TANW Chapter 76 (NSFW)

Chapter 76 – A Passionate Battle in the Wild  

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Apparently someone died.

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I heard the assailant was a soldier? Is this true?
LingYang dreamt as he slept. The dream consisted of YeLang’s police boots swaying in front of him.
Groggily he felt something brushing lightly against his chest, and gradually moved up to his cheek. Barely opening his eyes, it was as though that pair of familiar looking boots had appeared from his dreams.
He heard someone speak from a distance, “Time to wake up.”
He leaned his head slightly over, using his cheek to fondly caress that boot, “Ok, just awhile more.”
LingYang shut his eyes, about to fall back to sleep. However, he realised that boot was still there, and even rubbing a little harder against his face.
It made him realised that this was not a dream. When he recalled what he had just done in his sleep, LingYang’s heart jolted.
He wrenched his eyes open. The other person noticed that he was awake, and took a step back. This allowed him to clearly see what was in front of him.
This was the first time LingYang got so close to YeLang’s police boots, it seemed as though he could see his own reflection in them.
He suddenly realised he had did something out of the line just now, and hurriedly looked upwards, only to see a rare smile on YeLang’s face.
However, it was a teasing smile. Each time YeLang dominated in bed, he could not help but smile like this.
“Everyone is waiting for you,” YeLang’s voice drifted from above.
“I, I know already, I’ll get up now,” LingYang did not sound as carefree as usual, instead, there was a trace of dread in it.
YeLang nodded slightly and left the tent. After he left, LingYang flipped over with a grunt and knocked his head into the pillow repeatedly, “Fucking hell, if it continues like this I would definitely die under his hand.”
With the fastest speed possible, LingYang quickly got out from the sleeping bag and tidied up. After exiting the tent then he remembered that they had planned to play laser tag today. The four of them arrived at the base, and happened across two other teams who were there to play as well. They came together and formed new teams.
The four of them insisted on being in the same team, as such, the results of this competition could already be predicted. The other teams did not look professional at all, BaiLong alone was enough to deal with all of them.
Neither LingYang nor XuXian had any equipment. As for BaiLong, there was no need to say anything, he would definitely not use the rental gear available at the base. What was unexpected was that YeLang had also brought his own equipment. When LingYang saw him dressed in camouflage with a pair of combat boots, a submachine gun in his hands, a surge of lust overwhelmed him. He did not pay attention to the rules being listed by the instructors, only thinking about whether the size of the zone would be big enough or not. Playing laser tag here, there should be many fortresses and trenches for them to hide in.
As expected, the base did not disappoint LingYang. As it was on a hillside, the space for laser tag was vast, and the terrain was also complicated. If they really wanted to hide themselves, no one would be able to find them in a short period of time.
Upon entering, LingYang headed towards a remote location. YeLang could guess what he was thinking about, and so followed along. The both of them came to an excellent hiding place, where they could observe their surroundings clearly, but no one outside would be able to see what was happening inside.
Seeing that this place was safe, he tossed his gun aside and reached out to undo YeLang’s pants. He kneeled at his feet and took him into his mouth at once. For some reason, seeing YeLang dressed like this, he wanted to do this for him.
Following LingYang’s actions, the smile from the morning once again appeared on YeLang’s face. He raised the submachine gun with one hand, pressing the muzzle against LingYang’s temple. It looked as though he was a soldier humiliating his prisoner of war. This sort of tension and immersion stimulated LingYang’s lower half to start reacting as well.
YeLang immersed himself in the pleasure given to him by LingYang. He slowly moved his boot-cladded foot to LingYang’s erected member. First, he grazed against it lightly a couple of times, then, he pressed the tip of his boot onto it. LingYang froze, his eyes round, his pupils dilating. It was as though he had received a huge stimulus, and even his mouth stopped moving.
YeLang again increased the pressure on the gun, signalling him to continue. LingYang then gradually got over the shock, and starting sucking enthusiastically again. His breathing sped up and his face flushed red, it was like there was a growing heat source burning up his body.
The tip of YeLang’s boot started rubbing circles on LingYang’s erection, enjoying the pleasure he was giving him. LingYang’s throat could not help but swallow, bringing about even greater gratification to YeLang.
