TANW Chapter 62

Chapter 62 – Voice Activation Mode Is Not Good      
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LingYang was slowly drifting awake, and felt an unruly paw groping his body. He swiped at that wolf paw feebly, but the other person continued taking liberties with his body.
LingYang was always a late riser, after last night’s incident, he did not even have the strength to hold himself up, and had to rely on YeLang to do the cleaning up.
Worse was that there was no bathtub in LingYang’s place, when showering his legs were trembling, only leaning onto YeLang could he then remain upright. He felt that YeLang calling it a method to fuck his wife to death was not exaggerated at all. At that moment his body was limp, his back ached, and feeling weak throughout, to have to endure more sexual harassment from the person who caused him to be like this, he really had the urge to PK him.
YeLang had never needed much sleep, after exercising before sleep last night, the quality of his sleep improved a lot. Early in the morning, he was fresh and cheerful.
This was the first time he had stayed overnight at LingYang’s place. He finally discovered a good point about this person. His habit of sleeping in the nude was very good, it was very convenient for him to put his hands onto him.
YeLang was unhappy about LingYang rejecting him in the midst of his sleep, his hand on his body increased its pressure, finally successfully waking LingYang up.
“Stop playing around.” LingYang mumbled.
YeLang was not a person who would be obedient, he hugged LingYang from the back and continued teasing him.
“Get lost, go attend your classes,” LingYang’s voice was like the buzzing of a mosquito. Normally if LingYang would speak like this to YeLang, he would have already given him a slap on his butt. However, as he had finally managed to eat him up as per his wishes, together with LingYang’s current state, he only treated it as though he was flirting.
“It’a a holiday today,” YeLang spoke while molesting him. LingYang already could feel something poking at him from behind.
LingYang recalled, today was the second day of the 3 days break for the New Year. This was the first time he had hated having a break so much.
YeLang nibbled intimately on his neck, “Method number 2?”
“… 2 your head!!!”
The busy exam week passed, followed by the happy winter holidays. YanShan and SenLan were on break, but QianTang had a winter outfield special training. BaiLong was essentially uncontactable for two whole weeks, and had only just returned from the snow covered forest in the deep mountains. At that moment, he was relaxing on the sofa in LingYang’s place. He had yet to change out of his camouflage uniform, his right hand playing with a military issued jackknife.
XuXian was afraid that BaiLong was too cold, so he specially prepared ginger tea, not forgetting LingYang’s share as well.
“YangYang, you look kind of tired,” XuXian asked in concern.
LingYang wearily lay across the dining table, your damn childhood friend has recently been researching on a hundred methods to kill a wife, how could I still have any energy. Why else would people say, virgin boys who started eating meat are the scariest.
“You’re also not going back during the winter break?” BaiLong asked as he drank the ginger tea.
“There’s no computer and internet at home, there’s also nothing to do at home, I’ll go back after the new year, what about you?” LingYang’s corpse remained lying across the table.
“You better go back, leave the house to Flower and me,” BaiLong implied that he also had no plans on returning.
LingYang rolled his eyes, I just won’t do what you want me to do.
“But why aren’t you staying at Ah Lang’s place?” XuXian was referring to YeLang’s home that was near the schools, but LingYang did not know about it, he thought XuXian was referring to YeLang’s actual home. He thought, was it not too early to meet the parents?
“I want to stay here and be a gooseberry, and continue disturbing the both of you,” LingYang smiled craftily. BaiLong side-eyed him, flipping the knife nimbly in his hand, casting an oppressive shadow.
XuXian sat next to him, patting his thigh, “Don’t scare him, it’s more fun with more people around. Right, why isn’t Ah Lang back yet?”
YeLang had reported to work the next day after he finished his exams, not even delaying it for a day, deserving of being called a model worker. The college town was situated in the north part of HuShuo, while YeLang’s internship was at the business district. Luckily HuShou was not very big, the amount of work for YeLang to do during the winter break was also less than the summer break, so YeLang could still commute.
When YeLang arrived home, LingYang was lying on the bed browsing WeiBo, chatting with two other people in the comment section of a photo uploaded by another boots owner. Being too engrossed in the conversation, he did not notice that YeLang had entered the room, only until he felt the bed sink did he discover YeLang was back. He hurriedly closed the WeiBo client.
YeLang looked at his guilty behaviour and got suspicious, “What are you doing?”
“Browsing, browsing WeiBo.”
“You’re so nervous browsing WeiBo?”
“You were the one who came in without a sound and scared me.”
YeLang held his hand out, wanting LingYang to hand the phone over. LingYang quickly put his hand behind him, what nonsense was this, one look at the messages he just sent and he would understand it immediately!

