/N: The 琥 – Hu in MengHu’s name sounds exactly the same as 虎 – Hu, tiger.)

YeLang brought back 2 bottles of green tea and a bottle of milk tea, as both LingYang and XuXian liked green tea. After XuXian took a bottle of green tea, LingYang took the bottle of milk tea.
“Don’t you like green tea?” YeLang asked.
Hearing that, MengHu passed LingYang the green tea in his hand, “This is for you.”
“I’ll just drink the milk tea, aren’t you lactose intolerant?”
MengHu seemed to choke after hearing this sentence, only replying after awhile, “I can drink a little now.”
“It’s fine, I’ll just drink this, I like milk tea too.” LingYang waved the milk tea in his hand.
After their meal, BaiLong objected to the presence of the three gooseberries, and pulled XuXian out to take a walk and digest their food.
MengHu continued staying at LingYang’s house for awhile, chatting casually about random topics.
It was getting late, after MengHu saw that YeLang had no intentions of leaving, he was suspicious.
LingYang waved his watch at MengHu, “The last bus is coming soon.”
QianTang was located the furthest away in the college town, it was a very long journey to walk, and so most people would take the bus.
MengHu glanced at YeLang again, seeing him stand up, he then followed, “Ok, I’m leaving.”
LingYang followed him to the door and changed his shoes, “I’ll walk you to the bus stop.”
MengHu’s mood finally recovered a little.
YeLang had wanted to accompany them and supervise along the way, but after hearing this he suddenly changed his mind. Not wearing his shoes, he stood aside with his hands in his pockets, as though he was sending his guest away.
After changing to his shoes and standing up, MengHu saw that he was still standing there. He could not help but ask, “Aren’t you leaving?”
YeLang shook his head, “It seems that you guys still have something to talk about, I won’t join you.”
Such an obvious implication, as though saying that he was living there, why should he leave?
MengHu heard the implication clearly, his expression was startled.
He quickly turned his head to look at LingYang, wanting to see his reaction.
LingYang’s expression could not be more natural, “Then I won’t bring my keys.”
YeLang nodded.
MengHu’s face immediately changed.
The nearest bus stop to LingYang’s place was only five minutes away. The both of them remained silent all the way to the bus stop.
“YangYang,”MengHu finally had to speak out and ask something he had been thinking about the whole time, “That person and you, what’s your relationship?”
LingYang’s expression was unperturbed, “It’s what you think it is.”
MengHu’s eyes darkened, “That morning…”
LingYang interrupted, “The things you said that morning, I’ve forgotten them already.”
“That night…”
“The things I said that night, you should forget them too.”
“But I…”
“You said you won’t mention it today,” LingYang interrupted him for the third time, pointing in front. “The bus is here.”
After LingYang and MengHu left, YeLang sat on the sofa and watched the television as he waited, his eyes habitually drifting to the clock above the television.
Twenty minutes later, LingYang returned, YeLang opened the door for him.
“You’re ten minutes late.”
LingYang was very amused, “We still have to wait for the bus, you think it’s like getting a cab?”
YeLang did not reply, staring at him while standing there.
LingYang looked at the time, it was already very late, “You’re still not leaving?”
Although the two of them were already in a relationship, but YeLang had never stayed overnight before, always returning back to his dorm before the lights went off.
“Why do I have to leave?”
LingYang laughed, “Movie King, you haven’t acted enough?”
YeLang nodded, “You’re right, I won’t act anymore.”
He walked up, gripping LingYang’s neck, he kissed him.
The author has something to say:
The players who threw the landmines yesterday, I know you’re all here to beat the tiger, too bad the tiger was here only as a passerby, by the time he finishes walking past, he has to get back to the flight base.
[OpposedRiver] [Unnamed] [lshw5q] [LanFengLing] [Ji] [Hei?] [PanPan] [Some?] threw landmines!
[kunkun] threw landmine x3 (lagging again)
[LanFengLing] threw hand grenade!
The above is WuSong!
(T/N: WuSong is a famous literary character who slayed a tiger.)

Finally [RowedToPoorWater] threw hand grenade at little LingYuan XD
Dropped [MengHu’s Notes #1]
MengHu: Milk was more expensive when we were young, I would give the milk my family ordered everyday to YangYang, lying to him that I’m lactose intolerant, I didn’t think that he’ll still remember it now.
Dropped [Newest Version of Characters’ Illustration]
QiYing: QiFeng’s younger brother, original team member of QiFeng and XiaoGe’s 3v3 team. Now in a 2v2 team with MuRong. Studying overseas, a little passerby, won’t appear much in the future. Because the author likes him a lot, so he is included in the illustration. One arrogant little leopard.
MengHu: LingYang and BaiLong’s childhood friend, LingYang’s ex-guild’s assistant guild leader. Illustrated as a Bengal White Tiger.
According to everyone’s opponents, all characters have changed to animals.

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