His foot continued teasing LingYang through his pants at a constant pace, as though playing with a little pet. LingYang’s eyes clouded with desire.
Previously, LingYang’s enjoyment of his boots fetish was all derived from his imagination. He had never experienced anything like this before. This was a thousand times, no, ten thousand times more intense than what his imagination could provide him with, the satisfaction crashing over him like a tsunami.
YeLang suddenly increased the pressure on his foot. While LingYang felt the pain, he also felt an unprecedented pleasure. He was so excited by it that his blood flowed to all his nerve endings, causing the tips of his fingers and toes to tingle.
In front of human’s most primitive desires, he no longer cared if his innermost secret would be discovered. A moan was drawn out from his throat, if not for the fact that his mouth was full, he would have already thrown away his last shred of dignity and pled, “Step on me! Make me come… Please!”
For LingYang, it felt as though his soul was leaving him bit by bit, about to depart from his body. Just as he was about to reach his climax, YeLang’s foot suddenly retreated, causing him to crash all the way down from his peak. He instinctively yanked his pants open and started pulling at himself quickly.
LingYang’s actions also greatly stimulated YeLang. YeLang tossed his gun aside, gripping LingYang’s head he started pumping into his mouth relentlessly. Each time he pulled out a little, he would thrust back in heavily. LingYang’s hand sped up, and YeLang also increased his speed. Finally, the two of them came together, and YeLang held LingYang’s head tightly against him, trembling, he shot a few bursts of cum into his mouth, LingYang could not help but gag.
As LingYang slowly recovered from that monumental climax, YeLang also let go of him. LingYang first pulled up his pants, then helped YeLang with his. Just as he was about to stand up, he suddenly felt a force on his shoulder. YeLang’s right foot was stepping on it, and his knees that had already left the ground landed onto it again.
LingYang took a look, and saw that the shoelaces of the combat boot on his shoulder was untied. YeLang bent over and took his time retying the laces, and tightened the knot. His every move, in LingYang’s eyes, were full of seduction. At that moment, he really had an impulse to lick those boots.
Fortunately, it seemed that YeLang was ready to let him go. When YeLang removed his boot from his shoulder, LingYang sighed in relief, and quickly stood up. YeLang bent down to pick up the gun he had tossed aside. LingYang was about to pick his up as well, only to have YeLang suddenly push the gun up under his chin. LingYang was forced to a standstill, his chin raised up by the gun.
“Take off your pants.” YeLang commanded.
LingYang laughed drily, “Sir, stop kidding.”
YeLang used more force, and LingYang’s chin raised another two inches, “Take them off!”
LingYang swallowed. He knew YeLang did not plan on letting him off so easily today. Although it was only a laser gun in his hand, but that pressure he emitted was as though it was a gun capable of taking his life.
With no other alternatives, he could only again remove his pants again. Halfway through, he noticed how YeLang was staring at his crotch, and suddenly did not know how to react. He could not pull his pants back up, nor could he continue pushing them down.
Seeing that he stopped, YeLang shot him a fierce glare and gave him a quick nod, silently intimidating him to continue taking them off. As such, LingYang’s hands relaxed and his pants fell to the ground, the lower half of his body exposed in April’s mild but still with a trace of chill weather. The air was a little cool, but it was somewhat exciting.
The gun in YeLang’s hand slid from LingYang’s chin, along his neck, past his chest, and finally stopping at a certain place. That slightly disdainful gaze, together with this outdoor experience, caused a wave of shame to well up within LingYang, but his irrepressible cock still reacted.
“How energetic,” YeLang pressed the muzzle of the gun against that area, then pulled away. Little LingYang became even more lively, bobbing in the air, as though saluting the officer.
“Your masturbation just now wasn’t too bad, do it again for me to see.” YeLang’s voice became indolent and lazy, his manipulative thoughts could clearly be heard in it.
