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Extra 1.8 Qi Feng X Angry T.Rex

Just as Qi Feng arrived at the entrance of the bar, he heard a heart wrenching cry coming from a small alley nearby.

“Who’s there?!” He turned and ran towards the alley. By the time he reached, the assaulters had ran away, only leaving one person lying on the ground.

He quickly ran over to look at him. “It’s you?”

The person slumped on the ground gasping, was no one other than Little Antelope. They had only just came across each other in the day, how did it turn out like this?

Without any hesitation, Qi Feng pulled his phone out. His fingers were about to tap on his screen, but Ling Yang’s right hand suddenly raised up and stopped him. “Don’t call the police.”

His voice could not be anymore feeble.

“You’re already like this, and you still don’t want to call the police?”

“Don’t call the police,” Ling Yang repeated, his voice even weaker than before. “And don’t call for an ambulance. The people inside would hear it.”

Qi Feng was in a bind.

Ling Yang’s tone revealed his despair. “Please.”

Qi Feng faltered for a while. He gritted his teeth, kept his phone and helped Ling Yang up. “But you still have to go to the hospital.”

Ling Yang no longer had the strength to speak. His lips moved, and Qi Feng could vaguely identify that he was thanking him.

Although Ling Yang was heavily injured, but fortunately they were superficial wounds, and his internal organs were not injured. The only exception was his left hand…

“Do you want me to call your teammates and let them know?”

Ling Yang, who had been looking down and remaining silent, suddenly lifted his head, panicked. “Don’t.”

He looked at Qi Feng with pleading eyes. “Please, don’t.”

Qi Feng took a look at the time. It had been over an hour since he left the hotel.

“Then, what should we do? Do you have any other friends?”

Ling Yang kept quiet, and only responded after some time. His voice was very very small. “Actually, I have a lot of friends…”

Qi Feng watched him, and gave a long exhale. He dragged a chair from nearby. “I understand. Alright, I’ll just stay here tonight.”

“Don’t you need to compete tomorrow?”

“My competition had already ended in the morning,” Qi Feng casually glanced at his hand. “So did yours.”

Ling Yang hugged his knees, burying his face in the crook of his elbow.

The atmosphere was extremely heavy. Qi Feng was never a talkative person, but even he felt that the scene was too quiet.

He was very worried that if the silence continued like this, Ling Yang might suffer from an emotional breakdown.

“I’ve sent you to the hospital, and even stayed back to accompany you. You should at least talk to me, right?”

“What’s there to talk about?”

“What about how you became so miserable.”

Ling Yang fell into silence again. After a long while, he started talking about everything between him and Meng Hu, from his earliest recollections, to this heartbreaking night. All the memories that belonged only to the two of them, Ling Yang told them all to this stranger next to him that he had only met for less than a day.

Qi Feng listened to him earnestly, and did not interrupt him at all. Rather than narrating, it was more like Ling Yang was murmuring to himself. That vivid past, he did not know if he was telling it to Qi Feng, or telling it to himself.

When Qi Feng finished listening, he did not give any words of comfort. “So, the reason why you didn’t want to call the police is because of the identity of Bengal Tiger’s girlfriend?”

Ling Yang shook his head. “I don’t want Meng Hu to know about this matter, not at all.”

The room again descended into silence. In the end, it was Qi Feng’s phone that broke the stillness. Looking at it, he was surprised to see it was He Jiawei calling him.

Handling Ling Yang’s registration and check up just now, Qi Feng was so busy he could not spare any time to think about other matters. After things settled down did he then realise it was already very late. He called Murong, and got to know that Qi Ying had passed out. It was likely that He Jiawei had already fell asleep, so he only sent him a text, and did not expect that he had been waiting all this time.

Actually, our heartless Classmate Angry T.Rex did fell asleep. However, when he woke up in the middle of the night, he discovered that Qi Feng was not next to him. Only after looking at his phone did he learn that the other person had said that he was not coming anymore.

He Jiawei was immediately filled with anger. Although he previously had also felt a sense of jealousy, but having been actively rejected was different from being passively rejected. He once again felt that Qi Feng had made a fool out of him.

Qi Feng answered the call, and he nearly went deaf by He Jiawei’s voice. Stretching out his arm, he held his phone far away from him, and could still hear He Jiawei’s voice very clearly.

