TANW Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – The Black and White Couple Shirts    

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Excuse me, can the last one even be compared?

“Are you free later?” YeLang asked.
LingYang hurriedly nodded his head, YeLang wanted to invite him on a date, even if he was not free he had to be free, “I’m free, why?”
“I’ll bring you to level? You can use my notebook.”
LingYang: “…”
“Nothing,” LingYang jumped up. “You turn on the computer first and wait for me, I need to go to the bathroom.”  

LingYang darted into the bathroom, pulling his phone out he sent a message:

  ——SOS! Please let me use LuoMing Shadow’s account!

The legendary QiFeng who never lent anyone his account was very generous this time, within a minute he LingYang received the account password and memorised it solemnly.
When LingYang came out YeLang had already prepared the notebook, even the game client was on the account log-in page already.
LingYang deftly entered LuoMing Shadow’s ID and password, logging into the game, then adding Night Wolf into his friend list.
Because of PK, LingYang was very familiar with all the professions, as such manoeuvring a shadow knight was not difficult for him. Also, as YeLang was leading him, he only had to stand aside and pretend to perform some actions.
The both of them accepted all the quests that LuoMing Shadow could do, then went out to kill monsters.
Global chat at that moment:
“My method of turning the game client on must have been wrong.”
“Passionate Sword’s MT actually formed a party with someone from LuoMing and they’re completing quests?”
“Serious? I want to see!”
“Me too!”
“Where are they where are they?”
“Hidden Fog Falls (729,36)”
“I’m here, it’s true, my method of turning on the game client is wrong too.”
“It seems like Night Wolf is bringing someone from LuoMing to level? That person hasn’t reach max level yet.”
“Which one from LuoMing?”
“LuoMing Shadow, I’ve never heard of him before, is it a side account?”
“Aren’t YeLang and his certain somebody a model couple? Calling Bell!”
“Report, Bell is not online.”
“Didn’t Bell hook up with LuoMing Wind already? So Night Wolf is abducting LuoMing Shadow? (This casual relationship is so cool that I can’t look at it directly)”
“Congratulations to Night Wolf for finally realising that BG relationships are unreliable and worshipping the Danmei God instead!”
“This storyline is too touching I need to stop imagining I can’t oh help someone come stop me!”
“I’ll come stop you! Yoyo check it out! Tum-tsh, tum-tsh, the boundless horizon, is my love~~~~”
In comparison to the bustle on the global chat, over here it was very quiet, as both of them had a good habit, that was once they went online they would mute the global chat. To bring LingYang to level, YeLang even muted the guild chat, while LuoMing Shadow did not even have a guild.
The both of them even spontaneously pressed F11 to screen all players except for those in the party, so the increasing numbers of players on the map were all ignored. Everyone watched the two of them behaving as though no one was around them, one killing monsters, the other picking up items, both of them were very calm, the audience suddenly felt their balls ache.
A gold light flashed past, LuoMing Shadow had gained a level.
“Wow, I’m level 73, so impressive!”
“A month ago you were 72, now 73, that’s not considered very fast,” YeLang commented mercilessly.
LingYang could only “…”
LingYang looked at the sky, he suddenly realised he had forgotten the time while playing, glancing at the clock on the bottom right corner, “Aiyah, it’s already 7pm.”
“Yeah, are you hungry? Let’s get something to eat?”
LingYang looked around, “Why haven’t your roommates returned?”
“One has gone for Outward Bounds training, the other stays with his girlfriend during the weekends.”
“You want to stay back tonight?”
LingYang’s heart jerked, could he also be thinking about that?
“Why should I stay back?”
“We’ll level overnight.” YeLang’s tone could not be anymore natural, as though implying that that was the only activity available when one stayed overnight.
LingYang was silent for a few seconds, “Your electricity doesn’t switch off at night?”
“Today’s the weekend, anyway even if the electricity supply is interrupted we can steal electricity.”
“… So impressive?”
“People who learnt about circuitry can all do it.”
LingYang curled his lips, engineering guys are all so sick.
Actually without electricity there would be even more things to do, dear!
LingYang’s phone rang, it was XuXian.
“Dear Lord Flower do you have any instructions?”
“The curfew is 8pm.”
“What? When did our house start having a curfew?”
“Ever since today.”
LingYang sneaked a peek at YeLang, turning around, he covered his mouth with his hand and lowered his voice, “Please, you’re also not my parent.”
“Sorry, I’m a family member of the male.”
“We’re currently still in the stage of free love, family members please don’t disrupt.”
“I’m a feudal family member, I have to smother all sprouts that appear in the free love stage.”
“Wuwuwu Flower you’re a bully, after settling your personal problem you’re ignoring us suffering brothers now.”
“Don’t try this on me, pass your phone to Ah Lang.”
“For what?”
“Just give it to him, I have something to tell him.”
LingYang passed his phone to YeLang, only to hear his one word responses. He could not guess what XuXian was telling him, LingYang was very anxious.
