TANW Chapter 53

Chapter 53 – Three Couples, Where New People Replace The Old

2nd of December, Friday, 19:30

[Announcement] <Bell>’s arm rises and the sword falls, breaking her affection with <NightWolf>. From now on the two would go their separate ways, in separate directions, they would be free from all constraints, and forget each other.
[Whisper] LuoMingWind: Need help

Seeing such a message appearing in his private chat, LingYang feebly replied him without thinking.

[Whisper] Bell: Ok~
[Loudspeaker] LuoMingWind: I’ll be holding a wedding ceremony with Bell at 8pm, inviting everyone to be our witnesses at the Matchmaker’s Temple.

What the fuck!
A torrent of messages appeared on the global chat like a waterfall, LingYang grabbed the keyboard and started typing rapidly.

[Whisper] Bell: You’re taking advantage of me!!!
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
Didn’t you want to help?
[Whisper] Bell:
I thought your help meant that you were going to PK with him!
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
I’m busying preparing my wedding, when would I have the time to PK?
[Whisper] Bell:
What wedding! Who wants to get married with you!
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
I want to get married with T.Rex.
[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
I‘ve been secretly preparing the wedding, I want to give him a surprise. Just nice you’ve given me a pretext, your timing has always been great.
[Whisper] Bell:
Are you sure it won’t just be shock, and no joy?
[Whisper] Bell:
Also, is it you helping me or me helping you?!
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
Oh, sorry, my “need help” should actually be “I need your help”. I accidentally left out two words, you know, sometimes when I type I’m a bit more succinct 🙂
[Whisper] Bell:
I always felt that you typed too many words!!!

(T/N: Surprise is 惊喜 – JingXi in Chinese, breaking the two characters apart, 惊-Jing means shock and 喜-Xi means joy.)

[Whisper] Bell: No, wait, you’re both males, how are you getting married?
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
<Gender Changing Pearl>
[Whisper] Bell:
Will this work??
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
I’ve tried it on a side account already.
[Whisper] Bell:
Then after the marriage who would be considered the female one?
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
Naturally it would be the one that changed his gender.
[Whisper] Bell:
But are you sure that T.Rex hasn’t thrown away his pearl?
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
Of course, I know exactly what’s in his account.
[Whisper] Bell:
This time I’ve really been framed by you, other people would all say that after dumping that one, I’m clinging onto this one, in the end it’ll all be in vain!
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
As compensation I’ll send you a gift.
[Whisper] Bell:
Now when I hear this word ‘gift’ I’ll shiver, have you ever seen someone receive a pair of scissors as a gift just before their confession could be made enthusiastically? It’s as though a bucket of ice water was poured on me to cool my heart down!
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
You would definitely like this present of mine, although Bell was dumped, but you can still get close to him using another identity right? I’ll gift you that LuoMing Shadow account. You can choose to continue having a split personality, or get into a relationship with yourself, it’s all up to you.
[Whisper] Bell:
… Thank you very much!
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
You’re welcome, now, come to the Matchmaker’s Temple and be a good background scenery.

LingYang looked up and sighed, I still thought that I was the main character, who would have thought that I would only be the cannon fodder supporting character no matter where I go!
LingYang slowly moved Bell over to the Matchmaker’s Temple. Just as he expected, this place was already packed full of people. His little computer started playing up again, dropping his FPS to 1 frame per second, the game looking just like a slideshow.
He opened the system menu, switching off all special effects, then turned the graphics quality all the way down to the lowest, and only then did the FPS improve a little.
When QiFeng saw that he was here, he sent him a trade request, giving him a set of wedding clothes and fireworks.

[Whisper] LuoMingWind: Change your clothes, hold onto the fireworks, and say something auspicious later.

