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Chapter 27 – Solving The Crisis Resourcefully

<Pale Soul OL> Forum Gossip Section

Topic: Anyone Remembers the ID “Air Force’s Compound 201’s Group for Extra-Curricular Interests”?
Poster: Archaelogist
Content: Read topic

1L: Of course I remember, they’re very famous ok? At least most of the old players will still recognise this ID.

2L: They’re a group of old players who started playing since open beta, they’re extremely sick, at least half the boss guides posted on the forum are written by them.

3L: Correction, there were only 3 members at the start, after that although the membership increased, at the core there were only the three of them.

4L: Aren’t they Daishan’s ridiculous pervert guild’s leader and the two assistant guild leaders? Apparently you cannot mention the name of the guild, once mentioned, your hand will be blackened for an entire week.

5L: Ha, they’re from our server, and there’s always a lot of rumours about the 3 of them in the server. There are people who said that they’re soldiers in the army, and there’s also people who said that they’re military school students. Two of them really don’t go online often, but I don’t know why they’re still more impressive than the other otakus.

6L: My deepest impression of them is when they used a week’s time to explore how to travel around the entire world with a level 1 character, they even wrote a ten thousand word guide on it… What’s the point of doing so!

7L: Haha, like they’ve only done a few pointless things. There’s also that archer who single-handedly kited 10 wild bosses to the main city. Fuck that, at that time none of the main cities in the servers got any moment to rest.

8L: Did you guys all forget, they’re also beeeeep

9L: Too bad after beeeeep these three people pretty much disappeared, and they’ve never appeared publicly again.



【Whisper】NightWolf: Little Antelope…


When Ling Yang saw the three words sent by Night Wolf his heart stuttered. Oh no oh no, what to do now?
His brain turned quickly. Should he take this opportunity to admit it, or flatly deny it?
He took a deep breath.


【Whisper】Bell: You know about it already?

【Whisper】Bell: That’s right, I’m the direct disciple of Little Antelope, and Little Antelope is my master.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Your master?

【Whisper】Bell: Do you still remember during that 7/7 dungeon when I talked about the druid expert that I idolise a lot?

【Whisper】Bell: That’s my master.

【Whisper】Bell: I used to be a Daishan player. LuomingWind used to play there for awhile as well, and we met each other then. After he moved to the new server and asked me to join him, I ended up buying this account.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Since you’re not a newbie, why did you have to act so noob previously?

【Whisper】Bell: I already told you my hand is broken!

【Whisper】NightWolf: That’s only one of the excuses.

【Whisper】Bell: … Fine, then I’ll tell you the truth now. The real reason I’m here, is actually to hide from my master.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Hide from your master? Why?

【Whisper】Bell: Because I cheated him out of 338,400 gold, not including the guild items and point cards!

【Whisper】NightWolf: If I believe you again, I’m an idiot.

【Whisper】Bell: Don’t don’t don’t, I’ll say it I’ll say it. The real reason why I’m hiding from my master is…

【Whisper】Bell: He likes me, and he confessed to me. But although I idolise him, I cannot love him, do you get it?

【Whisper】Bell: Idolisation and love, they’re two very different emotions. When you idolise a person, he is perfect and flawless in everything, but when you love a person, you have to accept all his virtues and flaws. I cannot allow my idol to get off his pedestal, so I can only choose to run away in panic!

【Whisper】Bell: But because I’ve been so strongly influenced by him, and everything I know was taught by him, as long as I expose just a little of my skills, I will be discovered by him, so I have to be low profile!

【Whisper】Bell: Hubby, on this server, other than that sly, cunning Wind and that idiot Buckle, you’re the only one that knows this secret. On behalf of our husband and wife relationship, I hope that you can help me keep this secret! Please!!

【Whisper】NightWolf: Are you telling the truth?

【Whisper】Bell: If I’m lying to you my last name isn’t Ling1!

【Whisper】NightWolf: Your last name isn’t Ling in the first place… Forget it, although I don’t think your words can be trusted, I will trust you tentatively for the last time.

【Whisper】Bell: I knew Hubby is the best T^T Let’s go complete some dungeons ok?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Let’s go.


【Whisper】Bell: Collusion time! I’m now Little Antelope’s direct disciple, please update your files!

