TANW Chapter 51

Chapter 51 – In Moon Well, A Girl Died For Love   
1st of December, Thursday, 20:00

[Raid Leader] MourningMo: This is the 9th time we’re raiding Moon Well, at the last boss we were stuck there 3 times, let’s work harder tonight and defeat him!

The last boss of Moon Well was called Li YanLuo, the players nicknamed him the King of Hell, and the room he appeared in was referred to as Hades.
As its name suggested, Hades was really a place where people never returned from, many teams struggled here, even the mighty LuoMing had to repeat this part twice before completing it.
Although LingYang had a complete strategy guide on his hand, but defeating Li YanLuo was not based on tactics, tanks nor healers, but DPS. There was a fifteen minutes time limit to kill him, if he did not die within the time limit, he would start berserking, both his attack and defence would increase by 20,000+ points, and everyone would be killed instantly.
The pressure on their DPS was immense, requiring them to use up a lot of consumables. Each time before the battle they would consume all sorts of items as though they were free, during the battle they fought valiantly, desperately bringing all their skills into play, hoping to increase their DPS just a little bit more.
Passionate Sword had gone through three rounds with Li YanLuo, they could already keep his hp level below 10% before he started berserking. Their best result was 4%, but they could not find a way to get past the remaining hp.
Other than Passionate Sword, there were four other guilds in LinShan that were also stuck at Li YanLuo, their progress were all about the same.
Passionate Sword started getting ready at 7.30pm, entering the dungeon at 8pm on the dot. As they had already cleared the little monsters along the way in the past two days, they only needed slightly more than ten minutes to reach the entrance of Hades.
Mourning Mo as usual reminded the team about things to look out for, the team members readied their buffs, once they were all ready, YeLang rushed to attack the boss, his healer Bell followed closely, the rest of the team then surrounded quickly, standing in position, and systematically started attacking.
Fifteen minutes later, the boss’s hp was reduced to 6%, and he entered the berserker mode.

Everyone was used to this, they recovered rapidly, this cycle repeated, finally showing some progress, 5%, 4%, 3%… Mourning Mo’s dungeon plug-in started automatically calculating the boss’s hp, blood red words appeared on the screen, accompanied with an alert to boost their spirits, everyone was recharged.
2%, everyone was very nervous, although they knew that they still had chances to redo this part of the dungeon, but the DPS all tapped on their keys like crazy, afraid that they would miss that 0.01 second where their skills would not be activated. The healers also tried their best to participate in the combat, even FlowerHouse as a summoner-type cleric support employed his ultimate skill, combining himself with his chimpanzee, giving a tremendous roar. In an instant, FlowerHouse’s little team members doubled in size, turning red, their attack speed accelerated.

[Raid Leader] MourningMo: <Auto Report on Boss HP> 1%

Night Wolf cast a shield, three dazzling rays of light circled him, this was already the last line of defence for a guardian warrior.

[NPC] LiYanLuo: How amusing, is this all you can do? I don’t have the time to continue playing with you…

LingYang silently thought, not good, this was Li YanLuo’s dialogue before he started berserking. 1% left, how could they end here, he looked at the skills panel on the bottom right corner, and got an idea.
In the next second, Bell who clearly still had a hp level of 80% had an empty hp bar, her icon went into a spirit stage, before the team members realised what was going on, a spirit flew out of Bell’s corpse, floating above Night Wolf, reaching out her two hands, gently embracing his head, as though she was protecting the world’s greatest treasure.
At the same time, Night Wolf was surrounded by gold rays of light and became invulnerable, Li YanLuo’s berserk attack fell on him, and on the screen the word ‘immune’ appeared non-stop.

[Team] Bell: DPS, attack!!!

When the team members saw this they were re-invigorated, buffs appeared on everyone, this last 1% was like the battle of the century, and also like an ultra-slow motion playback, everyone’s mouths were dry, their palms sweaty, their fingers about to pierce through their keyboards.
This last sixty seconds passed as though they were 60 minutes, even 60 hours, finally, Li YanLuo gave a roar, with a dashing pose he fell.
As he fell, Bell’s spirit looked up and closed her eyes, rising reluctantly, fading away, finally turning into tiny bubbles, disappearing into Hades’ atmosphere, and leaving nothing behind.
Couple’s Abilities Female’s Ultimate Skill:

— A Chinese Ghost Story: You will become a spirit after your death, absorbing all damage to your partner for 60 seconds, only for female characters.

