TANW Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – Meeting an Old Friend in the Air Force Compound

Topic: Servers Combined! DaiShan’s Famous Gods #4 – Fox
Poster: Bai XiaoSheng
Content: Everyone knows that MadHouse is the number one pervert guild, and most people would go out of their way to avoid them. However, there’s still a group that dares to oppose them in public, and that is LM. People who are familiar with LM would know that the real boss of this guild is not the guild leader nor the assistant guild leader, but Fox.

Fox, summoner cleric, PVP expert, core member of LM, from the first season’s PK competition 3V3 champion team, but he’s even more famous, not for his online identity, but his real life identity…

This winter break WeiShi stayed in school as well. According to his investigation, ever since Tang XiuWen started working here, whether it was the winter or summer break, he would continue staying in the teachers’ dormitory. He had never returned home, staying there alone even during the Spring Festival. Within the staff, he also did not have any close friends, a fairly isolated person, if he really had a person that he could be considered close to, that would most likely be…
He left his dorm and saw BaiLong and a guy he had never seen before waiting outside.
He only glanced at these two people before walking ahead, treating them as though they were invisible.
Walking past BaiLong, BaiLong suddenly bowed his head, “Sorry.”
WeiShi was taken aback by his actions, his feet coming to a standstill.
BaiLong turned to look at that person next to him, reaching out and pressing on his neck. XuXian panicked, and also quickly bowed to WeiShi, “Sorry, sorry!”
BaiLong lifted his head, “I, BaiLong, had never lowered my head to anyone ever in my life before. What I owe you this time, if you have a need in the future, I will not refuse under any circumstances.”
“Actually it’s all my fault, BaiLong didn’t know anything,” XuXian said cautiously. “Please don’t blame him.”
WeiShi was originally not very happy to see these two people, but now he was amused.
“Forget it, this has nothing to do with the two of you. Once he made up his mind to take it, no one is able to stop him.”
“Actually…” Although XuXian was afraid that BaiLong would reproach him, but he still could not help but say something. “Love cannot be forced, since Little… Teacher Tang is not interested, I think it’s better not to insist on it…” XuXian was very respectful towards teachers, ever since he knew that Little Buckle’s real identity was a teacher, he found it very difficult to call him by his in-game name.
“Teacher Tang?” Before WeiShi could speak, BaiLong interrupted. “What do you mean, Azure Buckle is Teacher Tang?”
XuXian had thought BaiLong already knew about it, hearing that question, he nodded his head hesitantly.
BaiLong’s disbelieving face turned towards WeiShi, “Tang XiuWen?”
“You know him?” WeiShi asked in return.
“I know his younger brother.”

[Whisper] AzureBuckle: Did you argue with my younger brother this morning?
[Whisper] Sakka: The one on your account this morning was your younger brother?
[Whisper] AzureBuckle: Why did you argue with him?
[Whisper] Sakka: He started interrogating me once he came online, but I didn’t argue with him.
[Whisper] AzureBuckle: Forget it, that doesn’t matter anymore.
[Whisper] AzureBuckle: I would like a divorce.
[Whisper] Sakka: Why?
[Whisper] AzureBuckle: Didn’t we agree that I was only helping you out, and we could get divorced anytime?
[Whisper] Sakka: You’re mentioning this after so long? Then you have to at least give me a reason for doing so.
[Whisper] AzureBuckle: My brother disagrees, this reason should be sufficient.
[Whisper] Sakka: Just because of this? Sorry, I can’t accept it.

