TANW Chapter 79

Chapter 79 – The Past Reappears, Thank You  
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OP: Sometimes I really feel that being a dominant is pretty tiring, no wonder there are more subs than doms in the circle.
1L: You only just realised this? Doms are just working for subs.
2L: Doms are in charge of leading subs, while subs don’t have to think about anything. If you just want to enjoy it, then it’s better to go be a sub.
3L: That’s why there are so many switches, few are pure doms.
4L: You can’t say it like that, a dom’s pleasure is derived physically, it’s the most direct, while a sub’s pleasure is derived mentally, so not everyone can satisfy that.
5L: There’s a pets discussion board next door that’s very suitable for OP, turn right upon exiting, I’m not walking you out.
6L: Before entering this circle I thought being a dom was very good, after entering I realised it wasn’t easy.
7L: Hahaha, I’ve said it long ago, being a dom requires true love.

Tang XiuWu pushed the door to the ward open, this was his first time being alone with WeiShi.
His elder brother had already informed him of his identity, to meet him officially in this kind of situation, he really did not know how to feel about it.
The two Tang brothers had lost their parents at a young age, and a distant relative had brought them up. That distant relative was a retired soldier, whose favourite thing to do was to tell little XiuWu his stories from when he was in the troops.
That relative had passed away due to an illness when Tang XiuWu was fourteen, but he had sparked off his dreams of being a soldier.
The brothers were orphans, and were often bullied by children who did not know any better. To protect his little brother, the older brother bore all the insults and mockery. This situation lasted till the little brother entered junior high before improving, but growing up in that kind of environment, the elder brother was already used to hiding himself deeply, and would never reveal his true self to others.
Knowing that his elder brother had started playing online games, Tang XiuWu was very happy about it. After all, online games required players’ interaction. However, when he went to his brother’s dorm during his break, he discovered that there were people speaking insolently towards him in the game.
Under his little brother’s questioning, Tang XiuWen told him the source for the insults. After learning the truth, how could Tang XiuWu allow this sort of things to happen, since it was a virtual contract marriage, then, from the start, there was no need for it to exist.
When Tang XiuWu was still hesitating, WeiShi had already opened his eyes and was looking at him, as though asking what he was doing here.
He tossed his head, only wanting to say what he had to say and leave after that.
“Sorry,” He was straightforward. “Previously, I had misunderstood you, and attacked you impulsively. I apologise for that.”
“Also, thank you. Although I don’t want to lie to others, but I really don’t want to give up enrolling into the military school, so this time I’ll owe you this favour, I’ll definitely repay it.”
“This is all I wanted to say, goodbye.”
He turned around and was about to leave, only for WeiShi to apologise behind him, “Sorry.”
Tang XiuWu’s hand that was already gripping the door handle froze, he turned his head back, uncomprehending. “Why do you have to apologise to me?”
“That QingMing Festival, you were going to visit your parents with your brother right.”
Tang XiuWu did not reply, only looking at the other suspiciously.
“Sorry, I caused you guys to not be able to see your parents. When I’ve recovered, can we go together?”
Tang XiuWu pulled the door open and about to head out just as someone was coming in. He dodged quickly, preventing a collision between the two of them.
“Ooops,” The newcomer called out, unimpressed. “Little brother, did I hit you?”
This sort of frivolous person, Tang XiuWu chose to ignore him. Walking around him, he left.
That person’s eyes followed Tang XiuWu’s departure, then entered the room and asked the person on the bed, “That was Azure Buckle’s little brother?”
“He’s older than you, don’t randomly call him little brother.”
MuRong casually sat himself on the empty bed next to WeiShi, “Then you’re younger than me right? Why did you call me here, Little Brother Sakka.”
WeiShi ignored his ridicule, “Still remember the person you wanted me to investigate?”
“That wretched fake Bell? What about him?”
“He was also hospitalised two days ago, and happened to be staying on the bed you’re sitting on right now.”
MuRong speechlessly glanced at the bed, “So coincidental? And even in the same ward as you? Did he recognise you?”
“He did not.”
“Then why was he hospitalised?”
“He said that he had got into a car accident. But the marks on his body were obviously from a fight, I saw them when the nurse was changing his bandages.”
MuRong put on an exaggerated expression, “Wow Sakka, you’re already like this and you can still consider so many things? Are you human?”
“I didn’t injure my head,” WeiShi finally shut his eyes, not bothering to look at MuRong. “Once, he was on the phone in the corridor, his mood was unusual and his voice was very loud. I listened to him, and heard him mention the other person’s name.”
“What name?”
“HuLi? That HuLi?”
“I’m not sure.”
“If it really is him, how did the two of them know each other?”
“I don’t know anything about that, I only felt that I have to tell you about this.”
“Ok, I got it,” MuRong stood up and patted him. “It’s been hard on you, even wounded seriously you still refuse to leave the frontline.”
He patted himself all over, finally retrieving a lollipop from his pocket, “Just nice. I didn’t prepare any gifts. Just accept this, don’t look down on it.”
YeLang sat in his own office, a voice recorder on his desk.
He stared at that voice recorder for ten minutes, motionless. He did not want to invade HuLi’s privacy, but his instincts kept telling him that there was a huge secret to do with LingYang in it.
It might even be that secret that he had been trying to find out, the one that he could not bear to expose.
He picked up the recorder, it seemed to burn his hand, as though trying to stop him from finding the truth out.
He pressed on the select button until the clip of LingYang’s confession played. Masochistically, he listened to it again. The entire time, LingYang was the only one talking, and the person he was confessing to did not say a single word.
LingYang’s confession was very short, but it sounded very arduous, every word sounded like they were forced through his teeth. YeLang shut his eyes, his soul seemed to have travelled to that location at that time, and the nuances of LingYang’s expressions could all be seen clearly by him.
YeLang recalled what LingYang had told him long ago when he was Bell.

