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Extra 2: 520 — Bottom’s Day

When Ling Yang returned home, he saw Xu Xian sitting on the couch. His hand moved from the armrest, then to his thigh, and he looked very uncomfortable.

“What’s up with you?” Ling Yang was curious.

Before Xu Xian could reply, Bai Long walked out from their kitchen. In his hand was a cup of tea, and Ling Yang’s eyes nearly fell out seeing him.

Bai Long served the tea to Xu Xian. Xu Xian had a sip, and nervously said, “It’s, it’s t-t-too hot.”

Bai Long had a look of resignation on his face. “I’ll help you cool it down.”

His jaw on the floor, Ling Yang watched Bai Long bring the cup back to the kitchen and out again with it a short moment later.

“It’s, it’s too cold.” Xu Xian was clearly not satisfied.

“Then I’ll…”

“Stop!” Ling Yang could no longer endure it, and called them to stop. The two people turned their heads simultaneously towards him, as though they just discovered that there was one more person in the apartment.

“When did you come in?” Bai Long looked very disdainful.

“Haha, Yangyang, you’re back haha.” Xu Xian said unnaturally.

Bai Long caught his hand, and intimately leaned into his ear. “Don’t be nervous.”

“What are you guys doing?” Ling Yang completely did not understand what was going on.

“Don’t you know? It’s the 20th of May today.” Bai Long explained.

“What’s with 20th of May?”

“520, I love bottom 1 . Today’s the World Bottom’s Day.”

“What? There’s such a day like this?” This was a revelation to Ling Yang.

“Today, no matter what the bottoms request, the tops will have to obey.”

“Really?” Ling Yang beamed happily.

“Haven’t you already seen it for yourself?” Bai Long gave Xu Xian a gentle look. Xu Xian immediately continued, “Yes, yes, haha. When it’s 521 tomorrow, it’ll be reversed.”

Ling Yang pondered over it, so it was like this!

“Then, does Lang-ge know this too?”

“Of course, I’ve told him about it long ago. Right,” Bai Long turned his head towards Xu Xian. “What do you want to eat tonight?”

“I…” Xu Xian cleared his throat. “I want McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish meal. The fries must be large, and coke… I want a large one too.”

“No problem,” Bai Long tapped Xu Xian lightly on his face. “I’ll go buy it for you later.”

“The two of you can continue being lovey-dovey, I won’t stay here to be a gooseberry anymore.” Ling Yang cheerfully hummed as he left the apartment. When the door closed behind him, Xu Xian gave a huge sigh of relief as though he had just completed a mission.

“You’ll definitely get him into trouble,” Xu Xian pinched Bai Long’s thigh lightly.

“He deserves it,” Bai Long drank the tea leisurely. “Who let him egg you on and lie to me?”

“But didn’t you say that you’ll never lie to anyone?”

“Let me ask you, is stealing something from a thief considered stealing?”


“Is robbing a bandit of his money considered a robbery?”


“Is lying to Ling Yang considered lying?”


“This is called one who commits many injustices, is doomed to be punished.”

Xu Xian gazed up in speechlessness. “I hope Ah Lang is in a good mood today.”

When Ye Lang opened his door, he saw Ling Yang sprawling on the couch, his feet on the coffee table.

“You’re back,” Ling Yang greeted him negligently. Ye Lang felt that today’s Ling Yang was a little strange. Without a change in expression, he placed his keys by the side, and did not speak.

“Go,” Ling Yang waved his hand. “Pour me a cup of tea.”

Ye Lang’s feet stopped, and he observed Ling Yang for a moment. After that, he really went to the kitchen to pour him a cup of tea.

Ling Yang watched him, Huahua really didn’t lie to me!

Receiving the cup, he drank a mouthful. “It’s too hot! Do it again, do it again!”

Ye Lang silently prepared another cup for him.

“It’s too cold this time! Ah, forget it, I don’t want the tea anymore. I want McDonald’s.” Ling Yang shook his leg gleefully. “I want a Big Mac set, oh right, and a large fries, with a large coke!”

Ye Lang was very succinct this time. “Sure.”

Ling Yang saw him take out his phone. “Hey, I want you to buy it, not for you to get it delivered.”

“Mn.” Ye Lang answered.

Half an hour later—

The food delivery lad knocked on Ye Lang’s door. “Hi, your McDelivery is here.”

The door was yanked open, and the delivery lad got a shock. Why was this person’s face as red as ketchup?

Ling Yang snatched the bag from the lad. “Thanks!” He then slammed the door close.

The delivery lad stood outside the door for a moment, and started knocking again. “Hi, you haven’t paid for it.”

Ling Yang opened the door and shoved him the money, then slammed the door close again.

The delivery lad rummaged through his pocket, once again knocking on the door. “Hi, here’s your change.”

Bang— Bang— 

The delivery lad continued knocking on the door composedly, “Hi, your ketchup.”

In the apartment, Ye Lang was sitting on the couch. He pointed at the food on the coffee table and asked Ling Yang, “You don’t want to eat it?”