LingYang took a look. QiFeng was really generous, giving him the fireworks from the marketplace that cost 66.66 dollars. Because of its price, everyone nicknamed it 66works.
LingYang had always thought that this item was the biggest trap in the game. A set of meaningless and useless fireworks could be sold for 66.66 dollars, people might as well start burning money instead,
The highlight of this 66works was that a love confession could be attached to it, after lighting it, there would be six minutes worth of fireworks display across all servers, and the love confession would naturally appear in the sky. Based on its visual and shock degree, it was perfect, but even like that LingYang still felt that it was not worth it. However, since QiFeng had given it to him, he might as well just use it.
Bell had just divorced YeLang, and followed it immediately with news of getting married to the god. This earthshaking gossip had astounded the entire server. Almost everyone stopped what they were doing, some guilds even cancelled their raids, and rushed here just to watch this wedding of the century.
Compared to the busy global chat, Passionate Sword’s guild chat was calm as though no one was online. Everyone had already received the guild leader’s command that Devoted Couple had passed on. No matter what happened they must remain calm and quiet, even if everyone was choking on it.
LingYang dressed Bell in the red wedding attire, standing at the crowded Matchmaker’s Temple in a complicated mood. Although he was surrounded by people, he still felt very alone, as though he was on a different plane from the rest of them.
He suddenly thought of somebody, and tentatively sent him a message.

[Whisper] Bell: T.Rex…
[System] <UncleHe> has added you to his blacklist.

LingYang wanted to weep, but he could no longer shed a tear. How he wanted to drag QiFeng out to PK him ten thousand times!
He thought, once these two ancestors were married, he must really repair his relationship with T.Rex,. What about inviting him to watch the girls’ judo competition?
T.Rex was venting his anger with a pair of one-handed axes in the wild, and suddenly discovered that he was shrouded in black-purple smoke, unable to move.

[Local] UncleHe: Which grandson is this, you actually dare to sneak up on me, fight me face on if you dare!
[Local] MuRongFeiTian: Aiyah, Uncle is so fiery, this is not good for you.
[Local] UncleHe:
Boss? Why are you here?
[Local] MuRongFeiTian:
I’m here to help you (*^__^*) Heehee…

2nd of December, Friday, 20:00
XuXian said his goodbyes to BaiLong and rushed home quickly. He did not know what was going on with LingYang’s confession. He knew YeLang’s temper better than anyone else, with his understanding of him, it would be very difficult for him to accept that he had been deceived for so long. Once YeLang lost control of his emotions, it would most likely only bode ill for LingYang.
Near the east gate, XuXian hesitated, finally deciding to continue on the past to SenLan.
If the situation really became as bad as he imagined, at least he could still help to advice YeLang, and maybe help remedy it a little.
When XuXian arrived at YeLang’s dorm, he was not there. His roommate said that he had went to get water. XuXian was very bewildered, that did not seem like a reaction he would have after something major happened, did YangYang not confess yet?
YeLang’s computer was on, XuXian moved the mouse, getting rid of the screensaver. He then discovered YeLang on standby mode at Lake ShiWen.
He stared at the guardian warrior onscreen that he was very familiar with, and kept feeling that there was something different, but he could not identify it.
Studying it carefully, he finally realised what was different, and it stunned him.
The label <Bell’s Husband> above Night Wolf’s head that had always been present was now missing.
Although Night Wolf and Bell did not get the ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’ marriage, and so could hide their marriage label, but ever since the day they got married they had never hid the labels before.
With a last thread of hope, XuXian pressed O to open the relationship panel, but under the spouse page there was a lonely and glaring ‘Blank’.
Without saying anything XuXian left immediately, at the staircase he bumped into YeLang who had just returned.
“Why are you here at this time?” YeLang saw that it was him, and asked curiously.
XuXian was angered by his nonchalant expression, pointing at him, “You you you you you…”