When YeLang hung up LingYang immediately asked him, “What did Flower tell you?” Closely followed by, “Don’t believe whatever he tells you, he’s only teasing you.”
YeLang was silent for a bit, “He asked me to take care of you tonight, and then go over to your place tomorrow night for dinner.”
“… That’s it?”
“What else could there be?”
LingYang looked at the sky, face full of tears, Flower, in my heart you’re truly a stalk of elegant white lotus.
“So what are we waiting for, let’s go,” LingYang jumped up. “Is the food in your school’s cafeteria good?”
“If we’re comparing it to your Cafeteria 2… It is.”
LingYang froze for a few seconds, “Don’t set your standards so low.”
YeLang stood up as well, glancing at LingYang’s shirt, “Is it cold outside?”
He had been in the dormitory the entire time, so he was only wearing a single layer.
“It’s windy.”
YeLang casually grabbed the shirt on the bunk and wore it. LingYang looked at him, then looked at himself, it really looked like couple shirts.
At this time the canteen was pretty much cleared away, YeLang brought LingYang to Snack City for stir-fry.
The two of them walked side by side, wearing the same couple shirt in different colours, everything was beautiful in LingYang’s heart.
Suddenly someone behind called out YeLang’s name, LingYang was taken aback, he seemed to not hear Lang with the third tone, but wolf instead?
(T/N: Chinese pronunciation has four tones, YeLang’s Lang is of the 3rd tone, while the Lang that means wolf is of the second tone.)
Both of them turned around, a person in flip-flops strolled over, his hands in his pockets. On the surface it looked like he was here for YeLang, but his eyes never left LingYang.
LingYang was also staring at him, thinking that this person looked very familiar, but he could not remember where did he meet him.
That person stopped in front of them, greeting YeLang, then turning towards LingYang, “It’s you.”
LingYang was stunned, “You know me?”
That person cocked his brow, again looking at YeLang, seeming to be enquiring something.
YeLang also did not expect him to know LingYang, but still he introduced them, “My friend LingYang, my senior MuRong.”
MuRong tilted his head, “Your friend isn’t from SenLan right, why is he here?”
“He came to my dorm to play games.”
“Play games? Pale Soul?”。
YeLang nodded.
MuRong turned to LingYang, “May I know your ID?”
LingYang hesitated for a long while without saying anything, so YeLang could only help him answer, “LuoMing Shadow.”
“LuoMing what?”
That person laughed, exposing his white teeth. For some unknown reason, LingYang shivered.
When that person left, LingYang then cautiously asked YeLang.
“What did you say his name was just now?”
“MuRong FeiTian, he knows you, you don’t know him?”
“MuRong FeiTian? This is his real name?” Why would there still be people with compound surnames in this day and age? But this name sounded very familiar, LingYang was sure he had seen it before, but for the death of him, he could not remember where.
“It’s an online name, he’s our guild leader.”
YeLang got a shock from LingYang’s overreaction.
“Are you ok?”
“But I’ve never seen him online before?”
YeLang looked at him, “You only come online once a month, do you have any rights to talk about others?”
LingYang: “…”
YeLang went to order some food, biting on his chopsticks, LingYang waited idly.
“Hi, we meet again.” MuRong sat across him.
The corner of LingYang’s mouth started cramping, we seemed to have only just met less than 5 minutes ago, ok.
“Hi Boss MuRong!”
“Eh? You didn’t seem to know me just now.”
“I’m gossipy, when you left I asked about you.”
“Oh, so what did you hear?”
“… Just your name.”
“You should ask some more.”
“… Ok,” LingYang nodded his head heavily.
“Can I ask about something?” MuRong asked again.
“Just ask.”
“Why are you lying to our MT?”
LingYang was dismayed, “When did you see that I was lying to him?”
MuRong did not speak, he continued smiling at LingYang, nearly causing LingYang to shiver again.
“Fine even if it’s lying it’s also just white lies…” LingYang said guiltily.
MuRong saw that YeLang was heading back with food, he tapped on LingYang’s nose with his finger, “Children who lie, their noses would grow long~ Student Luo. Ming. Shadow.”
YeLang returned, seeing MuRong he was also very shocked, “Senior you’re back again?”
“Can’t I come here to eat?” MuRong stood up. “Carry on, I won’t disturb you anymore.”
Walking past YeLang he reached out and patted him on the shoulder, “Right, the couple shirts aren’t bad.”
YeLang: “…”
Then he waved, not bothering to turn his head back, “Antelope-chan bye bye~”
LingYang: “…”
YeLang sat down, “He definitely knows you.”
“… Probably.”
While eating, YeLang spoke: “Actually it’s not that MuRong doesn’t come online, it’s just that the timing he comes online is different from most people.”
“He’s fighting in the 2V2 arena. This year he changed his partner, it seems like the other person is overseas, so to coordinate their time difference, he only comes online after midnight.”
LingYang suddenly remembered what QiFeng told him the other day at the sports school, he had an ominous premonition, “What’s the name of his partner?”
“You don’t know? The other person is also from your guild,” YeLang took some vegetables and placed it in LingYang’s bowl. “Called Second Young Master LuoMing Hurricane.”
The chopsticks in LingYang’s hand fell.
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