TANW Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Three Childhood Friends of Sixteen Years

Sender: Ironman (Ironman?Can’t Swim As Iron is Denser Than Water)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Heard that it’s the internal qualifiers for Senlan swimming team tomorrow?
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

Can people from other schools attend?


Sender: Loctar (Everyone Loves Lok’Tar)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: Heard that it’s the internal qualifiers for Senlan swimming team tomorrow?
Location: Senlan Technological University The Blue of Sen Sea BBS via Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

Don’t talk about other schools, even in our school, only friends and family can attend. The qualifiers are not open to public.
Unless you know people on the swimming team, there’s no need to talk about it.


Ling Yang leapt up to lock his door upon seeing that person. However, that person was faster than him, and managed to grab hold onto the door first. No matter how much strength Ling Yang used, the door did not budge.
“Flower!” Ling Yang yelled unhappily.
At the back, Xu Xian wrung his hands helplessly. “You can’t blame me for this, I only found out that he was following me after I opened the door.”
“After you used his account to reply last night, I guessed that you guys were living together,” Bai Long said.
“Why did you follow Flower?”
“Because you kept hiding from me.”
“You know that I’m hiding from you, yet you still shamelessly appeared?”
“I have to clarify some things with you, I really can’t hold it back anymore.”
Ling Yang was silent, and Bai Long also did not plan on speaking. This was the first time Xu Xian saw a serious Bai Long and a silent Ling Yang. Naturally, he also did not know what to say. The three of them stood there in silence, and the house was quiet as though a pin could be heard if it dropped.
Finally, the awkward silence was broken by Bai Long.
“Flower, today I want to have dinner here.”
“There’s nothing to eat at home!” Ling Yang rushed to answer.
“Go and buy some food.” The tone was commanding. From the start to the end, his eyes had never left Ling Yang, but this command was for Xu Xian.
“You’re not allowed to go!”
Xu Xian was still hesitating over whether to listen to Bai Long. After hearing Ling Yang speak, he was annoyed. Since somebody had previously happily pushed him to Bai Long, he thought he might as well avenge himself at this moment. Grabbing his keys, he turned around and left.
After Xu Xian left, the house again descended into silence. Locked in a stalemate, Ling Yang knew his strength was incomparable to Bai Long, and so he let go and returned to his room. Bai Long followed behind him, leaving the door ajar.
Ling Yang sat on the bed. “So, what did you want to ask?”
“You clearly know what I want to ask.”
Ling Yang paused. “I can tell you, but I have three conditions. You’ll have to agree to all three of them before I’ll tell you anything.”
Bai Long nodded. “List your conditions first.”
“First, I know you’re in the same group as my disciple-in-law. Now that you know my location, you cannot tell it to him, and you also can’t ask me about my disciple.”
“Are you asking me to burn the bridge after crossing it?”
“If you can’t even agree to the first condition, then there’s nothing to say anymore.”
“I’ll promise you, anyway I have nothing to do with his matters.”
“Second, you’ll be the only person who knows about this. You cannot tell anyone else, including that person.”
Bai Long snorted coldly. “You’re even referring to him as that person now? Just because your confession was rejected, and you got scolded harshly by him the next day, you’re throwing away 16 years of friendship? Including me as well?”
“Bai Long!”
“Fine, I won’t say anything. Then, what’s your third condition?”
“Third, after hearing this you have to let it go. You can’t get angry, and you also have to swear to not do anything extreme. If you can’t accept this last condition, then quickly get out of my house.”
Xu Xian, who went out to buy groceries, was now in a dilemma. Bai Long clearly wanted him to leave so that he could be alone with Ling Yang, and with Ling Yang’s attitude towards him, both of them seemed to share a very deep history.
Xu Xian understood that Ling Yang, although he was seemingly unreliable, just like how Bai Long described him, he was actually very kind-hearted. Together with his cheerful personality, he would not bear grudges easily.
From their separate accounts, the truth that they knew each other since young was undeniable. As such, their relationship should be very good, and not like the current situation where one was chasing while the other was escaping, and then embroiled in a cold war when they met.
