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Extra 1.5 Qi Feng X Angry T.Rex

“Angry T.Rex!”

He Jiawei regained his senses, and the ball brushed past his fingers, going out of bounds.

“What are you thinking about?” Qian Cheng had done an amazing interception of the ball, then quickly passed it to He Jiawei, but only to lose possession due to his daze.

“Ah, no. Nothing,” He Jiawei patted his cheeks with his hands, and ran towards the basket. “Alright, I’m getting serious!”

“Hey, we’re on defence this time, the basket is over there…”

Qian Cheng shook his head, and leaned in to Qi Feng. “Boss, don’t you feel that Angry T.Rex has been a little strange recently?”

“Has he?”

“He normally just goes through life eating and sleeping, never troubled by anything. However, for the past couple of days, something seems to be on his mind. Such an obtuse person like him can also have troubles, is the world ending?”

Qi Feng glanced over at He Jiawei standing under the basket. For someone who always seemed to be injected with a stimulant each time he came on court, he looked very distracted now.

Their opponents had also noticed He Jiawei this weak link, a skilful toss of the ball flew past He Jiawei’s head. Number 10, whom he was supposed to be guarding, jumped up. By the time He Jiawei reacted, it was too late, the other person had caught the ball and dunked it. The basketball fell heavily to the ground, smashing on He Jiawei’s foot, then bouncing back up.

Number 10 let go of the basket and dropped to the ground, his thumb pointing down and made a provoking gesture towards He Jiawei. How could He Jiawei ever tolerate such humiliation? On the spot he exploded, but before he could do anything, Qi Feng’s voice sounded next to his ear.

“Angry, don’t stir up trouble.”

Qi Feng had said this right into his ear, and even his exhalations could be felt. Immediately, He Jiawei’s ear burned, and the heat spread to his face. He nearly leapt up, “Who are you calling…”

He swallowed the last word in time, and glared at Qi Feng panting in rage.

Number 10 had thought he was going to start a fight, and was gleeful that his plan had succeeded. However, for the situation to be turned around like this, he looked over at his coach, perplexed. Before the match, his coach had mentioned that Luoming’s Number 14 was an explosive gunpowder, easily triggered. They could use this to their advantage, and incite him into fouling, but was their information wrong?

Flirting on court with your teammate would definitely not result in the blowing of a whistle, signalling a foul. The match continued. He Jiawei regained his usual virility, and made all sorts of attacks under the basket, unstoppable. With Qi Feng’s teamwork, he dunked the ball into the basket a few times above Number 10’s head, and when he dropped to the ground, he returned the thumbs down gesture to him. Finally, seeing Number 10’s extremely ugly expression, he burst out laughing.

“Hey, Qi Feng.” After the match, He Jiawei took the initiative to look for him.


“Were you serious about what you said the last time?”

“Which time?”

“Don’t pretend to be an idiot!”

“Oh, that time… Would you like to guess?”

“You’re playing a trick on me, right?”

“Would you like to guess again?”

“You’re definitely playing a trick on me!”

Qi Feng sighed, “Your intelligence is really limited.”

“Whatever, I’ll treat it like you made a joke. Also, next time, don’t… don’t call me…”



Qi Feng and He Jiawei’s amazing performance in this match had attracted the attention of the sports media. <Hushuo’s Basketball Zine> had even gave them a two-page cover and had an article on the “two rising stars”, saying that they would definitely create a tempest in the upcoming future of Hushuo’s basketball scene.

The magazine had published the photo of them together. He Jiawei looked into the camera with bright, piercing eyes, while Qi Feng stood behind him, with a more composed expression. A few photos from the match were included as well, even that candid shot of Qi Feng speaking into He Jiawei’s ear.

He Jiawei really liked this edition of the magazine. He kept two copies for himself, and bought more to gift to others. He could even recite some of the lines in the article from memory. And coming from a person who could not be bothered to even memorise “goose goose goose” in school, you could imagine what sort of feat this was.

Whether it was a psychological thing or not, ever since this magazine was published, He Jiawei noticed an increase in his female fans. As he walked around the school campus, he would find himself becoming the intense focus of the girls. And the way they looked at him, it was as though they were holding themselves back from jumping him.

