TANW Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – Azure Buckle Surfaces

Topic: [Video] Dedicated to Last Night’s LinShan’s Hero — FlowerHouse
Poster: Crane Guide

 The incident that happened last night in LinShan server, it deeply moved me. That “Bell, revive”, when I first heard it I was indifferent to it, until later when every word pierced my heart, it made me cannot help but like this lithe yet strong person. 

When the incident was going on, I happened to have my recording software turned on, so I recorded down the second half of the incident. I then took some snippets from that FlowerHouse’s 100 Ways to Kill a Husband video and worked overnight to come up with this MV. This is my tribute to the hero of my heart, FlowerHouse, the you who fell down and continued standing up, you’ll always be the most beautiful person to me!

I hope that you’ll be able to find your true love soon, I wish you the best!

PS. Can Handsome Peng please fulfil his promise , and get out of LinShan!



LingYang sighed, “Flower, I’m Bell.”
XuXian’s mouth opened then closed, closed then opened, just like a fish that only opened its mouth but never made any sound.  

“I used to play on the old server, Bell is an account I bought on 3715, I actually bought it on the day we moved in together.”
Only after a long period of time did XuXian retrieved his senses, “Does Ah Lang know about it?”
LingYang nodded, then shook his head, “He knows that Bell is a guy, but he doesn’t know that Bell is me.”

XuXian was still very bewildered.
“I met him the first day I came online, then he…” LingYang stopped, thinking. “Because the history of this account Bell was not very splendid, I was worried I’ll be chased down and killed over and over again. So I asked him to help me hide my identity and lie that the account was hacked, and I was in an accident.”

XuXian was silent, only shaking his head after awhile, “You’re lying.”
This time it LingYang’s turn to get a shock.

XuXian bent his legs, hugging his knees, “They all say that a person’s character online reflects their truest self. Ah Lang’s character should be more like Night Wolf, his spoilt-young master temper is actually pretty bad, after all that’s the type of environment he grew up in… It’s only that he manages to hide it very well in real life, only people very close to him will know about this. If you’re Bell, you will definitely understand how bad Night Wolf’s temper is.”
“If you said that Night Wolf forced you to stay and continue as Bell, I’ll believe that, if you say that he’s willing to act this out with a stranger, what’s more to act as a couple,” XuXian shook his head. “It’s not very possible.”
LingYang’s mouth was also opened wide, as expected, a friendship of over ten years was not in vain.
“Oh, your guess, it’s also not wrong…” LingYang faltered. “But after that I was still the one pestering him more often.”
“Then where did LuoMing Shadow come from?”

“That’s LuoMing Wind’s side account, he lent it to me to help cover my identity.”

“How exactly did you meet LuoMing Wind?”
“We met on the old server, I came to the new server because of him, but who would have known this sort of thing would happen.”
XuXian suddenly thought of a question, “Do you mean that the previous Bell was really…”
“Maybe,” But no one could be completely sure about this. “But maybe she really got into a car accident and lost her memories.”

“I actually fell for your lousy excuse,” The corner of XuXian’s mouth twitched. “But I previously thought that you were fooled by Ah Lang’s appearance, but it turns out that you know about his real personality and you’re still going for it.”
XuXian recalled, “Do you know, there was once we did a 25-men raid, a bracer dropped. Two people wanted it, but the guy offered a higher DKP. The girl then acted coquettish and wanted MoMo to give it to her. Ah Lang straight away scolded the girl in YY until she cried, he did not give any face to the girl at all, so mean.”
“After we completed the raid that day we laughed at him, saying that with his temper he would never be able to find a wife in the game. In a fit of anger he went to the newbie village and picked up the previous Bell. At that time we still exclaimed that Bell was very nice, obeying Ah Lang in every way, who knew…”
“Now that I think about it, people who can stand Ah Lang either have designs on his money or are pure masochists,” with a strange expression XuXian looked at LingYang. “YangYang could you be…”
XuXian tilted his head, “Then you were so close to Ah Lang previously, didn’t he suspect anything?”

“At the start he did, but at that time I was very scared that he would keep a distance from me once he knew my identity, so I’ve been trying to hide it from him until now.”
“So you’ve decided to continue hiding it from him?” XuXian asked.
LingYang tugged at his hair, frustrated, “It’s a long story, I seem to have gone overboard this time, now that I want to stop it I also can’t… But I’ve been working on it, I’ve decided to find a suitable time and admit everything to him, it should be within the next two days.”
XuXian secretly imagined how YeLang would be like after he knew the truth. He unconsciously trembled, YangYang ah YangYang, you can only seek for blessings on your own behalf.
“However, we really have a bond.” XuXian exclaimed. 
“Yes, yes, let’s get married!” LingYang had stars in his eyes.

