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Extra 1.3 – Qi Feng X Angry T.Rex

He Jiawei’s selection trial had long been over. What came next was his school examinations, but that was only an interlude. When the results were finally released, he scored three marks higher than the minimum required score, and successfully moved on to the next phase with no extra effort spent.

As for Qi Feng, during the last match of his third year he led his team to win the Hushuo Championship, and was voted as that season’s MVP. He did not even need to go through a selection trial, and so when He Jiawei was applying to the sports school, he did not see him there.

He Jiawei wanted to know where did Qi Feng applied to in the end, but the other person kept his mouth sealed and refused to tell him.

During summer, He Jiawei stayed over at Qi Feng’s place for a few days and never went outside at all, only for them to be chased away by Qi Feng’s mother.

“Young people should go out and take a look when they have the opportunity to do so! You shouldn’t be staying at home the entire day!”

Qi Feng was helpless. The only person in the world who would call him and He Jiawei, both athletes, as otakus, would most likely only be his mother.

“Where are we going?” He Jiawei asked without any suggestions.

Qi Feng thought about it, “Let’s go to the beach.”

The two of the bought their train tickets, and went to the coastal city that was closest to Hushuo. Qi Feng had came here to participate in a basketball summer camp before, while it was the first time He Jiawei had ever seen the sea, and found everything novel to him.

“It turns out that seawater tastes more disgusting that I thought.”

“So you can really just dig out oysters anywhere and eat them.”

“So seagulls aren’t afraid of people.”

“If you continue feeding the seagulls with bread, they will shit on your head.”

Just as Qi Feng finished, He Jiawei felt something fell from above. “What the fuck!”

After cleaning up, He Jiawei once again ran towards the embrace of the sea. Watching him excitedly splashing in the waves, building sandcastles, having a water fight with a seven or eight year old boy, Qi Feng finally could not take it anymore. He dragged him away from these activities meant for children of a younger age, and found an event could be considered more mature — a beach volleyball competition.

Qi Feng had been practicing judo since he was a kid, and when he was older, he trained in high jump. His flexibility was amazingly good, and naturally was very skilled at volleyball too. In comparison, no one was able to take on He Jiawei’s explosive spikes, but eight or nine out of ten were always out of bounds. Their rivals later realised that if he was spiking the ball, all they had to do was stand there and avoid it, and just wait for him to hit it out of bounds.

“This is meaningless,” He Jiawei panted as he left the court. After some calculations, the number of points he scored with his spikes was a lot smaller than the number of points he lost hitting the ball out of the court.

“Even more meaningless than having a water fight with a child?”

He Jiawei gave a couple of snorts. “Your motive isn’t that innocent too. Don’t think I didn’t notice, that bikini-clad beauty had touched you quite a few times with the excuse of saving the ball.”

Qi Feng was amused, “Your observation was quite careful.”

“I’m not blind,” He Jiawei rolled his eyes. “Let’s compete with each other instead.”

“What do you want to compete in?”

“Diving. Let’s see who can hold their breath the longest.”

Out of breath, Qi Feng leapt out of the water, while He Jiawei was still underwater.

This fellow could hold his breath1 for even longer than he thought.

After a while, there was still no movement from He Jiawei, and Qi Feng felt something was wrong.

He dove down, pulling him up from the bottom of the seabed. He was in time, He Jiawei had not fainted, but he was coughing due to being choked by water.

Finally managing to speak, his first sentence was, “Did I win?”

Qi Feng did not know whether to call him stupid, or to call him stupid, or to call him stupid. “If you don’t know how to swim, why the hell did you want to compete in diving?”

“Duh,” He Jiawei coughed as he spoke. “If I knew how to swim, I’ll have competed in swimming. Why would I compete in diving?”

Qi Feng rented a duck-shaped float for He Jiawei. He Jiawei objected to it fiercely, but he was overruled. Who let him only bring a pair of swim shorts to the beach, and left his money behind at the hotel?

However, He Jiawei had the temperament of a child, and soon forgot all about the matter of the duck-shaped float, and played happily in the water.

“Hahahaha, I don’t know how to swim but I can still float!”

“Wow wow wow wow, I’m the Olympics 100m champion with a float!”

“Ow ow ow ow, my foot has been pinched by a crab!”

As He Jiawei howled and cried, the sharp Qi Feng noticed that less and less people were swimming in the sea.