I’ve know him for 16 years, we met when we were young because of our families, I only know that he had always been around since the start of my memories, that feeling’s just like it’s natural for us to be part of each other.
He is like my closest brother, and he also has a girlfriend, but I don’t know why, one day I actually went to confess to him. 
He didn’t reject me directly, but he didn’t even want to speak a word to me, not even a no.

When this clip ended, YeLang selected the next one, and a completely new clip played this time. During the previous inspection, this clip did not exist. When YeLang looked at the timing of that recording, it was not long after the confession.
He placed the recorder back onto the table, listening carefully to the recording. It seemed like something was getting hit, and occasional vague grunts could be heard.
The sounds of the beating lasted for over a minute, then something landed heavily on the ground.
A male’s laugh sounded, ” This guy is too weak, I’m getting bored already.”
YeLang recognised this voice, it was the drummer of HuLi’s band, ShenMa. When LingYang saw him outside the bar, he had became very strange, as though caught up in a terrible fear.
It was followed closely by an unfamiliar female voice. Her words were not directed towards ShenMa, but someone else on the scene.
“We can be considered having grown up in the same compound, and known each other for more than ten years. You even want to steal my boyfriend? Ah Hu has always treated you like a brother, who would have thought you’ll be so shameless, and you even told him something like that, hah!”
“If not for the heavens also finding you an eyesore, providing me with irrefutable evidence of you being the third party in our relationship, I, Fan BeiBei, would not even have known that I’ve been cheated on by another guy, how funny! If this news ever spread, wouldn’t I become a joke in the compound?”
“LingYang, to tell you the truth, you’ve long been an eyesore to me. You’re clearly just some stray in the compound, but just because of your relationship with Ah Hu and that Bai fellow, you keep coming over to our area, who do you think you are? You think you’re worthy of us?”
“You clearly knew that Ah Hu is with me, but still cling on to him all the time. I’ve tolerated all these already, but I didn’t expect you to push your luck and have that kind of filthy thoughts about him, are you worthy of being his brother?”
“Let me tell you, you’re not worthy! Your status isn’t worthy of him, your family isn’t worthy of him, even your gender isn’t worthy of him, Ah Hu doesn’t like males!”
“You used to have a chance to become a bird in the sky, too bad that you can only become a chicken that cannot fly now. How can a chicken be worthy of a bird?”
“You thought that by dragging him along to play games with you, and entering the competition together, it means that you can still fight side by side with him? Don’t be childish! You’re only left with this pair of hands that can be equals with him, but that will also belong to the past!”
“Even if they’re just a pair of chicken claws, I will break them, this is the price to pay for your wishful thinking!”
ShenMa’s laugh rang out again, “Look at what I discovered in this guy’s phone, so this trash likes something like that.”
Heavy footsteps sounded.
“Since you like this, let this elder brother satisfy you.”
His voice was full of contempt, “Recognise them? American BlackHawk, metal tips with metal bottoms, I just bought them, you’ve profited.”
“Ah——————!!!” A heart-wrenching cry sounded.
A female’s shrill voice could be heard, “There’s still another one! Last time you broke your wings, today I’ll break your claws, let’s see if you can still be so arrogant in the future!”
Another male voice interrupted, “Who’s there!”
“Someone’s coming.”
“Tsk, you’ve got off easy today. Let’s go.”
Beep—— The clip ended.
YeLang’s head was buried in his hands, his face emotionless, after awhile, he reached out, and pressed the replay button.
YeLang stood under LingYang’s apartment building, raising his head, he looked at LingYang’s bedroom window.
Light footsteps sounded behind him, someone was tiptoeing towards him, then leapt onto him. An arm thrown around YeLang’s neck, and that person imitated the sound of a submachine gun, “Tat-tat-tat-tat!”
YeLang staggered slightly with LingYang’s momentum before he steadied himself. LingYang swung himself to face YeLang, an ice cream cone in his other hand.
“What are you thinking about? Why aren’t you heading upstairs?”
LingYang’s arm was still hooked around YeLang’s neck, there was only a 10cm distance between the two of them.
YeLang stared into LingYang’s eyes. Those eyes were pure and undefiled, without a trace of impurity.
“Thank you.” YeLang suddenly spoke.
LingYang was taken aback, “Huh? What are you thanking me for?”
YeLang shook his head, “Nothing much, just suddenly wanted to thank you.”
Thank you, for wrapping yourself in sheep’s clothing and coming close to me.

Thank you, for having the courage to confess your feelings to me.

Thank you, for those little lies.

Thank you, for not running away even after we got a divorce.

Thank you, for shielding me with your lies, while you suffered with the truth.
Thank you, for going through so much, but still be able to smile like that.
From now on, let me be your MT, your shield, and bear all your hurts for you.
“You’re very strange today,” LingYang brought his ice cream to his mouth, then started calling out. “Where’s my ice cream?”

He looked around the ground, “Ah ah ah it dropped when I jumped onto you!”
LingYang raised the empty ice cream cone in his eyes, his face sorrowful. “I haven’t even tasted it, now it’s all for the ants.”
YeLang took his hand, “Let’s go.”
“Where are we going?”
“To buy ice cream.”
“Great! I want two scoops this time!”
“What about three scoops?”
“Really? then I want strawberry, vanilla and chocolate! Ah! Cantaloupe is very nice too, wuwuwu, I can’t decide…”

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