【Whisper】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master/Grandmaster, I’ve received it! — Respectfully, your disciple/grand-disciple


【Whisper】Bell: Collusion time! I’m now Little Antelope’s direct disciple, please update your files!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I’ve recorded it in my notes 🙂


Today was Ling Yang’s lucky day. Not only did he settle the previous day’s crisis in the game, more importantly, he could finally get rid of the cast that had accompanied him for the past three months, and return to being a healthy person.
Returning from Yanshan’s affiliated hospital, he was elated, and wanted to share this good news with people.


【Whisper】Bell: Hubby, can you give me your QQ please?

【Whisper】NightWolf: No thanks.

【Whisper】Bell: I’ll send you my photo.

【Whisper】NightWolf: Not interested.

【Whisper】Bell: It’s a nude photo~ ~\(≧▽≦)/~

【Whisper】NightWolf: Keep it for yourself.

【Whisper】Bell: I promise the photo is in high definition, you will definitely not regret seeing it!

【Whisper】NightWolf: I’m afraid that after seeing it, I’ll stab myself in both eyes.

【Whisper】Bell: Don’t speak too soon, you have to see it first. If not, you can also give me your email \(^o^)/


Ye Lang thought about it for a moment, and decided to send his email address over. After all there would not be any loss just by looking at a photo. Senlan and Yanshan were so close, if they happen to meet in the future, he could also grab hold of him and beat him up.


【Whisper】NightWolf: yelang@mail.s.edu.cn4.
Ye Lang opened the email sent by Bell. The moment when he opened the photo, he had a sudden urge to chop his hand off if he ever believed this person’s words ever again.
Other than the group of perverts from Yanshan’s medical school, anyone else would probably feel uncomfortable when they saw a skeleton hand by surprise, even if it was only an x-ray.
Those ghastly bones, in the x-ray, were as clear as though they were exposed in the air. Looking at it closely would only make a person shiver.
The outline of that person’s palm had been reduced to half-opacity. The flesh surrounded the bones, as though it was glowing.
There was a scale on the x-ray. Ye Lang adjusted the photo according to the scale, making it a 100%, and placed his own hand onto it.
This hand was a little smaller than his own. The size of a person’s hand usually correlate to their height, so that person’s height would not be short.
His fingers were more slender, and his joints were not protruding. In comparison, Ye Lang’s knuckles were more defined, and looked more masculine.


【Whisper】Bell: Hubby, is the photo nice? Is it full of boney beauty ~\(≧▽≦)/~?

【Whisper】NightWolf: I can’t tell that there’s any injuries at all.

【Whisper】Bell: It’s because it recovered very well!


Actually under strong lighting, the injuries could somewhat still be seen. But having been shot by Ling Yang’s low quality phone, those details could not be made out.


【Whisper】NightWolf: You really got into a car accident?

【Whisper】Bell: Of course, what else could it be?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Not because of ice-skating or whatever?

【Whisper】Bell: ( ⊙ o ⊙) Hubby, why would you ask this?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Nothing, I’m only just asking casually.


Asking casually? Ling Yang’s heart was full of suspicions, but before he could ponder further, he received a whisper from Qi Feng.


【Whisper】LuomingWind: I heard you went to the hospital today?

【Whisper】Bell: Eh~~ What kind of information network do you have?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: So?

【Whisper】Bell: Want to try it out?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Now?

【Whisper】Bell: Of course.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Capture the flag?

【Whisper】Bell: If I do that with you, we’ll have an audience, alright? =。=

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Then you decide.

【Whisper】Bell: Let’s go to the desert, it’s more spacious there.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: There’re monsters there.

【Whisper】Bell: You don’t dare?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Let’s go.