“You still dare to say this? You even hid it from me, and hid it for so long? YeLang’s temper is bad, then you think my temper is good? I’m also angry, I’ve decided to lock Bell up in the little black house for 10 minutes!”
“Flower don’t~ I’ll help you kill scummy Peng two more times, don’t lock me in the little black house~~”
XuXian ignored his pleading, reaching to grab the mouse, and LingYang hurriedly raised the mouse up. The both of them fought over the mouse playfully, upon looking back at the computer they discovered there were people fighting in the game again.

Just now as XuXian was fighting Handsome Peng, a large crowd was attracted. With more people around, things would go wrong more easily, some new players who did not understand the situation were criticising FlowerHouse for being a ladyboy and cheating people’s feelings. Passionate Sword’s people of course did not sit back and watch but argued back instead, among them was the famous irritable T.Rex who easily goaded into a fight.
One of the people criticising FlowerHouse was someone called “Your Uncle”, it was similar to “Uncle He”, both of their tones were also very violent, very quickly the both of them got into a conflict, even goading for a PK in real life.
(T/N: Your Uncle is 你大爷 – NiDaYe, which is kinda similar to Uncle He, 贺大爷 – HeDaYe.)

[Local] UncleHe:  What’s the point of being cocky in the game, if you can let’s PK in real life!

This was the the advantage of local servers, in other games, when people got into conflicts they would fight. If they could not fight they would argue, and once they had argued enough the matter was settled. However, in <Pale Soul OL>, real life PK could happen, especially in places like HuShuo City that was barely the size of a palm, where a taxi ride from one end to the other end of the city would not even require a RMB100 note.
LingYang was excited when he saw this commotion, he wanted to see it for himself, but he did not know if the location of Your Uncle was far from him or not.

[Local] YourUncle: Who’s afraid of who, YanShan University’s North Zone Boys’ Fourth Dormitory Room 737, tomorrow evening at 6, if you don’t come you’re the grandson!

LingYang blinked his eyes, then rubbed them, reading the address stated by Your Uncle repeatedly, and had to confirm that he did not see wrongly.
He turned around to look at XuXian, who was also stunned, this meant that there was no issue with his eyesight.
What the fuck, was this not his dormitory room?!
The next day after class, LingYang flew to Cafeteria 2, buying half a dozen buns he ran to the dormitory. 
Upon entering LingYang immediately greeted warmly, “Brother Bear hasn’t eaten right? Come have some buns.”
Brother Bear saw that he was the one entering and was taken aback, “Why are you back?”
“Because I missed you.”
“Didn’t we saw each other this morning? You were still sitting next to me.”
“… Why can’t I come back to the dorm to take a look?” I still didn’t know who it was in the morning, what to do if I alerted the enemy and exposed my ID!
“Sure sure, my little Brother Yang is most considerate, come back then come back, why did you bring buns,” Brother Bear took the buns from LingYang and took a bite, “What the hell they’re from Cafeteria 2.”
LingYang waved his hand, “It’s good enough that there’s food, only after eating would you have the energy to fight.”
Brother Bear was stunned, “How did you know I was going to fight?”
“You were so loud in the game yesterday, the entire server knows about it.”

“Oh… But why do I remember that you’re from the old server?”

“I even remember that you don’t play games! Why, got corrupted?”
“My friend just introduced it to me, I think it’s not bad, so I started playing. Does this mean you’ve changed servers? That’s great, next time we can fight dungeons together. Right, what’s your name in the game? Is it still the old one?”
“No… Right do you know who that Uncle He is? Why did you start a fight with him?” LingYang quickly changed the topic,
“Why do I care who he is?”
“He’s T.Rex from the sports school, he can breath fire!”

“No matter what he is, when he’s here I’ll make him become a fossil specimen.” Brother Bear got excited, slapping the table he stood up. LingYang got a shock, nearly tossing the buns in his hand, seeing this that two metres tall, muscular person laughed embarrassedly.
Six pm on the dot, a loud noise was heard outside the door. LingYang turned his head to take a look, a person with a face darkened with anger entered.
Fine, the face might not be darkened with anger, it might also be because the owner of the face was already very tanned…
Upon entering the person was clearly taken aback when he saw LingYang. LingYang raised his right hand, “Yo~!”
T.Rex went crazy, “Why is it you again!”

