TANW Chapter 83

Chapter 83 – Walking Down Memory Lane With A Tearful Smile
<Pale Soul OL> Gossip Section

Topic: New LinShan’s Recent Hot Topic – Apologetic Brother
Poster: Scout
Content: This message “Sorry, please forgive me” would appear every night at the same time. Nothing else is mentioned, and it has been going on for about two weeks. Now, everyone in the server is calling him “Apologetic Brother.”
I’m really very curious about who Apologetic Brother is apologising to. Why is he apologising? What kind of unpardonable crime did he do, such that the other person wouldn’t forgive him?


[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Sorry, please forgive me.

Global Chat:
“He’s here again. Apologetic Brother, you’re very persistent.”
“Apologetic Brother, you have perseverance.”
“Apologetic Brother, you have too much money.”
“I haven’t been online recently because of exams, can anyone explain to me what is an Apologetic Brother?”
“It’s that apology that has been appearing at 6pm every night since the start of the summer holidays. It’s even more punctual than the updates for ‘Online Game: I’m Not Worthy’.”
“Also, he’s practically booked this time slot. Every other person’s loudspeaker message would be replaced by him. Now, this timing is reserved for only him.”
“Why is he apologising?”
“No idea.”
“Who is he apologising to?”
“No idea.”
“I say, Apologetic Brother, without a name, how would people know who you’re apologising to?”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: The person whom I wish to apologise to, he would know when he sees the message.  

“Why must you do it through the loudspeaker? Can’t you whisper to him? Are you trying to gain attention?”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: I would like to whisper him too, but he goes offline once I send him a whisper. He often mutes the global chat, and also ignores the guild chat, so I have no choice but to do it through loudspeaker.

“If he really doesn’t want to see it, he can also tape up the section of the screen where this message appears.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Then I have no other options. I can’t think of any other way to talk to him. I’m sorry if I’ve disturbed all of you.

“So how long do you plan on apologising for?”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Until he forgives me.  
[Party] LittleAntelope: Why did you guys stop? 
[Party] FlowerHouse:
I’m listening to Apologetic Brother’s story.
[Party] LittleAntelope:
… It’s not even interesting.
[Party] FlowerHouse:
I’m just curious, he’s been posting the message for two weeks already, everyone wants to know exactly who he is apologising to.
[Party] LittleAntelope:
Everyone is too free.

“Don’t you have his QQ? Or his phone number or something?”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: He changed his QQ, and he won’t answer my calls. I don’t know if he has blacklisted me.

“You must have displeased him greatly, why else would he avoid you like this.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: That’s right. He would run away upon seeing me, and not even go home. He even moved out. I went to his dormitory to look for him many times, but every time I’ll be chased away by his roommate. His roommate is 2 metres tall, I don’t dare to fight him 🙂

“… The scene where he is chased away by that 2 metres tall roommate sounds hilarious, am I the only one who thinks that way?”
“You’re definitely not the only one, just thinking about it, it’s very funny.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Heheh.  
[Party] BaiShaoTang:
I find it very funny too.
[Party] LittleAntelope:
A loudspeaker message to just say heheh, the allowance for pilots must be too high, wasting military expenditure.
[Party] BaiShaoTang:
A certain somebody could just say something to save the military expenditure, but that somebody wouldn’t say anything.
[Party] LittleAntelope:
That somebody is just doesn’t want to say anything, if you can, you can go bite him.

“Apologetic Brother, it’s so boring for you to repeat the same message every day. You should try saying something more interesting.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: What should I say? I’m not good with words, so I don’t really know how to coax people.

“What about your reason for displeasing him?”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: One time, I scolded him very badly. I was very agitated at that time, and lost control of my emotions. From then on, he avoided me, and ignored me no matter what, even refusing to give me a chance to apologise.

“Just because of this? How narrow-minded of him.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: It might be because I’ve never been mad at him since we were young. I’ve never even said anything harsh to him before, so I probably scared him with my reaction.

“So you guys knew each other since young?”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Yes, we grew up in the same compound. We’ve been together ever since I could remember it. From nursery, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school to even high school, we’ve never been apart.

“This is also too long a time, how many years was that?”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Let me think, it should be about seventeen years already.

“What the fuck, then you guys can still end up on such bad terms? That’s not easy.”  

[Party] FlowerHouse:
Why does this sound very similar to a story I’ve heard before? But the version I heard was sixteen years.
[Party] BaiShaoTang:
Who knows.

“Apologetic Brother, could you please talk about your childhood? I’ll like to hear more about that.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: What would you like me to say?