Both of them went to the desert. Having chosen a spacious map with no flags, they went into attack mode straight away.
Ling Yang was a druidic cleric, a rare type in the cleric profession. What was important in PK was to be nimble. Whether one was attacking or healing, their feet should never stop, and their body should always be moving like the wind.
Qi Feng was a fighting type rogue, and his weapon was a set of martial-arts movement. In close distance, he could do hand-to-hand combat, and if far away, he could release an energy attack. To balance his abilities to attack both near and far, his attack strength was not high, so he mostly won by agility and having many attacking methods.
Both of their classes had high movement speed. When attacking each other both were very fast, their movements like ghosts as they were unable to capture each other. Their monitors only displayed the comet trails of both characters’ skills, showing the speed of their movements.
Clerics belonged to the ranged classes. If enemies were to get close they would be at a disadvantage. The druidic type had pretty good control over the land and wind, so they could increase the distance between them and the enemies; the rogues could work both near and far, but to rely only on ranged attacks would not be enough. On this point, both sides were balanced.
The cleric wore normal clothes, the hp was buffed by its class, and they could regenerate hp; the rogue wore light armour, its defence was higher than normal clothes, and it had quite good evasion against both melee and spell attacks. These attributes were also comparable to each other.
A fight between these two classes, they were essentially comparing each other’s techniques. Both the skills of Ling Yang and Qi Feng were comparable, even their fighting style were somewhat similar, so neither of them could get past the other.
The battle area got wider, and the disadvantages of the battlefield were then exposed. The red scorpion beasts in the desert were attracted to their battle, joining in. Although the scorpions were only level 50, as there were so many of them, with Bell’s low armour defence, being attacked consecutively would hurt her more.
Ling Yang saw that Bell’s hp decreasing. He decisively summoned three tree spirits that could regenerate his hp to surround him. Noticing this, Qi Feng sent out a wave of attacks without thinking, only to regret it once it was sent. As expected, the other party was making him use his AOE skill. The scorpions that were originally attacking Bell now changed their targets to LuomingWind.
Seeing that the hatred of the scorpions could not be gotten rid off, Qi Feng could only use his martial-arts movements to kill all the scorpions. Ling Yang took advantage of this moment to refill his hp pool. Together with the strength of the water element and his ultimate control of his skills, Bell was re-energised, looking like she had just started the battle.
After battling for five minutes, there was still no conclusive victor. The looting of the scorpion corpses was now free-for-all, glittering on the ground. Upon seeing them, Ling Yang’s hands were tempted, and he could not help but start looting while battling. Although there was not much, the meat of mosquitos could still be considered meat.
When Qi Feng saw this he found it both funny and exasperating.


【Local】LuomingWind: You can still remember to collect loot while PK-ing. What a pervert.


Ling Yang was speechless. You can still chat while PK-ing, it’s not like you’re any better.
After all Ling Yang had only just recovered. Having not trained in awhile, he was unavoidably out of practice. In the end, he could not beat Qi Feng. The poor Bell was punched in the chest by LuomingWind, and with a cry, she died.
As the both of them were PK-ing in the wild, the notice of Bell being killed by LuomingWind appeared on Passionate Sword’s guild chat.
Upon seeing the notice Ye Lang immediately used <To The Ends of The Earth> and teleported to the desert.


【Battle】NightWolf is enraged.

【Battle】NightWolf sends an attack towards LuomingWind!


LuomingWind had already been attacked by Bell, leaving only a trace of hp left. He had yet to recover, and was killed by Night Wolf who suddenly appeared.


【Local】LuoMingWind: Heheh.

【Local】Bell: Hubby =。=


【Whisper】Bell: We’re only comparing notes with each other =。=

【Whisper】NightWolf: It seems like I’m only disrupting your flirting.

【Whisper】Bell: It’s fine! Good kill! Let’s leave the battlefield.

【Whisper】NightWolf: You want to leech again?

【Whisper】Bell: This time, you’ll leech from me ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ


【System】<NightWolf> would like to revive you, do you accept? Confirm / Cancel

【System】<NightWolf> would like to invite you to the party. Confirm / Cancel


Before leaving, Ling Yang did not forget to kindly revive the other corpse on the ground.


【Whisper】LuomingWind:You’ve recovered well.

【Whisper】Bell: The doctor said so too.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: That was a pretty good battle.

【Whisper】Bell: Yeah.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: I recorded it already.

【Whisper】Bell: Oh?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Shall I post it on the forum?

【Whisper】Bell: Don’t tell anyone it’s me.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: With your style, who wouldn’t be able to tell?

【Whisper】Bell: … Then forget it.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: How long do you think you can hide this for?

【Whisper】Bell: I’ll just get by however I can!

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Have you considered the thing about the party?

【Whisper】Bell: Yeah… You, me and who else?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Luoming Xiaoge

【Whisper】Bell: That mage?

