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Chapter 26 – A Brotherhood That’s Touching Beyond Anything

<Pale Soul OL> Forum Gossip Section

Topic: Shocking News!! First Snoring Awareness Kill in All Servers By LinShan’s Passionate Sword Guild!
Poster: Scout
Content: Global chat has been talking about this, and it seems to be true. The drops were posted as well, but after asking about details on the kill, everyone only has two words: No comments.

1L: What?? How??
2L: I don’t believe it too. So far, there hasn’t been any warriors with gear that can withstand Snoring Awareness’s double punch.
3L: I’m from Daishan server, and the most famous pervert guild in our server had once tried killing Snoring Awareness for a whole month but they still didn’t succeed. How did this Passionate Sword guild, who’s not even in the top three guilds on the new server, do it? I’m calling this out.
4L: Although I don’t want to believe it, it’s the truth. I’m from Linshan, and my friend’s in Passionate Sword. He’s the one who told me personally about it, but he’s not willing to mention how they killed him.
5L: I also don’t think they’re boasting. Reason 1, although Passionate Sword isn’t considered one of the top guilds in Linshan, they’re still quite strong. They don’t have to lie about this, as if the lie is exposed there’s no benefits to them at all. Reason 2, the drops they showed on global chat really have not been seen in the game before. There’s also no records of them in the database. Other than Snoring Awareness, I can’t think of any other bosses in the game that hasn’t been defeated before. So, I think they’ve really succeeded in killing Snoring Awareness. Whereas for how they did it, that’s open to questioning.
6L: Since they are able to kill Snoring Awareness, why can’t they share the method? Such a selfish guild is also a weirdo.
7L: They probably only want to keep it for themselves. Otherwise, they did it through bugs and are too embarrassed to let people know about it.
8L: If it’s through bugs it’s still acceptable, but how do you know they hack? Hacking dogs must die! Requesting for GM to look into this thoroughly!



【Admin】LittleRights: Report! Old Wolf is offline, disable the alarm!

【Admin】CuteEgg: AHHHHHHHHHHH~~~

【Admin】LittleCloth: Fuck, I was about to die holding it in!

【Admin】MourningMo: You guys ^^!

【Admin】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: You’re a bunch of useless fellows. Being on the same battlefront as you is an insult to my acting skills.

【Admin】CuteEgg: How can you say this, Sister Away! My acting for this freshman character is considered world class!

【Admin】LittleCloth: That’s because you’re acting as yourself.

【Admin】CuteEgg: How mean (#`皿′)

【Admin】DevotedCouple: Ok, everyone settle down. Let me give a summary.

【Admin】DevotedCouple: Three months ago, the incident of old Wolf’s ex-wife Bell scamming money happened in our guild. Bell then reappeared again one month later, claiming that she’s lost her memories in a car accident and her account was hacked. There are too many coincidences, making it too difficult to believe her.

【Admin】DevotedCouple: We’ve already suspected it then. With old Wolf’s and Bell’s relationship, there was no way he didn’t have access to her account. So, to protect her reputation, he found someone else to take over this account, and this person is also who we refer to as the second Bell.

【Admin】DevotedCouple: So as not to expose old Wolf, we privately came up with a “Protect the Endangered Wild Wolf Plan”, without being discovered by both of them. We accepted the appearance of the second Bell using the previous Bell’s identity.

【Admin】DevotedCouple: So no matter what kind of ridiculous excuses that Bell gave, including her ambiguous relationship with LuomingWind, and that disciple of unknown origin, we’ve accepted them all without any hesitation.

【Admin】DevotedCouple: Today’s Snoring Awareness incident has confirmed our suspicions that the person behind Bell has changed. It’s only that at first, we had thought old Wolf had found a newbie that didn’t know how to play the game to replace her, but now it seems like we were very wrong.

【Admin】LittleRights: The skills of the previous Bell wasn’t too bad, but she didn’t like to speak. Other than old Wolf, her relationships with everyone else was so-so. The second Bell is an extrovert, and she’s very good at making friends. If you said that she got a personality change after the car accident it’s not impossible, but if you say that after the car accident she even learnt how to kill Snoring Awareness, that’s a bit over the top.

【Admin】LittleCloth: Also, looking at her command today, it’s considered god-like. She was very calm and steady, and she’s very familiar with the skills of all the professions. Without a long period of accumulated experience, there’s no way she’ll be able to do that.

【Admin】MourningMo: That video she mentioned, I saw it in the guide for Qielan dungeon before. But because we didn’t have a druidic cleric in the guild, so I didn’t bother about it. Now that I think about it, when the second Bell appeared, she was already a druid type. There’s really very few people who would train a druid. Long ago, this build was very popular, 
but its popularity subsided very quickly.

【Admin】CuteEgg: Also also, did you guys find out, after killing Snoring Awareness, Brother Wolf and Sister Bell didn’t say a single word in the guild chat, as though they’re hiding something on purpose!