“Anything would be fine. Maybe with your memories, the other person would also think of the past and be moved, then he would forgive you.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Ok, let me think…
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Ever since he was a child, he was very cheeky. At that time, my neighbour also had a child who was the same age as us. As that child never played with any of us, he would go and disturb him every other day.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
Once, after school, he pushed that child into the river and ran away, while I still stupidly remained standing by the riverbank. After that child climbed back up and couldn’t find YangYang, without any rhyme or reason, he beat me up. Of course, I also hit him back, and in the end we were punished when we went home, whereas the troublemaker got off scot-free.

“… To be so black-bellied as a child, what would he be like when he grew up?”
“This child has great prospects.”

[Party] FlowerHouse:
[Party] LittleAntelope:
Pfft~~ Hahahaha!
[Party] <BaiShaoTang> has left the party.
[Combat] <BaiShaoTang> is enraged!
<BaiShaoTang> attacks <LittleAntelope>!
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: I never expected that the incident would result in that child becoming friends with us. I guess this could also be considered: out of blows, friendship grows.

“How interesting, what else?”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: There’s too many memories, I don’t know which one to talk about.

“Then choose the more important ones, like the one that is deeply ingrained in your memories.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: The one that is deeply ingrained… We live in a military compound, and our schools were all ran by the army. I remember, when we were in the third or fourth year of elementary school, our school organised a trip to an airbase.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
I wasn’t very impressed during that trip, but it left a very big impression on him. After that, he wrote an essay saying that his dream was to be a pilot.


“I’ve also wrote that kind of essays before. All elementary students would have to write them, they don’t count for anything.”
“Everyone had to write them. I even wrote that I would become the president of the country.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: I wrote it too, and I wrote about wanting to become a soldier to protect the country. However, I didn’t write that randomly. My grandfather is a soldier, and so is my father. Ever since I was young, I also thought that I would become a soldier, and that was what my family taught me as well. I grew up thinking like that, and never thought of deviating from that path.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: But YangYang was different. Since young, once he set a goal, he would work very hard for it. For example, a good sense of balance is very important to a pilot. So once he was done with classes, he would practise turning circles in the corridor, and even after getting dizzy and losing his appetite, he would still continue practising.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: One time, after school, we both went to the river side. He was practising again, and that action he was doing was pretty dangerous. I was very playful, so I went to the river to start catching fish instead of watching out for him. In the end, when he stopped, he lost his balance and fell down. His head knocked against a rock and started bleeding.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
I was very scared, and quickly found an adult to bring him to the hospital. After that, my family also learnt about this incident. My mother likes him very much, treating him much better than she treats me, and I was punished  because of this incident. I’ve only been punished twice in my lifetime, and both times were because of YangYang.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: When I was made to stand outside as my punishment, he found a pile of bricks from somewhere, and climbed onto the wall to look at me. His head was wrapped in bandages, looking very pitiful, but he was still able to laugh at me, and even laughed very happily.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
Seeing him like that, I thought, if YangYang’s dream was to become a pilot, then my dream was to help him achieve this dream.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: This incident left a mark on YangYang’s forehead. Fortunately, it wasn’t too obvious. I would have became a villain if it left a scar, as pilots cannot have scars on their bodies.


[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Because of the low atmospheric pressure in the sky, the scars would re-open.

“So it’s because of this.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: From then on, whenever YangYang was practising, I would always be by his side protecting him, afraid that he would get injured again.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
However, he’s very good at creating trouble. Even if there’s no danger, he’ll be able to make it dangerous.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
When he was thirteen, he saw a dog by the roadside. Next to the dog was a bone. Picking up the bone, he ran away, and the dog chased after him. They ran through three streets, and in the end the dog still managed to bite him on his ass, I don’t even know what was going through his head…
[Party] BaiShaoTang:
Pfft~~ Hahahaha!
[Party] <LittleAntelope> has left the party.
[Combat] <LittleAntelope> is enraged!
<LittleAntelope> attacks <BaiShaoTang>!
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: At that time I was very worried that the bite would leave scars and cause him to not be able to become a pilot anymore. So, I would pull down his pants every day to check if any scars were left.

“Pfft —— Why does this story sound more and more hilarious.”
“I choked on my water and sprayed it out. My screen, I’m sorry.”
“Apologetic Brother, are you sure you were only worried about whether there was a scar? Did you never think about something else?”
“Thirteen years old, that’s the age when kids usually have their first awakening of love, it really makes people wonder.”
“This is no longer just ordinary childhood friends, ok?”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
I remember that in the second year of middle school, many boys would go to the arcade to play video games. He was no different, and his eyesight quickly got affected. After that, I forbade him from going to the arcade again, and he himself also knew the severity of it, and so, even though he liked playing games, he withstood the temptation.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
I did some research and found that taking Vitamin A and looking at green things would be very beneficial for eyesight. After school, I would drag him outdoors, and also forced him to eat a carrot every day. At first, he didn’t like eating them, but as long as you told him that it was for him to become a pilot, no matter how unwilling he was, he would do it obediently. That was his determination.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
Although YangYang didn’t like eating carrots, but he loved grapes. There were many grapes grown in the courtyard of my house. Whenever they were in season, he would lie on a deckchair and open his mouth, waiting for the grapes to fall into it.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
Every summer evening each year, we would both be in the courtyard. I would peel grapes while he ate them. He even wanted to compete if I was faster at peeling grapes or he was faster at eating them.

