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Chapter 21 – Love At First Sight at Cafeteria 2

Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope Has Fallen In Love At First Sight)
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It happened this afternoon ~(@^_^@)~


Sender: Hana (Flower@Eminent Monk, Please Settle That Demon!)
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You will be punished by Heaven for turning a straight man gay!!! 


With his many years of experience, Ling Yang had met all sorts of handsome guys. There was the playboy type like Bai Long, the wild type like Meng Hu, and the elegant type like Qi Feng. He believed that he had seen many countless types of people, and his experience was rich, but he had never been surprised like today.
Objectively speaking, Qi Feng was the most outstanding person he had ever met. However, seeing him for the first time, Ling Yang had only just whistled at him admiringly.
He also admitted that in this world, the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ existed. It was just like his favourite idol Wu Guanfeng. There were many anti-fans who found him ugly beyond words, thoroughly criticising his looks.
That unexpected glimpse just now had allowed him to see a guy that fully satisfied his eyes’ desire. It was as though his facial features were created according to Ling Yang’s likes, quickly touching his heart.
To hide this emotion, he had no choice but to look away. He calmed himself down by looking at the sky, covering up the excitement in his heart.
Ling Yang’s ideal guy followed behind his bosom friend Xu Xian and walked over. During this moment, Ling Yang first gazed at the sky, melancholic, then looked at the surroundings calmly. Xu Xian, who recognised Ling Yang from afar, was hesitant after drawing closer.
“Yangyang, is that you?” Xu Xian asked uncertainly.
Only now did Ling Yang meet his eyes, before looking away and sweeping his gaze across the person next to him unconcernedly, then looked back. His right hand cupping his left, he nodded slightly and spoke elegantly, “Brother Xu.”
Xu Xian felt as though he had been struck by a bolt of lightning.
Xu Xian cleared his throat. He brought Ling Yang to one side composedly, the two of them moving out of Ye Lang’s hearing range.
“Brother, you’ve travelled through time,” Xu Xian said quietly.
“Senior’s club is recruiting new members, and she forced me to cosplay,” Ling Yang also spoke quietly, a small smile remaining on his face.
Both of them started talking, one after the other.
“You’re actually so obedient…”
“I’m preparing to apply as a research student under Senior’s faculty counselor…”
“You’re only in year 2, why are you applying to be a research student…”
“Senior’s faculty counselor is a gentle and mature older man…”
“Can’t you say something that will surprise me?”
“Wearing this outfit is still not surprising enough for you?”
“Also, don’t you think that you’re too deep in the act?” Xu Xian asked, gritting his teeth.
“This is called professionalism.” Ling Yang waved his right sleeve, and slowly drew it back. “Am I beautiful?”
Xu Xian: =_,=
The corner of Ling Yang’s mouth curved up eloquently. Seemingly unintentional, he glanced over to where Ye Lang was standing before looking back immediately. That unemotional gaze was like a paw lightly grazing across Ye Lang’s heart.
“You’ve brought something good.” Ling Yang looked downwards.
At that moment, his expression was as though he was chanting Taoist scriptures.
Xu Xian collapsed. “Fuck, can you don’t use such a serious expression and that upright tone to say something so obscene?”
“Your man?”
“He’s my childhood friend.”
“I want him.”
“He’s straight.”
Ling Yang bent his head, as though struggling internally.
After three seconds of struggling, he lifted his head resolutely. “I’ll turn him gay.”
Xu Xian bent his head down too. Gritting his teeth, he said, “I’ll settle this account with you when we get back.”
Then he lifted his head and waved at Ye Lang, signalling him to come over and generously introducing the both of them.
“This is Ling Yang. He’s my co-tenant, and you can call him Yangyang.”
“This is the friend I grew up with,” XuXian paused, before swallowing the name Ah Lang, articulating, “He’s Brother Ye.”
Ye Lang nodded. “Hi.”
Ling Yang tilted his chin slightly.
The corner of Xu Xian’s mouth started twitching again.
A girl ran over. “Does this junior want to join the club? Our anime club has very good benefits, if you want tops there are tops, if you want girls there are girls. During festivals, we’ll also distribute our self-published newsletters…”
“Ah, hello Senior, I’m not here to join the club, I’m a friend of this sheep,” Xu Xian explained hurriedly.
“Hi little bottom, do you play JX3 too?”
“Why else would you know Ling Yang is cosplaying as the sheep1?” The senior patted Ling Yang on the back forcefully. “This is his south emperor outfit, it’s handsome, right?”
Xu Xian: =_,=
Ling Yang frowned slightly. “Senior2, please pay attention to your behaviour.”
“You’re the most professional, god.” The senior gestured. “Quick, go over, there’s a girl over there requesting a photo of you and Ha Shiqi.”
Ling Yang bowed towards Xu Xian. “Goodbye.”
He turned around and left.
Ye Lang was stunned, did he get the wrong impression? The last word of that person was clearly directed to Xu Xian, but his eyes were looking in his direction instead…
After Ling Yang left, Xu Xian also seemed to be immersed in an internal struggle.
After three seconds of struggling, he too resolutely stated. “You have to keep a distance away from him by all means.”
“Because he’s a demon.”
He also turned around and left, leaving Ye Lang confused and unable to grasp the situation.
Before leaving, Ye Lang glanced towards Ling Yang’s location. He was currently posing with Sun Wukong with a golden staff and silver fur, their expressions ambiguous. The girls surrounding them started screaming in excitement.
Ye Lang frowned, turning around and chasing after Xu Xian quickly.
Xu Xian and Ye Lang carried their trays and looked for a quiet place to sit. Xu Xian took the folder from Ye Lang’s hand to take a look.
“The sports festival this year seems to be scheduled later than last year?”
“Yes, my competition has also been delayed to October.”
“Wouldn’t the weather turn cold by then?”
“Luckily, it’s indoors.”
“Who asked swimming and basketball to be such popular events? They always have to be the finale each year.”
Xu Xian studied the schedule again, happily discovering something. “The basketball competition this year will be held in Qiantang?”
“I was also quite surprised by this.”
“Doesn’t that mean that the military school will be open to public then?”
“It should be, it’s not possible for them to prohibit the match from having an audience.”

