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Chapter 4 – God’s Guarantee is Guaranteed

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Out of nowhere I got a husband!!
Fuck my life!!!


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Pfft, should I send my congratulations? I’ll give you a 2 dollar red packet later =3=


Having spent 500 dollars to buy an account, ignoring the crap gear, Ling Yang had already been accussed of owing around 300k after having been online for less than half an hour. If he did not return the money, he only had one choice to make.
To sell himself to pay the debt, and to be the wife of this overbearing and rude person.
Although it was true that attracting a handsome guy was one of his motives for playing the game, it did not mean that he had to accept this sort of ‘with sex without love’ arranged marriage… Wrong, there also was no sex involved.
Ling Yang slammed his head on the keyboard in frustration. Why am I so unlucky?

【Whisper】Bell: h6ug6uy5g h6t6ugt6gbh

【Whisper】 NightWolf: It’s fine if you injure your head, but the keyboard isn’t cheap.

【Whisper】 Bell: >皿< 凸

If he knew it would be like this, he would have rather bought the account “Husband, Please Do it Gently”, rather than this full-of-debt account that was emptier than USA’s treasury.
With Ling Yang’s many years of experience in observing people, this Night Wolf must be one of those chauvinistic people.
This type of guys always behaved as though he was the sun, while women had to revolve around him, and pleasing him was their only purpose in life.
To be sad when he was sad, to be happy when he was happy, to follow his every decisions unquestionably…
This was the poisonous stain left behind by the feudal society’s belief that women were inferior to men!
Although Ling Yang was also a man, he strongly believed in gender equality. This was especially with regards to chasing handsome guys. Men and women definitely had to be equal, and everyone should have their chance.  

Even without using his brain Ling Yang knew that guys like Night Wolf preferred timid and lovable girls who were obedient, listened to them, and could sometimes act a little like a spoiled child, but that had to depend on the situation. Whereas for the guys, they would pamper them when they felt like it. If not, they would just ignore them, and if they were angry domestic violence may occur or something.
Rather than saying they treated their other half equally, it might as well be said that they treated them like pets.
Ling Yang was naturally not timid enough. Also, he did not feel that his bird was small. The word dainty was completely unsuitable for him.1
Ling Yang was a person with backbone, but it was still somewhat weak. When he thought that half his allowance might disappear just like that, he could not straighten it.
There was no choice, he had to force himself to look on the bright side.
Chauvinistic guys treated women as though they were a presentation of themselves, so they were very willing to spend money on them.
Also they were overly-protective, when outside, even if the girl made a mistake the guy would assist her. It did not matter whose fault it was, and he would only settle it back home.
Because they were so keen on keeping up their appearances, they would even tolerate the occasional grievance. This had yet to be confirmed whether it would be a merit or a shortcoming, but it definitely was a weakness.

So looking at the character traits that this person had displayed so far, at least he was very faithful, not flirtatious, he was also very rich, and loyal too.
To play along with a person like this should also not be considered a loss.
Ling Yang prepared himself. He would treat it as though he managed to catch a rich guy.

【Whisper】NightWolf: I’ll go see if there’s anything you can wear. Behave and wait here, you’re not allowed go out and embarrass us.

【Whisper】 Bell: … Yes, my lord.

And thus started the pet-keeping, Ling Yang as thought. Having predicted his future, his expression was tearful.
After Night Wolf left, Ling Yang waited for a while idly, then he remembered that he had actual business to do.
First, he had to go on QQ to leave a message for his disciple, informing him of his new account name.
He had accepted this disciple in the old server. He did not really care about the other people in there, except for this disciple that he could not bear to part with. So when, Ling Yang had decided to inform just him that he had changed servers, he also then pledged to tag along.
So once Ling Yang purchased an account he informed him immediately.  

Another was the old acquaintance who asked him to join the new server, what was his name…

【Whisper】 Bell: This is Ling Yang, is that you?

Sending that Ling Yang cheered up, no matter how you looked at it, the sentence had a youthful style to it.
The system immediately announced that someone had added Ling Yang into his friend list.

【System】<LuoMingWind> has added you as a friend, will you accept him as friend?

【System】Your friend <LuoMingWind> wants to use the Friend Locator to travel to you, do you agree?

LingYang accepted both requests, and someone immediately appeared next to him.
Upon seeing Bell, the person clearly paused for a moment.

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: What account is this?

【Whisper】 Bell: An account I bought.

【Whisper】 LuoMingWind: Their gear is so… basic?

LingYang cried again. It was the same meaning, but how come others could express this sentiment so tactfully?

【Whisper】Bell: It’s only gear, I can slowly grind for them.

【Whisper】 LuoMingWind: I’ll help you.

【Whisper】 Bell: No need for the trouble, I have a labourer already.

【Whisper】 LuoMingWind:Oh?

【Whisper】 Bell: Don’t misunderstand, it’s exactly what you read.

【Whisper】 LuoMingWind: Haha, fine, then send a guild request, it’s #7.

【Whisper】 Bell: Ok.

LingYang searched the Guild Panel, Guild #7, <NinthHeavenLuoMing>, and sent a request. 

【System】You are in a guild already, please leave the current guild before you request to join a new one.

… How did I forget about this matter.

【Whisper】 Bell: I can’t join the guild.

【Whisper】 LuoMingWind: What wrong?

【Whisper】 Bell: This account is already in a guild.

【Whisper】 LuoMingWind: Quit it then.

【Whisper】 Bell: Ok… Not ok, hold on, I’ll ask.

【Whisper】Bell: Can I leave the guild?

