TANW Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – The Foreshadowing Of Upcoming Events

Sender: Ironman (Ironman?Preventing AIDS is Everyone’s Responsibility)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Are There Any Volunteers in the Dorms to Distribute Condoms
Location: YanShan University A Century to Educate BBS

It’s to raise public awareness for World AIDS Day.

Sender: Antelope (Little Antelope Cares for Society)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: Are There Any Volunteers in the Dorms to Distribute Condoms
Location: YanShan University A Century to Educate BBS

For those of us who don’t stay in dormitories, how should we get them?

Today was one of the very rare days where LingYang woke up early. In fact, he had not slept well the night before. Ever since he knew that WeiShi had looked for T.Rex to inquire privately about his account (one of them), he had an uneasy feeling.

“Do you think he would already have doxxed me?” LingYang lay across the table in Tang XiuWen’s room and sighed.
“As long as you walk on a path, all the grass there would have been gnawed bare. Tracking you down is not difficult at all.” Tang XiuWen sat leisurely with his legs crossed on another chair and a book spread open on his knee. However, he did not flip a page for a long time. Who knew what he was thinking about.
“Hey, Teacher what are you gloating about, both of us share an interdependent relationship!”
“I’m really regretting having this sort of relationship with you,” Tang XiuWen snorted coldly. “Not afraid of lion-like opponents, only afraid of antelope-like teammates.”
Tang XiuWen’s phone rang, he took a look at it and clicked his tongue.
“Student WeiShi, is there a problem?”
Upon hearing this name LingYang immediately sat up properly and strained his ears.
He only saw Tang XiuWen frown, “I don’t need it urgently, you don’t have to trouble yourself to come here.”
The other person said something, and Tang XiuWen rejected him again, “You don’t have to come here, it’s not convenient… You’re already downstairs?”
Tang XiuWen jabbed at the end call button and squinted his phoenix eyes. It seemed like he was coming up with a scheme.
“It can’t be, the class leader is coming?”
Tang XiuWen looked at him, pondering for two seconds, “Let’s do it like this.”
He stood up and walked towards LingYang.
“Like what?”
Tang XiuWen was already in front of LingYang, dragging him up from the chair, “Take off your clothes.”
“What?? Teacher, what do you want to do?” LingYang’s face was full of horror.
“Making him give up.”
While speaking, Tang XiuWen started to loosen LingYang’s clothes. It was too sudden and LingYang was defenceless. By the time he recovered from his initial shock, his top had been removed by Tang XiuWen.
Tang XiuWen grabbed LingYang’s shoulders with both hands. Smiling evilly, he leaned down.
LingYang’s brain crashed.
Once Tang XiuWen’s kiss ended, he rubbed at LingYang’s collarbone, admiring his work in satisfaction, then he shoved him onto the bed.
“Lie down.”
He then pulled the blanket up, “Cover yourself.”
LingYang followed each step as though he was a robot, and then he watched Tang XiuWen turn around and remove his own clothes quickly, only leaving a pair of underwear. At this moment, LingYang did not know why the only thought that appeared in his head was “What a good figure…”
With a yank, Tang XiuWen covered himself with a bathrobe, with an action that was as cool as an action hero.
He tied the belt loosely around his waist, with half his chest exposed. LingYang was entranced.
Tang XiuWen picked up their clothes that were strewn all over the floor, then starting by the bed, he threw them one by one onto the floor again, all the way to the entrance. At this moment, someone knocked on the door.
With a foot, he kicked the neatly placed shoes by the door into a mess, as though the two people who entered the place did not even have time to remove their shoes before tangling themselves together.
LingYang pulled the blanket over his head in despair.
Tang XiuWen waited for the knocking on the door to get more and more urgent, only then did he open it. His chest was even heaving, as though he was engaging in some rigorous activities.
His bathrobe looked as though it was worn hastily, exposing a large span of fair skin, a certain part of his chest half-hidden. His breathing was rapid, and he even had an expression on his face that showed he was clearly unhappy being disrupted.
WeiShi, who had never changed his facial expression in ten thousand years, was actually slightly mesmerised by this version of Tang XiuWen.
Tang XiuWen reached his hand out, “Give me that thing, you can leave now.”
WeiShi looked behind Tang XiuWen, seeing the messiness of the room, his face sunk.
“Have you seen enough?” Tang XiuWen spoke coldly.
“Who’s inside?” WeiShi’s eyes finally fell onto the figure curled under the blanket.
“Is that any business of yours?”
WeiShi pushed him aside and entered, Tang XiuWen assumed a position as though he was going to stop him. “Are you planning on trespassing a teacher’s room?”
WeiShi completely ignored him and continued walking in, Tang XiuWen did not want any physical contact with him, and only made a gesture and moved aside. He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, ready to watch the show.
WeiShi walked to the bed and pulled the blanket away. With an innocent expression LingYang raised his right hand, “Hi~ Class Leader, what a coincidence.”
His upper body was bare, his face was slightly flushed as it was trapped under the blanket. Near his collarbone was a very obvious love bite, it was difficult for people to not notice it.
WeiShi clenched his fist, LingYang thought, oh no, does he want to beat me.