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Correct.

【Whisper】Bell: We can try. When the new ladder starts we can team up and try it out.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Sure, we’ll go look for you and discuss it in details then.

【Whisper】Bell: I’ll go over instead.

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Why?

【Whisper】Bell: To conveniently look at the handsome guys in your school O(∩_∩)O

【Whisper】LuomingWind: Haha.


Ye Lang had just reach the front of the queue for the arena, then he heard someone talking in his vicinity.
“Ah Lang, I couldn’t tell, you’re actually interested in this?”
His roommate stuck his head out, Ye Lang’s phone in his hand. “I’ll look past the fact that you’ve saved someone’s photos in your phone, but it’s actually a guy?”
Ye Lang was displeased. “Didn’t you say that your phone battery was flat so you’re borrowing my phone to make a call? Why are you looking through my photo album?”
“I accidentally pressed on it, so I saw it. It’s even a Taoist priest, you’re pretty hardcore.”
“Return me my phone.” Ye Lang stood up and grabbed his phone. The screen happened to be on the photo his roommate was looking at.
While Ye Lang was exiting the app, a thought appeared.
LingYang, Little Antelope… Are things this coincidental?

Author’s Note:

So many people are trying to farm the notes… There aren’t that many notes available!

[LingYang’s Notes #2] — In Game Hidden Identity: The direct disciple of the Druidic Cleric expert Little Antelope, an old player from Daishan server. Because he could not accept his Master’s confession to him, so he ran and hid in Linshan.

[LingYang’s Notes #4] — Relationship with People: Schoolmates with LuomingWind and Angry T.Rex, friends with Little Buckle after meeting him at the hospital after the car accident, and becoming his master after that.

The four notes are all the information for Bell’s fake identity, but as there are too many lies, there are some details even Ling Yang himself cannot keep track of. So, there are still some missing content.
The author is very curious, <A Person Should Be Honest> written by Little Antelope, is there really a market for it?

  * * * * * *

Author: To all the players who want to kill the author, the players who have been fighting with the JJ servers to leave comments, and the players who have been communicating through their minds silently with the author, thanks for your company for the past one month. To buy boots for Brother Lang, to change Little Antelope’s grass feed to something better, and most importantly, to provide the author with a more eye-catching advertisement space, this novel will become VIP next week. On the day that it turns VIP, there will be ten thousand words.

Ling Yang: /Raises hand I want spoilers! That day is also the day I’ll meet Brother Lang face to face, would you guys like to guess whose identity will be exposed first? Or will they be exposed together?
Author: But before the VIP happens, there are 2 things that need to be clarified. First, it’s Brother Lang’s current condition. You can call him pure-hearted, or you can call him dumb, but any way he’s weaker than others, and even Little Antelope can easily bite him to death. Everyone can think of it this way, other tops are all max level 80, while Brother Lang is currently level 1. Other people are very strong, but they’ve already reached their peak, while Brother Lang has unlimited potential, and everyone has seen his innate talent. Brother Lang is only levelling slowly, which also means that he’ll be at his current condition for very long. Also, the mental capabilities of guys who are in love will decrease (Is this considered a big spoiler?), so he might actually become worse. Wild wolves are already endangered, please let Brother Lang be pure-hearted for a little longer!

Ye Lang: Hmph.

Ling Yang: And second, it’s that Brother Lang will turn more cunning in the future! He’s going to bully me! People who can’t stand Brother Lang become cunning should not buy this! Don’t expect him to be gentle! That second-rate author completely does not know what is called gentle!
Author: … I’m letting you send a VIP message, not letting you chase people away. Other people are all kneeling in thanks to those who buy VIP, but what kind of attitude do you have?

Ling Yang: Kneel? Why do I have to kneel? I’ll only kneel in front of Brother Lang my entire life, I’ll never kneel in front of anybody else!
Author: Sorry, I didn’t take care of my kid, letting him make a fool out of himself… Anyway the author’s point of view is the same as Ling Yang. The blackened Brother Lang is bundled with the book, there’s no returns or exchange, think before you buy! Also, this novel is not hardcore, there are no SM scenarios, if you’re anticipating this also forget about it……

Ling Yang: (softly) But for those anticipating military uniforms, you can have that!

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