WeiShi walked out of his memories, he stared at BaiLong, “How much do you know about his younger brother?”
Spring Festival arrived, when LingYang went home, he was scolded for a long time for not coming home during the summer break, and only coming back now during the winter break, that he had became unruly, and Mother Ling’s final conclusion: Boys no longer stay at home when they’re older.
“You didn’t come back during the summer break. Both children from the Bai family and Meng family had came over many times to look for you, have you contacted them yet?”
“I’ve contacted them already, in fact, I came back with little Bai this time,” LingYang hurriedly replied.
“That’s good,” Mother Ling spoke as she wrapped dumplings. “Although you didn’t go into the military school, but you also can’t abandon them.”
LingYang was speechless, “Ma, what are you thinking about.”
“A few days ago I met MengHu’s mother, she even asked me about you, saying that you haven’t been to their place in a long time. You should go over during this Chinese New Year, the Meng family treats you even better than they treat their own son, if you always avoid them, they would think that you’re still upset with them about that incident.”
“What are you saying, I’ve never been upset with them about it before.”
“This is your opinion, it doesn’t mean that it’s their opinion, it’s better to go visit them.”
“Ok ok, I know already, my dear mother,” LingYang replied helplessly.
During the night of Chinese New Year’s Eve, LingYang obediently sat at home and watched the Spring Festival Gala with his family. It had been many years since he spent the night like this. In the past, the three of them would always gather at MengHu’s house, and forcing the little guard who did not go home for the festival to play mahjong together, then staying overnight at MengHu’s place. The head officer’s place was a two storey bungalow, with a huge loft and a basement. There were many empty rooms available, there were even enough rooms to house a platoon, but MengHu had always insisted on squeezing in with him.
LingYang was someone who could not bear to be lonely, so he had been texting YeLang the entire afternoon. By evening time, texts could no longer be delivered, but luckily there was still WeChat. He again registered a new WeiBo account, adding YeLang to it, any complaints he had he would just send it to him, and this was how they spent their first Spring Festival as a couple.
Early in the morning of the first day of the Chinese New Year, Father and Mother Ling headed out to visit the officers, leaving LingYang bored at home alone. Out of habit, he ran out to look for BaiLong. As it was cold outside, LingYang wrapped a scarf tightly around himself.
“Stop there,” A guard stopped him at the entrance. “Who are you? Please show your ID.”
LingYang heard this familiar voice, glancing at him, he brightened, pulling his scarf down and happily calling, “Brother XiuWu!”
Seeing LingYang’s face, the other person excitedly patted him on the back, “Little Yang!”
Tang XiuWu was very strong, and the pat nearly made LingYang vomit blood.
LingYang coughed and begged for mercy, “Brother XiuWu, don’t use so much strength, I’m fragile.”
“Haha, you little fellow have not improved at all, you’re still so weak,” Tang XiuWu laughed.
Tang XiuWu had a heroic air about him, his body was tall and straight, in a winter army uniform he looked very fit, and his warmth could dispel the cold and chill of the surroundings.
Two years ago, Tang XiuWu was a guard at the entrance of the compound. As LingYang and his friends walked past him everyday, seeing him wear that army uniform together with the gun, he looked very imposing. They were all very envious, and would try to get close to him to try and touch that gun.
Although a guard had to be very disciplined when in position, he would still have time for them when he was off-duty. Tang XiuWu was a cheerful person, and soon got familiar with LingYang and his friends.
“Brother XiuWu, where’s your gun?” LingYang looked around him.
“I’ve been promoted, now it’s here,” Tang XiuWu patted his hip. “When have you ever seen a guard at the Head Officer’s place carrying a rifle?”
LingYang purposely put on an air as though he had expected more of Tang XiuWu, “In my third year of high school you were standing by the door, now that I’m in the second year of college, Brother XiuWu, you’re still standing by the door.”
“Who asked me to be assigned to the guards department,” Tang XiuWu had an unconcerned expression on his face. “Also, how is standing at the front gate the same as standing here?”
“Brother XiuWu’s military service should be completed soon right? What do you plan to do next?”
“Yes, it’ll be completed in a few more months. I want to stay, but without special skills or connections, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay or not.”
“Why don’t you apply for the military school?”
“I was playful as a kid and didn’t study properly, so my grades aren’t good enough. With my current performance here, I’m hoping to get a recommendation to remain here.”
“You’re really working pretty hard, even working during the Chinese New Year.”
“It’s not like I have a place to go, might as well let the other guys go back, then I’ll go look for my brother after the Lantern Festival. Right, how’s my brother?”
LingYang gave a snort, “Don’t worry, even if everyone in the world is suffering, your brother will still be safe and sound.”
LingYang chatted with him a bit more, Tang XiuWu saw that he getting cold, so he quickly chased him in. “You’re here to look for the grandson of Vice Commissar Meng right, he should be in, I didn’t see him go out this morning.”
LingYang’s smile stiffened, “Ah, I’m here to look for little Bai, do you need to announce it?”
“If it’s you, of course there’s no need, go in quickly.”
“Ok,” LingYang headed in, but two steps later he thought of something, and returned to ask, “Has Commander Fan’s child come back yet?”
“That girl? She’s been back awhile already, and brought a guy back too. He should be her boyfriend.”
LingYang stumbled a little, but he did not say a word, waving goodbye to Tang XiuWu he headed to BaiLong’s place.
After exchanging Chinese New Year greetings with Old General Bai and his wife, LingYang ran up to the second floor. BaiLong was dressed in a white leisure Tang suit and practicing calligraphy in the study room.
Seeing him, LingYang started jeering. “It’s already the first day of the Chinese New Year, you’ve only just remembered to write the spring couplets?”
“Are you blind? Have you ever seen people use Xuan paper to write spring couplets?” BaiLong shot back, his speech completely incompatible with his outfit.