He found a local, “What’s going on?”

“Quickly head back to shore, don’t swim anymore.” That person pointed out to the sea. “A storm is coming!”

Qi Feng looked at the calm surface of the sea. Although he was doubtful, but he still urged He Jiawei to return to shore.

“The weather is so nice, how could there be a storm? He must be lying.” He Jiawei was having too much fun, and did not want to go back.

“It was a local who said it, he shouldn’t be wrong.”

“I don’t believe it. I’m not going back, if you want to go back, you can go back yourself, scaredy-cat.”

Without another word, Qi Feng dragged the head of his duck and pulled him back to shore. He Jiawei resisted and complained the entire way, but on land, he was not Qi Feng’s rival, and in the water, he could only let himself be manipulated.

Just as they returned to dry land, the sky changed violently. One second ago, it was still a cloudless sky, and in the blink of an eye, dark clouds blotted out the sun. Now, He Jiawei had no choice but to admit defeat.

Qi Feng led He Jiawei out of the bath area, and walked towards a rugged area. It was also by the sea, but the terrain here was steep and lined with jagged rocks. The winds blew against the sea, creating huge waves. One wave came taller than another, crashing heavily against the rocks, it really was an irresistible force.

He Jiawei ran excitedly towards the sea with his arms wide open, welcoming the huge waves pounding against the shore.

“Be careful,” Qi Feng was a lot more cautious than He Jiawei.

“Look,” He Jiawei stretched his hand out to gesture in the air, wanting to share his feelings with Qi Feng. However, as he was not good with words, he was unable to express that wonder he felt. “Water is very gentle, but it can also become very strong.”

Qi Feng understood, “Just like girls’ judo?”

“Right, that’s right!” He Jiawei nodded his head continuously. “That’s what I mean!”

Qi Feng returned his gaze back to the sea. Six years ago, he had met He Jiawei on the basketball court. At that time, both of them were still reserves, and He Jiawei had had a physical confrontation with him. Both teams were dragged into it as well, but He Jiawei, to whom fighting was pretty much an ordinary affair,  would definitely have forgotten about it.

At that time, Qi Feng was not as good as fighting like he was now. On top of that, it was a group fight, and there were bound to be bruises. Back home, Qi Feng’s mother had told him, if the other person went in hard, and he went in hard as well, both would only end up in injuries; if the more the other party exerted his strength, the more flexible he became, he could take the strength away, and so could roll with the punches.

Suddenly, many people ran past the two of them. He Jiawei saw that they all looked very anxious, and asked, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, let’s go take a look.”

They followed the crowd, and saw that there were many people gathered by the shore.

Qi Feng grabbed a person passing them, “What happened?”

“An accident happened over there, ” This person’s accent was very strong, and his words were mixed with a local dialect. “Someone has been stung by sea scorpions.”

“Sea scorpions?”

“It’s the name we use here for jellyfish. You guys don’t look like you’re from here. Those jellyfish stings are way too dangerous. Let me tell you, last year, there was a man over a 100kg who died on the spot after getting stung.”

This local was very talkative, and as he hurried towards the accident he continued explaining it to He Jiawei and Qi Feng. “During August and September every year, we’ll always have cases of jellyfish stings, and the victims are all tourists. Always not staying within the safety zone and insisting on swimming further out, if unlucky, they’ll get stung. On top of this weather, they’ll be very fortunate if they don’t die!”

There were many people gathered at the scene. Fishermen, the rescue team, and many other tourists who were there on holiday as well, and they seemed to have come to the beach with the victim. There were too many people, so Qi Feng and He Jiawei could only look from the outside. They could not see how the victim looked like, but only hear the shouts from the crowd.

“The injury is very serious, it’s a huge one!”

“Soap! Did anyone bring soap?”

“This isn’t working, the one over here is injured even more badly!”

“Stop the blood! Stop the blood first!”

They hurriedly carried the two victims away, and the pebbles along the road were stained with blood.

The usually bold He Jiawei was now a little scared, “Luckily I listened to you and returned to the shore first.”

Qi Feng nodded, also slightly shocked, “The wind is getting stronger, let’s go back first.”


Qi Feng and He Jiawei stayed by the beach for a week before returning home, travel-stained. Qi Ying, who had just came back from extra classes, could not resist jabbing at them after seeing his own elder brother and the African elder brother return from their holiday.