Luckily WeiShi only gazed at him for awhile and silently left.
However Tang XiuWen stopped him at the door, “How embarrassing to let you see this.” No embarrassment was detected in his voice, “But as my identity is somewhat special, could Student WeiShi help us keep this a secret?”
WeiShi stared at him coldly and the two of them looked at each other silently, undercurrents swirling beneath the tranquil surfaces.
Once WeiShi finally left, LingYang lay on the bed, looked at the ceiling and sighed emotionally, “I still thought that I was the main character. After so much commotion it turns out I was only the cannon fodder support…”
“To be able to be my cannon fodder, it can be considered your good fortune,” Tang XiuWen had just got rid of a big problem, even his tone was relaxed.
“Ah~~ I cannot accept that my dear disciple has become like this! Give me back my Little Buckle!” LingYang called out indignantly.
Tang XiuWen lowered his head, when he raised it again he had changed to a different expression, “Master~~ Is my bed very fragrant and soft? If you haven’t had enough of it, why don’t we do something else ~\(≧▽≦)/~ ?”
LingYang rolled off the bed and started wearing his clothes.
Exiting the teacher’s dorm, LingYang was stimulated by the cold temperature outside, unconsciously clutching his jacket tightly around him.
Ah, without noticing it was now December, it had been five months from the first time he met Night Wolf in the game. These five months, LingYang had interacted with him through all sorts of identities, now he was convinced that YeLang was not completely indifferent to him, and so it was time to admit the truth. Even if the other party was to get angry, LingYang was afraid even he himself would break down if he continued with this act.
A person with a stack of flyers in his hand stopped LingYang on the path.
“Hi student, today is World AIDS Day, please look at our flyer. Preventing the spread of AIDS is everyone’s responsibility.”
LingYang accepted it, “Good of you to say that. I really care for our society.”
The other person was very happy to hear that, he quickly took a dozen souvenirs from his bag. “These are the souvenirs that we’re distributing. Everyone is supposed to only have one, but since you care so much for society, I’ll give you more.”
LingYang could neither laugh nor cry when he accepted those dozen condoms. He wondered if Brother Lang’s kidneys were good or not, how long would it take to use up all of them and whether these things had an expiration date.
When LingYang reached home, YeLang was surprisingly there.
YeLang also did not know why, having not seen LingYang the entire day yesterday, he came over today as though he was possessed without even thinking of an excuse. Who knew that LingYang, who did not have any classes in the morning and loved sleeping in, had actually left so early in the morning.
Ever since XuXian knew the truth that LingYang was Bell, every time he saw YeLang he felt a little guilty. Once he opened the door for him, he ran away using classes as an excuse. Staying there by himself for a little while, YeLang was about to leave, but the other party happened to come back. Fortunately, LingYang’s mood was pretty good when he saw YeLang, and did not ask him about his reason for coming here.
“Why did you wake up so early this morning?” YeLang asked.
“Oh, there was a small issue, so I went to our counsellor’s dorm.” LingYang answered him while removing his jacket, and something fell from his pocket.
LingYang was not paying attention, so YeLang helped picked it up for him. When he realised what it was, YeLang’s face changed.
“Ah, that.” Only then did LingYang realise what he dropped. “That was distributed by a volunteer along the street, isn’t today some World AIDS Day or something.”
“Distributed a dozen of it?” YeLang clearly did not believe him.
LingYang choked, “… Because I care for society.”
“Oh right, you see, I even have the flyer,” LingYang hurriedly checked his pockets for the flyer, After looking for a long time he still could not find it, oh no, could he have dropped it along the way.
YeLang silently handed the condoms over to the frantic LingYang, the latter was still trying to explain, “I’m not lying to you, it was really given to me on the street, aiyah, where did that damned thing go.”
YeLang’s hand suddenly raised upwards, landing on LingYang’s neck. LingYang was made senseless by his sudden action, and even his hands stopped. He looked at the other person in surprise.
YeLang’s thumb touched LingYang’s collarbone, “What is this?”
LingYang was alarmed, instinctively he tried to cover it with a lie, “A, a mosquito bit me.”
“It’s now December.” YeLang’s voice was colder than the temperature outside.
LingYang blanked out. At that moment he seemed to have seen him replaced by Night Wolf.
“No, it’s really not what you think it is, this, he, that…” LingYang was dispirited. At this moment he could not say that this was a kiss forced onto him by Little Buckle.
YeLang looked at him panicking, then thought about XuXian’s unnatural behaviour when he saw him this morning. He finally realised the problem, LingYang might not have left early in the morning, but instead he did not come back last night.
He felt an unexplainable irritation. He thought that if he continued staying here he would lose control of his emotions. Walking around LingYang he left while slamming the door heavily behind him.
LingYang just stood there dumbfounded. This was simply a repeat from this morning. Only that instead of lying on the bed he was now standing by the door… But no matter where he was he was still the most miserable and the innocent one, ok?!
Also, YeLang’s reaction just now, was he jealous?
No, the biggest problem now was… He was completely misunderstood ah ah ah!!!
“YeLang, hey, YeLang!” A classmate in his group yanked YeLang’s hand a way, but he was still too late, YeLang felt a pain rising from his left hand.
“YeLang are you ok? You even dare to be distracted when soldering circuit boards?”
YeLang looked down at the part between his thumb and index finger on his left hand. There was an injury there with a blister forming.
The classmate picked up YeLang’s half-completed project to inspect it, “Damn, the parts are all spoilt, your radio will not be able to receive any signals.”
YeLang had been suppressing an unnamed fire the entire day. Setting the soldering gun on the rack, he stood up, ready to leave.
“YeLang, where are you going?”