He Jiawei strived to put on an undistracted expression. He spoke to Qi Feng who was sitting across him eating his meal, “As expected, the girls from the sports institution are very direct.”


“Their burning eyes are making me feel shy.”

Qi Feng glanced at him, “You actually have times when you’ll feel shy?”

“My shyness is just not apparent!”

“Then, would you like their eyes to be even more scorching?”

“Uh…” He Jiawei twisted awkwardly.

Qi Feng suddenly picked up a piece of meat from his bowl and held it to He Jiawei’s mouth. He Jiawei did not know what act was he trying to put on this time, but since the meat had been delivered to his mouth, he might as well eat it. Without thinking much of it, he accepted the meat, and the increased heat in those eyes around him was enough to liquify him.

He Jiawei was especially moved. “So it turns out their worship of me is so much that they would be so emotional when they watch me eat a piece of meat. Do you think I should wave to them?”

“No such need.” Qi Feng pulled out a piece of napkin from somewhere, and wiped He Jiawei’s mouth with it.

“Huh? Is there something on my face?” He Jiawei licked around his lips unconsciously.

“No, I’m just performing an act.” Qi Feng tossed the napkin aside, and went back to his food.

The passionate fans held up a banner in the seats — Tempest King!

With his above average intellect, He Jiawei understood the meaning of the banner. “They must be referring to the tempest used in the article.”

Qi Feng calmly helped him stretch his muscles. “Yes.”

“I would never have thought that we’ll gain so many basketball fans so quickly.”

“That’s right.”

“But I’m totally not prepared to be famous yet.”

“Take your time.”

“The magazines would then often expose the gossip about a basketball star and his fans…”

Qi Feng employed more strength with his hand, causing He Jiawei to howl in pain. “Stop! Stop! Don’t do it so hard! I’m cramping, fuck!”

A big-eye loli revealed the truth when she asked for He Jiawei’s autograph. “Tempest? Of course it means Qi Feng X Angry T.Rex. 1 The both of you are really too compatible, and you’re really the king of all CPs in my heart… What? You signed this He… What is this? Can you give me a new autograph that says Angry T.Rex? Just sign it next to Qi Feng’s signature… Hey, don’t sign it in front of his, you can’t change the position like this!”

When He Jiawei returned to his dorm, he dumped all the magazines in the trash. Feeling that it was not enough to vent his hatred, he picked them out again, then tore out their photo and shredded them, and tossed them into the trash again.

“What tantrum are you throwing this time?” Qi Feng noticed that He Jiawei had been avoiding him on purpose these days, but could not think of how he had offended him this time.

“I will keep a distance from you in the future!”

Qi Feng was a little startled. “Why?”

“If I’m too close to you, other people would misunderstand that we have some underground relationship!”

“Oh, you’re talking about that.” Qi Feng was unperturbed. “Then, we’ll just let them not misunderstand, wouldn’t that solve the problem?”

“You have a solution?” He Jiawei bounced to him in anticipation.

They were very close to each other, and Qi Feng’s voice lowered suddenly. “Let’s have an underground relationship, then it wouldn’t be a misunderstanding anymore.”

He Jiawei was stunned for three seconds, and jumped back leaving a metre distance between them. Seeing the expression on Qi Feng’s face, he knew he had been tricked again.

“Qi Feng, you’re making fun of me again!”

When He Jiawei was done yelling, he shot back into his own dorm. Slamming the door shut, he pressed his hand against his pounding little heart.

He knocked himself on the temple. “You idiot, didn’t you say that you wouldn’t fall for his tricks anymore?”

“I want to get a girlfriend!” Having learnt a painful experience, He Jiawei announced this loudly to Qi Feng.

“Why do you suddenly want a girlfriend?”

“I want to be in a relationship!”

“A relationship doesn’t mean you have to find a girlfriend.”

“I’m going to do that, you think you can stop me?”

Qi Feng shook his head. “I’m not going to. Let’s go, I’ll go with you and give you some support.”

He Jiawei happily followed Qi Feng to the dormitory building of the traditional sports faculty students.

“Classmate, would you like to go look at tonight’s moon with me?”

“Are you crazy?!”

“Xiaomei 2, do you want to be a couple with me?”

“You hooligan!!”

“Pretty girl, want to go out with me?”

