TANW Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – Goodbye to the Past, Hello to the Future
<Pale Soul OL> Forum Dungeon Discussion

Topic: Air Force’s Compound 201’s Group for Extra-Curricular Interests this ID After Going into Seclusion, is There No Successors in <Pale Soul OL>?
Poster: I’m Dissatisfied
Content: Why hasn’t there been an acceptable guide for Moon Well dungeon? All these groups that have gone through the various stages, why are you guys concealing it?
1L: I also miss the guides by the interest group, each one of them was complete, excellent text and photos, there were even videos, and the tactics for every profession were written in detail as well, such a  systematic guide is very rare today.
2L: Last year after their guides were serialised in the magazine <Game Fundamentals>, I even subscribed to a year’s worth, just to see that little pamphlet.
3L: Right right right, I also subscribed to that pamphlet, the magazine was a free gift, but every time I received the pamphlet my classmates would take it away from me, as the owner I was very bitter.
4L: Later on they had many members, all with a lot of experience, the people exploring the dungeon now are not incapable, but just not as good at concluding as they were.
5L: Sigh, don’t be so absolute, actually there are still many teams and people with decent guides, it’s just that Moon Well is too new, most of them still don’t have the time to compile everything, I think after awhile there would be better guides, everyone should be a bit more patient.


The last boss of Moon Well was extremely perverse, causing LuoMing’s raiding team to be stuck there for two cool downs, LingYang therefore was busy till the point of being battered, coming up with one strategy after another, trying new tactics over and over again, at night even when it was past the lights-off time for the sports school dormitories, LingYang was still working on simulation tactics. The next day he would either skip classes or sleep in the classroom, at night he would go on YY and discuss the previous night’s situation with QiFeng. During this period of time, whether it was Night Wolf or YeLang, both were temporarily abandoned to the side.
On the other side, Passionate Sword were also facing an raiding crisis, the seventh boss had dropped a cleric sceptre, the team as per their rules had auctioned it off to the cleric who gave the highest bid, which happened to be that little girl mentioned previously, whose skills were so-so, but was pretty sociable.
However the new cleric thought that as he was the main healer of the MT, he had the right to get first choice of the item, so he took the sceptre and left the guild in anger, causing a fracture among Passionate Sword’s clerics, and they could not progress with the raid.
Across the entire server, there were also some highly skilled guilds who were going through Moon Well, they were also had guides available, but they were all very sloppy, and the tactics immature. The forum again started many posts about missing “Air Force’s Compound 201’s Group for Extra-Curricular Interests”, as all their boss guides were all complete and very detailed, and their tactics also suitable  to everyone.
YeLang also took the effort to look through many guides on Moon Well, they completely could not even compare to the one Bell sent to him, towards the end Bell’s version was pretty perfect, it could even be said to be a model strategy guide, but for some unknown reason he had never seen this guide uploaded on the forums.
A week after Passionate Sword was forced to stop raiding, LuoMing finally killed the last boss, as per their wish they got the first kill on LinShan server. Bell took all his accumulated DKP and exchanged it for a rare weapon recipe for warriors, returned to Passionate Sword, filling up the empty spot, and officially became MT Night Wolf’s main healer.
There was also a new updated content that had to be mentioned, that was to reward all affectionate couples, the developers gave every couple that had been together for more than three months a gift. The male account would get a unicorn that could seat 2 people, the female account would get a cute pink baby fox.
This baby fox was very popular amongst many of the female players, but LingYang had no interest in it, did it not mean that there was going to be a vixen appearing between the couple then?
Even more ironic was, FlowerHouse’s un-divorceable husband, Handsome Peng also got that unicorn. As he had not been killed in a long period of time, he had somewhat regained his guts, often bringing other girls on the unicorn and showing off in front of FlowerHouse. As the latter had been dating recently, he did not come online very often, even when he saw Handsome Peng he would treat him as though he was not there.
After LingYang had a bit more free time, he set a date with YeLang to go swimming. It was already late autumn, as such YanShan’s outdoor swimming pool had already been closed, while SenLan’s swimming complex was open throughout the year other than during the holidays. YeLang helped LingYang to apply for a SenLan swimming pass, allowing him to enter freely.