“Hey, Angry T.Rex…” Qi Ying was currently in the self-important rebellious stage of his life, and did not call him gege like before. Although He Jiawei also greatly disliked the African gege name, but it was still better than having a small punk of a kid calling him Angry T.Rex.

“Angry your head,” He Jiawei waved his fist at him.

“I say, Angry T.Rex,” Qi Ying completely ignored his threat, and repeated it again on purpose. “Wang, Li, Zhang…”

He named many people in one breath, and He Jiawei realised these were all Qi Feng’s teammates, “What about them?”

“When they graduated from high school, they all immediately went out to play with their girlfriends.”


“Only my elder brother went with you. I really want to know, what’s going on between the both of you?”

He Jiawei did not know how to respond. He sneaked a peek at Qi Feng, and was alarmed that he was also looking at him. A tremble, and he hurriedly turned his head away.

“Hmm?” Qi Ying added fuel to the flames, leaning over and staring at his face from a close distance, then exclaiming loudly, “Aiyah!”

He Jiawei got a shock, “What are you shouting about!”

Qi Ying turned back to look at Qi Feng who had his head lowered in a book, “Ge, Angry T.Rex is blushing!”

“Oh,” Qi Feng flipped through the pages distractedly, as though all these had nothing to do with him.

“What, what nonsense are you saying! I, I’m not…” He Jiawei’s face reddened even more.

Qi Ying pinched his chin as though in deep thoughts, “So it turns out this is the benefit of having dark skin, it’s not very obvious when you blush.”

“You you you,” He Jiawei was angry as he swung his finger between the two people, finally gritting out, “Neither of you brothers are decent people!” Then he ran off.

Ge, you’ve been given the bad man card,” Qi Ying successfully chased He Jiawei away, and immediately turned around with an innocent expression, as though he was not the one who said those words.

“Isn’t it the same for you?”

“Mine’s buy one get one free.”

Seeing that Qi Feng had no intention of replying, Qi Ying tried hinting, “Last semester, the prettiest girl in my class gave a bad man card to my buddy, guess what happened later?”

“What happened?” Qi Feng asked lightly.

“This semester, she became his girlfriend.”

Qi Feng put down his books, “How old are you guys, dating so early.”

Qi Ying spread his palms up, “Ge, why are your inference skills so bad? You always miss the main point of the conversation.”

In the next few days, He Jiawei did not go to the dojo. He stayed at home obediently, but in the end he could no longer endure the boredom, and went to the tour agency to sign up for a random tour. Without even knowing his destination, he left. In the end, he went to Lhasa, and got into a fight with a Tibetan antelope. Again, he was repatriated with the crime of threatening the lives of endangered animals. Luckily for him, college was about to start.

On the first day he reported at Luoming Sports Institution, He Jiawei met someone familiar.

“Yo, Angry T.Rex is here!”

“Scram!” It was He Jiawei’s middle school teammate Qian Cheng, who went to Yanlai during his high school years, becoming his rival. In private, their relationship was not too bad, and during the selection trials, He Jiawei had saw Qian Cheng, and so was not surprised seeing him.

“Hey, we haven’t seen each other for the entire school break, but you’re still that bad tempered. Now we’re all classmates, later on, when you see him, don’t start fighting.”

“See who?” He Jiawei asked impatiently.

Qian Cheng laughed and pursed his lips, raising his chin towards a person behind He Jiawei. “There.”

He Jiawei turned around to see Qi Feng leaning carelessly against the door of the dormitory room across the corridor, looking at him with a faint smile.

At that moment, He Jiawei could not control his facial muscles. He obviously wanted to smile, but also wanted to put a furious look on his face. In the end, his face cramped up, and it was very comical.

Qi Feng broke out into laughter because of him.

Seeing Qi Feng laugh, He Jiawei no longer put on a pretence. He was not a person who was good at concealing his thoughts, and now, he also started laughing foolishly.

“Why did you come to the sports school too?”

“Why can’t I come to the sports school?”

“Didn’t you say that you could get into better schools?”

“I didn’t have to apply for the sports school, I had direct admission.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me? And even hid it from me for so long.”

“Do I have a duty to inform you? Classmate Angry T.Rex.”

“Don’t call me Angry T.Rex!”

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