“Qi Feng, you’re making fun of me again, right? Always making fun of me like this, is it very fun? Seeing me waiting for you like a fool, do you feel very pleased with yourself? I’ll never believe anything you say ever again!”

He Jiawei hung up when he was done roaring. Qi Feng tried calling him back, but his phone was already switched off.

He Jiawei’s words were also clearly heard by Ling Yang. Seeing this sort of situation, he also could grasp the rough understanding of what had happened.

“Sorry,” Ling Yang did not know what else he could say.

“You should apologise to me,” Qi Feng did not bother about remaining polite any longer. “I’ve been waiting for 7 years, and finally thought I saw an end in sight. You think it’s easy for me to garner pity? This was a rare situation where I actually had a loss.”

Ling Yang’s spirits were lifted instead by his ego. “Tell me about the two of you as well.”

Both people had only knew each other online for less than a year, and offline, less than a day. However, they chatted with each other like friends who had known each other for many years. Things that they had never revealed to others, they both told each other about everything.

“So what are you going to do now? He has misunderstood you, don’t you need to explain it to him?” Ling Yang asked.

“When he’s angry, he won’t listen to any explanation, but when he’s not angry, there’s no need to explain anything. He gets angry very easily, but after a bout of temper, he’ll forget about it. He’s not like you, keeping everything in your heart. His thoughts are very simple, and you can easily tell what he’s thinking.”

“It’s because he’s like this, that’s why you’re attracted to him?”

Qi Feng contemplated it. “That’s most likely the reason.”

Ling Yang twisted his head away. “Actually, I wish I could also be that simple.”

“Do you have any plans after you recover?”

Ling Yang shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you come to Linshan and look for me.”

Ling Yang looked up at him.

“My little brother is going to go overseas, and he also doesn’t want to continue playing 3v3. We need a cleric.”

Ling Yang smiled wryly and looked at his own hand. “Can I still play?”

“This little injury, we’ve encountered it so many times while training. After resting for a few weeks, it’ll be fine.” To be honest, Qi Feng also knew that Ling Yang’s injury was very serious, and he would definitely need at least one or two months to recover. In the worst case scenario, he might even suffer after-effects from the injury, but he now had to prevent Ling Yang from thinking too much about it.

Ling Yang bit his lip. “I’ll think about it.”

The sky gradually lightened before Ling Yang finally managed to fall asleep. As Qi Feng dozed in his chair, a nurse on day shift notified that it was Ling Yang’s turn to be checked.

At the CT waiting hall, Ling Yang saw that Qi Feng kept looking in a direction. “What are you looking at?”

“Those 2 people over there are very familiar. They look like students from my school.”

“Which ones?” Ling Yang too gazed in that direction.

Qi Feng shook his head. “I might also have just remembered wrongly.” He changed the topic, “You really don’t plan on letting your teammates now? They should be waiting for you now at the competition arena, how are you going to explain your absence?”

Ling Yang bowed his head. “I don’t know what I should say. I feel too ashamed to see him.”

Just as he finished saying that, Ling Yang’s phone that was kept with Qi Feng rang. The caller was Little White Dragon.

“Do you want to answer it?” Qi Feng held his phone and asked him.

Ling Yang hardened his heart and shook his head.

Bai Long had call a few times, but no one answered. He then sent a few messages, asking Ling Yang to quickly call him back. The finals were about to start, but Ling Yang still had yet to appear. Meng Hu’s face was so dark it was frightening, and Bai Long did not dare to ask what exactly happened last night.

Meng Hu was thinking about something else. By the time he sobered up last night, it was already very late and the bar had closed. He described Ling Yang’s appearance and clothes to the bartender, only to learn that Ling Yang had long left the bar with another guy.

When he rushed to the competition venue, he immediately saw Hu Li. Hu Li told him the same thing, as well as various additional details. By the time Fan Beibei anxiously told him about Ling Yang, it was already the third time he heard it.

Bai Long sat down next to Meng Hu, pondering over how he should start the conversation.

“Didn’t I tell you that there was an emergency rally last night? Why didn’t you go back?”

“I was drunk.”