“This, this is my personal privacy.”
Seeing LingYang’s flustered state, he knew the other person was involved in some shady business behind his back, so he took his own phone out, “Ok, then what’s your WeiBo ID, we’ll add each other.”
LingYang was frightened, “Cannot!”
“You can’t do this too? Shouldn’t it be normal for husband and wife to add each other on WeiBo?”
“No, I didn’t mean cannot, I meant…” LingYang’s brain worked quickly. “Ah, right, you’re on Summer Wave WeiBo right?”
“That’s it, I’m on Cloth WeiBo, we’re on different channels, we can’t add each other.” He continued hypocritically, “Hai, what a shame.”
YeLang raised his eyebrow, “Is it? And that channel, why haven’t I heard of it before?”
“It’s a small website, not famous at all.”
“Then let me register an account there,” YeLang tapped on his phone.
“Don’t don’t don’t,” LingYang quickly grabbed hold of his hand. “We don’t have a lot of people there, it’s not lively at all, I’ll register on yours instead.”
YeLang was even more convinced that he was hiding something from him, but did not continue prodding into it. He kept his phone, and snorted inwardly, sooner or later I’ll pull out your fox tail.
When the break started, Passionate Sword restarted their guild activities, with two large raids every week. QieLan was mostly for newcomers and to gear up their side accounts, while although they had cleared Moon Well already, but it took them a lot of effort. Now that Bell was no longer Night Wolf’s wife, to pass the final boss would require luck.
People did suggest for Night Wolf to get fake married to other female accounts in the team to gain the couple abilities, but they were all rejected by Night Wolf and Bell. People could all tell that the relationship of this ex-model couple were even better than before they got divorced, and Bell’s current husband had also not appeared online since Night Wolf’s public confession. Although the Passionate Sword members knew the truth, but the outsiders had no clue. Now they were even more confused by this turn of events, in the end they gave up on gossiping, as they could not understand the situation at all.
YeLang did not move his computer over, only setting up a bedside table and used his laptop. Previously he was connected to a 3G network which was inefficient and slow, so he bought a router, changing the network in LingYang’s place, and made it such that an additional computer could be used without effecting the speed.
LingYang acted like a shell and hung onto YeLang’s back to watch him play games. Now, Night Wolf was equipped with the +10 top-grade banishing spear that Bell had crafted for him. After slotting in the black gem given by MuRong, the spear emitted a black lighting effect, leaving long comet trails as Night Wolf moved. It was so eye-catching that many people would come and peep at Night Wolf’s gear.
“Heard that they’re going to merge the servers.” YeLang spoke suddenly.
“Eh? Really?” This was the first time LingYang had heard about it.
“Don’t you go onto the game website?”
“I don’t have that habit, doesn’t that mean…” He was going to end up meeting his ex-guild members again?
“Mean what?”
“… Nothing.”
The raid members had already started entering the dungeon. Mourning Mo sent a ready check message, and LingYang returned to his own computer to confirm it. Today they were fighting the fourth boss of Moon Well. The fourth boss was located one platform below, the players below would be attacked by a group spell, the platform above had a raised edge. If they left the boundaries of that edge, they would become the target of the attacks, and killed quickly.
Passionate Sword’s tactics was to have everyone standing at position before they started the fight, once ready, the MT would lead the attack, all the close combat fighters would jump down, while the range attackers and healers would remain on the platform, avoiding the group spell as much as possible.
To stand on the platform successfully, there had to be a change in the way they walked. Aiming at the platform as it tilted at a 45˚ angle, jumping onto it. If the starting position was too far, the player would not be able to land on the platform. If it swung too close, the player would overshoot it. The player also had to control how long he pressed movement button for, as to move more than required meant that he would fall. Every time they fought the fourth boss, they would waste a lot of time on this platform issue, there would always be people falling, and when falling they would cause the whole group to get killed.
Today, they had fought the fourth boss twice, while preparing three people had already fell down, their team had already been annihilated five times. YeLang —— No, he should be Night Wolf now —— when tanking, he never had a good temper, he straight away announced that the next person who fell would have five points deducted from their DKP.
Everyone in Passionate Sword was already used to his temper, actually, Night Wolf was not the only MT like that. Most of the MTs had bad tempers, and in fact, many of the MTs’ abilities and tempers were proportional to each other. As time went on, everyone felt that the more ruthless an MT was, his ability would be higher, just like how a fiercer doctor would be more highly skilled.
This was actually a big misunderstanding. The actual reason was, people who liked playing tanks, their characters tended to be like YeLang, full of self-importance. MTs from big guilds were also surrounded by fans, and also if the raid leader and the MT were too nice the team would lack discipline, if they were stricter it would be more advantageous. As such, it became like this situation.
But as everyone trembled in fear, they were bound to make even more mistakes. Trying another two times but still failing, and two people fell as well, LingYang saw that YeLang was on the edge of fury.
As expected, when an unfortunate soul accidentally overshot, and not for the first time, YeLang finally exploded and started scolding him on YY. LingYang had heard YeLang blew his temper on YY before, but this was the first time he saw it in front of him.
Everyone fell silent in both the raid chat and YY, not daring to say a single word. However, in private they were all messaging Bell, knowing that although they had divorced, but their relationship was different from the past, and only he was able persuade that furious Night Wolf.
Pleading messages then appeared on LingYang’s private chat.

