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Chapter 23 – Little White Dragon the Mr. Right

Sender: Ironman (Ironman?Returning to The Basketball Court)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: It’s the BasketBall Qualifiers this Afternoon
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

Yanshan VS Luoming. We’re hosting, anyone going to watch?


Sender: Hana (Flower@Falling Down As I’m Useless At Sports)
Sub-Forum: Homosexual
Topic: Re: It’s the BasketBall Qualifiers this Afternoon
Location: Yanshan University A Century to Educate BBS

I’m a basketball idiot, I don’t understand it /Looks at sky


There was nothing going on today. In the afternoon, Ling Yang and Xu Xian were strolling around the campus. Nearing the sports hall, they saw many spectators at the basketball court, and eruptions of cheers could be heard occasionally.
“Why is it so boisterous over there?” Ling Yang asked.
“You don’t know?” Xu Xian also turned his head towards the basketball court. ” At the start of the semester, every year, there’ll be a basketball tournament between the schools. It’s also the college town’s basketball competition qualifiers, and today we’re playing against Luoming.”
“Against who?”
“Luoming Sports Institution.”
Ling Yang turned and walked towards the basketball court.
“Hey, you want to watch it? When did you become a basketball fan?” Xu Xian chased after him. “The difference between our school and the sports school is light years apart, we would definitely lose the competition. There’s nothing to see.”
“That’s why I said you’re an idiot,” Ling Yang rolled his eyes while walking. “Let me ask you, what does the sports school produce?”
“… Muscular hunks!” Xu Xian’s eyes brightened. “Hey, why are you walking so slowly?”
Ling Yang, “…”
The both of them arrived at the court, cutting their way through the shrieking fangirls.
“This is why I don’t like girls,” Ling Yang covered his ears and said. “They’re too noisy!”
The surroundings was too loud. Ling Yang was also covering his ears, so he ended up yelling that.
The surroundings quietened down. A short while later, more shrieks rang out.
“Ah~~~~~~~~~ A bottom in the flesh~~~~~~~~~~”
“…” Xu Xian shot a pitying glance at Ling Yang.
“…” Ling Yang was also speechless, holding back only to shout at him loudly. “I know you think this way too!”
“Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There’s actually two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Xu Xian indignantly threw a middle finger in his direction.
“Quick, find some good seats for the bottoms.” No one knew who suggested that.
Quickly, the two of them were seated on the best seats in the house.
“Tsk tsk, the quality here isn’t too bad,” Since he was already here, Ling Yang ignored the wretched eyes around them, openly evaluating the players on the court.
“I’ve always felt that Luoming’s purple uniform looks very distinguished. Our school’s uniform colour looks so old-fashioned.”
“That’s called cow dung yellow.”
“The football team has an even uglier uniform, a turtle green. I don’t know which genius chose it.”
“You don’t know, this is our school’s century worth of history’s accumulation.”
The two of them making all sorts of judgement by the side. The girls around them perked their ears up, but still did not know what they were talking about.
“Ah, that one isn’t too bad!” Xu Xian pointed at one in the distance.
“Which one?”
“Luoming’s number 7, it should be their rear guard?” Xu Xian was unfamiliar with the basketball terms.
Ling Yang looked in that direction. He really looked not bad, and the lines of his muscles were smooth. One look and you could tell that he was an athlete who frequently jumped upwards.
That guy’s basketball style was very steady, not flamboyant at all. If a person’s behaviour and actions could reflect a person’s character, that guy would definitely be a cool and calm type.
Whereas Luoming’s number 14 was the exact opposite. His skin was very tanned, his body muscular, and his calf muscles were very developed. He was full of explosive energy, and even if he stood there motionlessly, he would still give off the feeling that he would rush out at any moment.
This number 14 played basketball like a beast. Once he found an opportunity he would throw the ball towards the net. With his impressive speed, no one could stop it.
