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Chapter 25 – Qielan Dungeon Sets the World on Fire

Sender: Hana (Flower@Made Friends Carelessly)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Yangyang is Someone Who Betrays Friends for Glory!
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

Refer to the topic, no other explanation!


Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope Won’t Dare to Do It Again)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: Yangyang is Someone Who Betrays Friends for Glory!
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

I was wronged! Although I betrayed my friend, I didn’t do it for glory!


When Bell went up to kite Grandpa Calabash out, Ye Lang broke out in cold sweat for him unknowingly.
That person walked as though he was drunk. There was clearly only 2 trails, but he looked like he was walking through a curvy mountainous path. There were a few occasions where it felt as though the calabash dolls were going to be lured as well, but somehow, he managed to avoid them at some strange angles.
As he was approaching the boss’ radar, white smoke appeared under Bell’s feet. This was to signify that the player had evoked the flying skill.
As expected, in the next second, Bell leapt into the sky, stopping at some bizarre point in midair. He then quickly used the flying skill again, and only then did Night Wolf realised that the other person had already used the resetting cool down skill so that he was able to use the flying skill again so quickly.
Bell threw something unknown from up in the air. “ZZZ”s appeared above the three calabash dolls on the right, showing that they were asleep. However, this state would only last for three seconds. Within these three seconds, the descending Bell lifted up both sceptres in her hands, summoning a large wooden hammer and pounded it on the head of the boss. Then, she turned a hundred and eighty degrees in the air and rushed back. Jumping as she landed, she started running towards Ye Lang’s position.


【Whisper】Bell: He’s all yours now


Ye Lang’s finger never left his macro key for assault. Seeing that the boss was now in the safe zone, he immediately ran forward to receive the hostility, and with a few skills he locked the boss down.
Other people looking at this all clicked their tongues in wonder. After a reminder, the DPS then reacted, shooting arrows and fireballs. They managed to kill Grandpa Calabash to nobody’s surprise.


【Party】CuteEgg: Bell is so cool!

【Party】MourningMo: Wow, it’s exactly like what I saw in the video, how amazing.

【Party】LittleRights: How did you do this?!

【Party】Bell: =。= There’s a guide on the forum. I only followed it, it’s not difficult.

【Party】LittleCloth: That’s still very cool, what did you throw in mid-air?

【Party】Bell: <Paralysis Seed>

【Party】LittleRights: Does that mean we don’t have to kill the monsters next time? We only have to make them fall asleep and it’ll be done?

【Party】Bell: It can only be done here. Those calabash dolls are considered undead, and they can’t be killed by plants.

【Party】LittleCloth: Then the other undead monsters in the dungeon can also fall asleep like this?

【Party】Bell: This I don’t know, I’ve never tried it before ^^!

【Party】DevotedCouple: Not bad, I’m seeing you in a new light. Too bad we didn’t get old Wolf’s repair fees though.

【Party】NightWolf: Replacement cleric, don’t click on Snoring Awareness!


【NPC】SnoringAwareness: Who? Who disturbed my sleep…


Ling Yang was stunned when he saw Night Wolf’s words. This time, he really did not click on Snoring Awareness.
He turned his camera angle around and realised it was the other replacement cleric who was doing this dungeon for the first time. That person had clicked on Snoring Awareness without knowing about the situation.
The crowd was activated by Snoring Awareness’s awakening, and the situation started getting chaotic again.


【Whisper】Bell: Everyone, stop panicking, there’s no use walking away from this!


Ye Lang was annoyed when he saw this. What? You’re doing this again?
He was about to send a message to scold him, then he received a whisper from Bell.


【Whisper】Bell: Hold on! Come with me!


By the time Xu Xian reached home, it was 10+ at night. There were no public buses available, and Bai Long was the one who hired him a cab.
They all said that the military school was very strict, but at least from this guy, Xu Xian could not see that at all. The guard did not stop him despite leaving the school at 10pm,  and the only thing missing was giving him a bow of respect.
Upon reaching home, Ling Yang’s door was closed tightly. Light could be seen from the gap between the door and the floor. Xu Xian stood outside his door, but still ended up turning back to his room.
The questions he wanted to ask could not be settled easily with two or three sentences, so he should just wait for the next day to talk it out.
When Xu Xian went online, he found that the guild chat was noisier than usual. Everyone was very excited. Only Uncle He who had went for a celebratory dinner after winning a competition, missing the raid and only just came online, was as lost as him. 


【Guild】UncleHe: What happened today, someone won the lottery?

【Guild】LittleRights: Haha, Uncle you won’t be able to guess what kind of magnificent feat we managed to accomplish today!

【Guild】LittleCloth: What a waste that Uncle didn’t managed to come tonight, he missed this once in a lifetime moment!

【Guild】CuteEgg: There’s also Flower, what a pity that he didn’t participate too.

【Guild】FlowerHouse: What happened exactly?

【Guild】MourningMo: Today, we killed Snoring Awareness ^_^

【Guild】FlowerHouse: What???

