TANW Chapter 78 (NSFW)

Chapter 78 – Unlocking the Secret Level   
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OP: Hi everyone, it’s me. I know that all of you must be feeling very surprised right now. In fact, after getting rejected when I came out of the closet, all my hopes were dashed. I left behind a note and attempted suicide, but when I woke up, I found myself in the hospital. It turned out that soon after my BF left, he started regretting it and decided to return, and that was how I was saved.
I can see that he’s been feeling very remorseful about this situation. After I woke up, he’s been going along with me in everything, agreeing with all my requests. He has also been constantly keeping an eye on him, refusing to even take a step away, afraid that I’ll attempt suicide again. I took this opportunity to talk to him about it, he said that he couldn’t accept it immediately, but he’s willing to try to understand it. I think this is already the best possible ending for my situation.
Thanks for everyone’s concern. I’ll like to say that maybe we can try to have some more courage, and not hide ourselves so deeply. Things may not be as bad as we imagine them to be. Something that looks like it will result only in a bad ending may still have a turning point somewhere, that there may still be a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Sorry, as I’m a little emotional, I’ve started rambling, I hope that everyone can understand what I’m trying to say.
Finally, he has already officially proposed to me when I was in the hospital. We’ve decided to migrate overseas, and live our lives openly. I hope that everyone can bless us 🙂
On Saturday, YeLang received a call and went to the office. The Ye family business was an entertainment company. They started off with artiste management, progressing rapidly in recent years, and expanded their scope by a lot, even investing in movie productions under another branch of the company.
“Young Master, I’ve prepared the items you wanted. Please see if they fit.” The stylist, XiaoWang, retrieved a black dust bag from the wardrobe.
YeLang opened up the dust bag, exposing what was inside it. It was an air force uniform, with a light blue shirt, a dark blue tie, and a sky-blue coat. On the coat were golden buttons, three gold stars on the epaulet, an eagle army emblem on the right chest pocket, and an armband on the left arm.
YeLang ran his finger along the uniform, feeling that the material was somewhat rough to his finger.
“Although our uniforms are meant to be used on set, but the materials are still of a very good quality. They’re stiffer, so that they won’t easily lose their shape during the shoot, even after rolling on the ground there won’t be any creases,” XiaoWang explained. “On the surface, they look exactly like the official army uniforms, but there are some slight differences in the design details, like here, and here. We’ve tucked the edges in a little more, so that the actor’s body can be shown off a little more. This set is tailored specifically to your measurements, it will definitely look very good on you.”

YeLang nodded, “And?”
XiaoWang took out another dust bag and opened it for him to see, “The cap.” Then he bent down and took a box from under the table, “This one too, this is the real thing from the military, I got it from a soldier friend of mine.”
He opened the lid, inside the box was a pair of black pilot boots, on them was also the eagle army emblem, with the label, China Air Force.
YeLang was very satisfied, “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” As a stylist of the company, he would often go to various places to source for clothes. When he saw something suitable for YeLang and his cousins, he would buy it for them as well. More than half the boots in YeLang’s collection was his work, and towards YeLang’s measurements he could not be anymore familiar with them.
“Right, Young Master. Why are you suddenly interested in uniforms? If you like, I’ll prepare an extra set for you each time a uniform is needed?”
YeLang sincerely thought that this suggestion was a good one, “Yes, do that.”
It was neither a red-letter day nor a birthday, LingYang was puzzled when YeLang suddenly said that he had a present for him.
LingYang followed YeLang to an apartment near their schools, and watched as he took out a key.
“Where is this place?”
“My house.”
“Your house?” LingYang was shocked. “No, I’m not prepared to meet your parents.” Also, his parents probably were not prepared to meet this son-in-law as well!
“It’s not my parents’ house, it’s only a place for me to stay.”
LingYang was surprised, “You actually have a house near the school? Did you just buy it?”
“I bought it when I just entered university.”
“Why didn’t you mention it before?” LingYang looked around the apartment curiously. The furnishings were very simple, and there were no daily necessities around. With one glance, it was clear that this place was rarely lived in.
“Because I don’t come here often.” YeLang replied.
“How amazing, I feel like I’ve just found a secret level in the game, or I’ve entered a new map.” LingYang spoke figuratively.
“Wait here and give me a few moments. I’m going in to change my clothes.”
“Huh? What kind of presents would require you to change your clothes?” Also, why can’t you change your clothes in front of me? I’ve seen everything of yours already anyway.
YeLang gave a rare smile, he did not speak, and closed the door of the bedroom behind him.
With nothing to do, LingYang explored the apartment. This was a typical bachelor’s pad, there was only one bedroom. The bathroom came with a bathtub, and this point alone made this place better than his old-fashioned rented apartment. The kitchen was absolutely empty, it was obvious no one had ever cooked in it before.
After taking a look around the place, LingYang again waited for a long while, but YeLang still did not appear. He could not help but call out, “What are you changing into, why is it taking so long?”
“If you don’t say anything I’m going in!”
“I’m coming in——”
LingYang cheekily pushed the door open and entered. Upon seeing YeLang, his eyes widened, rapidly turning a 180˚ around, he refused to look at him again.
The posture of the person in the room was erect, he stood in front of the mirror, his fingers elegantly fastened the last button. Hearing the abrupt cessation of LingYang’s words, he also only glanced at him and then straightened his cap with a tug.
“What’s with you?” YeLang drawled.
LingYang continued facing the door, gulping, his voice weak, “Don’t, don’t be like this.”
Step by step, YeLang made his way to LingYang, “The company is shooting a movie to do with the air force, so they sent me this uniform as well. It doesn’t look good?”
“It, it looks good.”
By then, YeLang was right behind him, “You don’t like it?”
“I like it…” LingYang lowered his head, replying softly.
Gripping LingYang’s shoulder, YeLang forcefully turned him around to face him. LingYang had long lost his cheerful and carefree expression, not daring to lift his head up, his eyes drifting around those shiny golden buttons on YeLang’s chest. With the sky blue coat, those buttons looked even more eye-catching, as such, it was difficult for people to stare at them directly.
Resting both hands on LingYang’s shoulders, YeLang suddenly exerted pressure onto him. LingYang was not prepared for that, his knees fell onto the ground, and a pair of brand new pilot boots appeared in his vision, on them were the eagle army emblem representing the air force.