If it was not Bai Long who did something unforgivable, Ling Yang would also not avoid him like that.
Remembering Bai Long’s playboy character, Xu Xian started to worry. Buying some things randomly, he rushed back home.
Xu Xian entered the house. The living room was quiet, and Ling Yang’s door was ajar. The two people inside might have been too focused on each other as they did not hear anyone entering.
Xu Xian directly went to the entrance of Ling Yang’s bedroom. He did not knock on the door, but eavesdropped on their conversation.
“So you’re completely unable to forgive me about that thing?” This was Bai Long’s voice.
“I’ve never blamed you before.” LingY ang’s voice was did not have its usual cheerfulness to it, it was clearly restrained.
“Then why did you run upon seeing me?”
“When I see you, I’ll think of unhappy things.”
A short period of silence, then followed by a long sigh.
“Since you don’t blame me, can we return to our previous relationship?”
Xu Xian’s heart sank.
Ling Yang did not reply for a long while. Just as Xu Xian thought he would never speak, Ling Yang slowly said.
“Whatever you say goes then.”
Then it was another period of silence. Unable to see what was happening on the other side of the door, his imagination started running. Xu Xian’s hand, holding the plastic bag, tightened unconsciously.
Only after awhile did a voice drift out from the room.
“Come, let me see your hand.”
Xu Xian could not bear it anymore, and he knocked on the door before entering. As expected, he saw Ling Yang hurriedly removing his hand away from Bai Long’s grip and jumping up.
“If you want to stay, you can’t eat for free. Little White Dragon, go help out in the kitchen, go go go.”
After getting chased out of Ling Yang’s room, Bai Long stood in front of Xu Xian. The both of them remained there in silence.
Bai Long took the bag from Xu Xian and headed to the kitchen. Xu Xian followed after him, his hands empty.
“I have to clarify some things with you, I really can’t hold it back anymore.”
Xu Xian could not help but repeat that when he entered the kitchen. This was exactly what Bai Long had just said.
Bai Long no longer had a serious expression on his face, and he was back to that slightly wicked playboy look.
“I know what you’re worried about,” Bai Long teased as he winked.
“Don’t worry, my relationship with him is not what you think it is.”
“…. I, I, I don’t care what’s your relationship with him.” Xu Xian blushed. “I’m concerned about him, not worried about you!”
Bai Long’s laugh gave people the urge to beat him. “Fine fine, everything you say is correct.”
“Right, what were you guys talking about just now?” Xu Xian, no longer troubled, was peeling potatoes while recalling the scene just now. He was sincerely worried about Ling Yang.
This sentence reminded Bai Long of what happened, and the smile on his face dropped. “I promised Ling Yang to not mention it.”
He took the peeled potato from Xu Xian. “I’ll help you cut the potatoes.”
Xu Xian was shocked. “You still know how to cut potatoes?”
He completely did not look like someone who knew how to use a chef knife.
Bai Long slowly shook his head. “I don’t, but if you don’t let me use this knife to cut potatoes, I’m afraid I’ll take this knife to kill people.”
There was no need for Bai Long to say anything. Xu Xian could also see it for himself. Under his ravaging, that potato was now completely beyond recognition. Xu Xian thought, luckily I bought extra potatoes. As for the one on the chopping board… I’ll just make mashed potato with that.
Xu Xian frowned and watched Bai Long continue torturing that unlucky potato. His every cut was very rough, as though he was holding something back. Even the knuckles on his hand holding the knife were white in tension.
It dawned on Xu Xian. “Could it be because of Ling Yang’s hand…?”
With a slice, the yellow potato was dyed red.
“Ahh!” Xu Xian got a fright, and he rushed out to look for a bandage.
Bai Long allowed him to make a fuss over him. “It’s only a small cut, there’s no need to panic.”
Xu Xian was a little annoyed. “You better leave the kitchen. I know you’re from the military school, there’s no need for this act of bloodstained heroism in front of me.” 
Bai Long was amused by Xu Xian. He patted his head, turning and going back to Ling Yang’s room. Ling Yang was sitting in his chair, staring at the mouse in a daze.
“Would more buttons appear if you stare long enough?” Bai Long wanted to mock him after looking at his state.
Ling Yang’s lips curled. “Help me return it.”
“Why return it? It’s for you, just use it.”
“This is a public good.”