“Not soldering anymore.”
“What? You’re even skipping the electrical practical? Then how are you going to complete the assignment?”
MuRong, who woke up at 2pm to eat breakfast, walked out of Snack City, and bumped into YeLang who was full of suppressed anger.
“Yo, who made our MT angry again. Look at you, there’s not going to be any living items within a hundred miles radius anymore.” MuRong teased.
YeLang was not in the mood to interact with anyone today. He only wanted to return to his dorm and vent his anger through killing people online.
The Ye Family taught them to be low profile, steady and practical. For a long time, he had always hidden his bad temper very well in real life, only exposing his innate nature online.
Since interacting with LingYang, YeLang had been trying to show him his patient nature as much as possible, helping him recover from his PTSD without any complaints. Even he himself thought that his character was slowly improving.
However, ever since he saw that scene in LingYang’s house in the morning, he was hovering on the edge of control. If he continued staying there back then, he did not know what sort of things he would do to hurt the other person.
Looking at him, MuRong could roughly guess what happened. Hooking his arm across the other person’s neck he walked forward, “Ok ok, is it your little boyfriend who made you angry again? Hai, I’ve clearly reminded him before. That guy really has a poor memory.”
YeLang discovered something suspicious in his words, “You’ve reminded him before? What do you mean?” YeLang completely did not realise he had already automatically substituted that little boyfriend MuRong mentioned with LingYang.
MuRong had an enigmatic expression on his face, “Seems like he hasn’t admitted it to you.”
“Admit what?”
“Admit that he likes you.”
YeLang was in a daze, “Really?”

