TANW Chapter 57 (NSFW)

Chapter 57 – Imperial Dynasty Enters LinShan

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OldGun: Empire’s Gaming Department Has Decided to Invade <Pale Soul OL>
Server: HuShuo’s LinShan
Guild: Imperial Dynasty
Benefits: Start-Up Funds for newbies, Mounts for Level 40 and above.
Contact: Old Gun

When joining guild, please report your community ID.
PS. Every new member you introduce you’ll earn a point in the community.


Today, as LingYang just reached home he received a call from YeLang. Immediately after greeting him, YeLang shot him a question.
“Why did you leave the guild?”
“Coming online and leaving the guild without a word, not replying to my messages, what’s happening?”
LingYang was confused, “I’ve only just reached home after being busy the entire day, I haven’t even turned on my computer.”
YeLang was about to speak, but he stopped. He realised something was wrong.
“Your account has been stolen?”

LingYang hurriedly placed his phone on speaker mode and left it on the table, turning on his computer and game client.
“But the password is still the same? I can log in.”
Logging in, he found nothing missing from Bell, even the location he was standing at did not change. The only difference was that the name of the guild now read <Imperial Dynasty> instead of <Passionate Sword>.

“How is it?” YeLang’s voice travelled from the phone.
“Oh, I’ve joined a new guild, other than that I haven’t discovered anything different.”
“Gear and currency haven’t been touched at all?” YeLang also did not understand.
“No… Seems like the other person stole my account just to change my guild? This is so weird…”
“Forget it, don’t bother with that first, leave that guild and come back, then change your password.”
“Oh ok.”

LingYang removed himself from the guild from the guild panel, then looked for Passionate Sword and sent a request to join. Familiar names started appearing again in the guild chat.
After the last gathering, everyone had already guessed Bell’s real identity. When speaking to him they no longer treated him like a girl, and also dared to crack more boyish jokes.

[Guild] LittleBottomDon’tRunAway:
Welcoming the lost child home~ Throws flowers~
[Guild] DevotedCouple: Child, no matter where you go, Passionate Sword will always be your home!
[Guild] LittleRights: The doors here will always be wide open for you!
[Guild] MourningMo: Bell must remember to run your antivirus, seems like there’s some in your computer.
[Guild] CuteEgg: Must have gone onto some dubious websites or downloaded some questionable things, that’s why the computer would have gotten infected!
[Guild] Bell: … What nonsense is this!

The next day LingYang had Tang XiuWen’s night class. As it was nearing the finals, he would obediently attend classes. In the end, just as class was about to end, he again received a call from YeLang.
LingYang hurried home, logging to the game, his password was rejected, his heart froze.
Then he remembered that he had changed the password yesterday after the account was stolen, having forgotten that in his hurry, he had entered his old password. He quickly submitted the new password, and logged in successfully this time.
Seemed like no matter who stole the account, they did not have the intentions of changing his password, if not he would not have been able to log in already.

Coming online, everything was still the same. There were no changes, except for the part where his guild had again changed from Passionate Sword to Imperial Dynasty.
LingYang opened the guild panel to take a look, including him there were seven people online, but no one was chatting. Without much hopes he sent ‘Hello everyone’ into the guild chat, and five out of six people had speech bubbles appearing above their heads.

[Guild] Bell: May I ask, why am I here? I clearly didn’t send a request to join your guild.

“You didn’t send a request yourself? Oh, we get it.”
“It’s most likely the work of Gentleman again.”
“He always does things like this.”

Finally a person in charge appeared.

[Guild] OldGun: I’ve taken note of it, newbie it’s up to you if you want to stay here or quit. I’ll tell Gentleman later to stop messing with you.

LingYang was confused.

[Whisper] Bell: Sorry, may I ask, who is Gentleman? How did he change my guild?
[Whisper] OldGun: He’s a hacker.
[Whisper] Bell: Hacker?! Σ( ° ° )
[Whisper] OldGun: If you have questions you can ask him yourself, he’s online.
[Whisper] Bell: Ok…

LingYang clicked on the only name that had not spoken up in the guild chat and sent him a whisper.

