TANW Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – The Confusing Love Pentagon  
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Topic: It’s Not That I Don’t Understand, But The World is Changing Too Fast, Can A Friend from LinShan Explain It To Me
Poster: Scout
Content: LuoMing Wind, Master He, Night Wolf, Bell, and now a new addition LuoMing Shadow, why can’t I understand this confusing relationship?
1L: Apparently Passionate Sword’s raid last night was cancelled because the MT wanted to accompany his new love to level his character.
2L: That can’t be, I heard it was cancelled because Passionate Sword had a lack of healers as Bell was with the god?
3L: Those words “she doesn’t feel well” from god really poked at my tender heart…
4L: Love triangles are all now too weak! 4P mahjong love is not enough! Now 5-point star love is more popular!
5L: BG, BL all these sorts of flexible pairings are not violating anything!
6L: I ended up not doing anything last night only just followed those two deities around /cover face
7L: Are you sure LuoMing and Passionate Sword are rival guilds and not couple guilds?
8L: Wouldn’t it be great if Bell is kicked out and the four of them become couples?
9L: Why do I suddenly feel that the above commenter is telling the truth?


After eating, the both of them returned to YeLang’s room.
Global chat immediately exploded:
“Moving moving! They’re moving!”
“They pretty much moved at the same time!”
“The both of them doing quests together, pausing together, and moving together, they clearly have something going on!”
“Report, the two of them had left for a total of 42 minutes and 17 seconds!”
“Wow 40 minutes Night Wolf is impressive!”
“Without stamina, how to be MT? (PS, I’m a MT too! Hook ups are welcome!)”
“Aren’t you guys thinking too much, maybe they just went to eat.”
“Tsk~~ So unimaginative.”
At the same time, the tranquil party chat:

[Party] LuoMingShadow: We still need to collect 2 more evil lotuses to complete the quest.
[Party] NightWolf: Ok.
[Party] LuoMingShadow: We need to kill 4 more hooligans and thieves each.
[Party] NightWolf: Ok.
[Party] LuoMingShadow: And we need to look for someone called Alone Lonely Tong.
[Party] NightWolf: That one we need to kill a boss, it’s in the north, we’ll leave it for the last.
[Party] LuoMingShadow: Understood.
[Party] NightWolf: Also
[Party] LuoMingShadow: What?
[Party] NightWolf: You’re just sitting next to me, can’t you ask me directly instead of typing them out?

LingYang: “…”
“Sorry sorry, I got used to chatting online with you, I forgot you were just next to me.”
“Used to chatting online with me?”
“…” LingYang again wanted to slap his own mouth, “I mean, I’m used to chatting online while playing games, no matter who it is.”
YeLang looked at him skeptically, LingYang could only perform his unique skill, he dropped his shoulders, pouted his lips, eyes blinking innocently, looking just like a puppy that was wronged.
For some unknown reason, when YeLang saw him like this he also could not do anything about it.
“Right, you just train by yourself first,” YeLang spoke.
“I have a guild activity at 8pm, they’re starting to group up already.”
LingYang slapped his head, oh no, how could he have forgotten about this.
YeLang had that activity, he himself also had that activity, now that Bell was Night Wolf’s main healer, if he was absent it would be troublesome. There would also not be enough healers, without healers, there would not be a complete team…
But to go online here… YeLang would probably think about killing him.
LingYang secretly checked, Little Buckle was not online, he also did not have his mobile number, as so could not contact him through QQ as well.
Also, Little Buckle could replace him in small instances, but for raiding it was pretty much impossible.
LingYang leaned back on his chair, resigned, damn, he could only wait to get scolded by YeLang tomorrow.
8.30pm, YeLang’s team was still in the process of gathering.
LingYang carefully leaned over, “You haven’t started?”
YeLang frowned, “My healer isn’t here yet.”
“Your healer is your wife?”
YeLang slanted a look at him, “You know about this as well?”
“Because I’m a gossipy.”
LingYang pretended to be curious and went to take a look at YeLang’s screen, as expected, everyone was talking about him in the guild chat.

