TANW Chapter 82

Chapter 82 – The Ubiquitous Invisible Person
<HuShuo’s Evening Paper> Entertainment Section
(Reporting) The famous campus singer HuLi was arrested yesterday on suspicions of being involved in a hit-and-run traffic accident, as well as inciting others to commit violent crimes. It is reported that over the past year, HuLi had been blackmailed by the witness of the car accident. Later, he instructed his band members to ‘warn’ the blackmailer, and that band member has now also been arrested with the charge of assault. According to sources, HuLi and his band had just signed a contract with Ye’s Entertainment, but it had yet to been revealed to the media. With the contract agreement, not only does HuLi have to go to prison, he will also face huge liquidated damages…
At the school gate, QiFeng saw Hu LuoBo who had recovered from his injuries, as well as YeLang who was behind him.
“What happened? You weren’t arrested as well?” He scoffed.
Hu LuoBo faltered, “Brother Wolf bailed me out.”
QiFeng laughed in astonishment. “Brother Wolf? Shouldn’t you call him your ex-husband?”
YeLang shot him a look.
QiFeng pretended not to notice it. “I still thought that the police would summon me as a witness. What, after so much trouble, it has nothing to do with me?”
“The charge of the hit-and-run incident is already enough. I don’t want to drag LingYang into this again.”
“Doesn’t that mean that he’ll never know the truth?”
“Sometimes it’s better to be left in the dark. He’s very happy now, we’ll just let bygones be bygones.”
Hu LuoBo mumbled, “Actually, you just don’t want him to know why his confession wasn’t accepted…”
“Shut your mouth.”
Two months had passed since it was reported that the campus singer was arrested. Within HuShuo City, this news was discussed animatedly, even LingYang who was never interested in entertainment news was also gossiping about it. Each time YeLang saw how happy he was, he thought that he had made the right decision.
Two months in reality was very short, while online, it was very long. During this period of time, big changes had also happened in New LinShan. LuoMing and Passionate Sword, the two completely incompatible guilds, because of their alliance, had improved their relationship. Whereas for MadHouse, they continued straddling the line between the dark and the light, and the players in the server still avoided them out of habit.
MaiMeng City, under the vigorous construction and financial support of Tripartite… became a complete mess. LuoMing basically had no players with daily life skills, while MadHouse only had mad people and no players. If the members of Tripartite wanted to buy top grade commodities, they had no choice but to pay the high taxes of other cities to get what they need.
However, the military strength of MaiMeng City was way above other cities. They had never lost in the weekly alliance battle, and snared all the looting enthusiasts, all the wild Bosses were also defeated by them, and these certainly caused unhappiness amongst the other players on the server.
After LM lost their power, and  the ‘Raze MadHouse’ alliance collapsed, both new and old enemies came together to create a new alliance called ‘New Alliance’. They took over the second biggest city, MaiDai City, and formed a rivalry with Tripartite, as such, the power balance within the server was subtly maintained.
As usual, Bai ShaoTang who liked bringing a rabbit around with him, was dressed very ostentatiously, and the pet commonly used by the beast summoner cleric FlowerHouse was now a white-scaled chinese dragon. Wherever these two people and their pets were, no players with the last name Peng would appear within a hundred yard radius of them.
LuoMing Wind was still recognised as a great god in the game, while Uncle He now had a new nickname —— the god’s man. The two of them started a trend of the gender-changing marriage, for a period of time, guys were marrying guys, girls were marrying girls, and even guys changing to girls and girls changing into guys before getting married. Guys with the label of XXX’s wife could often be seen, and the girls to them would have the label of XXX’s husband.
What was worth mentioning was that Hu LuoBo had also returned to <Pale Soul OL>, only that he was now no longer a ladyboy. With his roommates, Ma LingShu, Xi HongShi and You MaiCai, they built a small business farming gold, and continued earning money through the game.
(T/N: There’s a small joke here, in mandarin, Hu LuoBo sounds like carrot, Ma LingShu sounds like potato, Xi HongShi sounds like tomato, and You MaiCai sounds like lettuce.)
As for LingYang, he had returned to his Little Antelope identity, after all, he still had more feelings for an account he created himself.

[Party] AzureBuckle: Why isn’t Master’s Husband here yet? Without a tank, who would handle the boss?
[Party] LittleAntelope: He’s coming soon, he has already texted me. Do any of you have a darkness-resistance potion?
[Party] Sakka: I do.
[Party] LittleAntelope:  Then I won’t buy any.
[System] <NightWolf> is now online.
[Party] LittleAntelope: He’s here he’s here, make me my husband I’ll add the leader.
[Party] AzureBuckle: Master, can you be any more dumb?
[Party] LittleAntelope: … I typed wrongly T^T, make me the leader I’ll add my husband.
<LittleAntelope> is now the leader.
<NightWolf> has joined the party.
[Party] LittleAntelope: Husband, come quick, we’re all waiting for you.
[Party] NightWolf: Yeah.
[Party] LittleAntelope: I’m already at the boss, teleport to me using the couple skill.
[Party] NightWolf:
Sorry, I’m not a couple with you.
[Party] LittleAntelope:

YeLang used the friend teleporter to transport himself over, the special effect of his gear caused LingYang’s computer to lag again. This time, the lag was even worse than the first time he met Night Wolf a year ago. LingYang thought gloomily, did he really have to upgrade his graphics card?
After they defeated the wild boss, they teleported back to the main city. There happened to be many other players in the main city at this timing, and this time, LingYang’s computer froze on the loading page.

<LittleAntelope> is now offline.

He immediately received a call from YeLang. “Why did you go offline?”
LingYang was dismayed. “I got a blue screen of death.” This was already the third time this week, not including the two times his screen went blurry.
YeLang came over from his dormitory and took a look at LingYang’s computer. “The graphics card has deteriorated. How long have you been using this card already, you should have changed it long ago.”
The two of them headed to Computer Market, they found a graphics card that was very suitable for 3D games, but the price was a little steeper than what LingYang had hoped for.
The boss could see that LingYang was hesitating over it. “If you really want it, you can wait another month. It’s likely that the price of this card would drop then.”
YeLang felt that there was really no need for them to wait another month, but he failed to persuade LingYang. LingYang refused to let him pay for it, and knowing how persistent LingYang was, YeLang could only let him be.
When the two of them returned home, there was a plate of grapes on the table that had already been washed.
“Wow, there’s actually grapes,” LingYang unceremoniously grabbed one and tossed it in his mouth. “Very sweet.”
He peeled one and held it next to YeLang’s mouth, “Try it too.”
YeLang ate it from his hand. LingYang found it very amusing, and so peeled quite a few of them and fed them to him.
Seeing LingYang’s rare display of virtuousness, YeLang was a little surprised. “Aren’t you tired after peeling so many of them?”
LingYang replied easily, “How would I feel tired peeling grapes for someone I like?”
After saying that, his hands froze, dazedly staring at the half-peeled grape.
Seeing him like that, YeLang knew that he was again recalling his past memories. Having spent so much time together, the two people were already part of each other’s memories. It was impossible to tell who was who, every word, every action, every incident, there was the shadow of the other person.
That person who shared sixteen years of memories with LingYang, was like an invisible person traversing around the two of them. He was not present, but was still ubiquitous. He could not be seen, but could still be felt.

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