LingYang waved his hand hurriedly, “This time it’s really not me.” He gestured to his side, “He’s Your Uncle.”
“He’s your uncle!” T.Rex roared.
Throwing the buns aside LingYang covered his ears, thinking miserably,  I was really introducing him to you.
Brother Bear saw how impolite that person was, and quickly saved the damsel in distress, “What’s your background? Who allowed you to roar at our YangYang!”
“Your YangYang? If he’s your YangYang then tie him up properly, don’t let him always go out and seduce my man!”
Hearing the last part Brother Xiong was dumbfounded, was this not a little too much like a melodrama? But why was it seducing his man? This phrase coming out from a person like this seemed a little too incongruent?
“What do you mean, YangYang became your man’s sidepiece, so you’re here to pick a fight?”
T.Rex’s face was flushed with anger, “You’re the one with a man, your man’s the one with the sidepiece! I’m here for the pre-arranged fight!”
Brother Bear blinked, he finally understood it a little, “You’re Uncle He?”

“And who are you?” T.Rex asked, unfriendly.
“I’m Your Uncle.”
“I’m your uncle!!!”
The two uncles were set for a showdown, about to start fighting, but at this moment someone else entered. LingYang had thought it would be QiFeng, but unexpectedly, that person turned out to be the substitute counsellor Tang XiuWen.
“Hi Teacher!” LingYang quickly stood up and greeted loudly, alerting those two next to him that were lost in anger.
Upon seeing the appearance of the counsellor, Brother Bear hurriedly turned off his battle mode, greeting him respectfully and scuttled around for a chair for him to sit.
Although T.Rex was not from this school, but it was the nature of students to be respectful to teachers, so he also did not dare to continue acting rashly.
As such, a real life PK ended like this. LingYang had long expected to see this sort of result, but he never thought that the person stopping this farce would be Tang XiuWen and not QiFeng.
However, the appearance of the counsellor was really timely, settling this matter that started from an online conflict.
LingYang went over, “Teacher, you’re here to do spot checks again, doing this every 2 or 3 days, how dedicated!” The subtext was, we’re already in year 2, stop managing us so strictly as though you’re a nanny!

Tang XiuWen’s gaze calmly swept past him, completely ignoring the subtext, “Haven’t you moved out already, why are you back here?”
LingYang could not say, I’m here to watch a show, and as such could only come up with an excuse, “I heard Brother Bear’s cousin was coming, so I came here to greet him.”
“Cousin?” Tang XiuWen turned to study T.Rex.
T.Rex was taken advantage of without any reason, but he could not argue back, so could only unwillingly nod his head.
“So you weren’t going to fight just now?”
“How could that be,” Brother Bear had a ridiculing smile on his face. “We’re very good brothers, we were just playing around.” To prove his words, he even slung his arm around the neck of the person next to him.
T.Rex’s body stiffened, but he did not struggle.
Tang XiuWen nodded,  “Then that’s good, don’t create trouble.”
Someone else came to the dorm, the space that was already not very big became even more crowded. LingYang’s eyes darted over, this time it was QiFeng.
“Why did you take so long to come?” LingYang asked, just now if not for Tang XiuWen’s sudden appearance, the scene would have exploded.
“Angry started making noise about coming here immediately after class, he didn’t even eat anything,” QiFeng passed the bag in his hand over to T.Rex. “Try Cafeteria 2’s buns.”
LingYang & Brother Bear: “…”
T.Rex took it and took a bite, “What the fuck what kind of weapon is this?”
That reminded LingYang, he hurriedly took a box of Smecta out from his pocket, there were two packs of medication inside, one for Brother Bear, the other for T.Rex, “Come come, after eating this, your diarrhoea and vomiting will stop, protects your body, nourishes you and prolongs your life.”
“You even bring this around with you?” Brother Bear accepted the medication doubtfully.
“After buying the buns for you I went to the pharmacy next door to grab this, no wonder everyone says that the pharmacy next to Cafeteria 2 has the most effective medication.”
(T/N: Smecta’s Chinese name is 思密达 – SiMiDa, which the Chinese also use to imitate Koreans as it sounds similar to imnida, it’s also used for opposite effect online, to increase humour and amusement.)
QiFeng asked T.Rex: “Are you still fighting? If not, let’s go.”
Brother Bear quickly replied, afraid, “Little Cousin you should go back quickly, playing The King of Fighters another day would be the same.”
“Little Cousin?” QiFeng cocked his brow.”
He JiaWei sighed.
QiFeng again looked at Brother Bear, “Older Cousin?”
Brother Bear nodded as though he was a little chick picking at rice.
“Isn’t it uncle?”
Brother Bear again hurriedly shook his head, “How would I dare to be his uncle, it’s more likely for him to be my uncle.”
Turning around he saw Tang XiuWen looking at him, and corrected himself, “It’s little cousin little cousin little cousin…”
He JiaWei was taken away by QiFeng, and LingYang also followed Tang XiuWen down the stairs.”
“Teacher, how come you’re not continuing with your spot check? You’re here to check just our room?”
“What? What did 737 do to receive such special care from Teacher?” Also, the timing of your appearance is too coincidental!
Tang XiuWen did not answer directly, only shooting a look at him. The look from those phoenix eyes made LingYang felt that this person definitely had ulterior motives.
LingYang thought, I’m done I’m done I’m done, he definitely has a crush on me, so he followed me. When he knew that I was back in the dorm, he purposely found an excuse to come see me.
The two of them walked past a milk tea shop within the school, “Go in, I’ll treat you to tea.”
Although it was a treat, but Tang XiuWen’s voice was very imposing, there was completely no was for LingYang to reject him.
With a cup of milk tea each, they sat facing each other. LingYang thought, What the hell, could it be that he’s about to confess his feelings?
What to do what to do what to do, I haven’t thought of a rejection yet.