“What about me?” YeLang did not understand.
XuXian was angry to the point where he could not speak, being more concerned about LingYang, he just pushed him aside and ran home.
LingYang’s door was closed tightly, XuXian knocked and opened it cautiously, he was sitting in his chair, hugging his knees in a daze.
“YangYang…” XuXian asked tentatively.
LingYang turned his head, “You’re back.”
“…” XuXian was confused by his reaction, “What are you doing?”
“Getting married.”
XuXian: “……………”
He walked forward, “What exactly happened? Did you talk to YeLang?”
“Didn’t manage to tell him.”
“Once he went online he immediately started gifting me a bunch of things, a mount, a house and a small pair of scissors.”
“At first I thought he wanted me to castrate myself with it, but it turned out that he wanted to get divorced. I was originally full of confidence, the past two days it was as though even the heavens were helping me, everyone helping me without asking for anything in return, clearing the dungeon, crafting a top-grade item, even augmented it with +10, as though I was about to succeed in everything, including my confession… But now I know, when other things are happening too successfully, failure is bound to happen in the matter of love.”
XuXian suddenly felt his heart ached, he hugged LingYang.
LingYang was still thinking seriously, “Do you think it’s because he dislikes Bell?”
“I like YeLang, I also like Night Wolf, they’re both him, I like all sides of him, but Bell is also part of me, if he dislikes Bell, does that mean he also dislikes me?”
“How is that impossible, you don’t start imagining things, rather that staying here making random conjectures, why don’t you just directly…” XuXian spoke halfway, he suddenly remembered what BaiLong had just told him in the afternoon, and stopped immediately.
LingYang looked at him solemnly, “I think that makes sense, I’ve decided to ask him directly tomorrow, there must be a misunderstanding somewhere.”
He then turned back and pointed at the screen, “This time I won’t give up so easily, when I’m done being the cannon fodder supporting character in other people’s story, I’ll come back and become the main character in my own story.”
2nd of December, Friday, 20:30

There were more and more guests coming to observe the wedding ceremony at Matchmaker’s Temple, the wedding still did not start, everyone was getting a little impatient.
Without having to see it LingYang could guess what everyone was saying, it would basically be the usual things like Bell using them, having lied to her ex-husband thousands of times, how well her ex-husband had treated her, how she brazenly cheated on him, seducing the god, how she was capricious, wanton… There was even more drama than a melodrama, there was nothing new to mention.
He sighed, could there not be an unexpected twist somewhere?

[System] <Husband,PleaseDoItGently> has invited you to join the party.
[Party] <Bell> has joined the party.
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Master~~~~~ Congratulations on your new marriage!!!
[Party] Bell: ……
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Master, do you know what I like most about you?
[Party] Bell:
… I don’t know.
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
No matter what you do, the outcome is always very entertaining, this kind of unpredictable results has made me look forward to everything you do.
[Party] Bell:
… Thanks Disciple for your recognition, your master is extremely embarrassed.
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Right, Master, I want to introduce someone to you.
[Party] Bell: Who?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
I just found my destined lover in the crowd of observers!
[Party] <Wife,TheNightIsTooShort > has joined the party.
[Party] Bell:
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Let me introduce, this is my master ~\(≧▽≦)/~
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Wow! Your master is famous! They’re all talking about her on global chat, how admirable!!!
[Party] Bell:
… Explain please.
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: He said he just bought the account today, he’s a complete newbie.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Yes! My friends got me to play this but they’re all not helping me, I played till 20+ level, dying everyday, so in a fit of anger I bought this account. I’m a beginner without any knowledge, famous Master please take care of me~~ Can I call you Master too? >”<
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
She’s my Master, so of course she’s your Master, no need to stand on ceremony!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Master, please accept this bow from your disciple!!!
[Party] Bell:
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Right, Husband, I’ll ask Master’s Husband to add you to the guild~~
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Ah! I can join a guild too? Can’t wait >”<
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Ah, hold on, Master’s Husband has become ex-Master’s Husband, if I ask the new Master’s Husband, you’ll be added to another guild instead.
[Party] Bell:
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Our Master seems to like sending dots?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
She’s immersed in the joy of marriage and so is unable to say anything.
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Wife, then shall we get married too?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Sure, let’s get married before Master does, and steal her limelight ~\(≧▽≦)/~
[Party] Bell:
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Husband come over to the MatchMaker here~~
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Coming~~ Wife, let’s trade~~
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Wife why are you sending dots as well?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: What is this?
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
A ring~~
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Where did you get it from?
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
I bought it in the marketplace, why, did I get the wrong one?
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
… No, you only have to speak to the Matchmaker to get married, there’s no need to buy a ring!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Ah??? Then did the system cheat my money? I spent 99RMB!! 
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: You’re really an idiot!!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Wuwuwu, Wife don’t criticise me like this, I really didn’t know >_<, but since I’ve bought it, we might as well just use it, if not I’ll have wasted my money!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
That’s a ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’ ring, once married you won’t be able to divorce!
[Party] Wife,TheNightIsTooShort:
Eh? Is it? But what’s wrong with that? I didn’t get married to get divorced!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Hahahah, what a personality, I like it!
[Party] Husband,PleaseDoItGently:
Sure, then we’ll choose ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’! 