This was the first time Bell had used this sacrificial skill on Night Wolf under the control of LingYang…
And it would also be the last!
All 25 people were silent for a full minute.
Suddenly a cheer resounded from YY, then a second, a third… Everyone was ebullient, the entire YY and casual chat channel was influenced by the team’s great excitement, whooping for this hard-earned victory.
Night Wolf went down on one knee, inspecting Li YanLuo’s corpse. There were three items that dropped, one was a warrior’s shield, according to the way the loot was distributed, the MT would have priority for the defence gear, as such, he automatically stored it in his inventory.
A bow of the highest grade, the three archers in the team praised Brother Wolf’s luck, and started bidding for it disorderly.
Finally was a cleric’s accessory, <Li YanLuo’s Tear>, without informing anyone, the accessory went into Bell’s inventory, LingYang was taken aback when he saw the notice on the chat.

[Whisper] Bell: ???

Night Wolf did not reply him, but instead sent a message in the team chat.

[Team] NightWolf: MoMo, deduct it from my DKP.

As Bell had only joined Passionate Sword’s raiding team later, she did not have many points. Night Wolf was even worse off, from past till present, no MT’s ever had their DKP become positive, and so that was why all defence gear went to the MT first.
However, even though Night Wolf was the MT, his actions had also seriously violated the DKP allocation, without asking the opinions of  other clerics he gave the gear to his own wife, how was this any different from ninja-looting. When this happened in other teams, some of the members even chose to leave the guild, and the guild was forced to disband.
LingYang completely did not understand YeLang’s actions, all along he had been an impartial person, this he could roughly understand from XuXian’s previous summary of him, so why would he do such a thing to provoke the public’s criticisms?
But what was even more unexpected was, no one there disagreed with him, FlowerHouse ran over to revive Bell, the other two clerics even congratulated him in the team chat.
Night Wolf ran to those two clerics and told them something, but after that the both of them left, while LingYang was still trying to figure out what was going on, XuXian sent him a whisper.

[Whisper] FlowerHouse: Ah Lang is offering us monetary compensation.
[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] FlowerHouse:
He said your contribution was bigger, so he gave you priority access to the item, but as this violated the rules, so he converted the DKP to cash and wants to compensate us with it.
[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] FlowerHouse:
But it’s impossible for me to accept it, and it seems like those two girls also didn’t accept it.

LingYang pressed B to open his inventory, seeing the teardrop icon of <Li YanLuo’s Tear> he was touched.
Thinking about it he whispered his thanks to those two girls separately, the both of them simultaneously told him there was no need to thank them.
“Old Wolf has told us already, previously as we raided it was all under your guidance, when you returned you took over the position of the main healer, today your contribution was also the greatest, you deserved it, don’t ever feel awkward about it!”
When LingYang saw that message, his heart was filled with warmth.
He sent a whisper to the other person, ready to express his thanks.

[Whisper] Bell: Husband ~\(≧▽≦)/~
[System]  <NightWolf> is now offline.

LingYang was taken aback.
Maybe he had something on, this was LingYang’s thought.
Passionate Sword became the second team in LinShan to clear Moon Well Dungeon, not long after they killed Li YanLuo, news that the third team had also cleared Moon Well spread through the global chat, there was about a half hour difference between them.
The guild channel was very lively, even the guild leader who came and went like a shadow, MuRong, appeared to speak.

[Guild] MuRongFeiTian: Good job little fellas~ Congratulatory group kiss╭(╯3╰)╮
[Guild] MuRongFeiTian: To celebrate, the day after, which is on Saturday, I’ve booked a room at the restaurant near the south gate at 6.30pm, let’s meet up, those who don’t appear will have their raid’s attendance marked down for a month.

A round of cheers resounded.

[Guild] MuRongFeiTian: At that time I’ll also bring a new friend and introduce him to all of you 😉

MuRong then ignored the members’ guesses on the guild chat, he whispered LingYang directly.

[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: Remember to come on time, new friend.
[Whisper] Bell: orz with what identity?
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian:
My little lover? MT’s new wife? You’ll choose.
[Whisper] Bell:
No need to choose! I’ll confess my feelings tomorrow, wish me luck! The day after I will attend with a proper status!

1st of December, Thursday, 22:30
297, 298, 299…

[System] Congratulations! Your forging skill is now at the max level, you can learn new forging recipes now!
[System] <Bell> has gained the achievement <Master Craftsman>!

LingYang pumped his fist, yes!
He hurriedly retrieved that recipe from his inventory and learnt it.