“You were drunk?” Bai Long frowned. “Then did Ling Yang…”

“Don’t mention Ling Yang!” Meng Hu cut him off furiously. Bai Long’s heart sank. Since they were young, this was the first time Meng Hu had used such an attitude to talk about Ling Yang.

The judges had already started counting down. If Ling Yang did not appear within the next five minutes, their team would have been considered to have abstained from the competition. In the audience, everyone was discussing it in puzzlement. Many people were here to watch the showdown between Fox and Little Antelope, to suddenly abstain, was it because Little Antelope was scared?

Hu Li remained sitting composedly on the stage, as though he had long expected this to happen.

Bai Long again madly called Ling Yang’s phone. He was no longer worried if they were participating in the match, but whether something had happened to Ling Yang.

“You’re really not answering?” Qi Feng fiddled around with Ling Yang’s phone. The missed call notification on the screen was already in its double digits.

Ling Yang was staring at his medical report, but his attention was completely not on it.

“How long more do you want to hide?”

“I only…”

“If you don’t want to answer it, I’ll answer it for you. No matter what sort of excuse you come up with, you should still give your teammates an explanation.”

“No!” Ling Yang reached out to stop him, but Qi Feng had already answered the call.

The call had connected! Bai Long hurriedly put his phone to his ear. About to speak, his phone was snatched away by Meng Hu instead.

“You finally know how to answer your phone?” Meng Hu’s furious voice came out from the phone. “Do you still remember that we have a competition today? We’ve worked so hard to reach this stage, exactly who did we do it for?”

“Even if you rush down now, there’s no use. Because of you, our team has been disqualified. Ever since we were children, you’re the one who makes the decisions. Is it because I’ve spoilt you too much? Coming or not coming, it’s all up to you, and you didn’t even let us know. Don’t you have any sense of responsibility?”

Qi Feng had completely not expected things to turn out this way. He could neither speak, nor hang up. Ling Yang also did not try snatching the phone back again, and only sat there quietly, listening. His eyes seemed to be filling up with tears.

An auntie next to them could no longer continue listening. “Aiyaya, why is that child like this? Let me scold him.”

Ling Yang saw that the auntie help him out of justice. He quickly snatched the phone over and hung up, then switched it off. In the waiting hall, everyone’s eyes were on him.

Qi Feng also started regretting what he had done. From Ling Yang’s narration last night, he completely could not relate the person shouting in the phone to that childhood friend who treated Ling Yang like a treasure. He had thought that even if there could not be any love between them, they could still remain as brothers and friends.

“Are you ok?” Qi Feng carefully asked. He had worked so hard the entire night to help Ling Yang bolster his spirits a little, but all his efforts had now gone down the drain.

Ling Yang rubbed his reddening eyes, looking up at the ceiling. “Forget it. This is pretty good too, at least I don’t have to worry about seeing him and feeling awkward.”

With one hand, he struggled to remove the back cover of his phone and retrieved the SIM card. “And we won’t see each other ever again…”

When He Jiawei saw Qi Feng again, it was two days later. In these two days, his temper had abated, and he felt that his anger was also ridiculous. As he did not receive any news from Qi Feng, he also started worrying about him.

“… Where were you the past two days?” He Jiawei found an excuse to go Qi Feng’s dormitory to borrow something, and only Qi Feng was there. Qi Feng was quite obviously wan, like he did not get much rest.

Qi Feng saw how awkward He Jiawei was, and how he was unable to hide his concern, the depression he accumulated over the past two days immediately vanished. Although he always purposely triggered He Jiawei’s temper, and sometimes felt that this person was truly too artless, but at that very moment, he was really very thankful that the person he liked was so simple that he was like a single-celled organism.

He thought about it, “On the way to the bar, I picked up an injured little antelope. It told me, it fell in love with his natural enemy, a tiger. I brought the antelope to look for the tiger to confess his feelings, but did not expect that the tiger had also secretly liked him for many years, and the two animals now live happily ever after.”

The corners of He Jiawei’s mouth twitched. “When you come up with a story, can you come up with something more plausible? An antelope and a tiger, you think I’ll believe it? What exactly happened?”

“Alright then,” Qi Feng came up with another story. “I rescued an injured person at the bar. He had known his childhood friend for 16 years, and his confession was rejected. Then, his love rival brought people to severely injure him, and was later criticised harshly by that childhood friend who had always pampered him. He is completely heartbroken, and the two of them now have nothing to do with each other, and would never see each other again.”

