TANW Chapter 77

Chapter 77 – Vowing to Never Quit this Sympathy-Gaining Ruse  
LingYang and his friends reached home, fatigued. His phone was flat due to the flute playing, and upon plugging it in, he received a text. Opening it, there was only two words, “Call me.” The sender was Tang XiuWen.
LingYang immediately called him, and his face turned anxious. Hanging up, he wanted to head out in a rush, but YeLang stopped him.
“What happened?”
“Teacher Tang is in the hospital.”
“Teacher Tang?”
“He’s Little Buckle!”
Little Buckle was actually a teacher? YeLang could not imagine what kind of teacher could Little Buckle be. Without a word, BaiLong grabbed the car keys and headed downstairs, and the three of them followed.
LingYang hastily made his way to YanShan University Hospital. Pushing the door to the ward open, Tang XiuWen, with no signs of injuries, was sitting with his ankle across his knee on a chair, peeling an apple with a fruit knife, his little finger sticking up. LingYang was taken aback, thinking that the hand holding the knife was really too pretty, he had never seen such an elegant mane
He was entranced for a few seconds, and suddenly registered that he had lost track of what was important now. Looking to the side, he saw a patient dressed in a hospital gown was reclining on the bed with a bloodless face. It turned out to be WeiShi.
WeiShi originally had his eyes closed. Hearing people enter the ward, he lifted his eyelids and glanced at them, then quickly shutting his eyes again. It seemed like he could not be bothered to know who was visiting him.
That glance caused LingYang to shiver. He stuck close to the walls and slipped into the ward, asking Tang XiuWen cautiously, “How did it become like this?”
“My little brother beat him,” Tang XiuWen made no secret of it.
“Brother XiuWu? Why?” LingYang’s eyes widened.
“A little misunderstanding.”
LingYang was alarmed, “A little misunderstanding can cause such injuries? Would he end up beating people to death if it was a big one?”
“This fellow’s too lucky, he won’t die,” Done peeling the apple, Tang XiuWen sliced a wedge from it. Using the knife, he placed it in his mouth.
LingYang blinked, dumbstruck.
Tang XiuWen munched on the apple contently. Looking up, he saw LingYang staring at him, “You want some?”
LingYang quickly shook his head, then turned to look at WeiShi again. WeiShi was still resting with his eyes closed.
“Then what about Brother XiuWu?”
“He’s been recalled by the army.”
“Beating people in public, and even a defenceless student at that. Don’t mention the admission to the military school, he might even be dismissed from the army.” Tang XiuWen’s eyes fell onto WeiShi. “My little brother’s biggest dream is to stay in the army. He finally managed to get this opportunity, but it’s now destroyed because of someone.”
Hearing this, WeiShi opened his eyes. However, he did not look at Tang XiuWen, but instead at BaiLong who was standing by the door. Comprehending, BaiLong left the ward.
“So…” Hearing this news, LingYang was very upset. “Since it’s a misunderstanding, if Class Leader gives an explanation, maybe…”
Tang XiuWen did not acknowledge LingYang’s words, but instead sliced another wedge of the apple, his words were directed at WeiShi, “If something really happens to my little brother, I’ll definitely fail you during the finals.”
LingYang was dumbfounded, “Teacher, you’re misusing your authority for your personal matters.”
“If I can’t misuse my authority, what’s the point of having it?” Tang XiuWen replied without a change in his expression.
LingYang was speechless, if he had not met Little Buckle first, he would definitely have been deceived by him. This person always hid his kindness deep within himself, and always put on a wicked front. He would rather be misunderstood than expose his heart to anyone else.
The silent WeiShi suddenly spoke up, “I wasn’t scared when your brother nearly caused me to go through a rebirth, why would I be scared of failing?”
LingYang bit his tongue. What is this situation now, having gone through a near-death experience, has Class Leader learnt to crack cold jokes now?
The entire time, YeLang had been lost in their conversation. At last, he got one thing straightened out. Previously, he had thought the one lying on the bed was Little Buckle, but it turned out that the one sitting on the chair was actually the Teacher Tang that LingYang mentioned. He really could not see any similarity between this person and Little Buckle at all. So, his wife was not the one with the most serious case of schizophrenia in the game, especially if the person lying on the bed was Dummy… 
In his heart, YeLang annotated everyone from YanShan with a schizophrenia note, enclosed in brackets was, other than Little Xian.