LingYang silently moved his cursor over their names, adding the two of them to his blacklist, and the world suddenly seemed quieter.
Again, he stood there alone by himself, no one came up to congratulate Bell on her re-marriage, and the bustle of the crowd had nothing to do with him. This bride dressed in a bright red wedding outfit had become an outsider in this wedding ceremony.
LingYang took a glance at the guild’s member list, Night Wolf was still online. He thought about it, and decided to test the limits of his little computer, he changed his game into windowed mode, then opened another copy of the game client, and logged into LuoMing Shadow’s account.
Searching in LuoMing Shadow’s inventory, he found a few Friend’s teleporters. He sent Night Wolf a teleporting invitation. The other person seemed to have accepted it immediately, and after a loading process that took longer than usual, his location changed to Lake ShiWen, and Night Wolf was fishing by the lake.
LingYang took a look, LuoMing Shadow did not learn to fish, so he just sat next to Night Wolf and watched him fish.
YeLang did not say a single word, and so LingYang naturally had nothing to say, the two of them continued sitting side by side like that.
Compared to the noise over there, it was very tranquil here, there was a strong contrast between the two locations.
LingYang silently sat with YeLang for awhile, then discovered a commotion over at Matchmaker’s Temple.
Switching over, it turned out to be T.Rex!
T.Rex’s profession was just like his personality, a fury warrior who would sacrifice his life and defence in the pursuit of increasing his might, it was the only profession that could not wear a chest armour in the game.
At that moment, his upper body was bare, two leather straps across his chest, an axe each in his hands, killing his way through the crowd, a domineering air around him.
He killed his way to the Matchmaker, his axes swinging vigorously, many people were forced by back his aura.
He stopped in front of LuoMing Wind and Bell.

[Local] UncleHe: I‘m here to snatch a marriage!

The crowd was in an uproar, everyone felt that today’s admission price to the show was very worth it!
“I really don’t know what’s so good about Bell, there’s actually someone here to snatch here? Are all the guys blind?” Someone messaged sourly

[Local] UncleHe: I‘m here to snatch the groom!!

LingYang clenched his fist emotionally, T.Rex, what a man!!
T.Rex’s message was like a signal, LuoMing’s guild members simultaneously lit their fireworks, lighting up the sky, a dazzling display above the Matchmaker’s Temple.
“Congratulations Boss! Congratulations Sister-in-law!” Players with LuoMing in front of their names starting flooding the global and local chats with messages.
Everyone queued up to present T.Rex with their prepared gifts, no matter how thick he was, he also realised something was not right.

[Local] UncleHe: Why are all your gifts for a warrior? You guys knew all along that they were for me?

They attempted to laugh it off.
LingYang was influenced by the actions of the crowd, he also readied the 66works that QiFeng gave him, and pondered over what message to send.
At this moment little pink hearts flooded the screen, LingYang had seen this many times, this meant that someone in the server had proposed a ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’ marriage. <Pale Soul OL> was quite good with details like these, making you feel that your 99 dollars spent was worth it.
Indeed, in the next moment, a large gold wedding notice appeared on the most eye-catching part of the screen.

[Announcement] <Wife,TheNightIsTooShort> and <Husband,PleaseDoItGently> have tied the knot, love is stronger than gold, never to separate in this life.

One minute later, the same message appeared again on the screen, only the names were changed.

[Announcement] <UncleHe> and <LuoMingWind> have tied the knot, love is stronger than gold, never to separate in this life. 

LingYang’s heart jolted, his hand slipped, hitting the enter key, and the fireworks were released just like that.
For the entire six minutes, all of them saw that innermost thought displayed along with fireworks, that was the confession that LingYang was unable to send in time previously.

—— Bell: Night Wolf, I like you.

