TANW Chapter 87

Chapter 87 – Final Outcome: I’m Not Worthy
When XuXian arrived home, he was surprised to see YeLang in his room.
“Why are you using my computer?” He asked.
“Doing some research.”
“What’s wrong with YangYang’s computer?”
“It’s inconvenient.”
“Oh~~~” XuXian understood. “You’re looking at some shady things behind YangYang’s back right?”
Getting ignored, he then leaned over to take a look at the site YeLang was browsing. He could not believe his eyes. “You want to apply for a private pilot’s license?”
“Just checking it out.”
“Aren’t you afraid of heights though?”
“Even a dizziness upon seeing water can be overcome, why can’t I get over my fear of heights?” YeLang closed the browser calmly.
XuXian was speechless, he finally raised a thumb at YeLang.
XuXian sat on his bed, “You’ve been provoked by MengHu’s confession right? Oh right, between the two of you, YangYang was also the one to confess.”
YeLang thought, a blowjob could also be considered a confession?
“Haven’t you ever considered confessing to YangYang once?”
YeLang thought again, the two of us, other than giving birth to a child, we’ve done everything else. Is there still a need to confess?
“I’ve given him my hammer,” YeLang replied.
“How would he know about the meaning of that hammer, this confession is too obscure.”
“He has used my account to confess to himself on the global chat before.”
XuXian was about to give up, “Tomorrow will be 7/7. When the 7/7 quest is available tomorrow, the gender changing pearl will be available. You can confess and also propose to YangYang, remember to make it more romantic.”
More romantic? YeLang frowned. To LingYang, buying a new pair of boots would probably be more romantic than any confession or proposal.
At the same time, LingYang also had some ideas in his head. When YeLang was on his internship during the holidays, he was bored at home, so he set up a shop with some other people. Catering to rich people, they brought players through Moon Well Dungeon, and amassed a pretty big sum within the break.
With this sum, LingYang converted it to 200RMB worth of credits. He had thought of an idea to purchase a 66works that cost 66.66RMB to propose marriage to YeLang. With the rest of the credits, he would purchase a ‘Love is Stronger than Gold’ ring as a betrothal gift. Thinking of a ‘Little Antelope’s Wife’ above the head of YeLang that chauvinistic guy, he was so gleeful that he got a little carried away.
Who would have guessed that the next day, YeLang would suddenly tell him that there was something urgent at work and he needed to do overtime, and LingYang’s proposal plan feel through. He was both disappointed and angry, wishing that he could make spicy wolf steak out of that person.
Having to go through the night of 7/7 by himself, LingYang logged into Pale Soul indignantly. He remembered YeLang’s wish last year — to spend the next 7/7 with a person he liked. However, although he had someone he liked this year, but he still could not spend it together with them, how pitiful.
LingYang thought spitefully, should he send a message amongst his friend list to invite people to do the Valentine’s Day quest, and make him angry?
He pressed his O key, which was on the right of the I key, the left of the P key, and on top of the L key. His social panel appeared on the screen, and he saw that Night Wolf’s name was lit up.

[Whisper] LittleAntelope: ???
[Whisper] LittleAntelope:  Why are you online?

Just as he sent that message, the sky lit up with fireworks, glittering with various colours, dazzling bright, then—
Then, his screen froze.
LingYang cursed at his lousy graphic card. After waiting for a bit, his screen finally started reacting, however, the frame rate was so bad it was worse than a slideshow.
He pressed B to open his inventory and discovered that he could still select the 66works. Clicking on it, he typed some nonsense into the text-box where his message was supposed to go. This time, it was even worse, after typing a few random words his computer crashed.
LingYang was gloomy, he wanted to re-log in again, but also did not want to do so. He wanted to call YeLang, but also did not want to, finally, he just got into his bed and slept.
YeLang had wanted to give LingYang a surprise, and so lied that he had to worked overtime. However, he had returned to his dormitory.
According to XuXian’s suggestion, after LingYang came online, everyone would release their fireworks, then YeLang would propose with the 66works, and they would then hold a wedding ceremony. As an engineering student, YeLang thought that this was too superficial, but in the end he still decided to take up XuXian’s idea.
Once the display of fireworks ended, YeLang released the 66works in his hands, and for a moment, the entire server saw his proposal:
—— NightWolf: Little Antelope, marry me.
He waited for a minute, and unexpectedly, there was also the same fireworks from LingYang, both lit up the sky together, forming a contrast.
—— LittleAntelope: not worthy
Seeing those two words on the screen, YeLang was stunned. What the hell did he mean?
Lying on the bed, LingYang was a little muddled. YeLang suddenly appeared by his bed and pulled him up. He was a little breathless, it was obvious that he had ran here.
“What do you mean?” YeLang questioned him directly.
LingYang rubbed his eyes, “What what do I mean? Right, aren’t you supposed to be working overtime?”
“What’s not worthy? Are you giving me a not worthy card?”
“… What?” LingYang could not comprehend what was going on. “When did I give you a card?”
“Just now you clearly said that with your fireworks, the entire server has seen it.”
LingYang was alarmed, “My computer lagged, I only entered some words for fun, I didn’t sent it! What did I send exactly?”
“Not worthy.”
“… Just those two words?”
“What else?”
LingYang was about to go crazy, “Why was the message sent?” He ran over to turn on his computer and logged into Pale Soul, opening his inventory, that 66works had really disappeared.
He pointed at his screen, “It it it, fuck! This game is too deceitful! It took my 66RMB just like that!”
“You first explain to me what did you mean by your message.” At this point, YeLang was completely not interested in looking into the problem with the game. He was utterly dissatisfied with those two words from LingYang. Just yesterday, he had dismissed MengHu by saying he was not worthy, today, he was using the same thing to dismiss him?
“I… That…” LingYang was dumbfounded. “I can’t explain that.”
LingYang gritted his teeth and opened the marketplace. He had not purchased the ring, so he still had the credits available. While cursing the developers, he bought another 66works, “What a scam, 66RMB disappearing without a trace, if I still buy any more credits in the future, I’m an idiot.”
He doubled clicked on the 66works, tapping on his keyboard he entered a few words, and clicked again to send the message.
Pretty fireworks again lit up the sky, and in the midst was LingYang’s confession:
—— LittleAntelope: My graphics card is completely not worthy of this game.
(T/N: The original message was – I really have to update my graphics card. However, I had to find a way to use not worthy, so this sentence ends up looking quite awkward instead.)
YeLang stared at the message on the screen, an urge to pinched the person next to him to death welled up in him.
LingYang was still grousing, “I thought I had lagged, and only typed a few words in frustration. Who would have guessed this bastard game is so deceitful…”
While he was grumbling, he suddenly felt a weight around his shoulders. It was YeLang who was hugging him from behind. Just now, when YeLang saw those two words from LingYang, he was both anxious and afraid, only now he could completely let go of his worries, as though a heavy burden was released off his shoulders.
With a glance, LingYang could roughly guessed what happened.
“Heihei, you confessed to me just now, didn’t you?”
“Don’t deny it, tell me what you said?”
“Not saying it.”
“Tell me please, tell me~”
“Shut your mouth.”
“Don’t fool around!”
<End of Novel>

The author has something to say: It’s concluded! *Scatters flowers*

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AlexPt: Oh my god we’ve reached the end of The Antelope and Night Wolf! Thanks for accompanying me along this journey! Coming up are some extras, where you’ll read about QiFeng and our favourite T.Rex (and you might see how things unfolded from QiFeng’s end).

There’s also a spinoff where Tang XiuWen and WeiShi are the focus of the novel (it’s a really short one!) but I’m not doing it immediately!

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