[Whisper] Bell: Hello!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: Yo!

This Brother Hacker seemed pretty cheerful.

[Whisper] Bell: May I ask if you’re the one who stole my account?
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: No I’m not!
[Whisper] Bell:
But they all said that you did.
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
I didn’t touch your money, didn’t take your gear, didn’t change your password, only changed your guild. So I didn’t steal your account, only entered you a little.
[Whisper] Bell:
Please be careful with your sentences (#`皿′)
[Whisper] Bell: But how did you do it?
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: I invaded your computer.
[Whisper] Bell:
… Why me? Also, why do you have to change my guild?
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
feel that we’re more suitable for you.
[Whisper] Bell:
Based on what!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Because we’re the Empire’s Gaming Department, and you’re an Empire member.

LingYang flipped the table, what the fuck, are there still any laws!? Is there still any privacy?!

[Whisper] Bell:
Fuck fuck fuck, how did you know that?
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
searched the database for computers that had both accessed the community and <Pale Soul OL>, if the conditions were met and they happened to be players on the same server, I would rope them into the guild.
[Whisper] Bell:
That’s not called roping anymore ok!!!
[Whisper] Bell: So what if I’m an Empire member, it doesn’t mean that I also want to join Empire’s guild!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: Don’t be like that, we’re a vulnerable group in society, we have to be united.
[Whisper] Bell:
I don’t see how you’re vulnerable at all!!!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Are you complimenting me for being very strong? I’ll get shy *^ ^*
[Whisper] Bell:
It’s my personal decision to join the guild, I’m the one to make that decision myself!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
But our guild is very good, everyone’s in the circle, we have similar topics to talk about, and can also meet up and have fun By the way, what’s your orientation?

LingYang sighed deeply.

[Whisper] Bell: I don’t want to! I’m happy in my original guild, my husband is there as well, I don’t want to join your guild!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: That works too, get your husband to join us as well.
[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Just tell me his name in the game, I’ll settle the rest.
[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Oh actually there’s no need for that, later when you go offline I’ll enter your account to take a look, no need to trouble yourself, meow~
[Whisper] Bell:
Meow what meow!
[Whisper] Bell: Why must you insist on adding me into the guild?
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: The guild leader has announced, every member we invite into the guild we’ll earn one point in the community. I only need 6 more points to get access to the novel section.
[Whisper] Bell:
… So you spent all this effort to hack my computer and steal my account just to earn points?
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Actually there wasn’t a lot of effort involved.
[Whisper] Bell:
Then why didn’t you save even more effort and hack the Empire servers directly, then you can just add points to your account straight away? I think this shouldn’t be difficult at all for you right?
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
[Whisper] UprightGentleman: You’re a genius!
[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
I’ll go do it now, if it works I’ll add points to your account too.
[Whisper] Bell:
don’t need them!
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
With points you can download movies.
[Whisper] Bell:
Please be sure to add more.
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
To thank you, I’ll help you look through your computer again.
[Whisper] Bell:
This is really not necessary.
[Whisper] UprightGentleman:
Don’t stand on ceremony, your computer is basically completely exposed, the films in the E drive are all outdated. As for photos of hunks, you only have 2 of them, and the resolution is only so-so, one look and it’s obvious they were taken secretly. I’ve copied some of mine for you, they’re all part of my collection, the size and resolution are way better than those two photos of yours, haven’t you seen them?
[Whisper] Bell:
… Puh-lease get lost! And don’t come back!

After getting rid of the hacker, LingYang then remembered him mentioning about the two photos of hunks, why did he not have any recollections of that?

YeLang arrived, carrying his laptop and software kit.
“That’s great, quickly help me install an antivirus, I want the biggest and the baddest one.”
“Your computer’s defence has always been weak, can’t blame others for being able to steal your account.”
“Your wife has been entered by others, and even entered twice, you’re still mocking me over here?”
“So sorry, Bell is now not my wife, she’s yours,” YeLang commented with a poker face.
LingYang raised his eyes to the sky, “Let’s not talk about this unmentionable history ever again.”

