TANW Chapter 67 (NSFW)

Chapter 67 – An Angel on the Streets, A Demon in the Sheets

Wild Wolf Empire Community Boot Fetish Department

[OP] PoliceUniform&BootsKink:  Something good I secretly took at the bar today. [Image]
1L: Very good!!! Just my type!!
2L: Got hard immediately, really want to blow him.
3L: OP didn’t hook up with him?
4L: 100 community points begging for his ID.
5L: PoliceUniform&BootsKink: Reply to 3L, I tried, but was stopped by someone next to him who said he was his BF.
6L: Faint, why like this, so petty.
7L: PoliceUniform&BootsKink: Yeah, I was even blacklisted by him.
8L:  AntelopeCannotFly: … That’s my husband! I’m going to kill all of you!!!


Seeing where YeLang brought him, LingYang was startled. “Didn’t you say you had to work? Why are we at the bar?”
“I’m scouting new people for the company, they’re performing here today.”
New people? Performing? LingYang did not understand, he had always thought that YeLang’s internship consisted of running errands, photocopying, and other tasks like that, was that not the case for most college students’ internships?
YeLang took a few steps in, only to realise that LingYang had not followed. He looked back, and LingYang was still hesitating at the entrance.
“What happened?”
LingYang covered his mouth, “It’s fine, let’s go in.”
The two of them entered the bar and discovered that it was already very crowded inside. Most of the crowd were females holding signs made out of glow sticks, as though they were here to chase after their idol.

LingYang looked around and unexpectedly saw BaiLong in the crowd.
“You’re here to chase an idol too?”
BaiLong was speechless, he had hurried over here with XuXian, but he did not expect LingYang and YeLang to have arrived later than them.
He studied LingYang, then finally relaxed when nothing looked out of the ordinary.

“I heard Flower say that tonight’s guest is very famous, so we came to take a look,” BaiLong answered.
“It’s some new upcoming school idol,” XuXian filled in. “Apparently he’a student from LanShan Music College, even without an official contract he already has many fans, and many companies are looking to sign him on.”
YeLang led them all the way through the crowd, there was a reserved table in the corner at the front for them. As they sat down, a server brought them drinks and snacks, causing LingYang to feel even more surprised.
“Is VIP written on my face?” LingYang wanted to check his face in a mirror.
BaiLong played along with him, looking, “No, it’s I-DI-OT.” 
“What’s that?” LingYang took awhile to react.
LingYang: =_,=
The crowd started screaming just as LingYang was about to retort. He turned and watched a very pretty boy walk out from the back office.
XuXian had never seen such a good-looking person before, he stared at him for a long time before remembering that there was an untrustworthy person next to him. Turning his head to observe BaiLong, he unexpectedly discovered him steadily looking in another direction, as though he could not be bothered with that person.
BaiLong noticed XuXian’s actions and immediately guessed what was going through XuXian’s head, then he smirked at him. Being exposed like this, XuXian’s face burned slightly.

YeLang too only took a glance before looking away, but what surprised XuXian the most was, LingYang, who always enjoyed watching a show, had also ignored the new guy after a look, and instead attacked the plate of fruit on the table.
In the end it was the pretty boy who started heading towards them after he noticed their presence.

That boy reached their corner, his eyes first sweeping past LingYang with a suspicious look, then looked over to BaiLong, as though surprised that they would be here. He then nodded at YeLang, “Young Master.”
LingYang choked on a watermelon, and coughed uncontrollably. YeLang patted him on his back and passed him a bottle of water.
BaiLong was also very surprised to hear this form of address, but XuXian had no special reaction to it.

YeLang waited for LingYang to stop coughing before he looked at the newcomer, his expression questioning.
The boy realised that YeLang was looking at him with no hint of recognition, and so explained, “I’m HuLi, do you still remember the last time we met?”
YeLang shook his head, “Sorry.”
HuLi’s face changed subtly, he again looked at LingYang who was next to YeLang, then at the water bottle in his hand. After a few seconds, he nodded again at YeLang. “Sorry for interrupting,” and he left.  

After he left, LingYang spoke to YeLang with a strange tone, “Young… Master?”
“Don’t take it seriously, he was being ridiculous.”
“You don’t know?” XuXian interrupted. “Everyone in the company addresses Ah Lang like this.”
“Everyone’s only joking.”
The corner of LingYang’s mouth twitched, “I thought I had time traveled to the past.”
He then gloated to BaiLong, “Here’s a real young master, what does a certain person who likes to address himself as young master think about this?”
BaiLong scoffed, refusing to comment.

