TANW Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – Qiantang Military School’s Faculty of Command

Sender:Ironman (Ironman?Every Guy Has A Military Dream)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: The Brother From Qiantang, Please Reply
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

My brother is in year 3 this year, and he would like to apply to Qiantang. Is the admission criteria very strict? Are there any fitness requirements? ThaaaankQ.


Sender: Haku (Casual and Elegant Little White Dragon)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: The Brother From Qiantang, Please Reply
Location:IP is Hidden By ISP

As long as he’s not too tall, too short, too fat, too thin, eyesight too weak, and his looks doesn’t affect the military standard, there shouldn’t be a problem with admission to most faculties. Different faculties have different requirements, so he should check before applying. Of course, he cannot have hepatitis B or body odour.
Actually the admission test is not difficult, and people of average fitness would be able to pass it. Of course there are some special ones, like Little Antelope, who did not pass it ╮(╯▽╰)╭


Today, on the Homosexual board, someone had started a discussion with regards to the military school. Although Qiantang Military School was also part of the college town, as it was situated far away and never  open to public, it always seemed very mysterious to most people. People from Qiantang would rarely use BBS, so now that there was one, everyone was very curious and they could not help but ask many questions.

Xu Xian was also looking through the comments as Ling Yang swaggered into the room.
“Flower, I’m hungry, do you have any food here?” Ling Yang helped himself to Xu Xian’s snack drawer.
“Ah, this is my favourite biscuit flavour.” LingY ang took a packet out happily, moving to Xu Xian’s bed.
“Get off my bed before eating, don’t leave crumbs there.”
Ling Yang ignored him. He retrieved a novel from the shelf next to the bed, ready to fill both his stomach and mind.
Seeing that what was done could not be undone, Xu Xian could only let him be and turned back to his computer.
“Yangyang,” Xu Xian called out suddenly.
“Do you have hepatitis B?”
“First, don’t discriminate against people with hepatitis B. Next, I’m very sorry but I do not. Third, even if I do you don’t have to worry, because we~are~not~having~sex~with~each~other~” Ling Yang jabbed his index finger in the air along with his words.
“Then do you have body odour?”
“… Do you have rhinitis?”
“If you don’t, can’t you smell it for yourself?”
“But I can’t smell anything.”
“Please, it’s not that you can’t smell it, it’s because I don’t have it! Are you suffering from brain damage or something?”
“Then why didn’t you pass the body checkup?”
Ling Yang’s hand that was flipping through the book trembled a little.
“What body checkup?”
“The one Bai Long mentioned on BBS.”
“What the fuck? Let me see.”
Ling Yang took a look at Xu Xian’s computer. “This bastard, he still has the face to talk shit about me?”
He snatched the keyboard away and started typing rapidly.
“OP, asking him is useless, he went in through connections. How would a product that’s exempted from inspection know about the admission criteria?”
“Hey, that’s my account you’re using.” Xu Xian pointed at the screen.
“Uh oh.” Ling Yang looked at it, the comment had already been posted. “Forget it. Anyway, with one look it’s obvious who posted it.”
“But I’m still very curious.”
“What’s there to be curious about? I applied to be a pilot, but just the initial inspection alone there’s over 100 items to be checked. For 5 people to be selected out of 10,000 is already considered a lot.” Ling Yang returned to the bed, reading while eating his biscuits, crossing his legs with his feet high up in the air.
Xu Xian’s eyes brightened again. “I know! I heard that the body checkup was very strict, they’ll even check that place!”
“That’s right, you can’t have haemorrhoids as well.”
“So it turns out you were rejected because of haemorrhoids!”
Ling Yang choked on his biscuit, coughing severely. “You’re the one with haemorrhoids, your whole body has haemorrhoids!”
“Then what’s the reason for your rejection? You look pretty physically fit.”
Ling Yang shot Xu Xian a look, silent.
“Tell me, please.”
“Not telling you.”
“Then I’ll call and ask Bai Long.”
“The fuck, aren’t you sick of this method?”
“Then you tell me.”
Ling Yang remained silent for a bit.
“I get airsick.”
Ling Yang stretched his leg out to kick him. “What the hell are you laughing at!”
“You get airsick and yet you still applied to be a pilot, are you an idiot?”
