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Chapter 17 – 7/7 Night is Overflowing With Gay Feels

<Pale Soul OL> Forum  Gossip Section  

Topic: 7/7, Creating Thread for DaiShan’s #1 Devoted Guy, Requesting for Azure Buckle to Return
Sender: Moved By You
Content: Just now, I went to Lake Shiwen to take a look, and Sakka is still fishing there. 3 months ago, Azure Buckle had gone offline in the middle of lake, and he has yet to leave.
For the past 3 months Sakka has been waiting by the lake, unwilling to even take a step away. Tonight is 7/7, and all couples are together. Only Sakka is alone, patiently waiting. This has moved even me, who did not expect this couple to last right from the start. I started this thread specially to call for Azure Buckle to come back on this 7/7 night and see your husband!

1L: Replying! I’m also very touched by Sakka’s deep feelings, Azure Buckle where are you, come back quick!

2L: Calling for Azure Buckle, if you don’t return, Lake Shiwen will have to be renamed Lake Waiting For Wife!

3L: Faint, it’s already been 3 months. That guy hasn’t turned to stone? So cool, then I’ll add to this!

4L: In this virtual world where people marry today and divorce tomorrow, Sakka is really our spiritual god. I really hope Azure Buckle wouldn’t let Sakka continue waiting like this, come back please! _._

5L: Azure, I’m Little Bracelet. Even if you don’t want to see Sakka, you should come and see me too! How can you leave without any notice 555555, I miss you(/TДT)/

6L: This is a sockpuppet. I had once also adored Sakka, and previously I found a certain someone distasteful, but now it’s something in the past. I’ve already accepted it, and looking at Sakka like this, my heart aches. So, if the certain somebody sees this, quickly come the fuck back.

7L: I’ve only played this game for a short while, but I’ve also heard of their names before. I’ve also went with my friends to take a look. The sight of the god is truly as lonely as described.

8L: Lake Shiwen is now a famous tourist attraction of Daishan server already. There are many people visiting it every night, and I can’t believe I even saw someone offering a one-package service over there.

9L: It’s not only limited to that. Many new couples now choose not to go to the MatchMaker’s Temple, but instead go to Lake Shiwen. Lake Shiwen is becoming the game’s new sacred place for devoted love already…



Ling Yang was not wrong. The scenery in the second half of the 7/7 dungeon event was truly beautiful. It was perfect for lovers to have their dates.
At this point of the event, it was to provide the couple with opportunities to take photos and flirt. All the tasks were very easy, only designed to spice up the atmosphere.
Ling Yang followed Night Wolf absent-mindedly, thinking about possible countermeasures.


【Local】Bell: Actually, it’s not what you think it is.

【Local】Bell: You know as well, the guys in school are all the rough and manly type, and no one is willing to play as a healer. So, there has always been a lack of clerics.

【Local】Bell: I happen to got to know LuomingWind in the old server. Our relationship’s not too bad, and the reason he wants me there is to let me gain some experience. Since the rest of the 24 people are so strong, they won’t care that I’m there.

【Local】NightWolf: Reallly?

【Local】Bell: Haha, Hubby, it’s not like you’ve never seen my skills.

【Local】NightWolf: Aren’t you pretending to be disabled?

【Local】Bell: 囧, I’m not pretending.


Both of them went to the river to release the floating wishing lamps. This was also one of the tasks for the 7/7 event.
Ling Yang wrote “I Wish You Happiness”, lit the lamp, and sent it down the river.


【Local】NightWolf: Who are you wishing happiness for?

【Local】Bell: =。= You.

【Local】NightWolf: You think I’ll believe that?

【Local】Bell: Fine, it’s a friend of mine.

【Local】NightWolf: You came here last year?


【Local】NightWolf: With?


This question really made Ling Yang pause.


【Local】Bell: … To be honest, I forgot.