YeLang was a very competent coach, in private he researched a lot, and finally understood that LingYang’s reaction towards water was a type of post-traumatic stress disorder, but luckily his symptoms were not that severe, and LingYang also had an optimistic nature. With YeLang’s help, he started recovering from this illness, every improvement got more and more obvious, he could already temporarily let go of YeLang’s hand when in water, and also would no longer suffocate when underwater.
Today when LingYang returned from the swimming complex, BaiLong was lying on the sofa in his mini living room, his long limbs looked as though there was no space for them.
During this period of time BaiLong was a frequent visitor of LingYang’s and XuXian’s rented place, and often stayed back to freeload a meal, LingYang was already very used to his presence.
BaiLong saw LingYang’s wet hair and the swimming equipment in his hand, his face was full of surprise.
“You’re going into the water again?”
“Uh huh, very impressive right?”
“Does this mean that you’re getting ready to officially wave goodbye to your past?”
LingYang raised his right arm in a charging pose, “Chairman Mao said, one must look forward to the future!”
BaiLong lazily clasped his hands together, placing them behind his head, “Aiyaya, transferring your affections so quickly, you’ve only known him for how many days? I really feel regretful for a certain somebody.”

After hanging his swimming attire properly LingYang returned to the living room, “What do you know, he’s handsome, has a great body, rich and not fickle in love. Chairman Mao said, once you meet such men of great quality you have to grab hold of him!” Well, although online his temper was sometimes a little bad, but in real life he really had a lot of patience, this point was not something LingYang had expected.
Night Wolf was very fierce and mean to Bell, but YeLang was instead very polite to LingYang, no wonder others would say that a person was different online and offline, but who knew which was their true self.
But LingYang felt that even when Night Wolf was fierce and cruel, he was still very attractive.
XuXian came out of the kitchen with fruits and happened to hear LingYang’s words. He was very shocked, “How do you know Ah Lang is rich?”
You have to know, that childhood friend of him was not like other rich second-generation kids so high-profile, everything he used and ate was no different from others… Fine, maybe not his clothes, but even then only people within the fashion circle would recognise his clothes. Other than that he only spent a bit more money on his computer and in the game, even many of YeLang’s classmates did not know that he was rich.
LingYang snorted twice, “The last time you still lied to me saying that he was so poor till he needed to work a part-time job.”
XuXian was even more shocked, “When did I lie to you that he was so poor he needed to work a part-time job? Also, how did you realise it?”
LingYang suddenly realised he had inadvertently exposed himself, YeLang’s part-time job was something FlowerHouse told Bell, of course LingYang would not know about it, after evading for awhile, “Based on… Based on… Ah!”
He flew back to his room, running out again moments later, placing a folded shirt on the side table, “I said I’ll return this shirt to him in a few days, he told me to do as I please, doesn’t that mean he’s rich?”
With one glance BaiLong knew what it was, “I still specially picked out that shirt, thinking you wouldn’t wear it, who would have thought you really wore it.”
“Why wouldn’t I wear it? I can’t afford it, can’t I wear it once to please myself?”
XuXian looked at it, it was the shirt YeLang lent LingYang after he fell into the pool.
XuXian did not understand, “Isn’t this just an ordinary shirt?”
LingYang displayed the shirt, “Look, I’ve already said that you’re ignorant, do you know Charpender Nichabudar this person?”
XuXian hurriedly shook his head, “Foreign names all sound the same.”
(T/N: I’m very sorry to whoever this 夏汴地·尼查布道 is. I’ve completely mangled it as I can’t find any mention of this name. I’m pretty sure the author comes up with random names though, like I can’t find who Wu GuanFeng is as well???)
“Charpender was the most famous pilot in World War Two, the Hawk Fighter he flew was lauded as having a ghost-like existence,” LingYang pointed at the long line of english words and numbers on the shirt. “His name and achievements are all listed here, the first time he flew the Hawk Fighter was in 1923, and this was also the first time this plane went up in the air.”
XuXian flipped the shirt around looking at it, but he still could not see anything special about that shirt.
