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TANW Extra 1.6 Qi Feng X Angry T.Rex  

Ever since Qi Feng made the assurance to He Jiawei, he really did not do anything overboard. Although He Jiawei was nearly assaulted, but since it was not successful, and he had also felt pleasure in the process and did not resist, even kicking the other person, it was no longer who was right and who was wrong. 1

The tempest came and went quickly, but the traces left behind did not fade away so easily. Having been “enlightened” by Qi Feng, He Jiawei thought about his usual behaviour, and it did seemed as though he did like Qi Feng a little bit.

However, by the time he realised that, Qi Feng had returned to being a gentleman again.

He Jiawei sneakily appeared at Hushuo’s biggest Computer City. The three days <Pale Soul OL> Hushuo PVP finals were held there, and today was the second day, which was the first time Qi Feng would participate.

Qi Feng recently had been busy with this competition, and left He Jiawei in the cold for very long. He Jiawei was unhappy about this, but as he could not show that he was this bothered about Qi Feng, and so even watching the competition, he did it secretly.

However, his character was a fury warrior, not a shadow warrior. He did not have a sneak ability, and someone soon discovered his tracks.

“Sister-in-law is here to watch my brother’s competition?” Qi Ying called out to him loudly from afar.

He Jiawei really wanted to throw an axe at him. “Who are you calling sister-in-law!”

This child was really becoming more and more lawless. At the start, he called him African-gege, then, Angry T.Rex. Now, someone had incited him to address him as sister-in-law, and worst still, Qi Feng did not seem to have any intentions of stopping him.

With Qi Ying’s warm greeting, everyone else naturally discovered He Jiawei. There was no surprise on Qi Feng’s face, as though he had expected him to appear.

“You can seat here,” Qi Feng pointed at the empty seat next to him.

He Jiawei made his way over, seemingly reluctant. Qi Feng and his group had been given seats in the competitors’ zone, and the view here was better than the audience, closer to the screen.

“I’m here to watch our guild leader compete, not to watch you.” He Jiawei clarified upon sitting down.

“Your guild leader?” Qi Ying asked, pointing at the screen. “That one?”

He Jiawei looked to where he was pointing. On the screen were two participants adjusting the computer hardware. By this point, most of the people left in the competition were professional players, most of their hardware were prepared by themselves. Whether it was the keyboard, mouse, earphones, monitor, and even the mouse pad, they would insist on using their own.

He Jiawei had actually never met Mu Rong before, and did not know how he looked like. He only knew that his team had won in the semi-finals yesterday, and now happened to be the 2v2 finals.

“Should be.” He Jiawei said vaguely. “Isn’t this the 2v2 finals?”

Qi Feng’s other teammate, Luoming Xiaoge, a mage, asked, “Shouldn’t the finals be played on the last day? Why is the 2v2 held today?”

“Quite a few people playing 2v2 are also playing 5v5, they’re probably afraid that there would be clashes in the timing.” Qi Feng was the team leader, and as worked as the information gatherer at the same time. “Mu Rong’s teammate is playing 5v5 too.”

Just as they were chatting, the information of the participants were shown on the screen. Mu Rong was a mage, and his teammate was a warrior. The other team was a rarely seen cleric duo, and their skill trees were all hidden. However, as they often fought against each other when playing, they were all familiar with each other.

“A curse mage and a shadow warrior, this duo rely on speed and control. They would have a lot of difficulties facing a team with high HP, and this time it’s even a sick pairing of two clerics.” Xiaoge commented.

Qi Feng agreed with his points. “One’s a destructive cleric and the other’s a priest. One can leech HP and the other can fight, both can even heal each other. They won’t be easily and swiftly killed.”

“A priest cleric?” Qi Ying interrupted. “What an unpopular choice.”

“It’s not as unpopular as a druidic cleric.” Qi Feng’s eyes had moved to another side. Two young men had just entered the competitors’ zone, and one of them looked very bright and sunny, he even whistled when he saw Qi Feng.

“You’re in a pretty good mood.” Hearing Ling Yang whistle, Bai Long also glanced towards Qi Feng’s group.

“Should I be dejected instead?” Ling Yang walked with his hands in his pockets, as though nothing mattered. “It’s pretty good that there’s a handsome guy as eye-candy.”

“They seem to be our rivals in the next match.”

“How do you know that?”

“One of them is wearing Luoming’s uniform.”

Ling Yang had to admire Bai Long’s observational skills. Just now, he had only focused on Qi Feng’s face, and only after Bai Long mentioning it, he then realised he was right. Actually, there were no uniforms in college, and Luoming was the only exception to that with their standard athletic attire.