The 90kg pretty girl looked at Qi Feng indignantly. “You can don’t accept my confession, but you can’t humiliate me like this!”

“Senior, actually I’ve admired you for very long already…”

The senior completely ignored him and asked Qi Feng, “Are you two fighting again? You shouldn’t be like this, you have to coax him more!”

“It’s all because you keep following me, that’s why I keep failing!” Facing rejections all around, He Jiawei started looking for the reason behind it.

“I’m only looking out for your safety. The girls from traditional sports are very good at fighting. If they start beating you, won’t you be at a disadvantage?”

“Don’t make me seem that weak! Also, I’m so polite, why would they beat me!” A girl suddenly walked past He Jiawei, and from her back, she had the tiny body type that He Jiawei liked.

The girl walked very fast. He Jiawei, without thinking, went up to grab her wrist. “Junior, hold on…”

Before He Jiawei could finish, he flew up into the air. Heaven and earth exchanged for a moment, and when he finally reacted, he was already lying on the ground looking up at the moon.

“Sorry sorry sorry,” The girl hurriedly bowed. “I reacted instinctively again.”

He Jiawei was dazed for a few seconds, then rolled himself up. “Goddess, please go on a date with me!”

“Huh?” The girl was alarmed. “But I have a boyfriend already.”

Her boyfriend was waiting downstairs for her. Seeing that she was getting harassed by He Jiawei, he rushed over to hear He Jiawei’s confession.

“You swarthy fellow, you dare to make a move on my girl?”

He Jiawei pointed at the wretched-looking boy and asked, “This is your boyfriend? Your standards are a little too low.”

The boy stamped his foot. “You insulted my pure love, and now you’re insulting my handsome face, I’ll deal with you now!”

The girl dragged him away, “Stop making trouble, he’s only joking… Sorry, we’ll go first…”

“What was that? I also didn’t know she had a boyfriend,” He Jiawei grumbled as he watched them walk away. Looking down, he saw something glittering on the floor, and it seemed like it was dropped by that wretched boy.

He Jiawei picked it up, and on the card was written — <Pale Soul OL> 300 Points Card.


[Whisper] UncleHe: I changed servers because I don’t want to see you, why did you follow me here!
[Whisper] LuomingWind: You’re thinking too much, we only just happened to change servers too.
[Whisper] UncleHe: Since one can never avoid his enemies, let’s have a death match!
[Whisper] LuomingWind: I’m currently in an instance now, I’ll play with you later. Be good, Angry.

With no surprise, two seconds later, He Jiawei’s roar was heard from next door. “Who are you calling Angry! Who’s Angry!”

Qi Ying kicked He Jiawei out. “Ge, please take your big piece of junk away, stop using my computer.”

“Why can’t I use your computer. Look how petty you are,” He Jiawei grumbled as he returned to Qi Feng’s room. If not for the fact that he had left his computer in school over the break, he also would not have to come to Qi Feng’s place to use the computer.

Ever since He Jiawei received the <Pale Soul OL> card out of the blue, he no longer mentioned about looking for a girlfriend. Now, all his attention was on the game, and became a true blue otaku.

At first, he joyfully dragged Qi Feng along to play with him, but realised that this was pretty much inviting disaster upon himself. When he again fell for another of Qi Feng’s tricks, he resolutely decided to switch over to the new server, but unexpectedly, he “happened across” Qi Feng in the main city within two days.

Bored, He Jiawei sat on the tatami and watched Qi Feng play. Qi Feng’s team had a girl called Luoming Orange who kept calling out Feng-gege, and never stopped.

This Luoming Orange was really very lucky. After they defeated the boss, the loot happened to be something she needed, and she put on a cute act for Luoming Wind immediately.

Luoming Wind was the team leader. As he was about to give her the item, He Jiawei bumped into his arm from the back. With a slide of the mouse, the equipment entered another person’s bag.

Qi Feng put down his mouse and turned around. With his arms crossed, he remained calm and composed as he waited for He Jiawei’s explanation. The latter raised his chin, so what, I’ve bumped into you already. What can you do to me?

Qi Feng’s phone rang. He picked it up and accepted the call. However, he did not answer it, and instead handed it to He Jiawei. “You explain it to him yourself.”

