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Extra 1.7 Qi Feng X Angry T.Rex

Murong and his teammate found seats near He Jiawei. He Jiawei at first wanted to introduce himself to his guild leader, but looking down, he realised that he was wearing his school’s athletic gear.

During the period of time when guilds were being created in the new server, He Jiawei happened to have been in a small conflict with Qi Feng again. In a fit of anger, he joined Passionate Sword, a rival guild of Luoming. To join this Senlan guild that was for Senlan students, he even created a fake identity for himself.

If he was to greet Murong now, it would mean that his identity would be exposed, and he might even be treated as a spy. As such, He Jiawei could only give up on introducing himself to Murong.

Upon sitting down, Murong started discussing the situation of the upcoming match with his teammate. Hearing them mentioning Qi Feng, He Jiawei’s ears could not help but perk up.

“Who do you think is likely to win?” Murong’s teammate was the one who posed this question.

“To be able to reach this stage of the competition, their standards wouldn’t differ too much. If I have to decide…” Murong’s eyes drifted over to Ling Yang and his group. At this time, the competitors’ data were flashed on the screen, and when the name Little Antelope appeared, it even attracted a round of applause and cheers.

“I’ve seen quite a number of videos of Little Antelope. His handling and skills are not conventional, and he’s not a predictable opponent.”

“Both teams’ deployment are very similar, with a cleric and a mage each. Luoming Wind can attack from both far and near, while Bengal Tiger’s warrior can only attack in close range.”

Murong nodded. “However, Bengal Tiger has an advantage. His response rate is very high. At first, I had thought it was because his fingers were fast…” He suddenly turned the discussion in a different direction. “There’s a 5v5 player in Daishan called Magician, do you know about him?”

“Of course, he’s one of our most troublesome opponents. I’ve heard that his occupation in real life is a magician.”

“That’s right, as a magician, your hands are more deft and agile than most people, and so it translates into the game. I used to think that Bengal Tiger was the same, but then I found out that he has such a fast response rate is because he’s a pilot.”


“Why is the response rate of a pilot faster than most people?” Behind He Jiawei, someone asked the same question. Only then, did he realise that someone had sat in the row of seats behind him.

“It’s part of their training,” The voice of the person speaking was bright and clear. It was another 3v3 player, Hu Li. “There’s two special training pilots have to go through, and they’re very effective in e-sports as well. How many screens can you pay attention to at once?”

“Uhh, 1? Maybe 2?”

“Most people would become giddy when they pay attention to two screens, as they can only focus on one thing at a time. However, a pilot needs to be able to keep track of more than 10 items on their dashboard at once. Just like the plug-ins on the screen, there’s your HP level, your attacks, your cool downs. Most people would only be able to read the data on the edge of their focus, but pilots are able to take in everything at the same time.”

“So it’s like this. Then, what about the second point?”

“It’s their response rate. In the air, things that a pilot will need to pay attention to is way more complicated than in the game. Sometimes, they only have less than a second to react to the information they receive. Most people would think that the opponent’s speed in attacking is very fast, but in their eyes, the opponent probably looks as slow as snails.”

“Their eyes?”

“It’s not only Bengal Tiger, Little Antelope’s training in this area is definitely no less than his.”

“Hu Li, you really know your opponents very well.”

Hu Li laughed lightly. “I heard it from Shen Ma. His cousin is friends with Bengal Tiger and the others. It’s no secret that Bengal Tiger is a student pilot in Qiantang Military School, as for Little Antelope…”

He paused meaningfully, “Having trained for so many years to no avail, and not being able to become a pilot, this is completely not a secret in their compound.”

“Between these two teams, which one are you hoping would win?”

Hu Li responded with a smile only.

“If Little Antelope wins, you’ll be facing them. Everyone is now fervently discussing in both the game and on the forums about who is the number 1 cleric in Daishan.”

“If it’s me, I’ll vote for Little Antelope.” Murong was looking up at the ceiling, a lollipop in his mouth.

“Oh? You feel that Little Antelope is better than Fox? Don’t forget, Fox has long been famous even before anyone has heard of Little Antelope. Although Little Antelope has been very active recently, and has been called the Founder of Druidism or something, and his popularity has exceeded Fox a little, but he’s only a newcomer, and might just be a flash in the pan.”

“I’m also not sure. It may just be my instincts. I’ve seen a few videos of Fox, and always felt that his handling is a little malicious. It seems like he would do anything do make sure he wins.” Murong tilted his head as he thought about it. “Of course, I might just be mistaken.”

He Jiawei had not heard a single bit of either discussions. His attention had been fully captured by the on-going match. He had completely no interest in the rivalry for the number one cleric between Fox and Little Antelope, and the only thing he was concerned with was Qi Feng’s performance.

He was not the only one. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, the match had turned out to be completely one-sided. There was no teamwork and coordination within the Madhouse team, and Luoming Xiaoge’s attacks were overwhelming their opponents.

The Luoming team advanced, while the Madhouse team retreated. Just as everyone thought that the win was confirmed, the match took an abrupt turn. Only needing a blast of fire to kill off Little Antelope who only had a shred of HP left, Luoming Xiaoge had instead cast a sheep-polymorph spell on him.

With the polymorph spell, although the target would not be able to do anything, but his HP would regain rapidly. Even the commentator shouted incredulously, “The mage cast polymorph! The mage cast polymorph! Has Luoming team’s mage suffered a blow to his head?!”

Just as Luoming Xiaoge finished casting the sheep polymorph spell, he realised the situation had gone wrong. He wanted to throw a fireball in rectification, but his casting ability was sealed by Bailong, who reacted even faster than him. Luoming Xiaoge roared out anxiously, “Attack the sheep! Attack the sheep!”

