TANW Chapter 85

Chapter 85 – Living For You; Born For You  
Wild Wolf Empire Community Masters Discussion

OP: Asking for tips as a new master, what should a master pay most attention to?
1L: 3 basis rules.
2L: OP: Could the first commenter please elaborate a little?
3L: If you don’t know you can try being a submissive first, you’ll be sure to understand what they want after that.
4L: Let him feel safe, secure and satisfied.
5L: The words of the one above is a little too general. Let’s stop teasing OP, we were all new once, let the next commenter give an explanation.
6L: Assure the safety of the sub, protect the privacy of the sub, and satisfy the sub’s desires, over. Go back and copy this 50 times.

LingYang liked summer the least, as YeLang would not be able to wear boots in summer. However, they still had the apartment which LingYang had declared as the secret level.
On weekdays, the two of them would be like every other average gay couples, but on weekends, they would go to the secret level and transform their identities. The number of uniforms in the wardrobe of the secret level increased, all sorts of military caps occupied an entire storage rack, and there was no need to even mention the boots.
After stepping into the circle, YeLang was like a sponge absorbing all the knowledge and information available. Within a few months, he was comparable to some of the very experienced dominants on the board. His aura even became different, his behaviour laced with a controlling aspect.

Nowadays, LingYang was always very worried about YeLang. His company had posted him to another department, and now he no longer had to go to bars and places like that. However, within the entertainment circle, there were also many people of their particular circle. Today’s YeLang was just like Old Gun, with a glance, discerning people would instantly recognise his aura. On more than one occasion, LingYang had spotted people posting shots of YeLang that were secretly taken, together with requests for his details.
Although LingYang had entered the circle a long time ago, but he only had a simple fetish for boots, and was never interested in anything more hardcore than that. He had very little interactions with the more extensive BDSM scene. Towards this, YeLang had the exact same sentiments as him. This two people were really a perfect match. Their interests were made for each other, as though they were destined to be together.
They also started a small collection of sex toys. To protect LingYang’s privacy, YeLang even bought a safe for them to store the toys, so to prevent the cleaners from accidentally happening upon them.
YeLang’s collection of uniforms and boots was mainly to satisfy LingYang. As for himself, he liked collecting collars, having bought many types like leather ones, hide ones, metal ones… LingYang’s neck was long and slender, and YeLang found LingYang was unbearably attractive with a collar around his neck.
Previously, YeLang was only the object of LingYang’s fantasies. Now, he was the one in control, with a look he was able to make LingYang struggle with his self-restraint. After that, no matter how LingYang tried provoking him, he would not be moved.
He was completely familiar with LingYang’s body, with just a slight reaction, he was able to tell if LingYang was in pain or pleasure. He kept a very well-maintained balance between love and play, it was neither too much nor too little.
A dom-sub relationship was never one-sided, both the dominant and the submissive had to be on the same path. When one person willingly gave himself over to the other, it meant that he had complete trust in that person, and it could be considered an advancement in their relationship.
YeLang finally understood the first sentence he saw on Wild Wolf Empire — The submissive lived for the dominant, while the dominant was born for the submissive. He continued progressing in this relationship, and also led LingYang towards a new lease of life.
XuXian often exclaimed that before knowing LingYang, although YeLang was like a wolf online, but offline he was still considered human-like. However, after being together with LingYang, even his human side started fading away. Standing next to him, he could sometimes feel an oppressive aura coming out from him.
Once he went on a trip with BaiLong. Coming home, he brought YeLang a wooden snake whose body could be manipulated into different shapes as a gift. He explained, “I feel that this snake is very similar to you.”
Straightening the snake’s body, he placed it on the table. “You used to be like this,”  Then he bent the head of the snake into an angle. “After meeting YangYang, you became bent,” He then bent the tail of the snake into an opposite angle away from the head, creating an ‘S’ shape. “Now, you’re like this. YangYang’s original intention was to bend you, but he overdid it, which fits perfectly with his usual way of doing things. Do you still remember, once when you guys were raiding QieLan, YangYang had only wanted to kite Grandpa Calabash, only to accidentally kill Snoring Awareness…”
LingYang always liked to lean on YeLang bonelessly. He was obviously of similar height to YeLang, but always thought of himself as a large version of a puppy. Today was the reset of the instance’s cool down, LingYang had been long anticipating for this day already.
“Get off me, it’s too warm.” YeLang heartlessly dislodged LingYang.