By now, LingYang was completely in the scene, as though there really was someone threatening his life. Helplessly, his two hands touched himself, and for the first time in his life, he masturbated to an audience. The upper half of his body was still clothed, while the lower half of his body was completely bared. Because of the strong contrast on top of the outdoor environment, both desire and shame took their turns dominating his thoughts. The majestic bearing of the person in front of him slowly invaded his heart, encroaching over his body, and imprinting deeply onto his soul. From that moment he, he had completely surrendered himself to him.
YeLang admired LingYang’s performance with interest. He paced around LingYang, watching this live show from all angles. LingYang instinctively did not dare to make eye contact with a YeLang like this, and could only keep his eyes lowered. Those black combat shoes remained in his vision, every line was like they had been carved by a knife, the thick serrated soles crushing the grit under them mercilessly, leaving prints on the rough sand. Even the sound of the soles against the ground turned into decadent music, to LingYang, it sounded more arousing than sweet nothings being whispered into his ears.
This hardiest representative of the boots world had a simple design, and would never stand out of the crowd. However, it was the ultimate item that could make the blood of every boy boil. The longer you gazed at it, the more you could feel that explosive force under that ordinary appearance.
LingYang again recalled the pleasure that those boots had just given him, and his breathing gradually became heavier. YeLang’s footsteps were like the pounding of a hammer, each step crashing against LingYang’s rationality, he could even imagine its fragmentation.
LingYang’s reasoning started getting muddled. In his eyes, YeLang’s boots started leaving a trail of afterimages, which disappeared quickly. By the time he realised this, he discovered that he could no longer see where YeLang was already.
His heart sank sharply. Just as he was about to look up and around, a familiar warmth pressed against his back. YeLang’s breath landed on his sensitive ear, as if he was chuckling, teasing, and LingYang relaxed.
In the next second, YeLang’s fingers quickly entered LingYang’s defenceless body, aiming accurately at that specific point. A twist, a thrust, a stroke, LingYang felt as though he was on a roller-coaster, shooting up to the sky instantly. He was like a puppet in YeLang’s hand, following accordingly to his demands. He was the manipulator of his desires, influencing his mind, and bringing him immense pleasure.
LingYang felt YeLang’s fingers thrusting into him, his fingertips nimbly circling within him, stroking periodically at his g-spot. Each time this happened, his body would shudder, his hole clenching, as though it was begging for more.
“Who let you stop, continue.” YeLang’s low voice resonated in his ear. Only then did LingYang registered that his hands had slowed down, he hurriedly started bringing himself off again.
More pearlescent liquid flowed out from the tip of his cock, glistening in the sunlight, reminding him that he was completely exposed to his surroundings, that anyone could stumble upon him at any moment.
YeLang played with his body, then removed his fingers, and LingYang suddenly felt empty. There was something hard against his entrance, but even after a long wait, it did not progress further in.
“Put it in.” LingYang waited for very long, and could not help open his mouth. His voice was calm and restrained, but the words were lewd.
YeLang remained standing there, as though he had no intentions of thrusting in. LingYang felt desperate, his hole clinging onto the head of YeLang’s cock, yearning for more.
“Please. Please put it in.” LingYang gave up his last shred of dignity, begging weakly.
YeLang straightened, and entered easily. He did not give LingYang any time to adjust, but started pounding at him, his hands tightly clutching at LingYang’s waist. Pain and pleasure intertwined, drowning LingYang.
Behind him was the intense pleasure of getting filled, while in front his fingers pulled at his cock rapidly. LingYang could no longer bear the stimulation from the two-pronged attack, groaning, he came. White shots of liquid landed on the sandy ground. LingYang panted heavily, his legs weak, and leaned back into YeLang’s embrace.
YeLang directed LingYang to walk to one side, and got him to press his hands against the stone wall. He adjusted LingYang’s position, raising his hips, and again pressed in.
His right hand caressing LingYang’s ass cheek, then suddenly gave it a slap, “Ride me.”
LingYang obediently started moving, his hips writhing, causing the huge object in him to slide in and out, sending out the sounds of flesh slapping.
YeLang was clearly still unsatisfied with his performance, raising his left hand he again slapped LingYang’s ass, “Harder.”
LingYang tried his best, jerking himself back harder. YeLang’s palms continuously caressed LingYang’s ass, periodically spreading them apart. Together with the slapping sounds of their flesh, LingYang’s ass turned an attractive pink colour.