As if Qi Feng needed his reminder. He had long flew over to Little Antelope, but was intercepted by Meng Hu, then stunned immediately. The Luoming team had no choice but to watch Little Antelope, who was about to die, recover his full HP.

Although He Jiawei was also a fan of PK, but he only did it for fun. Towards PVP, he was still an outsider. However, even he could see that Qi Feng’s team was powerless now.

As expected, the Madhouse team took hold of this opportunity and launched a counterattack. Bailong exceeded his usual performance, and with a few attacks, killed off Xiaoge, and then defeated the two Qi brothers. The match, whose results had nearly been confirmed due to one side’s drop in form, had now reversed dramatically.

Yanking his headphones down, Xiaoge threw them with great force onto his keyboard. He covered his face in pain, “Fuck, I only wanted to cast a fireball, how did I end up casting the polymorph spell.”

Qi Feng did not say a word, and Qi Ying had a recalcitrant look on his face. On the other side, although the three of them had won the match, but they did not seem happy about it at all.

Qi Feng had already left the stage. However, he did not walk towards the competitors’ zone, but headed out of the venue. Before He Jiawei had registered his actions, his feet already chased after Qi Feng, and stopped him in the emergency access corridor.

Qi Feng had only wanted to get some air, and was not as upset as He Jiawei imagined. However, since it was rare to see He Jiawei so concerned and yet unable to express it, his scheming character could not help but act up. He quickly put on a more disappointed face.

“Are… are you alright?” It was also rare for He Jiawei to see Qi Feng disappointed, and so he thought that Qi Feng had really suffered a big blow from the defeat.

Qi Feng looked at him, upset. He began to speak, but bit his tongue.

He Jiawei moved closer to him, but did not know how to console him.

Qi Feng sighed and pulled him into his arms. He buried his face in the crook of his neck. “Angry, come, give me a hug.” With the pressure on his nose, his voice sounded a little stuffy.

He Jiawei had wanted to struggle out of the embrace, but after hearing his words, he did not move. He stood there quietly, allowing him to hug him. Time ticked by, and the corridor was strangely silent. He could even hear both their heartbeats.

The door to the corridor was pushed open. Qi Feng lifted his head to see Ling Yang who had hastily entered.

Ling Yang had also only wanted to get some air, only to see something he should not see. After a stunned pause, he quickly fell back.

He Jiawei too heard the door, and quickly pulled out of Qi Feng’s arms. “Who was it?”

“It was the wind,” Qi Feng generously released him. “I feel a lot better now, thank you.”

With Qi Feng’s words, He Jiawei instead became a little embarrassed. “It’s nothing, don’t be too upset…”

“If I’m upset, would you console me?”

He Jiawei thought about it. “How about I treat you to dinner tonight?”

“I don’t want dinner.”

“Then, what do you want?”

“I want to have you.” Qi Feng immediately went for it.

He Jiawei’s face reddened instantly, fortunately for him, it was undetectable like usual.

Qi Feng smiled wryly, “It’s only a joke, I don’t want to force you into anything you don’t want.”

“Let’s go, I’m fine now.” Grabbing He Jiawei’s hand, he pulled him along, but He Jiawei remained standing there.

He turned his head in question, and He Jiawei’s blushing face was now very obvious. He said, “If, if you really want to do it… I’m not doing it out of pity!”

When Qi Feng saw his expression, he was first taken by surprise, then was incredulous, and finally overjoyed. If Qi Ying was there, he would definitely have given his brother an Oscar.

For the rest of the day, He Jiawei was muddled. He also did not know why he had agreed to it so impulsively, and kept thinking about how to go back on his words. However, by the time they got to a hotel room, he still had yet to come up with a reasonable excuse.

— Why would he become soft-hearted when he saw the pitiful look on his face?

— Also, having known him for so many years, it was very likely that the pitiful look was feigned.

— Knowing that he was only pretending, but he still willingly fell for it, was he stupid?

Qi Feng saw the conflict on his face, and knew what he was thinking. “If you’re thinking of going back on your words, you still have time to do so. Although, as a man, one’s words should always carry weight, a promise should be like gold, a gentleman should never take back his words…”

“Stop!” He Jiawei gnashed his teeth. “I’m a man, I won’t renege on my promises, fine?”

“But I don’t want to force you into anything.”

“You’re not forcing me! I’m willing!” He Jiawei felt that there was no one more tragic in this world than him. He had decided that “force” was now the word he hated the most.

Qi Feng knew that if he continued teasing He Jiawei, he would leave in a fit of anger. Just as he was about to coax him, his phone, left on the table, rang. Regretting majorly that he had not shut his phone off, and wanted to ignore it, but it kept ringing on and on.

“Who is this?” His voice was obviously impatient as he answered the call.

“Luoming Wind? I’m Murong from Passionate Sword. Your younger brother is now at the bar, drunk. Can you come and pick him up?”

“My brother is still underaged, who allowed you guys to buy alcohol for him?”

“The little kid wanted to drink, how could I win him in a fight?” Murong could not be blamed for it.

“Just find any old trash bin and throw him in it.”

“Huh?” Murong had to give it to this two brothers. “You better come quick. He’s still fussing about drinking some more, we’re unable to stop him.”

Resigned, Qi Feng hung up. “I have to leave for a bit.”

“What?” He Jiawei did not know if he should feel happy or angry. What was this situation now?

Qi Feng kissed his foolish face. “Good boy, wait for me. I’ll be back very soon.”

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