It was no secret that students from Luoming would start their IGN with Luoming 2 When Luoming Wind was in Daishan, Ling Yang had already met him. They then moved to the new server, but the competition was amongst all servers. As there were few competitors in the upper echelon of the competition, and they would have to arrange for matches, Ling Yang had interacted with Luoming Wind quite a few times. They were considered familiar with each other, but had never met offline before.

“Although I don’t want to spoil your good mood before the competition, but,” Bai Long tilted his head to the side, signalling Ling Yang to look over.

Ling Yang turned his head and saw that Fan Beibei was also here to watch the match, and she was saying something to Meng Hu. Ling Yang watched the two of them for a while, then looked down and tightened his mouth, not saying a word.

Fan Beibei was actually encouraging Meng Hu. “Good luck, Meng Hu. If you win this, you’ll be in the finals. Once you’ve won the championship, you can try confessing your feelings to Ling Yang, and he might be so happy that he would agree to accept you.”

Fan Beibei was the only person who knew Meng Hu’s secret, and her condition for keeping this a secret was to marry Meng Hu’s account in the game. This was because Bengal Tiger was most lauded main tank in Daishan, and to be able to marry him in the game was something to be proud of.

Meng Hu was a very open-minded person, and would never think bad of people’s actions. Fan Beibei was a childhood friend who grew up with him in the compound, and when she suggested such a condition, he only thought it was just the whims of a girl.

On top of that, Fan Beibei had always been suggesting ways to get Meng Hu and Ling Yang together, so Meng Hu had never been on guard against Fan Beibei.

“Right, I’ve been hearing some rumours recently…” Meng Hu frowned.

“About the relationship between the two of us? Don’t worry, it’s only been spread randomly by them. After all, no one knows that our marriage in the game is fake.”

“I’m afraid that it’ll have a negative effect on you.”

Fan Beibei giggled, “I’ll clarify about this matter. Ah Hu, don’t worry about it.”

When Meng Hu returned to Ling Yang, Ling Yang was chewing on the wire of the mouse in a daze.

Meng Hu had bought the mouse for him, and it was purchased using the first sum of money he had ever earned — the grant from being a student pilot. In Meng Hu’s mind, this money was supposed to be Ling Yang’s anyway, and it was very natural for him to use it to buy things for him.

But because he knew Ling Yang too well, that even as kids, he had to come up with an excuse to let him accept a bottle of milk, he had came up with a very reasonable excuse for Ling Yang to accept this expensive mouse: Because they were participating in a competition, the cleric was very important, and this mouse could greatly increase the efficiency of the cleric in battle. So, it was public property, and would be temporarily kept with Ling Yang. Only like this, did Ling Yang happily accepted it.

Ling Yang’s mouth opened, and the wire of the mouse fell out.

“The mouse can be returned to you tomorrow.” When he said this, he did not even turned his head, and kept staring at the 2v2 participants in the distance.

Meng Hu’s heart sank. “Why?”

“Wasn’t it supposed to be kept temporarily with me only? The competition will be over tomorrow, I won’t need to use it anymore.”

“You can use it when you’re playing normally too. Didn’t you often say that with this mouse, your left hand will be free to do something else?”

Ling Yang shook his head, “My left hand isn’t disabled. If I don’t train with it, it’ll become useless. You should take it, it’s good for aggro-ing bosses too.”

Meng Hu felt suffocated by this, and kept silent. With no change in expression, Bai Long looked at the two of them, and he did not speak as well.

This 2v2 finals was very exciting. Mu Rong’s performance could be described as the epitome of perfection. If it was like normal, Ling Yang would definitely have his full attention on the match, but now, his thoughts were far away.

On the other side of the competitors’ zone, the young Qi Ying was very excited watching the match. “This control is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of! If I partner with him, I’ll definitely be able to take the championship!”

“Without you, he’ll be able to take the championship as well.” Qi Feng heartlessly took a shot at him. Although the match had not ended, but there was a 70% chance that Mu Rong’s team would win.

Qi Ying snorted disdainfully. “Although the combination of a mage and a warrior is strong, but with good cooperation between a mage and a cleric, it would be miles ahead of any other team. With the assistance from a highly-skilled cleric like me, the curse mage would be able to deploy his skills with 120% more effectiveness.”

Qi Ying was not bragging. He was a summoner cleric, and his strength was in providing assistance. His own capability might be limited, but his assistance for his teammates could bring about great increases in their strengths. Almost every 5v5 team would have a summoner cleric in the team, to increase the entire team’s combat ability.