Luoming’s attacks were basically started by number 7 and ended by number 14. These two people, one was black and the other white, one was active and the other passive, and one was the attacker while the other was the defender. They were very complementary, as though they were teammates who had worked together for many years with their tacit understanding.
Number 7 happened to be in control of the ball now. He brought the ball past the center line, to right under the basket. Number 14 received the ball turned and jumped to score, and Yanshan’s defenders jumped to block. It looked like they had managed to block the attack.
The next second, number 14 suddenly retracted his already raised hand, tossing the ball behind him. The ball was caught by number 7 who had already been waiting at the 3-point line, and there was no one blocking him. He performed a nice jump shot, and the ball entered the net.
The girls there all applauded for the rivals without any shame. Even Ling Yang wanted to yell out that it was a good shot!
Number 7, as though hearing his voice, turned around and looked. Smiling towards Ling Yang, he also waved. Seeing this, number 14 too turned back and glanced towards Ling Yang’s direction, temporarily at a loss.
Ling Yang also pretended and nodded towards number 7 profoundly, and their surroundings burst into shrieks again.
Xu Xian turned and stared at him, startled.
“You know each other?”
“Why? Wasn’t it because I look handsome?”
“You can try saying something more ridiculous than that.”
Ling Yang was about to do so, but suddenly his eyelid twitched, and he saw someone he should not be seeing.
“Oh no, why is he here too?”
“Who?” Xu Xian did not understand.
“Do you see that, that guy dressed disturbingly in all white?”
“Hmm? Where?”
“On your right, south-west direction about 30˚ away from you that seat. He’s tall, skinny like a bamboo, and his eyes are like Er Kang, his nose like Yong Qi, his mouth like the Eighth Prince, and in general, he’s a little like the Fourth Prince.”
“What the fuck, they actually let such a frightening looking guy into the school? Eh? I seem to see him already, eh? He seems to have saw you, eh? He seems to know you, eh? He’s walking towards this direction now.”
“Why are you eh-ing so much, you’re on your period?”
“Fuck off, you’re the one on your period.”
“Flower, are we brothers?”
“Just say it, what do you want me to do?”
“I love how direct you are the most. Help me stop him, you must never never let him find me.” As Ling Yang was speaking, he was already prepared to start running away.
Xu Xian grabbed hold of him. “You still have to give me a proper reason, right?”
“It’s a long story.”
“Then shorten it.”
“At 3 I stole his toy, at 7 I pushed him into the river, at 14 I spread rumours about him at school, at 18 I stole his girlfriend. Is this enough?”
Xu Xian was silent for three seconds. “You’re really a bastard.”
“So.” Ling Yang patted his shoulder. “I’ll leave it to you, bro.”
Ling Yang ran away immediately, while Xu Xian continued standing there thinking, why would a 100% gay steal someone else’s girlfriend?
“Hey.” A greeting broke through Xu Xian’s thoughts, he lifted his head and saw that unlucky person according to Ling Yang in front of him.
But his looks were completely different from Ling Yang’s description. He really did not know how Ling Yang’s eyes were developed.
Xu Xian brought out what he thought was his best smile. “Hi~”
“That person just now, is he your friend?”
“I have many friends, to whom are you referring to?”
“That one that ran away upon seeing me, and patted you on your shoulder.”
“Oh~~~ You mean Yangyang,” Xu Xian blinked a few times. “You have something for him?”
“I haven’t seen him in awhile, so I just wanted to talk about the good old days.”
And settle your old accounts at the same time as well right? Xu Xian thought.
“He’s been busy recently.”
“Is that so?”
“If you only just want to talk about the past… You can also talk to me about it.” Xu Xian blushed shyly.
That person was stunned at first, then exposed his white teeth, “We know each other?”
“Aren’t you just blaming Yangyang for stealing your girlfriend?” Xu Xian reached out and took hold of the other person’s hand, his index finger drawing circles in his palm. “I’ll just return you one. Wouldn’t that settle everything?”
Xu Xian thought, oh no, how could he have forgotten that he was surrounded by fujoshis?
What Xu Xian thought was, since Ling Yang said that he had stolen the other guy’s girlfriend, it proved that the person was straight.