【Guild】LittleCloth: It’s the first kill on all servers!! Not just on our server, on all servers!!!!!


Everyone recounted the situation for them. They nearly made it sound like an epic poem, their tone was exaggerated, their words bombastic, and it was unclear how much of it was actually real.
Xu Xian took a long while before understanding what happened.
Tonight, as both him and Clinging Scent were absent, there were not enough clerics in the party, so they found Bell and a new cleric to substitute.
When killing the second boss, Bell suddenly mentioned that she had saw a guide, and that she could kite Grandpa Calabash out. She actually succeeded on her first try, and at that point, there were many descriptions of Bell’s valiant and heroic actions.
The new cleric clicked on Snoring Awareness, and the party scattered.
At that point, the MT, Night Wolf, bravely attracted the attention of Snoring Awareness. Under Bell’s escort, the both of them lured Snoring Awareness to a location with two pillars. Continuously moving in a figure of 8, this action actually halved the attack strength of Snoring Awareness.
Snoring Awareness had never been defeated so far, and the main reason was that there was no tank that could hold him back. But tonight, the tank issue was resolved, and under Bell’s command the rest of the DPS attacked.
By the time Snoring Awareness was dying, there were four players still surviving. Night Wolf was left with only a few hundred hp, and he was also afflicted with damage over time of about 1000/sec. Bell’s mana was completely empty, and as everyone watched Snoring Awareness die, in the next second, their own MT also fell. He lay  on the ground with Snoring Awareness, just like a gay couple who died for love.
The entire process was nerve-wrecking. The ones lying on the ground were unwilling, while the ones surviving felt the sense of their mission arising in them. Seeing the hp bar of the boss decreasing, the tenseness of watching their teammates fall one by one, the unreal feeling when the boss finally went down, and then the overwhelming sense of glory, all these confusing feelings tangled together, as though they had really went through a real battle.
This was not an ordinary raid, this was a milestone in the history of <Pale Soul OL>!
And the thing that most people dwelled upon was that seamless cooperation between Night Wolf and Bell, as well as Bell’s command ability that was beyond everyone’s expectations. The other players regarded it as god-like.


【Guild】FlowerHouse: Ah, turns out Bell is so impressive? But…

【Guild】UncleHe: I’ve told you guys long ago that Bell is very strong! The previous tank with his lousy gear and skills, she could also manage his health, now you guys will believe me right?

【Guild】LittleCloth: We believe you we believe you, if you tell us now that she can complete a 25 men dungeon by herself, I’ll believe that too!


This explosive news rapidly spread through the entire server. Of course, it was also spread to Qi Feng who had went for the celebratory dinner and just came online.


【Whisper】LuomingWind: Your gold finger is raised a little too high this time.

【Whisper】Bell: =。= You’re mocking me too. You think it’s easy to control a gold finger? I want to shoot a film called <How to Train a Gold Finger>.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: This subject is good, I like it, please give me a role in it 🙂

【Whisper】Bell: Hai, actually, I only wanted to perform a little in front of my labourer. Who would have guessed I overdid it?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: This time, it’s so high profile. Are you prepared?

【Whisper】Bell: At that time, it was a chaotic situation. I was hot-headed and went ahead, I didn’t expect to succeed on the first try. Last time, we dropped the boss hp to 18% only.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Times are different, the gear have been buffed. Your current labourer’s defence is way higher than your ex-husband.

【Whisper】Bell: 囧, can’t you change this habit of telling the truth? It’s not as though you will die if you don’t!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I wanted to talk to you today, but who knew you would have to hide from the pest? The pest could only come and look for me.

【Whisper】Bell: Oh, so what did you say?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I told the truth.

【Whisper】Bell: What?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I said that you had been carried off by a wolf.

【Whisper】Bell: ……..

【Whisper】Bell: Anyway, Angry T.Rex is still so energetic. I think he’s so much more handsome than you.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Has anyone ever told you your aesthetic standards are weird? Right, he saw you today, and actually asked me about you.

【Whisper】Bell: What, he still remembers me?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: He says you look very familiar.

【Whisper】Bell: /Faint, then how did you explain it?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: “Ex-boyfriend.”

【Whisper】Bell: !!!!!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Just kidding.

【Whisper】Bell: … Hahaha!

【Whisper】Bell:I won’t talk to you anymore, I have to go and think up of an excuse. This time, I can no longer use the excuse of having seen a guide anymore

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Do you want some pieces of paper from me?

【Whisper】Bell:For what?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: To record your lies. I’m afraid if you make up too many, you won’t be able to keep them in track.