“Heihei,” LingYang again leaned onto him, intimately entwining himself with YeLang. “Today, can you wear that pair of boots you just ordered?” Most of YeLang’s boots were now made to measure, and LingYang had been thinking of that particular pair for awhile already. “I’ve been obediently holding myself back this entire week.”
Recently, YeLang had been practising orgasm denial on LingYang. Each time he brought him to his peak, he would deny him his release, forcing him to calm down without an orgasm. Testing it out repeatedly, the time between orgasms also drew longer. First it was three days, then five days, and now it was seven days.
At first, LingYang could not hold himself back, and secretly brought himself to orgasm behind YeLang’s back. However, YeLang caught him every single time, and after getting punished twice, he obediently followed YeLang’s instructions. Although YeLang and LingYang did not maintain the dom-sub relationship all the time, but YeLang was able to maintain 24/7 control over LingYang’s inner self.
Once the orgasm denial period was over, YeLang would use the most arousing method on LingYang to make him come, and not just once. At that moment when LingYang reached his peak, YeLang was his god, his creator, he felt that in his life, he would never be able to worship another person like how he worshipped YeLang. He was the dictator of his desires, the sustenance of his soul. In front of him, he could put away his dignity, forget his shame, and become as pure as a newborn baby. He felt as though all the shackles of his soul were broken, there were no commitments, no pressure, that destroyed childhood dream of his, those regrets that he would not think about, they all did not exist in front of YeLang.
“Depends on your performance,” YeLang did not even look at him. The more he behaved like this, the more LingYang could not restrain his desires. Looking at their surroundings, LingYang confirmed that there was nobody around them. He then ground his lower half against YeLang, even putting on an ingratiating expression, just like a little puppy begging his owner for a treat.
Ever since he knew LingYang, YeLang had often seen him putting on this expression. At first, he was helpless against it, after that, he would have an impulse to punch him, and now, he was conditioned to feel arousal from it. Walking past a deserted alley, he shoved LingYang in without any warning.
LingYang and YeLang’s understanding of each other were so complete that they did not have to speak to know what the other was thinking about. As they were outdoors, LingYang deliberately resisted YeLang, and YeLang’s actions naturally became a little more violent and forceful.
Suddenly, LingYang froze, and next, started struggling. YeLang thought that he was only doing it to increase the sexual tension, but then he heard a low “YeLang” from LingYang.
YeLang was startled, and an alarm went off within him. Ever since the two of them met, LingYang had never addressed him with his full name, and so they had set this two words as LingYang’s safe word. At any point in time when LingYang felt that he could not continue with their scene, by using his name, he could stop the game. However, as YeLang understood LingYang too well, ever since this safe word was created, LingYang had never used it before.
YeLang instinctively used his body to shield LingYang from sight and tidied him up as quickly as possible. YeLang’s heart sank when he saw the anxiousness on LingYang’s face, he had been too careless. He should not have impulsively gave into his provocation, and caused such an unforgivable mistake.
YeLang slowly turned around and walked out, and the shocked person standing at the entrance of the alley was gradually revealed.
MengHu had only unexpectedly caught a glimpse of them when walking past. He did not see anything clearly, but it was not that he saw nothing. Seeing LingYang following behind YeLang, he rushed forward to ask, “YangYang, you… Why was he treating you like that? Is he forcing you?”
Hearing his questions, YeLang knew that the thing he was worried about the most had happened. That LingYang which he had used all his effort to protect, that LingYang that only belonged to him, had been seen by someone else. He had never ever had such intense desire for the person in front of him to disappear. Expressionless, he stared at MengHu, a killing intent radiating off him.
LingYang was both rattled and anxious. He did not know how to answer MengHu, after all, he could not say that it was consensual! The usually glib LingYang was now rendered speechless, subconsciously, he turned to YeLang for help, only to be alarmed by YeLang’s aura.
That was a killing aura! YeLang really wanted to kill him!
LingYang was frightened, he no longer had the mental capacity to worry about how much did MengHu see. Hurriedly, he explained, “It’s not what you think.”
Then he desperately pushed at YeLang, “Let’s go, quickly.”
After trying to push him for awhile, YeLang finally moved, and he dragged him along to escape the scene.
With a complicated heart, LingYang returned to YeLang’s place. After closing the door, all his anxiousness and residual fear came upon him at once, uncertainty and apprehension filled his heart. At the same time, he was also concerned about YeLang, looking at him, rambling, he consoled him. “Don’t think too much about it, the lighting was very dim, and he was standing quite a distance away. You were in front of me shielding me from sight as well, Tiger shouldn’t have seen anything. Even if he saw anything, he wouldn’t tell anyone about it…”