Only after that did he discover that this recipe was a trap, it required 10 snowy krypton gold ores, 5 rhinoceros leather, one of earth, flame and air crystals each, and some other trivial items as well.
Krypton gold ore was the highest grade of ores in the game, found only in the snow-capped Mt. KunLun, though there was only a small chance it would appear. Krypton gold veins were already very rare, snowy krypton gold veins were even rarer, ever since LingYang had maxed his mining level he had been mining around Mt. KunLun, up till the point when he maxed his forging skill he had only found 3 ores.
Rhinoceros leather was a fairly valuable type of leather, very little was produced, but compared to snow krypton gold it was nothing.
And amongst all the materials, the most troublesome was the crystals, crystal shards could only be collected by defeating the monsters with the various attributes, 99 shards were required to form a crystal. For example, to get a flame crystal, flame goblins would have to be defeated, on average ten goblins would drop a shard, to form a crystal would requiring killing at least 1000 goblins. To get three crystals would be 3 times of 1000, with the ability of LingYang’s cleric, he did not know how long he would need to kill them all.
However LingYang did not plan on giving up, he first went to the market to buy all the snowy krypton gold ores and rhinoceros leather, including what he had on hand, he had a total of 5 ores and 3 leather.
Then he went on global to send a message:

[Global] Bell: Buying snowy krypton gold ores x5, rhinoceros leather x2 at high prices! Sellers please PM me!

Less than five minutes later, he received a letter with an attachment, opening it, it turned out to be two rhinoceros leather from Little Bottom Don’t Run Away.

[Whisper] Bell: Ah, thank you RunAway, how much for them?
[Whisper] LittleBottomDon’tRunAway:
They’re free! I fleeced them from MoMo, and never did anything with them, you’ll use them first, next time if I need them you can just give me some in return!
[Whisper] Bell:
!! Thank you!! T^T
[Global] Bell: Buying snowy krypton gold ores x5 at high prices! Sellers please PM me!

LingYang consecutively got 3 more gold ores from other players, after that he called out a few more times on global without any more responses, from high prices he now offered sky-high prices, then later changing sky-high prices to no matter the price, there was still no other responses. XuXian saw LingYang’s messages.

[Whisper] FlowerHouse: You can check out Ah Lang’s house? I remember he usually has quite a lot of materials in his house.

That reminded LingYang, Night Wolf had a house in the game, but LingYang never had the habit of going home, having been online for so long he had only been there two or three times.
Bell and Night Wolf were husband and wife, and so they could freely enter each other’s properties, and could even freely retrieve items from the storeroom in the house. When Bell came here for the first time, apparently Night Wolf had sold off most of the items not too long ago to pay back Bell’s debt, and so the rooms were somewhat empty. Therefore this time when LingYang came he got a shock. The storeroom was filled with all sorts of rare items and materials, as well as all sorts of crafted items, recipes, gears, and even strange and exotics toys. LingYang did not know when the other party had collected all these items.
LingYang thought while looking around, My husband’s treasury is really not small at all.
He then thought again, that was not right, all these items Bell could also take them, they could be considered shared property, if he really wanted to cheat him, he would have cleared him out long ago. For Night Wolf to display these items openly here, it showed how deeply he trusted Bell.
There were really snowy krypton gold ores in Night Wolf’s store, in fact, there were as many as 6 of them, LingYang had wasted his time and money buying them on the global chat.
The ores were settled, and getting the other materials ready, LingYang set off again, resetting his skill tree at the career guidance NPC to a destructive-type, so as to reduce the amount of time required to kill the monsters.
At the career guidance NPC LingYang stood there for awhile, recalling the first time he met Night Wolf there. On that day Night Wolf had lent him 20 gold, then he was forced to sell himself to become his wife, their progress up till now was really an intriguing destiny.
LingYang summoned his ride, going to Wind Valley to kill the feathered beasts there, these humanoids with wings would drop air crystal shards.
Killing by himself for awhile, XuXian entered his room after knocking.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
LingYang showed him the recipe.
“What a trap.” XuXian assessed it.
“Isn’t it.”
XuXian then looked at the attributes of the finished product, then commented again, “How sick.”
“It’s quite suitable for Night Wolf.”
“But how long would you need to kill them all? You have to kill at least 3000 monsters, you’ll need to be lucky enough to collect so many.”
“I’ll probably stay up all night,” LingYang picked up the can on his table and shook it. “I bought Redbull.”
XuXian was silent for a bit, turning around, “I’ll help you.”
Not long after, FlowerHouse flew over, summoning a flame bear that was the direct enemy of these feathered beasts. A breath of flames he burned a swath of them, LingYang felt amused when he saw it.

[Local] Bell:
Are you BBQ-ing birds?
[Local] FlowerHouse:
I don’t know if they’ll taste good, I’ll let you try them once I’m done
[Local] Bell:
No thanks! Little Antelope is a herbivore!

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