Ling Yang’s lips curled. “I didn’t want to join other branches. I wasn’t interested in the technical arms, and don’t even mention civil service. Every day, it’s just report writing only. Also, you think it’s easy to get selected for the popular faculties? You think everyone’s like your Little White Dragon, in the faculty of command, and directly become a deputy upon graduating?”
“I also didn’t know which major he’s studying. I used to think he was a small-time gangster just looking at his playboy attitude,” Xu Xian said.
“So now you know, he’s a Qiantang’s command major, such a bright and shiny tag.”
Xu Xian scratched his head. “But I heard that the management of the command majors was as strict as the army, why can he always go out of the school?”
“Didn’t I say it before? He got in through connections. His background is way too impressive. Do you know what are the two things required to live comfortably in the military school?” Ling Yang raised two fingers. “First, it’s your background. Second, your fighting ability. When Little White Dragon first entered the school there were a few seniors who thought that he was very arrogant and didn’t like him. They ganged up upon him, and after that although Little White Dragon had to be hospitalised, the other parties were also injured. After the investigation, Little White Dragon was considered to be defending himself, while those people were penalised severely. The leader was expelled straight away, and after that no one ever dared to start any trouble with him.”
Xu Xian thought, no wonder he looked so at home in the military school.
“He’s that good at fighting? I really couldn’t tell, but he’s really strong.” Xu Xian looked at his wrist, studying it as though the marks left by somebody were still there. “You said that his family background was very impressive, what background is that?”
Ling Yang’s legs were still swaying in the air. He read his book unconcernedly, leaving biscuit crumbs all over the bed, “He’s a second-generation army commander, the child of the head commander in our compound.”
“Wow, that cool?”
“It’s funny when we talk about this. Over there, when they see each other, they’ll call each other by their positions, this minister or that chief of staff. It’s only when they go out into the army they’ll call each other according to their ranks. But when the father of Little White Dragon was conferred his rank he was the youngest one there, so everyone liked to jokingly call him General Bai. After calling him this for over 10 years, even if they wanted to change they were already too used to it, so now everyone calls him Old General Bai. If you were to ask me what’s his father’s official post, I really cannot remember.”
​”You said your family was also in the army, doesn’t that mean you have this kind of background as well?”
Ling Yang rolled his eyes. “Ordinary families like us, only after many years we could at most be colonels. With luck, maybe we can be a director. To become a minister is impossible. Haven’t you heard this saying before, if your ancestor wasn’t a general, even dying in exhaustion it’s still in vain!”
“Doesn’t that mean that if you become a soldier there’s also no future for you?”
“Who said so? I can go woo a commander’s daughter! Saving the nation with this devious method is not impossible, for a handsome and talented youth like me, to not use this honeypot method is a reckless waste of God’s gift…”
“Will you even be able to get hard?”
Ling Yang choked, he could not come up with a reply. He threw the book and biscuits aside. Standing up, he placed two hands on Xu Xian’s shoulders and turned him over. “Flower, your words are always drawing blood with just one prick of a needle. This is not good.”
Yanshan University’s physical education classes were scheduled according to semesters, and every semester was a different sport.
The first semester in year 1 was track and field events, and the second semester was ball sports. It was basketball for the guys and volleyball for the girls.
The first semester in year 2 was swimming, and the second was iceskating. Iceskating was a new module. For this module, the school had built a very big sports hall. On the first floor was a rink with real ice, while the second floor was an indoor basketball court. There was also a gym in the basement, and it was one of the newest buildings in Yanshan.
They had a little more freedom to choose in their third year. The options were badminton, table tennis, soccer, judo, taekwando, as well as the previously mentioned sports were also available. Even Go was considered a sport, but the students were still required to choose one sport per semester or for the entire year, as Yanshan always placed importance on their students’ physical fitness.