【Admin】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: It might be because they’re afraid of people asking about it. After all, there are too many suspicious details. If we didn’t plan this from the start, to never ask anything that may expose Bell’s identity no matter what happened, someone would have started asking something already.

【Admin】DevotedCouple: From the second Bell’s performance recently, she seems to be very concerned about not exposing her skills. She’s always hiding something on purpose, so this time, it should be an accident.

【Admin】DevotedCouple: Anyway, for this incident we’ll need to handle it quietly. I think many people would come and ask us for tips to kill Snoring Awareness after this news spread, and maybe even people from other servers may come and look for us. For now, we’ll have to insist it’s our guild’s secret information, and we can’t share it temporarily.

【Admin】DevotedCouple: The core members of our guild, who are the co-founding members other than Uncle He and FlowerHouse, all know about this plan. Uncle is too frank, and he can’t hide anything, while Flower is best friends with old Wolf. It also just happens that the both of them were absent tonight, so this could also be God’s will.

【Admin】LittleRights: Hai, but this time, there would definitely be a lot of unfounded rumours. People will say that we did it through bugs, or even through hacks.

【Admin】LittleCloth: People should be able to adapt to circumstances. This grievance is nothing. Also, didn’t old Wolf’s running method look like he’s making use of a bug?

【Admin】MourningMo: Being wronged is nothing, it’s just that I’m really not good at lying to people ^^!

【Admin】CuteEgg: That’s right! When can we stop acting, and just accept the actual second Bell? To be honest, I quite like her >_<

【Admin】DevotedCouple: As long as old Wolf is willing to continue acting for a day, our plan will continue for a day. These days, such a pure-hearted wild wolf is already endangered, so our Passionate Sword guild will have to continue protecting this rare creature all the way to the end.

【Admin】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: I’m more for looking forward to the two of them spending more time with each other. My intuition tells me, the second Bell is definitely a guy!


Xu Xian woke up and opened his bedroom door. The first thing he saw was Ling Yang holding two buns in his hands while biting onto another one, standing outside his room waiting for him. Upon seeing him coming out from the room, he immediately presented the buns in his hands.
“Flower, I specially woke up early to go to Cafeteria 2 to buy these for you, they’re still hot.”
“… Are you trying to apologise with buns? Also, would normal people use Cafeteria 2’s buns as apology gifts?”
“Hai, Flower, please just forgive me~~ A great man rarely stoops to pettiness, and never harbour grievance for past wrongs, please?”
“The only way for me to forgive you is for you to answer my questions honestly.”
“Just ask! I will be sure to answer truthfully!”
“What exactly is your relationship with Bai Long?”
Ling Yang hiccuped, “Uhh, actually, I’m not very familiar with him…”
“You’re still lying to me? He’s already told me, you’ve known each other for 16 years already!”
“Faint, what else did he mention then?”
“He already told me everything, including that incident when you got bit on your ass by a dog when you were thirteen!”
“What the fuck?! He even told you about this! As usual, that guy is asking for it!”
“You better just confess honestly, if you don’t confess you’ll definitely die. If you confess, I might still leave your corpse intact.”
“Wuwuwu my gentle Flower has been corrupted in one night by that stupid white dragon1, I’m going to settle this with him!”
“Sure, go ahead!”
“… I don’t dare to.”
“Forget it, I’ll just ask you a question. If you still don’t tell me the truth, I’ll immediately send him your address and contact number.”
“Flower, you can’t be like this!”
“So, do you have that kind of relationship with him?”
“What kind of relationship is that kind of relationship?” Ling Yang pretended to not understand.
Xu Xian raised his phone.
“You don’t have to scare me, that little white dragon’s school doesn’t allow them to use their phones.” Ling Yang smiled gleefully.
“Sorry, I also have his landline, his QQ, his MSN, his e-mail, and his BBS account.”
“Faint, you’re actually the one having that kind of relationship with him right?!”
Ling Yang suddenly felt something was amiss. “What, could it be that you…?”
Xu Xian was silent.
“What the fuck?! Are you serious?!!!”
“I just have something to say. If its yours, I’ll definitely not take it. If its not, I won’t give it up.”
“Wow, how come I’ve never discovered you’re such a decisive person? As expected, you can never judge a book by its cover.”
“Life is tough, carpe diem. If you hesitate, all the good guys will be taken by others.”
Ling Yang placed both his hands on the other’s shoulders. “Nice one, Flower, I’m on your side for this.”
He raised his right palm. “I, Little Antelope, swear to god that my relationship with the little white dragon, is so pure that we’re just like Romeo and Juliet, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, as well as Jack and Rose!”
“That’s still considered pure?”
“Even in death, it’s impossible for us to be together!”
“Are you telling the truth?”
“I swear I’m telling the truth this time, Ge isn’t lying to you. Also, Ge will definitely fully support you.”
“Then when you said that he was straight…?”
“No no no, I was just bullshitting then. Little White Dragon was born a homosexual, and he’s even more of a homosexual than me. Have you ever seen a dragon whose body is straight before? That one must have been stuck in a doorframe.”
“But…” Xu Xian had the answer to the biggest question in his heart, but he hesitated again. “Isn’t he a bit too flirtatious?”
“How could that be?! Although Little White Dragon’s looks are the playboy type, and his words are very frivolous, he’s still deeply traditional. This is all thanks to his dad. I’ve known him for 16 years, I can still assure you of this point.”
“What’s the relationship between your two families?”
“When my dad was younger, he worked as a public servant for his dad, and he was pretty well taken care of by them. After that, they always worked together. Also, as we’re both of the same age, we pretty much grew up together.”
Xu Xian pondered over it. “It seems like there should be a generation gap or something?”
“That’s right. His father had a child late, while my dad had a child early. At that time our country was prosperous, and the war had ceased, so the citizens could live peacefully. Every soldier responded to the country’s call of repopulation, and the number of the future pillars of society in our compound doubled within a year. Even the childcare centres increased their enrolment numbers.”
“For the children in our compound, according to seniority, we should call Little White Dragon uncle. When he was young, he really made us call him uncle, and when he was a bit older he forced us to call him little General Bai. Now, whoever he catches will have to call him Young Master Bai. Now you know exactly how narcissistic he is right? Hey, if you ask me, your biggest love rival isn’t others, but it’s Little White Dragon himself.”
Ling Yang thought about it and still felt something was not right. “Hai, but I’m still very curious, what exactly do you like about Little White Dragon? Did anyone tell you your aesthetic standards are a bit strange?”
“… Someone who likes Wu Guanfeng has no rights to say this!!”
Although Ling Yang had not come up with an excuse for being able to kill Snoring Awareness, he still had to go online. However, the longer he spent online, the more uneasy Ling Yang felt.
No one actually came up to ask him about why he knew how to kill this boss, and everyone behaved as though it was expected of Bell to be able to do so.
The things that he was most worried about, that his own identity would be exposed, and that members from his previous guild would come up and look for him actually did not happen. Outsiders only knew they killed Snoring Awareness, but the method they used had not been spread outside their guild. Now that people were saying they either used bugs or hacks, they did not even come out and clarify it.
This was really too strange!