[Whisper] CuteEgg: Sister Bell, I’m frightened till my hands are weak, I think the next one to make a mistake will be me, if I really fall, you must help me talk to the big bad wolf T口T
[Whisper] MourningMo: Bell can you help persuade old Wolf, after deducting DPS, scolding a couple of lines would be fine, don’t criticise too much ^^!
[Whisper] LittleCloth: Sister-in-law please work on taming Brother Wolf!
[Whisper] Leecher: Madam Sister-in-law! I really didn’t mean to fall down! Lord MT had made me too nervous, please save me!!!
[Whisper] DevotedCouple: Old Wolf’s desire is unsatisfied again? Quick, go put out the fire.
[Whisper] FlowerHouse: I muted my YY, but I can still hear him from next door, how scary ><
[Whisper] LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Bell, what are you waiting for? Quick, go seduce him, no negotiation!

These people made LingYang feel as though he could neither laugh nor cry. Glancing over at YeLang who was sitting on the bed, he also felt that letting him continue like that he would also not be able to calm down, and so could only bite the bullet and go over.
“Husband, don’t be angry anymore,” LingYang hugged YeLang’s neck from the back, blowing into his ear.
“Don’t play around.” YeLang pushed him away.
“Hai, it’s only falling down, didn’t you fall down too during the first time?”
“When you guys fall it’s called falling, when I fall it’s called aggro.” YeLang spoke unreasonably.
LingYang was amused, “You even dare to call that aggro, at that time you still didn’t have your buffs ready. You should go easy on them, anyway you’ve already deducted his points.”
LingYang had been talking next to YeLang, his breaths making YeLang’s ear tingle. He grabbed onto LingYang’s hands that were around his neck, speaking severely, “Don’t come and seduce me.”
LingYang blinked his eyes on purpose, “I’m seducing you, what can you do about it?” He laughed lasciviously.
YeLang flipped over and pushed LingYang down, “You think I can’t deal with you?”
LingYang saw that he had lost control of the situation, and hurriedly stopped. “You’re serious? We’re in the midst of the raid.”
“Like I care? You have to be responsible for putting out the fire you stirred up,” YeLang pushed him down unceremoniously.
LingYang thought, no such way, he was here to plead on the behalf of others, how did he end up in this trap? But he did not have time to think about it, now YeLang’s techniques had improved a lot, with a few moves he stirred up his lust.
But as LingYang was lost in his senses, YeLang suddenly stopped. LingYang was frustrated, what was with this provocation? He ground his crotch against YeLang, “Are you doing it or not?”
YeLang frowned in contemplation, “I keep feeling that something is wrong.”
LingYang thought about it, then realised what it was, “What mode were you using on YY?”
“Voice activation.”