He Jiawei was shocked by this short story, and it took him a long while before he asked, “So which of these two stories is actually true?”

Qi Feng asked him instead. “Which one do you prefer?”

He Jiawei pondered over it. “That one with the tiger.”

Qi Feng nodded. “That’s why you’re pure-minded.”

He hugged him, “If not, why else would I like you so much.”

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Author’s Note: The reason why I wrote this extra from the point-of-view of Tempest, is because I want to show what happened before the novel from their angles, and round up everything important. Although I know that everyone likes sweet and fluffy extras, but I feel that I can only complete Little Antelope’s story like this. It’s because of all these setbacks, that’s why Little Antelope can meet Lang-ge, and start his simple-minded blissful life…

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  1. To be honest, I wanted the antelope and tiger together, too!

    I do really like seeing the story of Qi Feng and He Jiawei. They may have had ups and downs, but it was so much more straight forward without any lies. Thanks for translating their extra!

  2. While LingYang is pitiful,the whole misunderstanding of Menghu berating him in the hospital is his own fault. For not being honest, how the hell people can keep giving you the benefit of the doubt, if you always lie lie lie?
    The author wants to make him looks like white lotus, but imo Lingyang is not without his faults too.
    Had he told Menghu&Bailong that he’s in the hospital, they would rush there and if he tells them what happened, things will be different.
    Tbh he is lucky that even after that he met Yelang, but if he doesn’t change his habit of lying- there is no such thing like white lie btw- I think eventually they will get problems too.
    No one can read mind, if you hide what’s in your mind-even if you insist you’re sparing the other person by hiding it- you will only get misunderstandings and dramas.

    1. Like, how is Menghu supposed to know where he is, what happened to him? If Menghu knew he’s in hospital and still chiding him, he is a jerk.
      But he has no idea at all- and it’s not his fault he has no idea about the bad people scheming- so it irked me that no one in the hospital, not even QiFeng, just tell him to come. Instead they acted like he should’ve known the white lotus is hurting and he shouldn’t chide yangyang…… Yea, it’s how the author move the story plot so it can’t be helped. I’d say the way she did it kinda not my cup of tea, tho.
      Anyway, my favorite pair is Qifeng&He Jiawei.
      Adorable couple, hehee.

      1. ??? no do u really expect ling yang to contact them after what happened? ling yang is already heartbroken even before he confessed and when he did he was even heartbroken with broken bones. no one is white lotus here plus what he did at this timeline is not a lie, it’s called being silent. and have u ever noticed that ling yang’s lies are mostly about his identity, and about the community he’s in? things that are definitely okay to be kept hidden especially if it touches the person’s sore spot or to keep their online identity different from their personal life. is this selective reading coz bro what 👁👄👁

    2. I do think Little Antelope is the communication failure of the century.

      I don’t think I can blame it on any single person though. Meng Hu was jealous and heartbroken so he scolded Ling Yang harder than he normally would. If he didn’t snatch the phone from Bai Yang, Bai Yang would have scolded Ling Yang too. Not just harshly as Meng Hu did. Qing Feng was the one who turned on the speaker.

      Ling Yang also didn’t know that Hu Li drugged Meng Hu and also spread rumors about him hooking up with a one night stand at the bar. He was still in shock that Meng Hu won’t even bother responding to him last night. His sweet and kind childhood friend should have at least gave him a proper rejection. In reality, he didn’t even want to bother opening his mouth. Now, he called him and scolded him so harshly after 16 years of gentleness.

      Hu Li spent a hell lot of efforts just to win a game competition. I’m both impressed and overwhelmed by how evil he can get. I wonder what kind of childhood he lived to be this ruthless for every little conquest in his life.

  3. Ahhh i keep thinking about menghu…. i really want him to be together with lingyang. It’s not easy for childhood friends (青梅竹马) to be in love with each other… in this case was deeply in love. Too bad, there were many secrets and lies.. so 3rd parties can easily slip in to create troubles and misunderstandings. Sigh.
    But maybe lingyang is better with yelang since he has a “fetish-sub disease”, only yelang can totally complete him, body and soul 😁

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