【Local】Bell: There wasn’t the gender changing pearl last year, so I just casually asked the girls in my guild. I can’t even remember her name.

【Local】NightWolf: At least it was a girl.

【Local】Bell: … Are you taking the opportunity to mock yourself?

【Local】NightWolf: Yes, I never thought my first 7/7 in the game would be spent with a guy.

【Local】Bell: 囧, not everyone has this fortune to spend Valentine’s Day with me!

【Local】NightWolf: For me, this is not a fortune, it’s a misfortune.


Night Wolf too released the lamp, and the usually introverted him actually expressed something emotional — Hoping that the future 7/7s could be spent with the person I like.


【Local】Bell: Actually, this wish could also be fulfilled this year.

【Local】Bell:You only need to start liking me now…

【Local】NightWolf: Shut up.

【Local】Bell:( ⊙ X ⊙)


Both of them went to another location with a picturesque landscape. On a whim, Ling Yang controlled Bell to use her flying skill. She darted nimbly between the trees, her surroundings full of blossoms, with branches spreading out.
The druid type derived their powers from earth, water, fire and air. Adapting the forces of nature to their purpose, they controlled the rise and fall of everything.
It was the complete opposite of the virility of Night Wolf’s warrior. The druid type cleric’s movement skill seemed as though it flowed freely like water. It was just like they were a part of the scenery, and every move would make people feel free from worries.
This was still the first time Night Wolf had saw this druid skill from up close, and he was a little mesmerised.
Ling Yang finished his performance. Borrowing the power of the wind, he leapt down to the ground next to Night Wolf. Four different coloured spheres rotated around his waist. They were green, blue, red and yellow, representing each element respectively.


【Local】Bell: Do you know why I like to play this unpopular build?

【Local】Bell: The druidic cleric is a profession that can draw the power of everything under the sun in one breath.

【Local】NightWolf: This sounds very familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere before.


Ling Yang paused.


【Local】Bell: It’s quite famous, it’s something one of the first experts of our guild had said before, and I just copied him.

【Local】NightWolf: You idolise him?

【Local】Bell: You can consider it like that.

【Local】Bell: What about you, why do you want to play the guardian warrior?

【Local】NightWolf: I can protect my loved ones behind me.

【Local】Bell: Tsk tsk, you’re still under the influence of chauvinism.

【Local】NightWolf: You’re also a guy, don’t you ever have thoughts like this?

【Local】Bell: I’m really sorry, I don’t. I prefer being protected ╮(╯▽╰)╭

【Local】NightWolf: I cannot understand your train of thoughts.

【Local】Bell: Hey, judging by this, we’re very compatible.

【Local】NightWolf: Shut up, I knew you were going to say this.

【Local】Bell:( ⊙ X ⊙)


Ling Yang rummaged through his bag. Bored, he suddenly came up with an idea.


【Local】Bell: Hubby.


【Local】Bell: Kiss me please.


Without even giving Night Wolf time to reject him, Ling Yang used the couple ability <Kiss Your Wife> and kissed him.
Just as their lips met, Ling Yang selected the gender-changing item in his bag. Bell was immediately surrounded with white mist. When the mist dispersed two seconds later, Bell had clearly become a male.
Night Wolf and Ling Yang were both stunned.
Ling Yang was only trying his luck. He wanted to see if two male accounts could kiss or not, but who would have thought the result was beyond his expectations.
In <Pale Soul OL>, when a male and female kissed, the guy’s hands would lightly clasp onto the girl’s waist, while the girl’s hands would rest on the guy’s chest, looking delicate and pretty.
Ling Yang would not have thought that the 3D animators of this game were so ridiculous to this extent. They actually secretly prepared an animation of two male accounts kissing.
They watched as Night Wolf’s right hand slid down naturally, his left hand pressing behind Bell’s head, while Bell’s arms were around Night Wolf with the hands on his back. Both their heads were slightly tilted, as they kissed self-assuredly.
Ling Yang was startled by this so much that he could not speak for awhile, and he even forgot what he was about to do.
Over there, Night Wolf was no better than him. His thoughts at the moment were, why, on the night of 7/7, he would be kissing another guy in an instance…
Ling Yang was the first to react. He hurriedly adjusted the angles and took screenshots.
It was too bad that after only a few shots, Night Wolf also recovered himself. He jumped to the side, breaking away from the mutual action.