“That’s great! I’ve always wanted to check out Qiantang, too bad that they’re so strict… But this seems to be very unfair towards the sports school. A third school should be chosen instead.”
The finals of the basketball competition was usually between the military school and the sports school. If the finals was to be held in the military school, that would be a very big psychological impact on the sports school. The atmospheres of both schools when it came to basketball were famous for being very explosive, and if the two groups met, there would sure to be incidents.
“Who knows how the committee made their decision this year?” Ye Lang shrugged.
“When are your qualifiers?” Xu Xian asked.
“It should be in the second half of this month. Why?”
“It’s open to public, right? I want to take a look.”
“What’s there to see during the qualifiers?” Ye Lang did not understand. Mosst people would prefer watching the semi-finals and finals right?
“There’s too many people in the audience for official matches, and the seats are too far away. Nothing can be seen clearly.”
Ye Lang thought about it. “It’s not open to public, but I can bring you in.”
“Ok, then can I also bring a friend?”
“Who are you bringing?”
Xu Xian originally wanted to bring Ling Yang along, but the scene just now popped into his head violently. As such, he changed his mind. “I’m bringing my boyfriend.”
“… You have a boyfriend now?” Ye Lang did not hesitate while saying the word boyfriend. If this was the past, he would definitely still feel a little strange. However, perhaps because he had been hanging out with a certain somebody for too long recently, and having to hear a guy call him hubby hubby daily, his acceptance towards these matters had also increased.
“Not now, but I’ll try my best to look for one before your competition to let you appraise him.”
Ye Lang was amused. “Then, work hard.”
“What about you? It’s been such a long online relationship, but you still haven’t decided to meet up?”
Ye Lang’s hand, which was holding onto a pair of chopsticks, paused. Meeting up? Was this not what that fellow kept mentioning everyday? But obviously, there was nothing between the both of them. Right from the beginning, he was the only one making a lovesick fool of himself. Exactly how misfortunate was he? To first get cheated by a ladyboy of both money and feelings, and next, to get clung onto by a pest?
He suddenly recalled that Bell was also a Yanshan student. Unconsciously, he looked around him. Once he thought about that person who kept fantasising about him daily could just appear next to him, his heart trembled.
“I haven’t considered it for now.”
“Is it because Bell is from the sports school, so that’s why you’re not meeting up?”
“… Don’t talk nonsense.”
“I know, you’re not a superficial person. Actually, I quite admire you, that you can have a good relationship with the wife you found online for so long. Where else to find such a pure person like you in this current time? Just look at my… Hai, I won’t mention it. Even thinking about it alone makes me disgusted.”
“Has that Peng something something been harassing you lately?”
“Would he dare?! He’s been murdered till he doesn’t dare to appear within 30 yards of me now, but this is also all thanks to your wife.”
“He also only has this sort of little intelligence,” Ye Lang murmured to himself.
Xu Xian did not hear him clearly. “What did you say?”
“Nothing.” Ye Lang shook his head. “You’ve moved out? Where’s your new place?”
“It’s just by the east gate, and very near your dormitory. If you’re free later, want to come by and take a look?”
Ye Lang actually had to go back to school for something, but for some unknown reason, he changed his mind in the last minute, nodding. “Ok.”
Xu Xian seemed to have thought of something as well. “Hold on, I have to prepare first.”
He took out his phone and called Ling Yang. The one answering, however, was a girl. “Hello, who’s this?”
Xu Xian was stunned. He checked his phone, but he did not dial the wrong number.
“May I know who’s this?” Xu Xian asked politely.
“You’re looking for Ling Yang? I’m his senior. Ling Yang has gone to become a monk, and such worldly things like mobile phones have been kept by me now. If you have anything important to tell him, you can just let me know.”
“Oh oh, hello Senior, I’m Ling Yang’s roommate. I’ll like to know if he’s coming home later?”
“The schedule for his entire afternoon has been booked by me, so no worries, you can bring other guys home. It’ll be fine, but he can’t stay till dinnertime.”
“… That works, I got it. Thanks, Senior.” Although this was the intention of his phone call, why did it feel so strange?
Xu Xian hung up, signalling to Ye Lang that it was safe. “The alarm has been disabled, let’s go!”
The house that Xu Xian rented was not big. Upon entering, one could see everything within. To one side of the living room were the kitchen and the bathroom, and to the other side were the two bedrooms. Both doors to the bedrooms were open, as though they did not mind outsiders to enter.
Xu Xian went to the kitchen for water, while Ye Lang walked towards the two open doors, looking inside.
Both bedrooms were very clean, but the owner of the left bedroom clearly had a habit of randomly placing his items. The books on his table were stacked messily, while the items in the room on the right were all packed neatly.
Having grown up with Xu Xian, Ye Lang naturally knew that his friend was very picky about cleanliness. His room was always very neat and tidy, without a speck of dust, and there would definitely not be a single sign of a mess in it.
Ye Lang contemplated for a moment and entered the room of the left. Upon entering, he saw the huge poster pasted on the wall.
It was rare to see guys hanging a poster of an entertainment idol. Most of them would hang posters of playboys or sports idols.
Studying the poster carefully, Ye Lang was even more speechless.
There was actually people who would like Wu Guanfeng. What sort of aesthetic standards was this?
Ye Lang looked around again, and his attention was caught by the mouse on the computer desk.
He was not a huge fan of computer peripherals, but it was natural for guys to be interested in computers and cars, and he was no exception.
He had seen the mouse on Ling Yang’s desk before, as it was very famous in the professional gaming world. It was very unforgettable, and anyone who paid attention to computer hardware would have heard of it.
This was a top quality mouse developed by a company producing gaming mice. Its most distinguishing feature was that it had a total of 17 buttons, and 12 of them were like a numerical keypad placed on where the thumb would rest on the mouse.
This mouse had been declared as top design in the e-sports world, and the price was as extreme as the number of buttons it had.
Ye Lang was the main tank. The graphics in the game were very elaborate, and if the hardware of the computer was not good enough, the graphics card could lag or burn out very easily.
For other professions, if they lagged, it was not that bad, but if the main tank lagged, it could cause the whole team to destruct. So, the quality of his hardware was very important to him. Ye Lang’s computers were usually the best models available, and although his mouse could not be considered of a professional standard, it was also not considered cheap according to the usual standards.
Whereas the mouse that Ling Yang was using could buy at least five of his mouse.
Although he could not see the hardware components of Ling Yang’s computer, his monitor was of an low-average brand. It was also quite old, and the price of this monitor was likely to be even cheaper than his mouse. Ye Lang was puzzled.
After getting water, Xu Xian did not see Ye Lang. Heading towards Ling Yang’s room he discovered Ye Lang holding onto Ling Yang’s mouse in deep thought.