BaiLong returned and gave WeiShi a look, signalling that the matter was settled. WeiShi blinked, showing that he understood, and the both of them completed their conversation without anyone knowing better.
The doctor came on his rounds, and was dissatisfied when entering the ward. “There are too many visitors in this room, you’ll disturb the patients.”
LingYang brightened when he saw this person, “Director Hu!”
Director Hu had worked with countless patients, however, due to LingYang’s personality, he had left him with a deep impression of him. Although he could not recall his name, but he could still recognise his face. “Eh? It’s you, did you break your fingers again?”
LingYang grimaced, “Director, don’t curse me please.”
Director Hu walked towards him, “How’s your recovery?”
LingYang raised his hoof at him, “Great Doctor, with your brilliant medical skills, I can even train for the strongest fingers event now!”
“Your skills lie in the area of your mouth, I think you should go train for the lioness’ roar instead.”
(T/N: 河东狮子吼 – lioness’ roar is a Chinese idiom talking about how a henpecked husband is afraid of his shrewish wife.)
LingYang laughed, and introduced the doctor to his friends. “This is my attending physician, Dr. Hu Zhi. He’s the director of surgery in YanShan University Hospital, and he’s the one people call the bone-setting expert.”
XuXian joined in the conversation, “Ah, so you’re the one who set LingYang’s bones when he broke them while ice-skating!”
Director Hu scoffed, “Ice skating? If he could break his fingers like that just by ice skating, that’ll be a wonder. He…”
LingYang suddenly exclaimed loudly, alarming everyone.
Director Hu’s attention was completely diverted, “Why are you yelling in a hospital room!”
“Sorry, sorry,” LingYang apologised. “My friend’s expression suddenly looks very bad. Please take a look, is he ok? Does he need to be sent to the ICU or something?”
Director Hu threw a glance at WeiShi, “Isn’t he still the same as before? What suddenly looks very bad, must a face be bright and radiant to be considered good? Then why would he still need to be in the hospital.”
He went over to WeiShi’s bedside and asked a few basic questions. WeiShi’s voice sounded very weak, most of the time he only nodded or shook his head. After checking him over, Director Hu then briefed the nurse, gave a few words of advice, and went to the bed next to WeiShi.
There were two beds in WeiShi’s ward. The other patient had been sleeping with his face covered, only his leg in a plaster cast could be seen, and no one knew what he looked like. When the doctor called upon him, then he reluctantly pulled his blanket down.
When LingYang saw the other patient, he suddenly pointed at him, “Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!” Startled, Director Hu nearly dropped his clipboard.
He knocked LingYang’s head with his clipboard, “Didn’t I tell you to stop yelling in the hospital room?”
“No! I recognise this person!” LingYang’s face was full of horror.
“Is there something special about his identity?” Curious, Director Hu also studied this somewhat wretched looking patient.
“He’s my husband’s ex-wife!”
This statement caused everyone to choke. Other than WeiShi whose expressions never changed, as well as YeLang’s darkening expression, the reactions of everyone else were very entertaining. Some amusement could even be detected in Tang XiuWen’s face.
LingYang was very curious about how he ended up here with a broken leg. “What happened to you?”
The wretched guy was not very polite, “Can’t I get into a car accident?”
“Ah?” LingYang was astonished. “Then did you lose your memories?”
The wretched guy first flushed, then his face paled. Looking at LingYang, then glancing over at YeLang, he finally turned to Director Hu. “Doctor, I want to be discharged. I only broke a leg, there’s no need to be hospitalised right?”
Director Hu took the x-ray above his bed and studied it. “We wanted you to stay so that we can observe for any other injuries. If you insist on getting discharged, it’s fine. But remember to rest when you get back, and have someone accompany you. If you start getting dizzy and nauseous you must return.” He made a note, “If you’ve decided, we’ll make the arrangements this afternoon.”
Done with his rounds, Director Hu felt the room was too noisy, and chased everyone out. Tang XiuWen had been accompanying WeiShi ever since he got injured, and so LingYang took over him so that he could go back and rest.