【Local】NightWolf: You really have nothing better to do.

【Local】Bell: Hubby, I haven’t looked at it long enough(/TДT)/

【Local】NightWolf: The game’s 3D team has even more free time on their hands than you.

【Local】Bell: Maybe they’ve finished their work, and they’re paid too well to remain idle?

【Local】NightWolf: This is really a bastard game, it’s definitely living up to its name.

【Local】Bell: Let’s kiss again (╯3╰)

【Local】NightWolf: Go away.


Night Wolf took two steps back, afraid that the other person would strike again.


【Local】Bell: If not, let’s just hug. Since there is kissing, there definitely will be hugging. Let’s see how two male accounts hugging would look like.

【Local】NightWolf: Not interested.

【Local】Bell: How hurtful. The other day, during the guild battle, Hubby was still the one who took the initiative to hug me~

【Local】NightWolf: That was only to add buffs.

【Local】Bell: Hai, why are you burning the bridge after crossing it╭(╯^╰)╮


The corner of Ling Yang’s screen started flashing. It was a notification of a gift from the marketplace.


【Local】NightWolf: Change back, then wear this outfit.

【Local】Bell: What, you bought more clothes? I’ve only worn this for 2 days.

【Local】NightWolf: This was just released today.

【Local】Bell: Can’t you change your bad habit of recklessly spending money?


Ling Yang, while grumbling, went to the marketplace to accept the gift. This time, Night Wolf had purchased a white ancient-styled dress. Upon seeing it, Ling Yang knew it was to Night Wolf’s taste, as that was a cosplay outfit that would turn the character into the Little Dragon Girl upon wearing it.
Guys who like Little Dragon Girl… This was really too pure. Ling Yang was speechless.
With a shift of Ling Yang’s hand, he entered the marketplace’s new releases page. Then, his eyes lit up.
He quickly exited the marketplace.


【Local】Bell: Hubby Hubby Hubby Hubby Hubby!!

【Local】NightWolf: …

【Local】Bell: Buy that military outfit!

【Local】NightWolf: What?

【Local】Bell: That male outfit that was just released today in the marketplace!

【Local】NightWolf: … Why?

【Local】Bell: I like it!!

【Local】NightWolf: You just told me not to recklessly spend money.

【Local】Bell: Wuwuwu why do you have to choose this moment to listen to me T^T

【Local】Bell: Buy it~~~~

【Local】Bell: Hubby buy it~~~~~~~~

【Local】Bell: Puh-leaseee~~~~~~~~~~~~~

【Local】NightWolf: Stop fooling around! Are you really a guy? The previous Bell, even when he was pretending to be a girl, he was also not like you.

【Local】Bell: Look at me wearing this just to fulfil your wishes, can’t you fulfil mine for once?

【Local】NightWolf: With our relationship, I don’t have any obligation to fulfil your desires.

【Local】Bell: You’re giving me no choice, aren’t you? Fine, I’ll use a guy’s method to settle this, just you wait!


Ling Yang returned to the marketplace. Although he had never spent any actual cash while playing games, this account had bought some virtual currency. Most of it had been spent, but there was still a little left. The amount was not too much, but it was still enough for him to buy the cheapest weapon on the marketplace that could be used for seven days.
Ling Yang left the marketplace. First he changed into the Little Dragon Girl outfit that Night Wolf had gifted him, immediately changing into a pure, refined stunning beauty.
He then equipped the item he had just purchased from the marketplace. Upon seeing it, Night Wolf became furious.