[Guild] DevotedCouple: Why isn’t Bell online yet? Did she apply for leave with anyone yesterday?
[Guild] MourningMo: Well, she didn’t apply for it from me.
[Guild] CuteEgg: Did something happen to her again?
[Guild] LittleCloth: Pooh pooh, don’t say such unlucky things, why do you have to say the word ‘again’?
[Guild] CuteEgg: I WAS WRONG T_T
[Guild] MourningMo: Old Wolf knows anything?
[Guild] NightWolf:
Sorry, I don’t know as well.
[Guild] MourningMo:
You can’t get in touch with her too?
[Guild] NightWolf:
[Guild] DevotedCouple:
She’s your wife, you don’t even have her mobile number? What a failure.
[Guild] NightWolf:
The next time she comes online I’ll remember to get it from her.

LingYang panicked, does that mean I have to get a separate number for Bell?
Sigh, I wonder what bitter expressions everyone would have if they knew I’m actually looking at their discussion but am unable to come online.
Another fifteen minutes passed, Bell still did not come online, LingYang could see that YeLang was a little unhappy.
“That, if he doesn’t come, you guys won’t continue?”
YeLang shook his head, resigned, “If it’s just farming it’ll be ok, but we’re raiding now, this boss is very difficult, we already have a lack of healers, what’s more, he’s the main healer.”
“Seems like his skills are very good?”
“Passable I guess.”
LingYang: “…”
“Not coming yet he didn’t apply for leave, making so many people wait for him, how irresponsible.”
“… Maybe he couldn’t come because of an accident?”
“Accident? For example?”
“For example… A car accident or something?”
“This rotten excuse of a car accident, using it once is fine, how could he use it every time?”
LingYang: “…”
“People say that your relationship is very good, it doesn’t seem so to me.”
Tilting his head, YeLang looked at him, “Your gossip sure comes very quickly, you’ve only been online for about 2 or 3 hours.”
“You guys are famous, even passersby know about you.” 
YeLang was silent, he completely did not want to discuss anything about his online wife with this person next to him.
“Do you mind it?” YeLang suddenly asked a question like this, LingYang did not understand what was going on.
“What should I mind?”
YeLang pointed at the screen, “Things like looking for a wife in an online game.”
“… No, I don’t mind at all, why should I mind it?” I’m your wife, why should I mind about myself?
This question also baffled YeLang, that’s right, why does he have to mind whether you have a wife in the game or not?
But he still wanted to give an explanation, “We’re only a couple in the game, it’s not real.”
LingYang was speechless, why do you have to explain this to me?
Also, your explanation does not make me happy at all!
Someone knocked on the door, YeLang called him to enter, in came a refined bespectacled guy.
“Old Wolf.”
“MoMo has something?”
After hearing that name, LingYang studied the bespectacled guy, so this is Mourning Mo, he actually kind of resembled his character online.
“It’s already 9pm, I’ll like to ask you what we should do now?”
YeLang frowned, “It’s completely impossible?”
“You know as well, there isn’t enough clerics in the guild, what’s more to fight this boss requires a lot from healers, other than Bell, no one can support you.”
YeLang contemplated for a bit, “Shall we ask for help?”
“This kind of raid where should we look for help?”
YeLang turned to look at LingYang, the latter froze.
“Forget it, your guild would definitely not…”
LingYang sighed in relief.
“If not we’ll just disperse, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”
Mourning Mo also sighed, “I guess that’s the only solution.”
Mourning Mo thought LingYang was YeLang’s classmate that he had never met before, nodding at him, he left.
“Wasting an hour, I should have just trained you instead, by now you should have gained at least half a level of experience.”
“It’s fine.” Causing myself to be unable to level, I really don’t mind this at all!
“Then let’s go, add me in the party.”
YeLang again muted the guild chat and other chats unrelated to the party, focusing on bringing LingYang to complete quests, while this was happening, QiFeng sent a whisper.