“You said you’re here to scout somebody, were you referring to him?” LingYang asked YeLang.
“The name is right, but I don’t remember if I met him before.”
“You guys recognise him?” XuXian was the one asking this time, the question obviously directed at BaiLong and LingYang.

“I guess,” BaiLong had a disdainful look on his face. “He’s not someone likeable.”

BaiLong had only rushed here because he was worried that this place would cause some trauma for LingYang. Seeing that he was fine and did not bother with HuLi, and that XuXian also did not like hanging out in bars, the two of them left after awhile.
LingYang had not seen YeLang in a week, and neither was he interested in watching HuLi’s show, so he could not help but start thinking about doing certain things. However, as YeLang was here for work, he did not want to disturb him, so he remained sitting there playing on his phone.
Gays tended to hang out at bars more often, when he just entered, the M2 app on LingYang’s phone kept alerting him with notifications. M2 was an app where gays often used to hookup, and there were also many people from the circle where LingYang like to hang out.

Most people would use their real photos as their display photo on M2, listing their details and hobbies very clearly, making it very easy to tell if they were of a certain type. Many people within their circles would come together just once and go their separate ways after that. One night stands for them happened even more often than within the gay community, although LingYang did not participate, but his details listed were accurate, and so received many invites in a short period of time.
YeLang saw LingYang again mysteriously tapping away on his phone, and knew that he was up to no good behind his back. Sometimes, YeLang felt that LingYang was really like an onion, after peeling a layer there would be another layer under it, there was no way of knowing what exactly was his true face.

@PoliceUniform&BootsKink: Your master is very fine, can I join in?

This was already the third time LingYang received a similar message. This was all because of those conspicuous boots YeLang was wearing. As long as anyone from their circle saw them, they would definitely be interested. As such, LingYang was both proud and distressed, at that moment, he was just like the rest, only being able to see and not touch.

@AntelopeCannotFly: Go away! He’s my BF!

That person did not give up and replied.

@PoliceUniform&BootsKink: Do you get nervous when you play with your BF?
The fuck! What does that have to do with you!

LingYang indignantly added that person into his blacklist, his eyes again falling unwittingly onto YeLang’s boots. At that moment, YeLang’s right leg was slightly bent, displaying his boot, not realising that his unintentional action was very alluring in the eyes of people like LingYang, and its lethality on par with a renowned opera actress casting flirtatious looks towards straight men.
With a couple of glances LingYang realised his body was reacting to it, so he quickly shut his eyes. This conditioned reflex was really too awful, and it was also a basic instinct of the body, there was completely no way for him to control it.

LingYang had grown up in the air force compound, with soldiers in uniform and boots everywhere. It might be because of this reason, ever since he started puberty, he would have an unexplainable infatuation for uniforms and boots.
During the summer break of his second year in high school, LingYang met with an accident that destroyed his childhood dream. Losing his goal, LingYang became very apathetic. By accident, he discovered the Wild Wolf Empire community online.
In Empire, a door to a whole new world was opened for him by these images and videos that he had never seen before. This was the first time he was exposed to such fetishes, and so got to know many people like him, and finally understood what was truly his heart’s desire.

LingYang was a very adaptable person, unlike others who needed to go through an internal struggle before accepting themselves, he simply accepted the fact that his sexual orientation was different from most people, and quickly integrated into the group.
He immersed himself in the pleasure that these photos of boots gave him, and just imagining a masculine scent with the smell of leather weaved through it was enough to intoxicate him. When he was getting himself off just like how other boys in puberty did, he would often imagine that the thing rubbing his private part was not his own hand, but the sexy and provocative grooves on the soles of boots, and would orgasm with this sort of fantasies. He discovered that only when he gave himself up to this, then he could truly be free, free from worries, free from the memories that he did not want to remember anymore.
Ever since then, this particular sort of sexual preference became his way of relieving stress. Without any hesitation, he took a step into this circle, and from then he never left. 

LingYang was attracted to most types of boots. Especially the very high cut ones, pointed toe ones, and those with curved tips, which all looked like they belonged on the legs of a sadist, he completely had no resistance towards them. Just like how others react while watching porn, he would get excited by looking at images of boots, not to even mention when getting close to the real things.
He closed his eyes and tried to relax, but his lower part of the body continued to be tense and uncomfortable, after all, the reason for his current situation was just next to him. Even if he closed his eyes, he would still be able to describe that seductive profile. He could only find an excuse to go for to washroom, and YeLang did not suspect him.