LingYang switched over to LuoMing Shadow’s account, Night Wolf was still fishing there without moving.
With a little masochism he opened the global chat.
“Agree with the above! Dumping the ex-husband to get with the god, in the end the god also didn’t want her. It was all in vain, serves her right!”
“The god is definitely insightful, just now I nearly misunderstood him, god, good job! Uncle He is so cool! I’m shipping this couple from now on.”
“Night Wolf is also a good guy, too bad he was blind, it’s never too late to realise his mistakes!”
“I’ve been patiently waiting here for so long just to see that weird woman get dumped, what a satisfying conclusion, hahaha!”

LingYang felt somewhat wretched. Although Bell was not his account, but having had control over it for so long, he also had feelings for it. If the game characters had souls, it was bound to hate him as the controller.
He could no longer continue watch people criticise Bell without doing anything.

[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: After all , she was still your ex-wife, can you bear watching her get misunderstood by others?

The other person remained silent, not longer after, fireworks appeared across the sky again.

——NightWolf: It’s my fault, I hope that everyone won’t blame Bell, I was the one who was wrong. 

LingYang frowned, he added Bell as a friend, and then teleported over to her.
To augment YeLang’s weapon, he had bought four hundred dollars worth of credits, buying the gems used up 300 dollars, and the balance was just enough to buy a ‘Love is Stronger Than Gold’ ring.
He only could not bear watching Bell suffering such grievances, so he did it rashly, without considering the consequences.

[Announcement] <LuoMingShadow> and <Bell> have tied the knot, love is stronger than gold, never to separate in this life. 

The world fell silent.
Bell summoned the double-seater mount that Night Wolf had gifted her, and sent an invitation to LuoMing Shadow.
LuoMing Shadow accepted it with pleasure, flipping up onto the mount, he snuggled intimately with Bell.
Under the eyes of the audience, they left coolly, their clothes billowing in the wind, leaving no trails behind them.
LingYang also did not know where to go, in the end going to Lake ShiWen. Night Wolf was still there, even his pose did not change. LingYang was starting to suspect that he had been possessed by WeiShi.

[Whisper] NightWolf: Actually I know.

LingYang was taken aback, what did he know exactly?

[Whisper] NightWolf: You’re Little Antelope.
[Whisper] NightWolf:
You’re Little Fat Antelope’s master.

LingYang’s brain halted, he had already lost this little note long ago.

[Whisper] NightWolf: Little Fat Antelope says that you like him, so that’s why you got close to me?
[Whisper] NightWolf:
You’ve achieved your goal already, should I congratulate you now?
[Whisper] NightWolf:
[Whisper] NightWolf:
Right, don’t think too much, the meaning of this heheh is just heheh.
[System] <NightWolf> is now offline.

LingYang was completely frozen.
One minute, two minutes, three minutes, the frozen LingYang finally defrosted…
What kind of fucking drama is this now!!!
Who said that people who studied engineering had a lack of imagination, Brother Lang, it’s a waste of your talents to not become an author!!!
XuXian entered, slamming the door open, “YangYang, what are you trying to do!”
LingYang was scribbling on a piece of paper.
“What rubbish are you drawing?”
“A relationship diagram.”
“What is that?”
LingYang lifted the piece of paper and gestured at it, “This is the outline of the story: I, like me. I, confessed to me. I, don’t like me. I, left the server and met my husband. I like my husband, I chase after him. I become the third party between my husband and me. My husband like me. My husband dump me. Finally, I have a happy ending with me.”
XuXian took his phone out, “Hello? 120? Do you guys accept schizophrenics?”
The author has something to say:
Next chapter! Brother Lang’s IQ finally rebounds, the antelope-skinning scene that everyone has been waiting for is coming!
The author has been publishing the chapters for so long, and has never given a trailer before, and never missed a chapter before. The day before a trailer was impulsively given… And fucking ended up skipping a chapter yesterday! So today there’s only letting you guys know without any information, if everyone doesn’t see me then just disperse.
Last night the author has angered everyone, the players all DPS-ed me like crazy, the poor author has been bombed to death and back.
[LittleMountain] x 1, [Black?] x1, [AnAn] x2, [ScentedSleeve] x2, [lshw5ql] x2, [Just] x2, [Dots.] x5, [CoffeeMieMie] RPG x1
Loot: [Newest version of Main Characters Illustration] as well as <The Daily Care and Recovery of a Schizophrenic Patient> written by XuXian.

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