YeLang navigated through the computer skilfully, “There’s a folder in the E drive with a very strange name.”
“What’s it called?” LingYang leaned over and saw a folder that was not created by him, its name was “Look here look here look here”.
“Just now that hacker told me he had copied some things for me, this is most likely it.”
“You two even chatted? He copied things for you? What did he copy?” YeLang was about to click onto the folder.

LingYang suddenly realised what the contents might be, he hurriedly held onto YeLang’s hand, “Things sent by hackers are definitely not good, what if it’s a virus? Let’s quickly delete it.”
YeLang felt that that was a bit of an overreaction, he was suspicious, “With me around, I can get rid of all viruses, what are you worried about?”
By then he had already opened that strangely named folder, another folder was in it, the name of the folder was very straight forward, just two words, ‘Wanking Material’.

LingYang saw that he was about to exposed, he reached his hand out to snatch the mouse away, but was held back by YeLang. At the same time YeLang double clicked on ‘Wanking Material’, images of hunks appeared.
“The two of you even talked about this?” YeLang side-eyed him.
“No, this… You can’t just look at its surface, a virus must be hiding in it!” LingYang explained desperately.
“Is it?” YeLang scrolled down, finally discovering two photos that looked out of place from the rest.
“What is this?”

It dawned on LingYang what the two photos the hacker was talking about, “Don’t look!”
Too late, YeLang had already clicked on them, they were nothing but those photos of YeLang in his swimming attire LingYang had secretly took on his phone! He had kept copies in his computer, but the folder was named ‘My Spouse’, how did it become ‘Wanking Material’!
“So you watch this while masturbating?” YeLang’s voice pitched up.
LingYang covered his eyes in pain, fucking hell, my dignity has completely been destroyed by this hacker.

YeLang shot a look at him, with a few clicks he deleted all of the photos, only leaving those two shots of himself.
LingYang’s heart was very unwilling: I have yet to even see one photo! But on the surface he pretended to be in agreement with YeLang’s actions, “Well deleted!”
YeLang installed the antivirus and let it run, it revealed the presence of over ten viruses. Who knew what kind of dubious websites LingYang had been going on, he was lucky to only have his account stolen now.

LingYang changed his password again, logged into the game, then added Bell to the guild.
This was the first time YeLang had seen LingYang’s game interface. <Pale Soul OL> was a highly customisable game, players could use plug-ins to modify their own interfaces, with some of the modified interfaces looking as though they belonged to a different game.
YeLang was an MT, the movements of the boss was the most important thing for him. As such, his interface was modified with raiding in mind, all the necessary elements were displayed along the border of the screen, leaving a huge blank portion in the center. However, healers were the complete opposite. They were more focused on their teammates’ hp levels, often choosing to display their team’s health bars in the most eye-catching positions. Many healers even did not know how the boss looked like after completing the dungeon.

With one glance it was obvious LingYang was an expert in plug-ins, his interface had been modified heavily, both the hp and the mp bars had been edited to two modern looking arcs on each side of the character, looking just like an FPS shooter game.
Only then some basic system icons, YeLang did not see any other skill or item icons on screen.

“Where are your skills?”
“They’re all hidden, too many things have to be displayed on a healer’s screen, if I also add the skills icon it’ll be too crowded, and difficult to grasp hold of the situation.”
“Then how do you use your skills?”
“Through shortcut keys,” LingYang casually demonstrated a few for him, “1 is to bloom, 2 is to awaken… F9 is mallet, ctrl+f is guard, alt+1 is to deal heal over time on the first ranked teammates, ctrl+alt+l is to gain mana…”
LingYang recited tens of them in one breath, the more YeLang listened the more he was startled, “You’ve memorised so many of them?”
“Are there many? Those were just the basic ones, I still have macros, I’ve even bound some expressions to them, like the numpad 4 is jeering…”
“Seeing a familiar person in the arena, I can jeer at them when I win, it’s very convenient.”