BaiLong and XuXian left as well, only YeLang stayed behind. However, he did not go into the ward, but instead went to the department of surgery. He paced outside, wondering how he should introduce himself.
He first thought about how LingYang struck up conversations with strangers, but felt that his method was unsuitable for him.
A commotion suddenly happened in the waiting hall. A man and a woman supported a middle-aged man in. Rather than support, it was more like dragging. That man was very uncooperative, struggling the entire way while howling away, it seemed as though he was mentally ill.
The two of them dragged the man into the director’s office with a lot of effort. Next, YeLang heard Director Hu, “This isn’t the psychiatric department, you’ve come to the wrong place.”
That woman then said something, she was not very loud. YeLang only heard something about “depression” and “jump”.
“With the current state of the patient, I’m also not able to check him over. Can you make him cooperate?”
The woman again said something, and Director Hu sounded impatient, “Fine fine fine, hold him against the bed.”
A struggle could be heard from within, but they were not successful. Director Hu was frustrated and yelled, “Someone come in and help!”
A tiny nurse hurried in, and another shout could be heard. “What are you doing here, isn’t there anyone stronger?” Director Hu stuck his head out of the door, his eyes falling on YeLang. “Young man, come and give us a hand.”
YeLang quickly entered, with his strength, he managed to hold down the struggling middle-aged man.
“This way, like this,” Director Hu showed YeLang how to handle him while working on the patient’s calf. With a yank, the patient uttered a bitter cry.
“It’s done, pass me the plaster.” YeLang looked down, the medical kit was just next to him, and so he passed the plaster over.
“Bandage, scissors,” Director Hu gave another two orders, and finally managed to barely fix the patient’s leg.
“He cannot continue like this. He needs to remain still until the plaster dries. You guys better bring him over to the psychiatric department and get a tranquilliser, when he calms down bring him back for an x-ray.”
The two of them dragged him away gratefully. Director Hu took out a handkerchief to wipe his sweat and nodded at YeLang, “Young man, you’ve worked hard.”
YeLang saw an opportunity, and quickly introduced himself. “Hi Director Hu, I’m a friend of LingYang.”
“LingYang? Who?”
“The one you saw just now, that very noisy chatterbox in the hospital ward.”
“Oh~~” Director Hu recalled who he was. “This seems to be the name of that fellow.”
“I heard that you’re the one who healed his ice skating injuries, thank you very much.”
“Ice skating again? That scoundrel’s words are really unreliable. When he complimented my medical skills he must have been insulting me instead.”
“He didn’t break his fingers while ice skating?”
Director Hu snorted, “His three fingers were fractured, with multiple bruises on the skin and tissue damage, as well as a torn ligament. He’s lucky to not suffer from any after-effects. If ice-skating can cause such an injury, I can feed my experience of over 30 years to the dogs.”
Every diagnosis Director Hu mentioned, YeLang’s heart clenched each time. By the time he heard the last word, he felt as though he could barely breathe.
He heard his own voice asking, “So the reason for his fractures…”
“His hand was violently crushed.”
LingYang left for the cafeteria to get dinner for WeiShi. The wretched guy had also been discharged, leaving WeiShi alone in the room.
The door opened, someone entered silently, walking next to WeiShi’s bed.
WeiSh sensed the presence of someone next to him. He opened his eyes, and unexpectedly saw BaiLong.
“I’ve done everything you asked me to help you with,” BaiLong spoke. “I’ve already talked to the people in the army, and also passed your words to them. Tang XiuWu’s actions would not be considered as deliberately injuring people, if he’s lucky, they’ll even commend him for being a good Samaritan, and his acceptance to the military school isn’t affected as well.”
WeiShi gave a weak nod, “Thanks, now you don’t owe me anything.”
“But at this rate, you’ll be the one with a black mark, and might even be punished.”
WeiShi shook his head, “It doesn’t matter.”
Seeing his half-dead body, BaiLong could not help but ask, “Didn’t I tell you already, his little brother is crazy strong. I’ve warned you prepare some protective measures, why didn’t you listen?”
“Protective measures?” WeiShi snorted lightly. “I’ll be exposed that way.”
“But with this sympathy-gaining ruse, you’ve nearly paid with your life, is this worth it?”