LingYang continued explaining to him patiently, “This shirt was released specially for the 50th anniversary of Charpender’s death, the black version was a limited edition throughout the world, there was only 1000 pieces available in our country.”
BaiLong jested, “Someone actually went and drooled outside the shop for an entire week, in the end he could also only look at it.”
LingYang’s mouth flattened, “Looking at it doesn’t cost anything.”
“Someone was willing to buy it for you but you didn’t want it, it was your own fault that you could only look at it.”
LingYang’s neck stiffened, “Didn’t your mother teach you that you can’t randomly accept favours from people? Also, I have the white version, that’s not a limited edition version.”
After saying that LingYang suddenly slapped his thigh, “Ah ha!”
Only to see him fly back to his bedroom again, coming out he had already changed his top, “We have couple shirts, how is it?”
His gleeful look gave XuXian the urge to look for a can of paint and splash it on him.
“Ai, I won’t waste any more time with you guys, I’ll leave you guys to it.” LingYang packed up the pants, shirt and flip-flops that he had previously borrowed from YeLang, picked it up and headed out.
“Where are you going?” XuXian called out after him.
“Returning the couple shirt!” LingYang’s voice drifted back from a distance.
XuXian helplessly turned his head to look at BaiLong, he was still composedly sitting on the sofa, looking as though he was ready to watch a good show.
The student dormitories of SenLan Technological University — to be more accurate, they were student apartments — were newly built, the conditions were very humane, an apartment consisted of a shared living room, a bathroom, and three dorm rooms.
There were only three people per dorm room, on the left there were two loft beds with study tables under them, on the right other than a bed, there was a combined wardrobe.
Upon entering YeLang’s dorm room, LingYang started expressing his envy, jealousy and hatred, “The conditions of your dormitory is so good, in comparison our dorms really looks like a doghouse.”
“You guys have already moved out anyway, there’s quite a bit more freedom renting your own place,” YeLang was in a dungeon fighting a boss, unable to pause, and so let him look around by himself.
“Then why didn’t you rent a place?”
Actually YeLang had a house near the school, but as he found it too troublesome so he did not stay there. But the house was also not completely unused, YeLang had other uses for it.
“Staying in school is more convenient.”
“That’s true, if my dormitory was like this I wouldn’t move too.”
LingYang left the things on YeLang’s bunk, looking down he saw his fingers flying around the number pad of the keyboard and knew he was playing the game, “What are you doing?”
“I’m in a dungeon now.”
LingYang leaned over to take a look, he was fighting in the Chrysanthemum Palace.
LingYang treated <Pale Soul OL>’s background story as though it was one of his family treasures, he was very familiar with the origins of every boss.
Previously when their Extra-Curricular Interests group was writing for the magazine they had a minimum number of words to meet, other that writing the dungeon guides, they often had to write some rubbish to fill up the article. Those rubbish usually introduced the backstory of various bosses, talked about some earth-shattering gossip, certain legends that spread around the game, etc.
LingYang’s greatest ability was creating stories, he could even create a heart-wrenching, touching story about a boss that was basically a gigolo.
By the time LingYang finished talking, YeLang also killed the boss, he then stopped and asked LingYang, “You don’t even come online, how do you know so much?”
“Who says I don’t come online? I come online everyday!” LingYang was surprised.
“I added you into my friend list, I’ve only seen you online once this month.” YeLang shook his head, denying his words.
“You added me as a friend?” LingYang blinked. “… Ah that’s right, I remember it now, heheh!”
“When I say that I come online everyday it’s actually… going online to play QQ Big Two.” Cold sweat dripped down LingYang’s back, as YeLang had not suspected his identity in a long time, he had also dialled down his alertness.
“But little Xian said you completely don’t know Big Two, the last time you played with them you threw out two kings and four 2s all at once.”
“… He even told you about such a shameful thing?” LingYang was very depressed. “It’s because I don’t know that’s why I have to practice.”
LingYang was about to change the topic of conversation, then he heard YeLang asked:
“Are you free later?”
LingYang’s eyes brightened, is this the prelude to him inviting me on a date?

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