LingYang leaned over to look at what he was writing, ‘A Mighty Army Crosses ChangJiang’, “Ha, what is this political awakening.”
“This is a present my father asked me to write for others, you think I like to do it?” BaiLong was distracted and drew a wrong stroke, he crumpled up the paper angrily, “Get out get out, don’t disturb me.”
LingYang who was kicked out had no choice but to go to the courtyard. The bamboos there had all wilted because of winter, there was a gap in the wall that was shared with the house next door, and a pile of bricks at the bottom of the wall.
LingYang fell into a trance looking at that gap, recalling a memory.
“Just flip over if you want to take a look,” BaiLong’s indolent voice drifted from above, LingYang looked up, BaiLong was on the balcony looking at him with a faint smile.
LingYang snorted and turned his head, “I’ll flip over when I’m happy, and I won’t flip over if I’m not.”
BaiLong still had a relishing look upon his face, “Is it? I still thought you put on weight, and you’re no longer able to flip across anymore.”
LingYang could never stand people’s provocation, running over with a few steps, and with the help of the bricks, he jumped onto the wall familiarly, pushing up with his arms, and half his body was over the wall. The view of the courtyard next door caught his eye.
There were many grape trellises in that courtyard, with wilted grape vines still twisted around them. In the past, when the grapes were ripe, LingYang would lie under the trellises and gorge on the grapes, even like this there were more than enough grapes. Every year they would take the excess grapes and ferment them, and sneak them over to the little soldiers for them to drink. There were also a few other fruit trees in the courtyard, but their branches were now all empty, and hung with festive lights.
Someone was standing on a ladder and hanging lanterns on the porch. Hearing the noise from next door, he looked over. The first thing he saw was LingYang, and he smiled, “You’re still the same, never going by the front but always flipping from the back.”
LingYang stopped, smiling embarrassedly, and jumped back to BaiLong’s courtyard.
Sitting on the old wooden armchair in BaiLong’s house, LingYang looked up at the ceiling and sighed. BaiLong was done with his calligraphy, and was now making tea with a tea-set that appeared from somewhere. Seeing LingYang like this, he was both amused and frustrated.
“Don’t know who was the one who acted so well previously, now he’s back at square one again.”
“Previously there was a movie king in place, today I’m fighting a lone battle, I don’t have enough combat strength.”
“What are you afraid of, although your heart is made of glass, but your skin is thick. If you’re deficient on the inside, then compensate it with your outside, your defence capability is still very high, don’t worry, I will support you.”
LingYang scoffed and ignored him. 
When the tea was ready, showing a rare kindness BaiLong brought him a cup, “Do the two of you plan on continuing like this forever? You really don’t plan on telling him the truth?”
“So what if I tell him? This is the result, since we’ll be awkward when we meet, might as well don’t meet at all.”
LingYang accepted the tea cup and drank it in a gulp, commenting, “It’s too weak, make it stronger next time.”
BaiLong turned and walked away, “Wasting my kindness, how unappreciative.”
LingYang was heading back to school after the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, this also happened to be Valentine’s Day, and YeLang said that he would come pick him up.
When YeLang arrived, LingYang realised he was picking him up on a motorcycle. However, this was good, as a person could wear motorcycle boots when riding a motorcycle.
YeLang’s motorcycle boots were those that LingYang cherished, they were red and black, with a flame pattern, the soles very thick, the heel of the boots wrapped with metal, similar to those worn by Wu GuanFeng on LingYang’s wall.
Having not seen YeLang for an entire week, with his current get up, LingYang was full of joy. Seeing that there was no one around, he could not help but lean over and kissed YeLang.
LingYang put on the helmet YeLang passed to him, seating himself on the back, he hugged YeLang’s waist intimately. They pulled away, never noticing the presence of somebody in a corner not too far away.
This was the first time XuXian had entered a military compound. BaiLong brought him around, and when they were near LingYang’s place, they saw MengHu.
“You came to look for LingYang?” BaiLong asked.
MengHu’s complexion did not look good, “Someone had took him away already.”
BaiLong turned to look at XuXian, “YeLang came by?”
XuXian nodded, “They’re going to watch a concert.”
“What concert? Where?”
“A rather popular newcomer from LanShan, called… HuLi?” XuXian next mentioned the name of a bar. Hearing that, BaiLong’s face immediately changed, and MengHu’s expression was also somewhat strange.
(T/N: This person’s name is HuLi, and fox in Chinese is HuLi as well.)
“Come, let’s go too,” BaiLong held XuXian’s hand and was about to leave. MengHu wanted to follow as well, but was stopped by BaiLong. “Forget it, I think LingYang won’t want to see you there.”
MengHu stopped in his tracks, his mouth opened, but he could not say a single word.

The author has something to say:
The author has been reviewing the whole of last night, today she has to go out because of something, so this is late, very sorry!

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The author has read and thought about everyone’s reviews and replies, actually the main issue yesterday was that other than using force, the author cannot think of any other ways to give these two stubborn people a happy ending. But thanks to all these players, the author has finally thought of something this afternoon, after editing the outline, an ideal solution was found.

Many people suggested the author to just write what she wants, I want to say, thanks, I can do that now.

About the analysis of these two people, the author has replied AhYu’s review, you can read it if you’re interested.
So, today’s first drop is [A Satisfactory Ending].
Today’s chapter was followed the original outline, that means, no matter what happened yesterday, the younger brother would still appear today, so today’s second drop is [Final Version of Characters’ Illustrations].
Tang XiuWu, Guard soldier, Elder Brother’s guardian, his illustration is a husky that symbolises loyalty.
HuLi, who might be the novel’s only antagonist, his illustration is as per his name.

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