“…” YeLang did not know what to say about him, “Without the skills icon, how do you know if the cool down has ended?”
“There’s a cool down monitor,” He used a skill with a cool down, in the bottom center portion of the screen appeared a countdown display, when the cool down ended it even enlarged itself as a reminder.
“Ah, there’s also this mouse, this is the true secret weapon,” LingYang introduced it excitedly, demo-ing it for YeLang, “Most healers would need to select a target first, then press the shortcut-key to heal, so troublesome. My most frequently used skills are all bound onto the mouse, then together with this plug-in, I only have to move my cursor over to the target and hit the corresponding button on the mouse, I’ll be able to use that skill on that character, 2 steps in 1, I only need one hand to complete a small dungeon.”

YeLang then realised the actual purpose of that complicated mouse, he turned his head to study LingYang. When LingYang started talking about something he was interested in, he would be very engrossed in it, his face would shine and his words would flow incessantly, his entire person full of vitality.
YeLang’s eyes fell onto his lips, triggering a certain memory, his eyes gradually narrowed.

LingYang realised that the other was distracted, he shot a look at him unhappily, “Are you listening to me?”
YeLang slowly raised his arm, placing his hand on LingYang’s neck and rubbed at it, then he exerted pressure on it.
“Blow me,” His voice deepened and became husky.
LingYang was taken aback.
The next second he brightened, “Did you get addicted?”
YeLang hated seeing LingYang smiling like that, it was as though he was laughing at him for being a virgin with no experience, just like he knew he had gained an advantage but was still pretending to be innocent.

YeLang suddenly stood up, picking LingYang up he tossed him onto the bed.
After all, LingYang’s height was comparable to him, and so his weight was naturally not that light. Luckily YeLang usually worked on his upper body strength during training as well.
YeLang straddled LingYang’s chest, he did not lower his head, only gazing at him from above.
“I now finally understand…” YeLang was in no hurry, even preparing a prologue.
“Why little Xian called you demonic.”
“Let this eminent monk deal with this little demon now.”

Pulling himself out YeLang aimed at LingYang’s mouth and pushed in.

LingYang immediately choked, but YeLang clearly did not plan on having any compassion for him.
LingYang was the one in control during their first time, although LingYang was the one who serviced him, but YeLang never felt happy about that.
He was not someone who would be moved by something like this.

Now, YeLang was pumping rapidly into LingYang’s mouth, although this time his mouth was not clinging around him as tightly as the previous time, but this dominating act gave him more pleasure than before.
The psychological satisfaction was more than enough to compensate for the difference in the physical sensations.
Watching LingYang pitifully frowning and his inability to resist, YeLang was aroused to the point where even his fingers were limp and numb.
His head never lowered down, in fact, it even tilted upwards a little more, admiring LingYang’s expressions from high above, as though he was a master observing his slave.
He bit his lip, his mouth curving slightly along with the increase in pleasure.

LingYang had no means of escape, he could only passively accept it, feeling YeLang’s excitement, breathing in his masculine scent, he himself started getting into it, his lower body gradually reacting, his blood rushing to his face, and his thoughts getting hazy.
With half-closed eyes he studied YeLang’s jaw, he unexpectedly felt that YeLang’s current expression was unbelievably sexy.
They had truly fallen into an incorrigible state.

This time YeLang lasted longer than before, by the time he finally came in LingYang’s mouth, LingYang’s mouth was already numb.
Seeing that YeLang had no intentions of removing himself from his mouth, LingYang wickedly licked the sensitive tip, YeLang as expected quickly pulled out.
As he pulled out, some white fluids trailed after him and flowed down the corner of LingYang’s mouth. LingYang wiped at it with the back of his hand.
This time YeLang saw it very clearly, LingYang had swallowed. He suddenly had the urge to go for a second round.