“Of course, the spectators see the chess game better than the players, Big Brother already saw it right from the start. You just failed to see the truth about the person, as you’re too close to the situation.”
YeLang’s face slightly relaxed a little.
“But I guess…” MuRong kept him in suspense.
“What are you guessing?” YeLang saw that he did not continue, and couldn’t help asking.
“He’s not telling you because he has some misgivings.”
“What misgivings?”
MuRong’s hand that was hooked across YeLang’s neck patted his shoulder strongly, “This one, you’ll need to think about it yourself. Also, at the necessary moment, you have to take the initiative. Don’t forget, you’re the wolf, he’s the antelope. You’re the one who has to carry him back to the den, don’t always let the antelope lead you by the nose.”
MuRong saw that YeLang still had a perplexed expression on his face, he proposed, “Our guild hasn’t had a gathering in awhile. It’s a Saturday the day after. Why don’t I book a room in a restaurant, you invite your little boyfriend and we’ll all have a meal together?”
YeLang nodded his head hesitantly.
BaiLong had arranged to meet XuXian at three in the afternoon. YanShan’s campus was so big, he unexpectedly met WeiShi.
When LingYang disappeared and WeiShi was sent to the West by Tang XiuWen, WeiShi took the initiative to look for BaiLong online. BaiLong accepted his proposal, and worked with him to investigate LingYang’s whereabouts.
However, after he found LingYang, he stopped contacting WeiShi under LingYang’s request and never asked him about the whereabouts of LingYang’s disciple. On this point, BaiLong felt guilty. It would inevitably be awkward when they met again.
Contrary to expectations, WeiShi took the initiative to greet BaiLong, as though BaiLong had never broke off contact with him. BaiLong could not help but become suspicious.
WeiShi had never beat around the bush before. After greeting him he immediately asked about LingYang.
Last night he had conversed with MuRong to lights-out. This guild leader of Passionate Sword knew more than what he could imagine. The two of them even shared the same point-of-view on some matters. After WeiShi got the information he wanted, MuRong even took the initiative to disclose many things to do with LingYang’s “love triangle”. WeiShi was an intelligent person, towards news like these, he would never treat it as if it was just simple gossip.
“I heard LingYang recently liked a straight guy again? You’re not afraid he would repeat his previous mistake?”
BaiLong did not expect him to be so direct, and could only reply, “Maybe he’s not as straight as we think he is.”
“This was also what you thought previously, you’ve seen the results for yourself.” WeiShi spoke ruthlessly. “I don’t know if you heard about this.”
“What is it?”
WeiShi took a step forward, “I have a reliable news, this straight person that LingYang fancies,” He purposely lowered his voice, slowly saying each word, “also, has, a, wife.”
WeiShi watched his pupils suddenly contract, satisfied, he knew he had achieved his goal, and so he no longer bothered with BaiLong’s reaction, laughing coldly he left.
Little Antelope ah Little Antelope, you’ve actually lied to me for so long, and even meddled with my man. Now it’s also time for you to reap what you sow.
BaiLong stood there by himself for a long period of time, taking his phone out he called XuXian.
“Something came up, I won’t be able to come over today.”
That time when LingYang fell into the water, BaiLong had followed XuXian to YeLang’s dorm, he had remembered his address. Today he visited the place a second time. There was only YeLang in the dorm sitting by the table deep in thought.
YeLang saw BaiLong and was very surprised, “Why are you here?”
“I have something to ask you,” BaiLong’s expression was very serious. YeLang had met BaiLong a few times. He always had a cynical and playboy charm about him, the few times he had an expression like this, he had only seen it once, and that was when XuXian mentioned LingYang’s hand at the swimming complex.
“Something to do with little Xian?”
BaiLong slowly shook his head, “It’s to do with LingYang.”
YeLang had a questioning look in his eyes.
“I know, I’m an outsider, it’s not feasible for me to meddle in your private affairs. However, there’s one thing I need to make clear,” BaiLong spoke seriously. “You have a wife?”
YeLang was taken aback. This question, to say yes it was not correct, to say no it was also not correct, this was basically something that could not be explained clearly.
BaiLong saw that he did not reply, so he treated it as though he admitted to it.
“If it’s really like this, then I’ll advise you to better stay away from LingYang.” A threat could be heard in BaiLong’s voice, as he had grown up around troops and was also a military school student, when he threatened someone, it really could give off a homicidal feeling. 
“What do you mean?” YeLang’s instinctive masculine belligerence was triggered by the other party.
“LingYang likes you,” BaiLong made no attempt to conceal it.
YeLang was stunned, this was already the second time today that he heard this “love confession” from other people.
“But he cannot tell you, because he has misgivings.”
——MuRong: The reason why he cannot tell you is because he has misgivings.
YeLang’s heart jolted.
“LingYang had once liked a straight guy. The other person had a girlfriend, but he still treated LingYang very well, even beyond the limits of a friend. LingYang thought that he also had feelings for him, and ran off to confess to him, but lost tragically.”
“Although I didn’t see it that way, LingYang always believed he was the third party. Even if he suffered any grievances, he would rather endure it without any protest, and he didn’t even dare to let the other person know the truth. It’s true that LingYang is a person who lies a lot, but every time he lies it’s either to escape or out of goodwill. Even if he is misunderstood, he would not be willing to hurt anyone.”
“He is very timid, getting injured once in the sea, from then on he never dared to go into the water. But he’s very brave, for his friend, he can also sacrifice his lifelong dream.”

“Do you understand what I mean? LingYang had suffered a loss once with someone like you, he would not dare to try a second time easily. And I,” BaiLong spoke word by word, “would also never, ever let that sort of thing happen again!”

Chapter 50 – END

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