“The top pampering the bottom, so cute.”
“Pampering Top x Tsundere Bottom”
“Shouldn’t it be silly bottom?”
“Fine, a Silly Tsundere Bottom.”
“… Everyone was fine listening to the story, why are there suddenly so many fujoshis appearing.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: I remember when we were young, milk was still pretty expensive, and so ordinary families could not afford it. My family had a quota for it, and we could collect a bottle everyday. I would bring it to school for YangYang to drink, lying to him that I was lactose intolerant and could not drink it.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
However, due to the extra calcium supplement, he starting shooting up in high school, and grew very quickly. Each time he measured his height, he would blame me for giving him too much milk to drink.

“Faint, isn’t it good to be tall? I’ve never seen a guy complaining that he was too tall.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
Because the maximum height limit to be a pilot was 178cm. Anyone taller than that would not be able to apply, and he soon shot past that height… Luckily, they increased the limit to 185cm, if not, I would have again became a villain would caused him to not be able to become a pilot.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: To become a pilot, YangYang would strictly control his exercise from young. If he exercised too much, his heartbeat rate would slow down, which wasn’t good for flying. If he didn’t exercise enough, he wouldn’t be able to pass the physical tests.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
To maintain his body in the best condition, he only did two sports. One was swimming, which was good for his lungs, and two was ice-skating, which was good for his sense of balance.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Every winter, he would go to the nearby lake to skate. I was always afraid that the ice would not be thick enough, especially at the start and end of winter. However, he insisted on going, and I had no other choice but to test the ice before him to prevent him from falling through.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
He was very talented in swimming. The first time he entered the water, without any coaching, he could swim freely. Other than the skies, he also loved water, and always called himself a mermaid. He even said that if he could not become a pilot and join the air force, he would join the navy. Actually, he was so outstanding that there was no issue for him to become a pilot.

“I really feel that this little bottom is very hardworking. In this day and age, there’s really not many people who would work so hard for their childhood dream.”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Yes, YangYang was a person like this. Whoever saw him would be buoyed by his spirit. When you see him smile, you would forget your worries. When you see him go all out, nothing felt impossible.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
The mental and physical requirements to be a pilot, especially an air force pilot, had to be almost perfect. In my heart, YangYang is the most perfect, flawless person. No one is more suited than him to become a pilot.

“After saying so much, did he become a pilot in the end?”
“That’s right that’s right, so did he become a pilot?”

[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: Every summer, the army would organise a holiday for the senior officers and their families to recuperate. Every year, I would ask YangYang to join us, and it was no different for our second year of high school.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
That year, the destination chosen was the beach. We had never been to the beach before, and so we were all excited about it.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger: YangYang was very confident in his swimming ability, and of course, I was unwilling to be left behind. However, we really underestimated the might of the sea and its complications. We were too young, too conceited, and unknowingly, we had swam too far out. By the time we realised it, there was no one around us.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
At that time, we didn’t know that the conditions of the sea could change rapidly. One moment, it could be very calm, and the next, huge waves could crash down. On our way back, I suddenly felt an itch on my back, followed by an eviscerating pain. Next, half my body felt numb, and I could not move.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
If not for YangYang dragging me with his utmost effort, I wouldn’t even be able to remain afloat on the water. Then, the weather changed…
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
I don’t really dare to recall the situation then, only remembering that that was the first time I’ve ever felt so close to death. We couldn’t see the shore, and the sky was dark as though the world was ending. Each wave was taller than the last, and there were many times I thought the waves would drag me down to the seabed, never to surface again.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
After some time, a fishing boat passed by and rescued us. One look at me, and the experienced fishermen knew that I had been stung by jellyfish. There would be many jellyfish appearing in that part of the sea during that season, and there were even people who lost their lives because of that.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
We only discovered that YangYang’s back was injured after we were rescued, and the injury was very serious. The blood kept flowing, I did not dare to look, and he did not dare to ask about it. By the time we reached the shore, there was a large pool of blood on the deck, it was horrifying.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
We were then rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, our lives weren’t in danger, and could be considered to have escaped death.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
The jellyfish stings were very painful, and the pain is very hard to describe. It was so painful that I couldn’t shut my eyes for 3 days and nights.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
However, I knew that no matter how much pain I was going through, YangYang was going through worse.
[Loudspeaker] BengalTiger:
To save me, he had to get sixteen stitches on his back, and from then on, he could never become a pilot again.

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