“Because whatever’s given to you you’ll never accept it. Only by coming up with an excuse that it’s a public good, you would then use it. This is the case for the mouse, and it’s the same case of the clothes. Say, aren’t you a contrary bottom?”
Ling Yang was silent again.
Xu Xian was finally done preparing the food. The ones that were supposed to be shredded potatoes were shredded potatoes, and the one that should be mashed potatoes were mashed potatoes. Of course, that portion that was stained with blood, was naturally thrown away.
“Call Yangyang out for dinner.”
Receiving the command, Bai Long walked up to Ling Yang’s door that had closed at some point. He lifted his leg and kicked. “Stupid Antelope! It’s dinnertime!”
In the next second, Ling Yang’s door opened. “What are you calling for, you’re trying to call your soul back?!”
Xu Xian was speechless. So it turned out that their previous relationship was like this.
Later on, Xu Xian realised he had underestimated the combat abilities of these two people. Ling Yang and Bai Long were two clowns with poisonous tongues. When put together, there was no period when it was quiet, and the entire meal was filled with their arguments.
They said that Bai Long’s family upbringing was pretty strict. So, wasn’t he brought up to think that children should be seen and not heard? Also, if this was the result of a strict upbringing, what would an upbringing that was not strict be like?
The dismayed Xu Xian picked at his rice painfully while he thought, why could they not go back to their cold war…
“Right, Flower, didn’t you mention previously that you wanted to go to Senlan to see your childhood friend compete?” Bai Long finally stopped arguing with Ling Yang, changing the focus over to the quiet Xu Xian.
“Oh that’s right, I nearly forgot about it, it’s tomorrow.”
“I’ll accompany you.”
“Sure… But you’re actually really free.”
“Childhood friend? You mean Night Wolf?” Ling Yang’s eyes brightened.
“Yeah.” Xu Xian also did not hear clearly if Ling Yang said Ye Lang or Night Wolf, anyway the pronunciation of both names were very similar1
“I want to go too! What competition is it?”
Ling Yang suddenly remembered what Ye Lang had told him previously when online, and his excitement immediately cooled down. “Tsk, how boring.”
“Boring? The swimmers will be wearing tight swimming trunks. Who knows, some of them might even be wearing speedos.” Bai Long directly attacked his weaknesses.
Ling Yang’s face went through a myriad of expressions, and it looked like a fierce internal struggle.
“You’ll only be next to the pool, you won’t even get splashed by the water. You’re really timid like a mouse. Why don’t I prepare a lifeboat for you?”
“You’re the one that’s timid like a mouse! I just don’t want to see a pool of water, that’s it!”
“You better not go then,” Xu Xian interrupted.
Xu Xian used his chopsticks to knock against his plate. “You should know exactly why! He’s my childhood friend.”
“So what if he’s a childhood friend, you’re meant to turn a childhood friend gay!” Ling Yang replied confidently.
Bai Long looked at Ling Yang with a meaningful expression.
“The more you don’t want me to go, the more I want to go.” Ling Yang stood up and slapped the table. “Little White Dragon, go wash the plates!”
“I’ve already helped with the cooking, so what will you be doing?” Bai Long yelled after Ling Yang who had rushed back to his room.
“I’ll be choosing clothes!”
Xu Xian gave Bai Long a side-eye, and the latter shrugged with an innocent face.
“I remember you once said that swimming was one of the sports Ling Yang was good at.”
“That’s right. The first time he went into the water he could already swim without any assistance. Amongst our circle, he was always the one who was most comfortable in water. Free-style, breast-stroke, back-stroke he knew them all. He was always praising himself as a mermaid, but it only resulted in us mocking him.” 
Bai Long’s eyes drifted to Ling Yang’s door. “But that’s all in the past, I have also not seen him enter the water for a number of years already…”

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  2. I thought I knew who was who but I don’t. Was Bai Long the friend who rejected Ling Yang’s confession and scolded him on speaker phone? The brother of the homeroom teacher? What is his relationship to the disciple-in-law? Is Husbandpleasedoitgently the disciple? Is the disciple-in-law Sakka who waits endlessly fishing at the lake? Who is “that person?” Is it the person who rejected the confession? The person who already had a wife? How does Qi Feng fit in here? He seems to like and know Ling Yang well – that’s from the game and from the dormitory? Is he involved with Angry T-Rex/UncleHe? Why can’t Lng yng tell Xian Xu/FlowerHouse that he is Bellin the game?

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