Splashing his face with cold water and taking a few deep breaths, LingYang finally felt his body calm down, and his heartbeat returning to normal.
The door to the washroom opened and a person walked in. He went to the sink next to LingYang, slowly washing his hands. Looking at that person’s reflection, LingYang realised it was HuLi.

He disliked this person, so he turned around to leave. 

“You sure move fast, going after another target immediately after failing with the first one, impressive.” HuLi smirked as LingYang walked past him.
There were only the two of them in the washroom, so this was definitely directed at LingYang. “What are you trying to say?”
HuLi did not answer his question, but continued by himself, “But you really like to target straight people, do you do this on purpose?”
LingYang immediately frowned upon hearing that, not wanting to involve himself with this person, he promptly pushed the door open and left. Once he was gone, HuLi smiled gloatingly at his reflection, if LingYang were to see this, his hair would definitely stand on ends.

LingYang returned to his seat, feeling more unhappy the more he thought about it. Why did he have to suppress his lust and continue listening to that genderless freak singing? As such, he no longer considered the fact that YeLang was still working, and only thought about seducing him into getting a room. If this was in ancient times, he would definitely be considered as a wicked concubine who would bring misfortune to the country and its people.
Leaning onto YeLang, LingYang teased him continuously while smiling sneakily. YeLang was finally pushed to breaking point, he grabbed hold of that restless hand, “Stop fooling around.”

LingYang loved YeLang with a character like this, a model of abstinence with his clothes on, but a beast with his clothes off. Looking at him like this, all he wanted to do was to provoke him into losing control. He put his mouth to YeLang’s ear and whispered something. As expected, YeLang’s eyes gradually narrowed, standing up, he headed towards the exit while pulling at LingYang’s wrist.
The two of them did not bother heading home, instead booking a room at a nearby hotel. Upon entering the room they quickly fell into each other. As YeLang’s burning desire had been successfully lit up by LingYang, it would not be doused so easily. His every move was rough as always, quickly undoing LingYang’s pants. One hand reached it, groping his ass, while the other hand wandered under his shirt. LingYang could not help but melt under these two simultaneous incitements, his hole was already feeling empty, and desperately wished for something thick and sturdy to fill him up.

LingYang pushed YeLang to sit at the edge of the bed, just as YeLang was about to bend down and remove his cumbersome boots he was stopped by LingYang. “I’ll do it.” With that, he kneeled down and unbuckled his boots.
This was the third time LingYang had kneeled in front of YeLang. Unlike LingYang, YeLang was born with the desire to dominate, and these actions of LingYang only strengthened his desire. A queer feeling rose up within him, but at that moment, YeLang was too ignorant to comprehend what exactly was this feeling, only knowing that he was very satisfied with LingYang’s performance, and his body’s reaction became even more obvious.
When LingYang was finally done removing his boots, YeLang pulled his pants off in one go, his heated cock springing out and hitting LingYang’s face. “Suck me, satisfy me and I’ll make you feel good.”

His lofty tone aroused LingYang. Although LingYang had always thought that he only had a small fetish for boots, and had never admitted that to being a masochist, but he could not deny that masochism and fetishism for items tended to be closely linked together. Even verbal humiliation could make LingYang very excited. He kneeled properly and took YeLang into his mouth without any hesitation, using his utmost efforts into bringing him off. He even played with his balls, satisfying YeLang thoroughly, and there were occasional pleased hums came from YeLang.

Under LingYang’s ministrations, YeLang was now rock hard, his prick shining with saliva. His tongue kneading onto YeLang’s tip, playing with the liquid slowly seeping out from it, and finally cheekily biting on it lightly.
With LingYang’s prank, YeLang immediately got up and threw LingYang onto the bed, entering him abruptly.

By now, LingYang’s body was completely used to the sexual acts between homosexuals, he no longer experienced as much pain as he did the first time it happened, but instead became extremely sensitive. YeLang was able to hit his G-spot accurately every time, making LingYang feel reluctance each time he retreated, and anticipation for the next thrust.
Seeing LingYang getting into a stupor, YeLang slowed down on purpose, fondling his prick as well. LingYang wreathed on the bed unhappily, trying to get YeLang to speed up, but the more he tried, the more YeLang held back.