【System】<Husband,PleaseDoItGently> is now online.


【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master~~ You’ve overplayed your hand this time!

【Whisper】Bell: … This was an accident.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: If you continue like this, it will cause trouble for the both of us! They will definitely come and look for us!

【Whisper】Bell: I thought that that would happen too, but didn’t you notice, the atmosphere in the guild is a little strange?

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: I didn’t notice anything, what’s strange?

【Whisper】Bell: From start to the end, there was nobody who came and ask me how I did it. It’s as though they’re taking it for granted.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: ( ⊙ o ⊙) That’s really a little frightening!

【Whisper】Bell: Also, we’ve never released that method to public, so now people are saying we’re hacking.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Hacking is better than exposing yourself, I support hacking!

【Whisper】Bell: Anyway, this guild is a little strange, we both have to be careful in the future.

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master saying this has suddenly made me feel shivers down my back!! Why don’t we stop staying here? Let’s run away, ok?

【Whisper】Bell: No we can’t, I want to be with your master’s husband =。=

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master~~~~~~~~~(/TДT)/


【System】<NightWolf> is now online.


【Whisper】Bell: If your tilde line is too long, you’ll be locked in that little black house! Your master’s husband is now online, let me sound him out first.


【Whisper】Bell: Hubby, you’re here~~~ \(≧▽≦)/~

【Whisper】NightWolf: So how, have you thought of an excuse already?

【Whisper】Bell: Heehee, why are we talking about excuses here, how hurtful ~\(≧▽≦)/~

【Whisper】NightWolf: If you can’t think of any, want me to help you with it?

【Whisper】Bell:Oh? What is it? Tell me ~\(≧▽≦)/~

【Whisper】NightWolf: Little Antelope…


LingYang’s heart stuttered.


【Whisper】Bell: You know about it?


Author’s note:

Threw a landmine, [Ling Yang’s Notes #1], [Ling Yang’s Notes #3] dropped.

[Ling Yang’s Notes #1] — Identity in game: Passionate Sword Guild member,  Night Wolf’s wife, account was hacked, lost memories in a car accident.

[Ling Yang’s Notes #3] — Real Life Identity: Luoming Sports Institution Traditional Sports Faculty Wrestling and Judo student, now participating in the 20XX Annual HuShuai Cup World College Students’ Judo Tournament China Division Girls’ Judo 48kg Weight Class competition.

Ling Yang’s Notes series — There are 4 notes for now, each recording Bell’s in-game known identity, in-game’s hidden identity, the real life identity, and relationships between people. After collecting all four, you can then get a signed book <A Person Should be Honest>, written by Little Antelope.

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