【Whisper】Bell: I’ll be very thankful already if you stop creating any more lies for me!!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Sorry, this is one of my interests 🙂

Ling Yang left the window of his private chat with Qi Feng. He looked silently at the guild’s fervent discussion.
In the past, when he was in that guild of perverts on the old server, as they were a pervert guild, they would have to do pervert things. One of their interests was to study all sorts of undiscovered playing methods in the game, and to complete every impossible task.
For example, a hundreds ways to kill a player without going into PVP mode. Ling Yang later then passed this onto FlowerHouse. There was also a mage solo-ing a 10men dungeon, killing Grandpa Calabash without disturbing the dolls, how to jump from the peak of Mount KunLun without dying… etc. Everything that people could and could not think of, they would all waste their time doing it, studying it.
Killing Snoring Awareness was at the top of the list of impossible things to do. They had fought for about a month, with countless parties, reviving thousands of times, repairing their gears, using the robots as freely as water, eating all sorts of expensive potions and pills as though they were free, and their best result was to leave him with 18% hp.
The two hardest points of Snoring Awareness this boss were that first, no tanks could withstand his double punch. After a week of testing, they finally discovered the figure of 8 method by chance, and so they could get rid of one of his punches.
The second point was that when Snoring Awareness’s hp dropped to 20%, he would receive a buff that increased his strength. From there, killing the MT would only need seconds, and there was no way to resolve this.
After trying countless of times, they finally decided to put this on hold. The MT then asserted, half a year later, after his gear levelled, Snoring Awareness would no longer be a problem to them.
Half a year had passed, and Snoring Awareness had fallen. However, accompanying Ling Yang were not the teammates that had fought countless of battles with him, but a new party that had never fought with Snoring Awareness. This made Ling Yang’s heart felt very complicated.
Previously, the DPS could only hit 1500 after many struggles. Now, without even trying, attacks could reach a damage of 2000+.
Night Wolf’s control might not be as good as Ling Yang’s previous MT, but the level of his gear was a few times higher than the other person. Even after waking Snoring Awareness up, he could withstand one attack from him.
The goal that he had been chasing with a lot of effort was now achieved so easily. It was not due to ability, but to time. Those teammates that used to be on the same frontline as him had now all drifted apart. The old guild was fragmented, while he was using someone else’s identity on a foreign server… Ling Yang felt a sense of desolation that came with time passing.
Over here, other than Qi Feng and Little Buckle these long-time acquaintances, the only person that knew he was not Bell, had not spoken a single word to him since Snoring Awareness fell.


【Whisper】Bell: Hubby T^T

【Whisper】NightWolf: Are you ready?

【Whisper】Bell: Ready for what?

【Whisper】NightWolf: The reason LuomingWind wants you is to let you leech from them, kiting Grandpa Calabash is because you saw a guide, the first time you clicked on Snoring Awareness was because you were new and didn’t know any better. Each time you could come up with a reasonable story to deflect things, so what story did you come up with this time?

【Whisper】Bell: ……

【Whisper】NightWolf: If you have difficulties coming up with any, I can provide you with some. Like gaining special abilities after the car accident, receiving knowledge after meeting an expert on a mountain, or that your real identity is the GM of <Pale Soul OL>.

【Whisper】Bell: … These excuses are a little too lousy, right?

【Whisper】NightWolf: You’re not the one deciding if the excuse is lousy, people can decide for themselves.

【Whisper】Bell: Hubby, don’t be sarcastic towards me T^T

【Whisper】NightWolf: There’s no hurry, I’ll give you time to come up with a story. If you can’t remember it, I can offer you some pieces of paper as well.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Right, after coming up with it don’t forget to let your adulterer and beloved disciple know, just in case something is accidentally exposed.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Good night, My. Dear. Wife.

【Whisper】Bell: …….


【System】<NightWolf> is now offline.


Ye Lang was at first ready to switch off his computer, but he suddenly thought of something. Moving his mouse, he opened his browser.
In the search box, Ye Lang entered druidic type solo-kiting Qielan’s dungeon second boss. There actually was a post about this in <Pale Soul OL>’s forum. It was exactly as Bell described. There was a video and a guide, and the explanation was very detailed.
He read the post from top to bottom, including the comments, but he did not discover anything strange. Then, he went back again and checked the poster’s ID. It was “Air Force’s Compound 201’s Group for Extra-Curricular Interests”.
This ID had replied in the post a few times, and they were all explanations to answer the players’ questions. There was no clue to be found from there.
Finally, he opened the video. He was not sure if the video had been heavily compressed, or if the capturing device for the video was not good enough. The video was not very clear, but it could be seen that the actions used by the character in the video was exactly the same as Bell. Even that point where they landed in mid-air was identical.
Ye Lang watched the video from start to end twice. To clearly show the point where they should leap to, the video creator zoomed in. Ye Lang pressed pause, then full-screened the video. He finally could identity the ID of the player demonstrating.

— Little Antelope.

Author’s note:

[System] An <Author’s Draft> dropped.

Inside, it’s written: Little White Dragon is a good child, everyone don’t hate him~\(???)/~

The comment zone was very lively yesterday, but the replies couldn’t be sent. The author has done many terrible things in their life, but they have never randomly forced marriages on anyone. Again, don’t believe what’s written, believe in the author’s intelligence!


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