[Whisper] LuoMingWind: What situation is it now?
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: It’s a long story.
[Whisper] LuoMingWind: So what about today’s 3V3?
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: Won’t be able to do it, Bell’s disappearance is about to cause her to get onto the guild’s wanted list already.
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
I’ll help you pass a message?

LingYang snapped his fingers, how did he forget about him?

[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: That’s right!
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: If you didn’t mention it, I completely didn’t think about it, thanks for the reminder!
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
No need to stand on ceremony.
[Global] LuoMingWind: Friends from Passionate Sword, Bell is not feeling well tonight so she can’t come online, I’m applying leave on her behalf, please excuse me.

The global chat exploded.

[Whisper] LuoMingWind: I’ve helped you apply for leave already.
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: Thank you thank you, you’re a good guy.
[Whisper] LuoMingWind: No need to thank me 🙂
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: Right, who did you apply leave with? Mourning Mo?
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow:
Sister DC?
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
Also not.
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow:
Then who? You didn’t tell my labourer directly right?
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
Take a guess.

LingYang sneaked a peek at YeLang, he was not typing, nor did he look unhappy, it seemed like QiFeng did not speak with him.
LingYang’s fist met his palm, he must have told Uncle He, this fellow must have took the opportunity to bully T.Rex again.

[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: I know already, you’re so mean.
[Whisper] LuoMingWind: Heheh.

YeLang saw LingYang’s fingers flying non-stop across the keyboard and got curious.
“Who are you chatting with?”
LingYang quickly pressed the ‘clear screen’ key, removing all the chat windows.
“A friend.”
“A friend from LuoMing?”
YeLang looked at LuoMing Shadow’s information, “Why didn’t you join a guild?”
“The guild is full, the leader said he’ll add me when my level is max.”
“He must think that your levelling is too slow.”
“Want to join our guild?”
LingYang was speechless.
“Just joking.”
“… Haha so funny.”
YeLang remembered something, “Your guild leader LuoMing Wind…”
“He’s the one that hugged you on Mt. Pagoda?”
Out of habit, LingYang pressed his hand against his forehead.
“Sorry, I’m a huge gossip as well.” YeLang’s tone did not sound apologetic at all.
LingYang shook his head sadly, “I don’t have the rights to find fault with you.”
YeLang wanted to continue, so LingYang hurriedly interrupted, “The night is short, every moment is precious, let’s just go level.”
“Were you saying something dirty?”
“… Let’s just go level~ Ok?”
YeLang summoned his 2-seater unicorn and sent a riding invitation. LingYang paused, then accepted it.
His level was not maxed out yet, so his mount was not as fast as YeLang’s. To reduce the amount of time spent travelling, riding together would be the correct option, but for two male accounts to ride on the same unicorn it just looked weird, unlike the harmony when Bell and Night Wolf were riding together.
(T/N: 升级吧 – Sheng1Ji2Ba3, levelling; YeLang says it sounds dirty because it sounds a little like 升鸡巴 – Sheng1Ji1Ba1, raising a dick.)
From the moment LuoMing Wind sent that global message, YeLang’s private chat had been flashing non-stop. He did not want to be disturbed, and so without even looking at it, he muted his private chat as well.
As the both of them riding the unicorn, they travelled around the map completing quests. Outside of their privacy shield, there were even more people observing them because of LuoMing Wind’s message.
“Do you feel that this map seems to lag a little more than the previous one?” LingYang asked while picking up items.
“Is it? Maybe it’s because the hardware components of the notebook aren’t up to standard, my computer is fine.” YeLang answered as he fought the monsters.
“You built your own computer?”
“So impressive, I’m completely clueless about hardware.”
“Actually it’s nothing, I’ll help you take a look when I’m free.”
“My graphics card is very lousy, every time you appear on screen I’ll lag.”
“Every time I appear you’ll lag?”
LingYang said, “Did you watch Robot Cat when you were young? The one that’s called Doraemon now.”
“I’ve watched it, but I’m still more concerned about what you said just now.”
“I’ve always been saying the wrong things even as a child, so I thought, if I had a robot cat, it could take a correction pen out of its pocket for me, and I’ll be able to erase all the wrong things I said from the speech bubble.”
“Maybe it’s because you talk too much, so you always say the wrong thing? Also, what is the meaning of your previous statement?”
“Maybe it’s like that, so I’ve decided to not say anything else for now.”
“Wait, give me a reply to my question first.”
LingYang turned his head towards YeLang, forming a cross with his fingers in front of his mouth.