“Don’t, I want…” LingYang could not help but finally pled.
“What do you want?” YeLang smiled faintly.
“Wu, I want Husband to fuck me…”
YeLang started moving slowly.
“No, not like this…”
“Then how?”
LingYang could not take it anymore, tearfully, he cried, “… Harder, fuck me harder.”

Hearing that, YeLang gave a forceful thrust, making LingYang cry out in alarm. Next was a series of a hurricane-like attacks. Within the room, only moans, pants, and the smacking sound of bodies coming together could be heard.
YeLang watched as the person below him lost control, feeling pleased, “You like to seduce? Come, try saying something seductive now.”
By then, LingYang had become a slave to sexual pleasure, his rationale gone, and words like “Husband’s so big, so good, fucking me so well” came out from his mouth. It completely satisfied YeLang’s vanity, his hips worked harder, bringing LingYang to the brink of pleasure. Just as he was about to reach his peak, YeLang suddenly stopped.

“Don’t, don’t stop…” LingYang was about to go crazy with frustration.
YeLang’s lips curved up wickedly, “I’m tired now, a 5 minutes cool down.”
“Ah~~~~” LingYang kicked his legs blindly in agitation, he was almost about to cry.

YeLang trapped both of LingYang’s wrists above him, then aimed at LingYang’s most sensitive spot and thrusted vigorously. LingYang soon could not bear it anymore, his prick swelling as though it was about to explode. He tried to pull his wrist free but could not get out of YeLang’s grip.
“Let me go,” LingYang moaned.
The only answer was their bodies smacking together.
LingYang pled for mercy, “Husband, touch me, I need it…”
“You’re not allowed to touch it.” 

LingYang knew that YeLang was determined to fuck him to orgasm, he could only shut his eyes and focus on the pleasure rising from the bottom half of his body. However, it was not enough, although the pleasure crashed over him in waves, but he continued feeling as though he was hanging on the edge, while a certain part of his body was painfully hard.
An idea came to him suddenly, he recalled that pair of boots YeLang wore to the bar, imagining that YeLang was lifting his foot up at that moment, aiming at his body, slowly, but surely, treading down…

Just as the soles of the boots came in contact intimately with his cock, LingYang opened his eyes. His cock twitched, without any physical contact, shots of cum spurted out, landing on his chest and belly.
LingYang panted heavily, his mind going blank. To be able to reach orgasm just by fantasising, he seemed to have become more kinky ever since he got together with YeLang, especially as he was unable to free himself from YeLang’s unintentional seduction for so long.

LingYang slowly recovered from his climax, he could feel YeLang speeding up and expanding inside him. He knew that he was also about to come, and as his reasoning came back, he quickly warned him, “Don’t come inside.”
“Ok,” YeLang’s answer was very straightforward. After a few hard thrusts, YeLang pulled out and aimed at LingYang’s face. By the time LingYang realised what the other was about to do, it was already too late, and he could only instinctively close his eyes. YeLang’s right hand gripped himself tightly and gave a few pumps, coming onto LingYang’s face.

“What… The… Fuck…” With cum on him, LingYang gritted his teeth in anger. 
“You’re the one who asked me not to come inside you, I came outside but you’re still unhappy. Why are you so hard to satisfy?” YeLang replied in dissatisfaction.
“I @#$@!!@” LingYang shut his eyes, he could feel YeLang’s sperm on his eyelashes and trailing down the corners of his mouth, wishing he could have YeLang drawn and quartered.

YeLang got up to retrieve some tissues for him, “But you sound pretty good in bed, I finally found a benefit of having a talkative wife now.”
LingYang wiped his face in a huff, “And you still dare to say you like the pure type?”
YeLang was unembarrassed, “Yes, the pure type when not in bed.”
“So seductive in the sheets and pure on the streets?” LingYang was both annoyed and amused. “Why do you get to have the best of both worlds?”
“Less nonsense,” YeLang slapped his ass. “If I want you to be pure, you’ll be pure, and you’ll be seductive when I want you to be seductive.”