Ling Yang stood by the side, his face red as blood. “How do you expect me to eat like this?!”

“If you’re not eating it, I’ll eat it. Don’t waste the food.”

With a flushed face, Ling Yang watched Ye Lang taking his time to eat the burger, then the large fries, while drinking the large coke.

He knocked his head gloomily onto the coffee table. Why did I have to order the large portion?

Ye Lang was finally done eating, and even critiqued it. “Don’t always eat this sort of junk food in the future.”

Ling Yang slumped weakly on the coffee table. “Now that you’re done eating, take it out.”

“There’s no hurry,” Ye Lang wiped his mouth with a napkin. “Pour me a cup of tea.”


The tea arrived, and Ye Lang only had a sip. “It’s too hot.”


“This time it’s too cold.”


Finally, the tea was at the perfect temperature. Ye Lang only had a mouthful before he put it down. “I had too much coke, wait a minute.”


Ling Yang cried tearlessly. “I was wrong, please show me mercy. I’ll never dare to do it again.”

Ye Lang nodded. “Sure.”

He reached into his pocket to take out the remote to the vibrator. He then seemed to have thought of something, and pulled his hand out again.

“I’m stuffed, go downstairs with me to digest the food.”


At night—

Rubbing his hips, Ling Yang lay on the bed and tapped on his phone, gnashing his teeth.

“Fuck, I shouldn’t die alone.”

He tapped the call button. “Hello? Angry T-Rex? Today’s World Bottom’s Day…”

And here’s the last extra to The Antelope and Night Wolf!

I’ll start a new novel for the spin-off (when I finally get to it).

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  1. Hahahhahaa! 😂
    What a lovely novel this was! I thoroughly enjoyed it 😍
    Thank you for the translation! It never felt like I was reading a novel from another language, the translation was great! ☺️

  2. omg, tysm
    this is my best birthday’s gift today
    ty for your neat and great translation XD

    looking forward for the spin off

  3. Thank you for bringing us this amazing novel! The story was so unique and carefully written and you wonderful translation brought it justice!

    A wall of text inc.

    I am still ruminating on the aftertaste, it was sweet yet sour, i still hope Tiger would have a good future ahead of him bc he’s the only unfortunate one to have a “nice guy card” and “not the one” plastered across his whole existence. Even though we saw so many fluffy stories where his type was the best choice, but here Antelope’s appetite is clearly stated as being quite unique from the start and it’s the only thing that kept me from being subjected to onion ninjas on behalf of this beautiful yet unfulfilled romance.
    Being a Tibetan mastiff and finding yourself such a lover as Ye Lang who could see through your misgivings and accept you wholeheartedly, digging for information and Ling Yang’s preferences himself without making him talk about his insecurities and re-opening the wounds is such such such (important things must be repeated 3 times!) an amazing feat it totally made me worship Ye Lang as a man. Loving such a person as Ling Yang with not that big yet quite heavy baggage is really a tough job which Ye Lang is doing almost perfectly. When he messed up and apologized immediately we could clearly see that not only his dominating side was awakened by Ling Yang, not only the amount of love and play is in balance in their life, but the amount of mutual trust and respect as well. While i was afraid at some point that this deep love could, if mishandled, result in total destruction of a person, Ye Lang shoved not only Ling Yang but me as well that he is worthy of trust. Not being an omnipotent god or overbearing ruthless CEO who stomps and destroys your enemies doesn’t necessarily mean he could not devote himself to protect and shield Ling Yang from harm.

    Reading this was a feast and then thinking of the things this novel puts to light was a kind of different satisfaction, i also feel the pleasure of mind, body and soul just as our main CP, and i sincerely want to thank those people and series of events that brought me to experience this. Ai, who would have thought that such small body of novel after reading the cavity inducing YBPGVW would make me feel and think so much.
    At last, i hope that just like YBPGVW our YangYang would happily make waves while Ye Lang would shield him from behind, being such an eye catching shiny gem-laden MT as he is~

  4. What’s the spin-off?

    Also, this story was really well-written. I think I found my new favorite chinese bl writer and novel. Thanks for the wonderful translation, Alex!! <3

  5. Thank you so much for translating so well, really happy to have come across this story and now am a fan of blackbox-tl.com. I know that if it comes from all you, then the translations are top notch and the stories are all great. (Slowly reading the other novels too.) . More power to everyone. Stay safe.

  6. What an absolutely awesome novel. I love the characters really do. The MC has an amazing personality. The ML is great, i loved the S tendencies he displayed while still being caring and good to his lover. Loved the other characters. The plot was interesting, the story was good and loved how funny it was. I really cant get that grin off my face. Reading it was so much fun. Absolutely one of my favourites and sure to reread. Thanks for translation

  7. I started reading this novel because I wanted something light-hearted, and it turned out to be an an emotional rollercoaster ride for me… many emotions were felt :’) Nevertheless, it’s quickly become one of my favourite danmei novels.

    A big thank you to the translators for translating this novel!

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