He Jiawei took the phone in incomprehension. Qian Cheng’s loud voice emitted. “Boss! What are you doing! Why did you give my equipment to someone else!” 3

He Jiawei gave a ridiculing smile when he hung up and returned the phone to Qi Feng. “How would I know it was that fellow? Anyway, who asked him to create a ladyboy account and say such disgusting things?”

“So, can I understand your actions just now as being jealous?”

“W-who’s jealous! I just simply found it unpleasant only… What are you doing?!”

He Jiawei realised the other person’s face was getting closer. He should retreat or push him away, but his body was frozen and refused to listen to his brain.

“You’re always so frank about other matters, but why, towards this, you always refuse to admit it?”

He Jiawei gulped. “W-what’s this? What do you want me to admit?”

“Admit that you like me,” Qi Feng’s body leaned over, and He Jiawei could only fall back slowly, and finally, he sprawled across the floor. There seemed to be a spell in Qi Feng’s voice, which had him glued flat on the tatami mat.

“W-w-what did you say? I-I don’t…”

Before He Jiawei could finish, his vision turned black, and his mouth was blocked by something unknown. The unexpected situation had stunned him, and he completely did not know what was going on.

Finally dragging his soul back from somewhere, He Jiawei’s first reaction was to throw a punch. Although Qi Feng was aware of it, but he did not dodge it totally, and was hit on the lower jaw by He Jiawei.

“You hooligan!” He Jiawei shouted furiously.

Qi Feng slowly looked up, a fist rubbing the corner of his mouth. It seemed like He Jiawei had caused him quite an injury.

Meeting his eyes, He Jiawei shuddered. He had never seen Qi Feng like this before. Although the two of them had often got into conflicts, but it was always He Jiawei throwing a tantrum alone, and Qi Feng had never revealed his own negative emotions.

Seeing Qi Feng with this sort of expression for the first time, although there was not much of a difference from how he usually looked, He Jiawei knew that he was angry.

“Just this can also be considered to be a hooligan?” Qi Feng’s voice was scarily cold. “Let me show you what it means to be a real hooligan.”

He Jiawei felt that things were going downhill. Before he could escape, he felt the lower part of his body exposed to the cool air. The most delicate part of his entire body was now in Qi Feng’s hand. Having never been touched there by anyone, when Qi Feng moved a little, He Jiawei could not help but suck in a cool breath.

“What are you doing… Don’t…” He Jiawei’s voice started trembling, and this was the first time he sounded like that in his life.

“I’ve waited for you for so many years, it’s time for you to start understanding what’s going on.” Qi Feng’s voice was frosty, but his hand was burning hot, and the heat swiftly spread across He Jiawei’s body.

“No… Ah…”

“I don’t have anymore patience already.”

He Jiawei never knew that to have someone doing this for him could feel so good. His body was ten times more sensitive than when he touched himself. Having never experienced this before, he could not endure such stimulation, and soon surrendered in Qi Feng’s hand.

Qi Feng’s hand did not stop, and continued probing down to a place when he should not go. He Jiawei, noticing it, raised his leg and kicked him. This time, Qi Feng was not prepared, and was kneed heavily in the stomach by He Jiawei.

In that moment when Qi Feng let go, He Jiawei quickly pulled himself out of Qi Feng’s grip. Clumsily, he pulled up his trousers, and when he looked up, he realised Qi Feng was pressing his stomach with a grimace.

He Jiawei then remembered that his strength was pretty big. With his emotional state, he had used his full strength, and this injury would definitely be quite serious.

He Jiawei, who had just been worried over his own chastity, had completely forgotten that in front of him was the criminal who had molested him. Instead, he was anxiously concerned over Qi Feng’s injury. “Are you alright?”

Qi Feng slowly shook his head. This knee from He Jiawei had also let him regain his senses, and he returned to his normal self.

He had to rest for a long time before he could speak. “I was too impulsive just now. I assure you, that would be the last time.”

It was clearly Qi Feng who started it, but He Jiawei felt a heavy sense of guilt welling up in his heart.

Qi Feng stared at He Jiawei’s eyes. “From now on, I’ll never force you again.”

He Jiawei still did not know that he would hate this sentence in the future. At this moment, he was thoroughly moved by Qi Feng’s words.

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