【Local】NightWolf: What are you doing!

【Local】NightWolf: Remove it!


Ling Yang waved the weapon in his hand majestically. At this moment, he had to again thank the poor taste of the artists of <Pale Soul OL>. To satisfy all sorts of requests from the players, they had released all forms of weapons.
For example, the toilet plunger he was currently holding, the design was true to life. It was completely indistinguishable from the real item, and just by looking at it, it was as though they could smell something out of the ordinary…
In this life, how many people could see Little Dragon Girl carrying a toilet plunger? Ling Yang sighed emotionally. NightWolf was really lucky.

【Local】Bell: No problem. As long as you agree to my request, I’ll throw it away immediately.

【Local】NightWolf: You still dare to threaten me?

【Local】Bell: You don’t want to agree? Then I’ll hold on to it and hang out at the city gate. There’s always a lot of people over there. Ah, what pose do you think I should do? What about the Buddha’s Palm pose?


After saying that, Ling Yang specially went to look for that pose from the expressions panel. They watched a Little Dragon Girl, while carrying a toilet plunger, twitching all over and jumping up and down. She also said, “You think I’ll tell you about things like knowing the Buddha’s Palm technique?”


【Local】NightWolf: Fuck!


Night Wolf rarely swore in the game. At most it was a heheh, so it could be seen how furious Bell had made him.


【Local】NightWolf: Fine, consider yourself ruthless!


Night Wolf stood there. Above his head appeared an icon showing he was in the marketplace. After a short while, a black military uniform-cladded Night Wolf appeared in front of Ling Yang, the row of buttons neatly buttoned all the way to the top. There were golden tassels on his shoulders, and the outfit was accompanied with an aiguillette across his right shoulder to his chest.
On his left chest was displayed a row of badges. Around his waist was a black leather belt, and the buckle was a silver Star-of-David. Both cuffs of the sleeves had gold embellishments on them, and a pair of white silk gloves covering the hands.
On the bottom were pure black military pants, their ends tucked into knee-length boots. The shoes were black and shiny. Other than a decorative leather strap, there was nothing redundant on them, and there was even a slightly sexy heel on the sole of the boots.
Ling Yang could not help but cover his mouth.


【Local】NightWolf: Remove that thing in your hand!

【Local】Bell: Yes sir!

【Local】NightWolf: No, wait, destroy it!

【Local】Bell: Yes~sir! Haha Hubby you’re so handsome~!

【Local】NightWolf: Don’t call me husband in private!

【Local】Bell:So mean~~~~

【Local】NightWolf: Don’t fool around!


Both happily (or maybe just one person?) completed the 7/7 tasks and exited the instance. The others had also completed and exited around the same time. Looking at the outfits on the two of them, they all gathered around.


【Local】LittleRights: Wow, a military captain + Little Dragon Girl, is this combination crossing too many genres?

【Local】LittleCloth: Tsk tsk, our S-MT has evolved again.

【Local】Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Master’s Husband, you’re really… But Master is even prettier!!!

【Local】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Old Wolf is too handsome, this is an ascetic top in uniform!

【Local】MourningMo: I cannot stop thinking about old Wolf actually dressing like this in real life, this is too terrible hahaha.

【Local】FlowerHouse: Actually, Ah Lang has a pair of boots that look very similar to this. I’ve seen him wear it once, it was during this year’s Cultural Festival in the college town in spring. I remember MoMo was there too?

【Local】MourningMo: Oh right right right, I remember it, they really look alike.

【Local】LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: That’s right! I was there too! I remember it as well!


Ling Yang’s eyes shone brightly.


【Whisper】Bell: Are they telling the truth?

【Whisper】NightWolf: Don’t listen to their nonsense.

【Whisper】Bell: Requesting to meet up!

【Whisper】NightWolf: What?

【Whisper】Bell:Let’s meet up!


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