“Aren’ you going overseas?” He Jiawei suddenly remembered that. He had heard about this a year ago, but a year later, this fellow was still here.

“Sister-in-law, are you reluctant to see me go?” Qi Ying started talking nonsense again. He Jiawei wanted to hit him, but as Qi Feng was in between them, he could not raise his fist.

“You still want to play after going overseas?” Qi Feng asked.

“Of course I’ll play, why wouldn’t I? It’s only a time difference.” Qi Ying shrugged. “However, I don’t want to play 3v3 anymore, it’s boring. 2v2 will be better for me to display my prowess. Ge, you go look for another teammate, I want to form a team with that person.” He pointed at Mu Rong.

He Jiawei sneered, “Where is your confidence coming from? Our guild leader might not want you to be in his team.”

Qi Ying gloatingly gave him a “wait and see” look.

At the end of the match, as expected, Mu Rong had won the game, and the prize presentation would be held tomorrow. Mu Rong and his teammate packed their things and headed to the competitors’ zone, about to watch the next match. Mu Rong looked very alert during the match, but once it was over, he returned to his old sleepy look.

“Mu Rong-gege,” Qi Ying appeared out of nowhere and blocked Mu Rong’s path. When he called him, he had an extremely innocuous smile on his face.

He Jiawei had an urge to run out of the venue and vomit. “He can really fucking act.”

Mu Rong got a shock. “You are…?”

“Second Young Master Luoming Hurricane,” Qi Ying announced his own IGN.

They were all PVP players in the same server. Despite not being in the same group, but Mu Rong had also heard of this name before. “So it’s you, you’re a cleric? Is there a reason you’re looking for me?”

Qi Ying gave an adorable smile, and went straight to the point. “I watched Mu Rong-gege‘s match, and I think our styles are very suitable for each other. In the next competition season, would you like to be in the same 2v2 team with me?”

“Huh?” Mu Rong was unable to catch up.

“Although I’m still young, but my control is very good. Even against Fox and Little Antelope from the old servers, I won’t lose too.”

Qi Ying had named the top two clerics in Hushuo, and very few people would dare to brag about themselves like this, and say that they were on their level. Mu Rong’s teammate burst out laughing, “I have no opinions about this. If you have a new strong teammate, I’ll be able to focus on playing 5v5 now.”

Mu Rong was also entertained by Qi Ying. He patted him on his head. “Little kid, it’s good to have such confidence.” He dug through his pockets, and pulled out a lollipop. “Here, for you.”

Qi Ying looked at the lollipop in Mu Rong’s hand and did not take it. “Then, what would I have to do before Mu Rong-gege would agree to partner me?”

Mu Rong thought about it, “As long as you can beat me.”

Hearing this condition, Qi Ying smiled brightly at him, and reached out with his right hand. Mu Rong had thought he wanted to take the lollipop, only for the other person to grab his arm. In the next moment, he had been thrown over the shoulder by Qi Ying to the ground.

He Jiawei watched the on-goings with his mouth wide open. Having known Qi Ying for so long, he had never seen him fight before. He had never even seen him train in the dojo, and whenever He Jiawei secretly bullied him, he would fight back with the “crying to his mother” method.

He pointed at Qi Ying, fussing at Qi Feng, “Your little brother is fighting, as an older brother, are you going to ignore it?”

Qi Feng was calm, “Training in martial arts, in our Qi family, it’s not meant for fighting.”

“Then what is it for! Don’t tell me it’s to improve your body and health!”

Qi Feng looked at him and shook his head slowly, “It’s to accomplish our goals.”

Qi Ying laughed and appeared in Mu Rong’s vision. “Mu Rong-gege, I’ve won.”

Having been attacked out of nowhere, Mu Rong was both angry and amused. “You…”

“You’ve only said that as long as I can beat you, and didn’t mention whether it had to be online or offline. Now that I’ve won, you can’t go back on your words.”

Mu Rong felt that he had been defeated by this child. His teammate was also dying with laughter. “You should just give in, anyway, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to beat him.”

Resigned, he got to his feet and straightened his hair. “Fine, then I’ll team up with you to try it out… Even if you can’t win online, your chances of winning an offline PK is very high.”

That innocuous smile was still on Qi Ying’s face, and it was debatable which part of the sentence he was responding to. “I won’t disappoint Mu Rong-gege.”

“Let’s go,” Qi Feng and Xiaoge walked past the three of them. “It’s time for us to go up.”

On the other side, Bai Long and Little Antelope were walking in front, and Meng Hu followed behind them. In comparison to the high spirits of Qi Feng’s team, the atmosphere around these three people was full of dejection.

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