When LingYang’s mouth regained its freedom, he immediately could not stop his habit of being a chatterbox.
“Do you know, an eminent monk would never refer to himself as an eminent monk. He would always call himself old monk.”
YeLang who had just achieved his release could not be bothered to entertain him. He flipped his body down, leaning against the headboard, even his voice had traces of laziness wound through it, “As expected, your mouth definitely needs to be stuffed.”

LingYang rolled his eyes, bracing himself up, he searched for tissues.
“Hey,” YeLang was in an excellent mood, “You’re not coming?”
LingYang stopped his actions, he gave YeLang a side-eye glance, then snorted coolly.
YeLang was peeved, without any explanations he dragged LingYang back and pressed him down. He pulled his pants off, exposing LingYang’s semi-erection to the air.

YeLang looked at LingYang from above, his brow creased, remaining motionless.
LingYang sighed, he pulled YeLang’s hand onto him.
“Just use your hand.”
Experiencing the unpracticed motions, LingYang thought bitterly, the process of turning a straight man gay was just like doing a 25-men hardcore dungeon by himself…

Luckily that hand belonged to the person he liked, with this psychological consolation, LingYang ejaculated quickly.
YeLang fell into a stupor looking at LingYang’s cum on his hand.
LingYang retrieved some tissues to clean it, YeLang suddenly retracted his hand, asking, “What does it taste like?”
LingYang smirked, “Taste it and you’ll know.”
YeLang’s face darkened, he reached out and smeared his hand against LingYang’s face.
“What the fuck!” LingYang went crazy.

“Next time I won’t let you off so easily.” YeLang spoke seriously.
“You fucking think there’s going to be a next time?”
“Next time I’ll fuck you till you come,” YeLang cocked his eyebrow, with an expression warning him of the consequences of denying him a next time.

LingYang finally managed to clean them up, then YeLang spoke again. “I’m hungry, is there anything to eat?”
LingYang considered, “There’s only instant noodles.”
“Don’t you at least have vermicelli?” YeLang was unsatisfied.
LingYang tilted his chin towards XuXian’s room, “High class items like that, go next door for them.”
“Forget it, I’ll just have instant noodles.”

LingYang sat on the bed and watched YeLang, but the other still continued leaning lazily against the headboard.
“What are you looking at, go cook the noodles.” YeLang gave LingYang a light kick.
“You’re the one who wants to eat it, why am I the one cooking it?”
“I’ve just exercised, and so I’m very tired. Also, cooking is originally the woman’s job.”
“I’m a man!” LingYang huffed.
“Cooking is originally the wife’s job.” YeLang reworded his statement.

LingYang gritted his teeth in anger, but in the end he still went to cook the noodles.
Also, those were the noodles he bought when he moved here, had they expired yet?
Once he remembered YeLang’s attitude, he desperately hoped that they were all expired.

LingYang also started getting hungry smelling the noodles. Looking into the refrigerator, he found that there were carrots in there. Taking one out, he washed and peeled it.
The number of times LingYang had cooked in his entire lifetime could be counted on one hand, even peeling a carrot he was not very good at it. In the past, someone would peel the carrots everyday for him to bring them to school. At first, he did not like them much, but as that person always forced him to eat them, after awhile, he also started liking them.

LingYang brought the noodles and peeled carrot that looked like it had been gnawed on by an antelope into the room. Upon seeing that, YeLang asked, “What’s this?”
“A carrot, don’t tell me you’ve never seen one before.”

“I’m asking why did you bring a raw carrot?”
“To eat,” LingYang took a bite. “It’s delicious.”
YeLang watched him doubtfully, as though asking if that thing was even fit for human consumption.
“It’s really very delicious, sweet and crunchy, try it if you don’t believe me.”

YeLang took a bite from LingYang’s hand, frowning, he chewed, finally saying, “Disgusting.”
LingYang’s lips curled, “This is the good stuff, it’s good for your eyes.”
YeLang’s conclusion, “As expected, you like phallic items.”
“…” LingYang stared at the carrot in his hand, feeling a loss of appetite.
Night Wolf in the sheets, YeLang on the streets, only today did LingYang finally understood this person’s nature, but was it too late?

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