TANW Character Sheet

The author’s short introduction to some characters:

Name (Nickname) → IGN + (Daishan Server) IGN = BBS name and *notes

Yanshan University

Ling Yang (Yangyang) → Bell + (Daishan) Little Antelope (Chapter 26) = Antelope
*Bottom, was playing a male account in Daishan. Currently playing a female account in Linshan, and his sockpuppet account of the server gathering is Luoming Shadow (Chapter 29)

*Lied to the wolf saying that he was Little Antelope’s disciple, and that his master had liked him while he didn’t like his master, and so changed servers (Chapter 27)

*Lied to the wolf that he was called Little Fat Sheep in Daishan (Chapter 40)
*Druidic Cleric, used to play PVE, then moved on to PVP. Assistant guild leader of Madhouse 201, and the main healer of the guild (Chapter 64)


Xu Xian (Huahua) → FlowerHouse = Hana

*Ling Yang’s roommate, good at cooking, about to capture Bai Long (Chapter 26)


Tang Xiuwen (Little Buckle) (Chapter 47) → Husband, Please Be Gentle + (Daishan) Azure Buckle

*Ling Yang’s disciple. Was Weishi’s wife in the old server, and is now hiding from him. He knows Weishi in real life, but Weishi doesn’t know who he is (Chapter 15)

*Ling Yang’s counsellor, and his little brother knows Ling Yang (Chapter 19). He wrote an excuse letter for Ling Yang so that he didn’t have to attend swimming classes (Chapter 19)


Weishi (Disciple’s Husband) → Wife, The Night is Short (Chapter 53 + 58) + (Daishan) Sakka = Lionking

*Ling Yang’s class leader (Chapter 19), in the old server, he’s devotedly waiting for Azure Buckle by Lake Shiwen (Chapter 17)
*Used a side account Luoming Lion to investigate Little Buckle’s tracks, and knows that Husband, Please Be Gentle is Azure Buckle (Chapter 49)

Senlan Technological University

Ye Lang → Nightwolf = Nightwolf (Chapter 70)

*Top, a heterosexual. Ling Yang is determined to turn him gay, and is good friends with Xu Xian


Murong Feitian → Murong Feitian = Murong (Chapter 44 + 45)

*Ye Lang’s senior. Passionate Sword’s guild leader who rarely appears, and is in a 2v2 team with Qi Feng’s little brother (Chapter 42)

Luoming Sports Institution

Qi Feng → Luoming Wind = Sevenwind

*Has met Ling Yang in real life (Chapter 21). Is Number 7 in his basketball team (Chapter 23)


He Jiawei (Angry T-Rex) → Uncle He = Qfnidaye (Chapter 38)

*Is a couple with Qi Feng, and has already been eaten by him (Chapter 11). Is Number 14 in his basketball team (Chapter 23)

Qiantang Military School

Bai Long (Little White Dragon) → Bai Shaotang (Chapter 63) = Haku (Chapter 33)

*Ling Yang’s childhood friend, and has known him for 16 years (Chapter 24). He’s gay, and is the person who made the bet with Yangyang in Chapter 1 (Chapter 38)

*Air mage, Guild leader of Madhouse 201: Young Master Bai, Madhouse Director (Chapter 63)


Meng Hu → (Daishan) Bengal Tiger (Chapter 64)

*A buddy that Ling Yang had confessed his feelings to before. A heterosexual with a girlfriend, and had brutally rejected Ling Yang (Chapter 30)

*Childhood friend of Ling Yang and Bai Long. Assistant guild leader of Ling Yang’s previous guild (Chapter 60)

*Warrior, plays defense in PVE, and a demon knight in PVP. Assistant guild leader of Madhouse 201, and the main tank of the guild (Chapter 64)

Lanshan Music College

Hu Li → (Chapter 66)

*Probably the only antagonist in the novel. From LM guild, the only guild who dares to butt head with Madhouse (Chapter 66)

*Summoner cleric, PVP expert. Core of LM, and the champion of the first PK competition (Chapter 66)

*Even more famous is his identity offline (Chapter 66)


Qi Ying → Second Young Master Luoming Hurricane (Chapter 42)

*Qi Feng’s little brother. Is currently overseas. Doesn’t like Luoming Shadow, the account his brother created for him, and so the account has been lent to Ling Yang (Chapter 28)


Tang Xiuwu (Chapter 66)

Tang Xiuwen’s little brother, Ling Yang’s friend.

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