LingYang paused to catch his breath. From behind, YeLang gripped his hair, yanking his head back, exposing a bewitching curve of LingYang’s neck. His half-lidded eyes, his slightly opened mouth, seeing that, the beast within YeLang emerged, shoving himself as deeply as possible into LingYang. The temperature where they were joined had raised tremendously, and YeLang lost himself in that tight heat.
Shaking, he came in LingYang, the warm bursts of cum shooting into his body. At that moment, from start till end, from his body to his heart, YeLang wanted to completely take possession of this person, taking ownership of him, and let him be unable to think of anyone else. He even had an unreasonable desire to erase LingYang’s memories of the past sixteen years, hoping to never see that reticent expression that LingYang sometimes unknowingly had on his face.
Outside the fort came the quiet sound of footsteps. YeLang had remained constantly vigilant throughout the entire time, and so quickly pulled out of LingYang’s body. In an instant, he pulled on his pants and picked up his gun next to the wall. Aiming through a slit in the wall, he shot at his target accurately. Before the poor invader even realised where the enemy was located, his beeper announced that he was dead, and could only return back to the respawn location obediently.
In a panic, LingYang grabbed his pants and hopped around trying to pull them on, his heart about to escape from his chest. He had not expect YeLang to be so daring as to do the full sexual act outdoors. Thinking about it, he felt that their actions had really been very risky.
YeLang dealt with the enemy, then tossed the submachine gun over to LingYang. He turned to pick up LingYang’s sniper rifle. “This sort of calm and steady weapon is not suitable for you, you should just use this brainless type where you can fire off randomly.”
Having been looked down on, LingYang bared his teeth towards YeLang. However, he still happily accepted the submachine gun, he thought that YeLang was especially cool just now when shooting with that submachine gun.
The two of them left their hiding place, sneaking their way back to the main battlefield. On their way back, they managed to get a few shots in, and LingYang was also killed once. They found XuXian and BaiLong at an elevated location, XuXian had became a medic, while BaiLong had a submachine gun in each hand, and no living creature within a hundred miles of them.
Seeing the results at the end of the competition, their opponents all accused BaiLong of cheating, while the ones who knew the truth all laughed to themselves.
All the players were muddy from the competition, while YeLang and LingYang looked the cleanest amongst all of them. When showering, YeLang knew that LingYang did not want anyone to see the scar on his back, and so stood behind him and shielded him from sight the entire time.
By the time the four of them returned to their camp, they were somewhat tired. BaiLong leaned against a tree, while XuXian lay his head on his thigh, resting. YeLang was not very tired, he found a flat stone by the river and sat on it. LingYang was the most bubbly one out of all of them. Somehow, he managed to climb onto a tree, straddling a branch, a stalk of wild grass in his mouth, and swaying his legs in the air.
YeLang studied LingYang. His impression of him was that he was a restless person, other than when he was sleeping or playing games, he was pretty much always in a state of motion. However, at that moment, he was leaning against the tree trunk, staring up at the blue sky, an indescribably calm expression upon his face.
All of a sudden, YeLang felt a sense of apprehension, as though a LingYang like this did not belong to him, that he could leave him at any moment, flying up to the skies. A deep feeling of insecurity overcame him.
By the time he found out he had such thoughts, he had already stood up unconsciously and walked under the tree, reaching both arms out towards LingYang.
LingYang lowered his head and saw YeLang, a huge smile appearing on his face. Pushing himself off the branch, he leapt into YeLang’s arms. YeLang relaxed only after LingYang’s feet touched the ground.
“Are you worried that I’ll fly away?” LingYang seemed to have guessed his thoughts.
YeLang did not reply, but neither did he deny it.
“Don’t worry, I can’t fly anymore.” He leaned over and pecked him lightly on his lips.  
The author has something to say:
Many people seemed interested in that flute app, the author only knows that the name in the apple store is called 萧Pro, and don’t know about the android version. There’s also a bamboo flute and a Suona version, the bamboo flute version sounds the best.
Wanted to record a clip, but after recording it the author realised the sound was too soft, and could not be heard clearly. Everyone should just download it to try it out.
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