They went to the bathroom to shower, halfway through, LingYang was again dragged into behaving sensually again. By the time they were finally done cleaning up it was already midnight. LingYang’s quirk reared its head again, he refused to stay overnight in the hotel, insisting on going home. YeLang was unable to persuade him, and hence had no choice but to return to the bar for his motorbike.
HuLi and his band’s performance was supposed to finish at ten pm, but due to the crowd’s enthusiasm and encore requests, they had only just finished. Upon exiting the bar, they came across LingYang and YeLang.
LingYang did not want to acknowledge them at all, pulling YeLang along he walked to the side, but froze after noticing the last member of HuLi’s band.

YeLang felt that something was not quite right with LingYang, he turned around and got a shock.
Under the dim lights of the bar, LingYang’s face was white, a fearful expression on his face, even his hand that was pulling YeLang’s was trembling violently.

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  1. Btw, I realised that until now I have no clue who Ironman is on the BBS board. Has the character appeared yet in the novel?

    1. No I have no clue who he is as well!!!!!! I think he’s just a more important 路人甲 who is 神通广大 lolol.

      1. Lol, thanks. I was wondering if I missed something. Btw, I couldn’t bear it and read ahead. This phrase:


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          1. I read the whole thing orz.

            Is it just me who feels sad for the 16 years of friendship and love? Because I don’t think they can ever return to even being friends after that ‘我不配’

            I mean, they obviously loved one another and if it had not been for that girl and Hu Li, they’d probably have ended up together eventually after one of them screwed up the courage to confess.

            (Also 老枪’s appearance was like buying soysauce? Was there a purpose to him appearing? Lmao)

            Also, QF is so badass lol. Didn’t know he had a martial arts background, no wonder he can easily subdue BaoBao.

          2. I do!!!! It depends on whether MH will be able to get over it though, since LY already has.

            I read a review that explained why YL was much better for LY than MH, and that becomes more evident in later chapters.


            老枪 is apparently a common character within the author’s BDSM novels, so he’s kinda like the author’s little inside joke?

            I love QiFeng! (Actually I love all the side CPs lol).

          3. Hmm, tbh I disagree with the first part because personally I feel that LY is the type to bury things very deep. While he would have been initially attracted by YL, I doubt he was serious about it and the fact that he refused to talk about that incident even with Bai Long, his good friend of so many years, showed how much Meng Hu must have hurt him. And he wouldn’t have been so hurt if he hadn’t loved him. Later on he genuinely fell for YL, but that sentence about how he easily broke it off with MH, I don’t agree with it.

            But I do agree that YL and him match up perfectly sexually though hahaha. YL seems to be naturally inclined to it, they way he took to it like a fish to water pfft.

            I just see it as a case of missed opportunities, and that always makes me feel a bit wistful. Especially when it is 青梅竹马…

          4. *sighs* ah well, YangYang is happy with YeLang now. I hope MengHu can find his happy ending too.

            Btw, wasn’t it cute how YeLang took down Wu Guanfeng’s poster and said the wind blew it away with a straight face lmao. Also, how he’s actually insecure about YangYang choosing him despite all his 大男人attitude.

            Hana’s ‘comforting’ words were so funny ‘even though they have 16 years of history, and he’s his first love, plus now he’s YangYang’s favourite – a pilot, and he’s also better looking than you… but I’m on your side’ (≧▽≦)

            Ahh, this was an absolute joy to read.

          5. YES! (And the part where he got him a signed Wu Guanfeng poster but he was wearing flipflops in them…)

          6. YeLang internal monologue: As if I’m going to let you use it as YY material now that I know it’s not just ‘star-chasing’!

            Tsk, tsk so possessive, Master.

          7. Actually, even without HuLi in the picture, MH and LY can’t have a lasting relationship. How, do I say it, it has to do with MH nature, he’s more of a wet nurse to LY rather than a BF material. Even if they get together, they wouldn’t have felt much satisfaction —> Imagine, LY’s pro level troublemaking and lying habits together with MH overly protective habits. There’s nothing to keep LY in check. Even that fetish LY none of his friends know abt it, YL had to find out abt it himself. If it was MH he might be willing to fulfill the request but his soul probably won’t be able to accept it. It won’t be able to reach an all time high like with YL. I mean even their initials matches LY vs. YL. After meeting YL even LY starts discovering new things he never knew he would be able to accept like kissing up to YL for bed exercises, acting coy for more bed exercises. Sometimes, that 16 years of knowing each other is a huge shackle by itself. There’s a kind of expectation of how the other will likely act and becomes harder to accept that the other person is not how you thought he should be.

  2. I think the last member is also someone problematic. Their group won’t last long with two members who are troublemakers.

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