[Local] LingYang: ( ⊙ x ⊙)

LingYang did not like levelling at all, it would always make him feel drowsy, so after 2am, his eyes started closing.
YeLang patted him, “Go and sleep on the bed, I’ll just bring your character along.”
“Oh,” LingYang agreed groggily, he straight away climbed onto YeLang’s bed and fell asleep.
YeLang moved the notebook next to him, levelling LuoMing Shadow by another two levels. The sun was starting to rise, YeLang also started feeling sleepy, he was about to go offline and head to bed.
Words appeared on screen, there were actually whispers being sent at this time.

[Whisper] LuoMingWind: The two of you actually trained the entire night? Impressive.

YeLang was completely disinterested in LuoMing Wind, he did not know if it was his ambiguous relationship with Bell online, or that incident on Mt. Pagoda that subconsciously made him unhappy.
YeLang took the notebook and replied him without thinking.

[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: Heheh.

QiFeng had the habit of waking up early, he had only wanted to go online to take a look, but who would have known he saw his side account still online.
Typing halfway, he received that message from LuoMing Shadow, his hands stopped.
In the next moment, he hit backspace, erasing the words he had already typed.

[Whisper] LuoMingWind: Be good, go to sleep.
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow: Heheh.
[Whisper] LuoMingWind: It doesn’t matter if that idiot gets tired, if baby gets tired my heart will hurt.
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow:
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
Don’t forget tonight’s date.
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow:
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
Love you 🙂
[Whisper] LuoMingShadow:

YeLang slammed the escape key, the system menu appeared, fiercely selecting the option to exit.
YeLang also did not know what he was angry about, he stood up and looked at his roommates’ beds, but in the end he still went onto his own bed.
LingYang’s sleeping habits were still ok, at least his limbs were not spread all over the bed, YeLang squeezed in, he lay down close to the other person. As there was not enough space, he could not lie on his back, and could only lie on his side facing LingYang. Having stayed up the entire night, although the conditions were not ideal, YeLang quickly fell asleep as well.
As LingYang was sleeping he felt that the bed was getting crowded, the temperature was getting warm as well. Struggling, he opened his eyes, he discovered YeLang had somehow got onto the bed and was deeply asleep.
LingYang secretly flipped over and lay down facing YeLang, and lightly adjusted YeLang’s arm to rest on himself, creating a pose where YeLang was hugging him, then he found a comfortable position in the other’s embrace and fell asleep again.
YeLang never needed much sleep, after a few hours he was re-energised. Upon waking, he realised LingYang was still sleeping, without any signs of waking up, no wonder XuXian said he was the reincarnation of Morpheus.
But what was with their positioning, did he have the habit of hugging people to sleep?
YeLang did not move his arm away, in this position he studied the other person’s sleeping face, his eyes moved from the other’s eyelashes that fluttered with every breath to his lips, the image of LingYang’s smile in front of Cafeteria 2 appeared in his mind again.
As though possessed, YeLang slowly got closer, and closer…
YeLang abruptly sat up, nearly falling off the bed.
Fuck, what was happening to him?!
The author has something to say:
There are 8 mines backstage, the ones in the front stage have all been intercepted.
One of them is from [Ji], the other seven are anonymous, the author can roughly guess who threw them, but to prevent any mistakes, the DPS of these 7 mines will be considered tomorrow, and also welcoming the confessions of those people killing the author, if not the loot would be ninja-ed away =。=
Seems like it’s in my JJ > if you set an account name in your message such situations can be prevented.
Today’s loot [ QiFeng’s Note #2]
QiFeng: I’m LingYang’s benefactor.

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