But didn’t the class assistant leader said that he was a glacier beauty bottom? Could he have the looks of a bottom, but the nature of a top?
Oh heaven, I’ve never thought of getting into a student-teacher relationship! What’s more I already have Brother Lang!
If I reject him, would he fail me during the final exams?

Eh? The milk tea from this shop is pretty good, I’ll get one cup for Flower later.

“Student LingYang,” Tang XiuWen spoke, pulling LingYang away from his thoughts.
“Does Teacher have any instructions?” LingYang sat up straight.
“I still prefer you calling me by another name.”
“… Brother XiuWen? This isn’t too good right…” Last time he used to call him like that, but that was when he was still in the third year of high school. At that time LingYang was closer to his younger brother, Tang XiuWen had visited him twice, so they ended up knowing each other.
Tang XiuWen stared at LingYang for awhile, suddenly his lips curved up, an evil smile.
When these words appeared in LingYang’s head, he became silly for a moment, unconsciously raising his hand to the top right corner.
Tang XiuWen looked up with a glance, “Why are you raising your hand?”
LingYang also looked up to see his right hand that had raised out of reflex, even his index finger was reaching out, he hurriedly kept his hand back, “Sorry, seeing ‘an evil smile’, out of reflex I wanted to get rid of it.”
Tang XiuWen ignored his idiotic actions, and continued, “Student LingYang, there’s something I want to tell you. I know, this may have a very big impact on you, I hope you can prepare yourself.”
LingYang raised his palm, doing a stop signal, “Hold on.”
He raised the cup on the table, finishing the drink in one gulp, then putting the cup down heavily, and made a posture as though he was ready to pledge his life.
“Brother XiuWen, just say it, even if you were to confess your feelings to me now, I can also take it.”
Tang XiuWen used three fingers and picked up the cup in a refined manner, placing it in front of him mouth, taking a drink elegantly, placing it down, and again giving LingYang that evil smile.
His beautiful lips opened, and spoke a few words lightly.
“Master, I’m Little Buckle.”
LingYang’s body shook, his throat wet, and vomited blood.
The author has something to say:
Yesterday many engineering students who made hammers appeared, turns out there’s so many of us helpless hammer gang, let’s hug each other and cry.
People who have made hammers all know how difficult it is to make it, so to use it for a love confession is not shabby at all, I think it’s much more romantic that [rose] x999.
Yesterday [Lu]’s name was again eaten by an antelope, I’ve already said that names with grass in it are not safe.
[ScentedSleeve] x 1, [ImaginaryYear] x1, [Summer] x1, [Just] x3, [AnAn] x4, [Division] x5, thanks for all your DPS, today another legendary item dropped:
[Little Dragon Girl’s Toilet Plunger]
Weapon: One Handed Sword DPS 238
When attacking Night Wolf there would definitely be a fury-triggering effect, each time it hits it would increase the other person’s fury by 5 points.

*Little Antelope: This kind of things like using the Toilet Sword method, would I tell you about it?
A [Newest Edition of Main Character Illustrations] dropped as well, also, did you expect this result?

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