The two of them hastily climbed up and rushed to the computer, switching over to YY, it really was on voice activation mode!
Then looking at the member list on the left, everyone had changed their signature.

MourningMo (Hung up, no one’s here)
CuteEgg (Went to Snack City for food)
LittleRights (Earphones spoilt, went to borrow new ones)
LittleCloth (In the WC)
UncleHe (Off to be intimate with his wife)
DevotedCouple (Watching Korean dramas don’t disturb)
LittleBottomDon’tRunAway (Listening to audio-drama, YY on mute, please whisper)
FlowerHouse (Actually I didn’t even open YY) 


“It’s all your fault! I’ve completely lost all my face!” LingYang pinched YeLang’s neck angrily.
“You have the cheek to talk about me? You’re the one who came and seduce me first.” YeLang subdued LingYang with a hand.
“I seduced you? I was only trying to calm you down!” Although LingYang was physically subdued, his mouth did not give in.
“Calming me down? I think it’s more likely you’re here to fan the flames.”
“Are you a stallion? A little bit of fanning and you go into heat?”
“Then fine, I’ll let you see what’s a stallion.”
“Move aside wuwuwu…”
One minute later.


“Fucking hell it’s still on voice activation!!!”
On YY:

MourningMo (Hung up, not here, never came back)
CuteEgg (Discovered Snack City was closed during the holidays, gone to YanShan Cafeteria 2 to see if there are any buns available)
LittleRights (Borrowed new earphones, but turns out it’s my sound card that spoilt)
LittleCloth (Constipation)
UncleHe (Wife is too enthusiastic, not letting me go)
DevotedCouple (Korean drama is too long, won’t finish so quickly)
LittleBottomDon’tRunAway (Finished with audio-drama, listening to interviews, YY still on mute)
FlowerHouse (Old style apartments have good soundproofing, can’t hear a single thing)
MuRong (I’m just here to supervise the raid progress, please ignore me)


The author has something to say:
Hacking Team on YY:
[Ji] (Biting on the landmine, listening to the broadcast)
[WoodenSign] (Stepping on the landmine, listening to the broadcast)

[PanPan] (Holding onto the landmine, listening to the broadcast)

[MrApricot] (Hugging the landmine, listening to the broadcast)

[Dots.] (Hanging five landmines, listening to the broadcast)
[lshw5q] (throwing the hand grenade, listening to the broadcast)

[Dip] (Firing the RPG, listening to the broadcast)

[Teabag] (Sitting on the RPG, listening to the broadcast)

[Ji] after listening to the broadcast, wrote a thousand word reflection, dropped a [coupon for double chapters]
Recently have been adjusting the timeline of the outline, have to think about it for a long time, afraid of messing the timeline up, can’t post double chapters T^T
Also dropped [Little Fat Antelope’s Notes #1]
Little Fat Antelope: All those anticipating the 99 ways are all bad people!

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