LingYang desperately tried to find reasons to absolve YeLang from any guilt, but before he could finish, he was pulled into YeLang’s embrace. YeLang had never hugged him so tightly before, it was so tight that LingYang even had difficulties breathing.
“I’m sorry.” YeLang’s low voice sounded in LingYang’s ears.
LingYang immediately fell silent. Strangely, after hearing that apology, his worries and uncertainty all seem to dissipate into the air, and a sense of security and calm that he had never felt before settled into his soul.
“I’m sorry.” YeLang repeated those words again. He did not manage to protect LingYang’s privacy, did not fulfil his duties as a dominant, and these two words encapsulated all his regrets.
LingYang exhaled lightly, his two hands rising up to wrap around YeLang. He caressed his back slowly, “Everything’s fine now, it’s fine now.”
MengHu could only watch as LingYang dragged YeLang away, his mind still stuck on the shocking image he just saw. He was unable to imagine that the person he had treasured since young, whom he could not even bear to scold, could accept this sort of rough treatment from someone else. He even did not know if he should stop those two people from leaving.
Taking a few steps forward, he stopped again. He wanted to ask LingYang about it, but he did not know where to start.
Quick footsteps sounded in the near distance. He looked over, only to see a few girls chasing after a wretched looking boy. When the boy ran past him, MengHu caught him, believing that he had somehow offended those girls.
Who would have known that those girls would start attacking the boy once he was caught, and that boy spoke up. “Hero, you’ve misunderstood. I’m the good guy, they’re the violent criminals.”
MengHu was unable to identify who was in the right. Unconsciously, he reached out to grab the can thrown by one of the girls. To use this sort of thing as a weapon, those girls were pretty ruthless.
Seeing that someone was interfering, those girls started jabbering. From what they said, it seemed that the wretched looking boy truly did not harm them in any way.
Seeing this, the boy hurriedly asked MengHu for help, “Hero, please help me, help me chase them away.”
“How should I chase them away? I don’t hit girls.”
“Just scare them away!”
MengHu considered it, then he tightened his fist. The can in his hand crumpled, and the liquid in it came gushing out, spraying all over the place.
As expected, those girls were frightened, exchanging glances amongst themselves, they quickly ran away.
The wretched looking boy was about to prostrate himself in worship, “Hero! You’re too cool! I admire you!”
MengHu shook his head, tossing the can into a recycling bin. He was about to walk off, but was stopped by the boy.
“Benefactor, don’t go. Please let me thank you for saving me. Come, let’s go grab a beer.”
MengHu did not want to go, but he was helpless against the boy’s friendliness. The boy dragged him to a nearby restaurant and ordered a table of food and beer, “Don’t worry, this money is clean. I just sold two sets of equipment today, if not I wouldn’t be so generous.”
“Equipment? Online game?”
“That’s right, <Pale Soul OL>. Have you heard of it?”
MengHu never expected that a random passerby could also be a Pale Soul player, but he did not want to tell the other person that he was playing the game as well.
“Right, Hero, I still don’t know your name.”
“Brother Tiger! Heihei, I’m Hu LuoBo. What a coincidence, I have two benefactors, one’s called Brother Wolf while the other is Brother Tiger. Do you know why I really like your names?”
MengHu shook his head.

“Because the both of you don’t like to eat carrots.”
Hu LuoBo toasted MengHu, then refilled their glasses.
MengHu did not know what to say, so he asked, “Why were those girls chasing after you?”
“Hai, don’t talk about it already. They’re all crazy fans of that HuLi person. I was the one that caused him to be arrested, but somehow this matter got known by others. Now, I’m being chased around like a rat on the street, those brainless fans are really scary.”
“HuLi? Arrested?” MengHu had been spending the past year in the desolate and enclosed air base. Towards such entertainment gossip, he had no clue about it.
“He ran away after knocking into my girlfriend with his car. I was the eyewitness, but he even asked people to assault me. Such matters, shouldn’t he be punished by the law?”
Hu LuoBo again clinked his glass with MengHu’s. “Hai, this whole matter is too bizarre, it’s practically enough to write a book about the whole incident.”
“You have to believe it, Hero. It’s a long story, we’ll have to start from about a year ago…”
This was not the first time Hu LuoBo had recounted this incident. To prove that what he said was true, he embellished many parts of the story, exaggerating many details, and even filled in the blanks on the parts where he was not present for.
When he described that vicious attack in the alley, he dramatised the happenings, adding all sorts of sensational details, creating a vivid description, wishing that he could replay the proceedings for MengHu to see. As for Fan BeiBei’s words, he even pitched his voice higher and imitated her skilfully.
After he finished his narration, he exclaimed, “Hai, don’t you think fate is so curious? Not long ago, that foolish guy who was being confessed to even sent a lot of loudspeaker messages on our server. Even I was moved by his messages. I can’t believe that even till now he still doesn’t have an idea about all of this. Don’t know if I should call him pitiful, or to say that ignorance is bliss.”
“I was actually so touched that I was tempted to send a private message to him, telling him the truth. However, as Brother Lang has done so much for me, I can’t poke holes in his relationship, right?”
“Coincidentally speaking, you’re Brother Tiger, and that person’s IGN also has a tiger in it,” Hu LuoBo lifted his glass, planning to toast MengHu again. Looking up, he got a shock. “Hero… Your countenance… What’s wrong?”
The author has something to say:
Coming next! A tiger who knows the truth, Little Antelope’s choice, the finale of <The Antelope and Night Wolf> that everyone has been anticipating for, they’re coming soon!

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