【Whisper】 NightWolf: Just try leaving.

【Whisper】 Bell: T__T

【Whisper】 NightWolf: Being in a different guild from my wife, others would start talking nonsense.

Who would pay attention to you all the time?! Don’t have such a highly positive image of yourself!

【Whisper】 Bell: You tyrant!

【Whisper】 NightWolf: Please get used to it as soon as possible.

【Whisper】 Bell: …………

LingYang consoled himself, as least he said ‘please’…

【Whisper】Bell: I can’t leave the guild.

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: Why?

【Whisper】Bell: The labourer won’t let me.

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: … Is he your labourer or your husband, why you’re so obedient?

【Whisper】Bell:I’m a slave now, I have no freedom.

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: What happened?

【Whisper】Bell: This account owed people a lot of money, and I was forced to sell myself to repay the debt.

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: Who do you owe the money to, I’ll pay it for you.

Eh? Directly asking who I owe, and not asking how much I owe? I’m afraid you’ll get a shock after hearing it.

【Whisper】Bell: … Let’s forget about it, I’m still in debt no matter who I owe the money. If I have to make use of someone, I’ll rather make use of an outsider.

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: You start a new account, I’ll level you up in a few days.

【Whisper】Bell: No! I hate levelling!

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: As long as you’re happy, I won’t force you then.

【Whisper】Bell: 囧

Where in hell did you see that I’m happy!!

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: Have you considered the thing I mentioned to you the last time?

【Whisper】Bell: The last time? Didn’t you ask me to come to the new server the last time?

LuoMing Wind was speechless.

【Whisper】Bell: Oh~ That thing, I haven’t decided yet.

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: Really?

【Whisper】Bell: Anyway, even if my heart wants to, my body would not be able to do it.

LuoMing Wind was amused by his words.

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: Sure, then take your time considering, I’ll wait for you.  

The both of them stood there looking at each other, neither thinking about leaving.

【Whisper】Bell: Anything else?

【Whisper】LuoMingWind:Your account seems a little attention-grabbing.

【Whisper】Bell: What?

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: There are people discussing about you on global chat.

Ling Yang never had the habit of looking at the global chat. He turned it on, and found out that there was someone being flamed. Ling Yang was still not sensitive about his new account name, and only after looking at it for awhile did he realised he was the topic of discussion.

【Global】GuWenYao: That Bell from Passionate Sword Guild pretended to be a girl, scamming money and point cards. Now she’s swaggering online again. Don’t think that after 1 month everyone has forgotten about it and pretend as though nothing happened.

【Global】GuWenYao: To be able to be so shameless to this extent, I really have to give it to her. No one from Passionate Sword is explaining anything too. To cover up for a scammer like this, I don’t know whether to say that you’re magnanimous, or you’re being like an overprotective parent.

【Global】PasserbyA: I have a recollection of this matter, didn’t her husband help her return the money later?

【Global】VictimA: ←One of the victims, confirming that the money was returned.

【Global】VictimB: ← Victim 2, it was really returned, interest was included as well.

【Global】GuWenYao:The money was returned by the husband, but it was scammed by the wife. Is it that after returning the stolen money there’s no longer a need to investigate the crime?


【Whisper】 Bell: Eh? This Gu fellow’s analysis seems very reasonable.

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: You’re right.


【Global】DevotedCouple: Please don’t worry, we’ll definitely investigate this issue about Bell and give you all an account.

【Global】GuWenYao: The party hasn’t even showed herself till now. Even if she was wrongly accused, Could she at least squeak or something? Or is it that she’s guilty that’s why she doesn’t dare?

【Global】Bell: *squeaks*

【Global】PasserbyA: …

【Global】VictimA: …

【Global】VictimB: …

【Global】NightWolf: My wife’s account was hacked previously. Now that the account is returned, it’s really her. The money scammed by the hacker through my wife’s account, I’ve already returned it all a month ago. Next time, if anyone still comes and find trouble with my wife, then don’t blame me for being rude.


【Whisper】Bell:See, isn’t my labourer so overbearing?

【Whisper】LuoMingWind: Very overbearing, but his position is weak.

【Whisper】Bell: What do you mean?


【Global】GuWenYao: Hacked? You claim she was hacked so she was really hacked? Who can prove it? Can the developers prove it? Can the GM prove it?

【Global】LittleCloth:Bro, you think you’re a prosecutor?

【Global】NightWolf:I can guarantee that she’s not a ladyboy, and definitely not a scammer.

【Global】GuWenYao: You’re her husband, on what basis are you guaranteeing for her? You’ve returned the money on behalf of the scammer, and I respect you for that. It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I’m afraid you’re also being deceived by her into trusting her, but she’ll deceive you again in the future.

【Global】NightWolf:I trust her.

【Global】MourningMo: Although I don’t really know if there are any underlying meaning to this, I believe old Wolf is not the type of person who wouldn’t take responsibility for what he says. I can also guarantee on behalf of Bell.

【Global】GuWenYao: You’re all from the same guild, of course you will help each other out.

【Global】DevotedCouple: Then why don’t you give us a what you think is a reasonable solution? What evidence do you need before you’ll believe us? Of course don’t expect us to kick her out of the guild, the hacking wasn’t her fault.

【Global】CuteEgg:T his person is here to stir shit, just ignore him, Sister DC.

【Global】UncleHe: This can’t be accepted, that can’t as well. What exactly do you want? Are you being a bully? We’ve already said she was hacked, so what do you want? If you have something just say it, if you don’t, just go and die.

【Global】LuoMingWind:I can guarantee for her.

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