WeiShi looked at BaiLong and smiled, then closed his eyes again, not saying a word.
In that moment, BaiLong suddenly felt that this person in front of him was truly frightening.
After BaiLong left, someone else came in.
Tang XiuWen placed a thermos pot of soup by the bed. Glancing at WeiShi who looked asleep, he turned and was about to leave, but his wrist was suddenly caught by someone behind him.
WeiShi’s body was still very weak, his hand feeble. Tang XiuWen only had to shake him off lightly to get free, but this time, he only frowned a little. “What are you doing?”
WeiShi ignored his question, “I was only looking for you to apologise.”
Tang XiuWen turned back towards him. “My little brother gave me a call, telling me that you had asked BaiLong’s family to explain it for him. And that retarded reason you guys came up with… With that black mark, it might be difficult for you to study abroad in the future.”
“You said that it was your brother’s lifelong dream to be a soldier.”
“Fine,” Tang XiuWen nodded. “Although this happened because of you, but we’re considered indebted to you. I’ll find a chance to pay it back.”
“I know, you’re someone who would never easily render help to others, nor would you accept any favours easily. I also know that you don’t like to be indebted to others, but even if you pay it back this time, I’ll find another way to make you continue to be indebted to me, that you’ll forever be in my debt.” It was very difficult for WeiShi to speak. Such long sentences, he needed to pause every few breaths, panting for awhile before he could continue.
Tang XiuWen felt helpless against him, “Is it meaningful to do this?”
“Because I know, you’re not indifferent towards me.” He glanced over at the thermos pot. “If not, you wouldn’t have spent so much effort into getting divorced, and you also wouldn’t have took that punch for me.”
If he really felt indifference, ignoring him would be the normal response. Getting a divorce or not, that was only a formality.
“You only like Azure Buckle, that’s not who I am.”
“I know, Azure Buckle is only your mask. You’re still Tang XiuWen, but…” WeiShi burst into a fit of coughing, only after awhile did he had the strength to continue. “Do you know why when I first suspected you of being Azure Buckle, I accepted it without any hesitation?”
Tang XiuWen had always been curious about this matter, but he did not question him.
WeiShi also did not expect him to ask, and answered himself instead. “When I first got to know you, I thought that you were stupid and immature, only following LingYang around and causing trouble, and never had a moment of seriousness.”
Tang XiuWen was clearly unhappy about his criticisms.
“But as time went on, I discovered that that was only your shell. You would never show others your true face. You’re completely different from LingYang, he’s afraid that others won’t notice him, but you’re the opposite, afraid that people would notice you.”
“When you first agreed to the contract marriage, you were pushed to the front of the storm, becoming the target of public criticism. At first, I didn’t want to care about it, but time and time again, I saw how you ignored the insults of others, and I really wanted to know how strong a person had to be to disregard all rumours about himself.”
“When I started to suspect you were Azure Buckle, I accepted it almost immediately. I had always thought the real Azure Buckle would be like this, someone buried deep within his shell, never interacting with the outside world. Other than people you’ve acknowledged, no one else would be able to enter your inner world.” WeiShi had spoke too much at once, he could not stop coughing, gasping for his breaths.
“Don’t say anymore,” Tang XiuWen’s brows creased further.
He slowly shook his head, “No, I have to say it. The one I like was never Azure Buckle, but the puppet master behind him. Previously, I might have made mistakes, but I’m also trying my best to make up for it.”
WeiShi’s voice sounded very frail, but the determination shone through it. “You wanted to change servers, so I changed servers with you. You like split personalities, so I split my personality along with you. I’ll be whatever you want me to be, but this time,” He took a break to catch his breath, as though using up all his strength. “I’ll never let you go.”
The author has something to say:
The author’s mood follows the novel, with lion’s confession, the author feels a little sombre, and so is unable to feel joyful here.
[Dropped] <Brother Lang’s Harley Davidson Boots>

The weather was cold during Christmas, Brother Lang wore a pair of Harley Davidson boots.

However, when the author was writing it, she came up with her own description. Now thinking back about it, she had wrote some things wrongly (not that anyone can notice it =_,=)
Also, nothing could be found that fits the description of those boots, so a random pair has been chose, it also doesn’t look very cool…

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