This was no longer compulsory by year four.
But for students studying architecture or medicine, those five-year courses, they still had to go through a sports module in their fourth year. So, the students mocked themselves, saying that if Yanshan’s architecture students were to push their sleeves up, they could become labourers, while the medical students holding their scalpels could become killers.
Ling Yang and Xu Xian were second year students in their first semester. According to the schedule, their sports module would be swimming. Swimming was a big course, and many classes would be doing it together. Coincidentally, both of them were in the same swimming class.
Xu Xian packed his swimming attire, towel, ID card etc. Knocking on LingYang’s door, he entered and saw that this fellow had yet to prepare anything, but was still posting on BBS.
“Faint, aren’t you afraid of being late?”
Ling Yang was too lazy to even turn his head. “I don’t have to go.”
“I have an excuse letter.”
“A fake excuse letter than says I don’t have to go for swimming classes.”
“… Are you on your period?”
“Fuck off.”
“Is it just for today, or you don’t have to go at all?”
“I don’t have to go at all.”
Xu Xian blinked a few times, not understanding. “Why?”
“I get dizzy near water.”
“You get airsick, you get dizzy near water, what else do you get dizzy over?”
“Oh yes, I faint when seeing blood too.” Ling Yang started talking nonsense again.
“Faint, you actually do! Are you sure you don’t have vertigo?”
“Eh? Why do I suddenly feel dizzy even when I look at you…”
“I really feel regretful for you. There’s going to be so many sexy handsome guys wearing swimming trunks at the pool.”
Ling Yang also had a reluctant expression on his face. “Yeah, wuwuwu, Flower I’m so pitiful~~”
Xu Xian suddenly felt that something was not right. “Hold on, Bai Long said that you…”
“You actually believe his words?” Ling Yang waved his hand, “You’re not going? Aren’t you afraid of being late?”
“Ah~~~~ Bye!!”
Xu Xian left, Ling Yang continued browsing through BBS. He then checking out the website of <Pale Soul OL>. Most of the people there were complaining that the downtime of the game was too long, and the rest were pretty much posts for guild recruitment.
The post in the forum requesting Azure Buckle to return already had over six hundred pages. Apparently his disciple-in-law had gone to the west, but he still continued to be a fisherman, fishing by Lake ShiWen every night. Ling Yang completely bowed down to that person’s patience.
There were also people trying to dig up information on Air Force’s Compound 201’s Group for Extra-Curricular Interests this ID, but just like always there was no new information.
Looking through, Ling Yang did not see any interesting news. He then logged into that community he had kept hidden. There were many owners of boots who liked to upload their photos of their boots on the boots-fetish board to lure little slaves to them, and every post was very popular. There were all sorts of replies, and with the shield of anonymity, things like a sense of shame could just be fed to the dogs instead.
Although this was not obvious from daily life, there was a pretty large community of people with boots-fetish. This was also something Ling Yang discovered after becoming part of the group. They also had many other compatriots, like feet fetish, socks fetish, suits fetish, military uniform fetish, and there was a sub-forum for each group.
Because of the particularity of the the community, the occurrence of one night stands within themselves was more common than just having a meal together. If both parties clicked together, they would play for a bit before separating.  Some of them were able to form a long lasting relationship, while even more people like Ling Yang were there just to browse through the photos.
Other than this community forum, Ling Yang was also part of the community’s Weibo. With the increasing popularity of that Weibo, the number of members there were increasing. Ling Yang’s Weibo was mostly focused on such content, and this was why till now he had never exchanged Weibo with anyone he knew.
Some people liked uploading movies, while some people like watching gay movies. People like LingYang who were easily satisfied just by looking at photos of boots were really very innocent, but other people still called them hardcore.
Browsing through the community forum and Weibo, he realised that Xu Xian was about to return. Ling Yang closed the pages, not forgetting to clear his web history.
After awhile, Xu Xian returned as expected, but he was not alone. An unwelcome guest was following him.

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