LingYang was very familiar with this pair of boots. He also had an exact same pair, and those were the only boots he owned. He had never worn them before, but would give them a good polish every few days.
He had numerous dreams about the day when he would wear those boots and pilot a plane, only to brush aside those dreams after that school break in the second year of high school, and never took them out again.
This pair of boots in front of him, not only were they bearing the weight of his shameful desire, but also his dreams that could never be achieved.
He raised his head, looking up at YeLang. Those eyes seemed to have seen through him completely, and that pitiless expression mesmerised him.
LingYang still remembered that a long time ago, at the swimming pool, he was also looking up at YeLang from this angle. That was the first time he had entered the water on his own initiative after the accident. YeLang had reached his hand out towards him, pulling him out from his past, and granting him a new life.
YeLang gave a nod, this silent action was like a key, unlocking the last shackle in LingYang’s heart.
He bent his body down, kissing the tip of the boot devoutly, as though it was the most precious treasure in the world.
From up above, YeLang observed LingYang’s actions. Instead of feeling strange about it, it instead gave him a new experience.
If a suitable phrase had to be found to describe this feeling, then it should be —— an excitement that he had never felt before.
Even though there was no skin contact, just by looking, he could barely control his excitement.
If not for him restraining himself as much as possible, his fingers would even be trembling in exhilaration right now.
The first person YeLang ever had intimate contact with was LingYang, and after that he had also only slept with him. Although he was not born gay, but he had to admit that this taboo relationship with a person of his gender was very wonderful.
LingYang was very good at arousing him, and was also able to satisfy his needs. The best part was that he could accept the outbursts of his merciless actions in bed, whereas females might not be able to accept such behaviour.
After being with LingYang, he then truly experienced the joys of sex.
However, the current experience had once again refreshed his perceptions. Adding up all the pleasure from their previous times could not even compare to the gratification he was feeling now.
It was as though an animal had woken up within him. It had been sleeping for a long time, now, it was starting to roar. What LingYang had woken up was his deeply concealed desires to conquer, to possess, to control…
Watching him lying prostrate at his feet, groaning, panting, thirsting, YeLang’s every small movement could result in LingYang’s uncontrollable response. He slid the tip of his boot across LingYang’s bare skin, it was like an electric current running across his body, LingYang’s body shuddering along with it.
To get some reprieve, LingYang had to think of a way to ingratiate himself, to try and please him. That humble and obedient expression, was completely different from the brightness of LingYang’s usual expressions.
Thinking about this two wildly contrasting image, the thrill in YeLang’s heart increased further. That boy overflowing with youthful vigour belonged to everyone, but this one begging in front of him as though wagging a tail, belonged to only him.
With no physical contact, YeLang was already hard as a rock. However, this was all concealed under the uniform, he still did not want to yield to his own desires so quickly. On the surface he looked calm and indifferent, despite LingYang’s pleading, he kept his composure.
YeLang was already used to LingYang tearing helplessly when under him, but during those times, he was also distracted by his own movements. To be able to watch the enthralment of another person detachedly, this was purely an emotional pleasure, and this pleasure could override all other physical pleasures.
The moment when LingYang was finally allowed to release, from the cloudiness of his eyes, YeLang could clearly see a certain emotion deep within them. That was LingYang’s unreserved worship and love for him, his attention undivided, as though he was the only person left in the world.
He knew, by now, LingYang finally, completely, thoroughly belonged to him.
From now on, this person’s happiness, pain, restraints or absolution, could all be decided by him. From his body to his spirit, were now under his domination!
Until YeLang threw LingYang onto the bed, he was still thinking, maybe this had nothing to do with LingYang, but was already a part of his nature.
Ever since he knew LingYang, his life had started to go on a different track, moving in an unpredictable direction, but unexpectedly heading towards the intended destination.
Even if this sort of behaviour was considered depraved, he no longer minded walking further and further down this road of depravity…
YeLang had never imagined that such a play could let him lose his control, only after mercilessly doing LingYang a few times did he calm down.
Having satisfied both his body and spirit, LingYang seemed to be repaying him, becoming even more unrestrained in sex, no matter the positions and poses YeLang asked for, he would obediently do them, trying his best to satisfy him.
Today, their bond in bed had reached an all-time high.
After, YeLang leaned against the head board, a hand caressing LingYang’s hair. LingYang curled into him like a cat, a face full of satisfaction.
“Hey,” LingYang suddenly thought of something, and flipped over to lie onto YeLang. “Can you wear a pilot uniform from World War Two next time? Something like that dark green leather jacket.”
YeLang side-eyed him, “Don’t push your luck.”

The author has something to say:
The lion and Little Buckle’s relationship can be considered to have come to an end. The author thinks that reaching this step, the both of them already have a happy ending. This abrupt conclusion is suitable for them, without a crap ending, and without opening up. If they appear again, there wouldn’t be too many words spent on them, what’s coming up would be the stage for Brother Lang, YangYang and Tiger now.
Brother Lang’s daily prestige has finally reached the worship stage, but it’s not easy to tell who’s worshipping who.
[Brother Lang’s Pilot Boots]
“It not only bore the weight of LingYang’s shameful desire, but also his dreams that could never be achieved.”

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