“Ah, this is not my room, I’m the one next door.” He entered as well, passing the glass in his hand over to Ye Lang. “This guy’s mouse is very extreme, right? The first time I saw it I got a shock too.”
“Your roommate plays e-sports?” Ye Lang put the mouse back and took the glass.
“E-sports? I’ve never seen him play before.” Xu Xian shook his head. “Every time I see him, he’s either reading novels or commenting on BBS. You don’t know how fast the guy can type, his typing speed with one hand is faster than people with two hands.”
“Why is he typing only with one hand?”
“Because his fingers are broken, didn’t you see it just now? … Oh right, he had long sleeves just now.”
“Broken fingers?” Ye Lang’s heart trembled, “Because of a car accident?”
“Pfft,” Xu Xian laughed, “You’ve spent so much time with your wife that everything looks like a car accident to you. No, he broke them while iceskating. You still remember the ice rink in our sports hall? There would be many victims each year with broken arms and legs, so fingers are nothing special.”
“What a dangerous sport.” Ye Lang frowned.
“It’s also one of our compulsory modules in the second semester of our second year. Thinking about it makes me want to walk away from it.”
The two of them walked out, and Ye Lang again turned his head helplessly to look at that poster on the wall.
Xu Xian noticed it too, as he followed Ye Lang’s line of sight. “It’s strange right, that there’s actually someone who likes Wu Guanfeng.”
“Yeah, it’s a little different…”
“Ignore him, his aesthetic standards has always been different from others.”
Xu Xian said this only to realise that Ling Yang, with his strange aesthetic standards, had actually fancied his childhood friend on sight. He did not know whether to feel proud or sad… As expected, he definitely could not let Ye Lang know about this.

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