And with his many years of experience (This was Ling Yang’s pet phrase, it has been stolen by Xu Xian), using this method against heterosexuals, the success rate would be 200%. They would always run away immediately.
But Xu Xian had neglected something, which was that it was Ling Yang who said that the guy had a girlfriend.
If this was the case, anything was possible.
“Really?” The person’s smile grew, some evil traces could even be detected within it. “I really think this suggestion isn’t too bad.”
This time it was Xu Xian’s turn to be stunned.
“You you you, aren’t you straight?”
“Who told you that?”
“Yangyang says you had a girlfriend.”
“Hai,” That person sighed, seemingly helpless. ” Don’t you know that out of Ling Yang’s 10 statements, 9 will be false, and the last one will be a half-truth?”
“But but but but…”
“Stop but-ing, come, let me tell you myself how unreliable that person is.” He pulled Xu Xian towards the crowd. This person looked slender, but his strength was frightening. Xu Xian tried pulling away with as much force as possible, but he could not get his hand back.
The girls automatically created a path for them, and there was still someone shouting without fear of death.
“It’s a seductive bottom ah, seductive bottom!!”
Seductive your fucking head seductive! I was framed!! Xu Xian raged internally while dismembering Ling Yang to death in a thousand ways in his head.
“You’re Ling Yang’s friend? How come I’ve never met you previously?” That person dragged Xu Xian to some corner near the basketball court. From there, they could see everything happening on the court.
“Then who are you? Is it possible for you to have met all of Yangyang’s friends?”
“I know all the ones that are close to him.”
“I’m very close to him, but you don’t know me.” Xu Xian was a little gleeful.
“There’s only one explanation for that. You’ve only met him after last semester’s exams.”
Xu Xian’s jaw dropped, it really was exactly what he said.
“I’ve been looking for Ling Yang for two months already. His phone is switched off, he doesn’t go on QQ, he didn’t go back during the break, he’s not even staying in his dorm, and his roommates are all unwilling to speak. I just want to know, do you have any way to contact him now?”
That person suddenly spoke so much, Xu Xian was unable to react immediately.
“Yangyang owes you a lot of money? Why else would he hide from you like this?”
That person shook his head, “If he really owed money that would be easier.”
Xu Xian suddenly thought of something Ling Yang had warned him about before. “You’re Lionking on BBS?”
“BBS? What BBS?”
“A Century to Educate, you don’t know that? Are you not from our school?”
The other guy shook his head.
“Are you part of the college town then? That’s a shared forum, all students from the college town should know about it.”
“Looks like I’m out of touch. The Lionking you mentioned just now, what is it, the king of lions?”
“Oh, it’s an ID on BBS. Yangyang told me once, if this ID came to me to look for news about him, I should say I don’t know anything.”
That person repeated this name silently a few times. “I think I know who you’re talking about.”。
He took his phone out and dialled a number.
He happened to release Xu Xian’s hand while dialling, and Xu Xian immediately took the opportunity to escape. Who would have known that even before he could take a step, he was captured again.
“Wei Shi, it’s me.”
“Right, I’m at your school now. Luoming is still playing.”
“Are you sure Qi Feng knows where Ling Yang is? How did these two people start hanging out together?”
“Ok, I know now. Just stay in the West without worries, I’ll handle it from here.”
“I won’t say anymore, they’ve finished the game and are now coming over.”
Xu Xian only realised something was wrong after he saw him hung up. “Ah, you’re with that Lionking? Why are you all looking for Yangyang, what exactly did he do to you all?”
The other guy pulled at him and walked out. “I’ll explain it to you later.”
Xu Xian discovered that he was on the path where Luoming’s team would need to use when they left the court. That person dressed in white stopped number 7 without any hesitation. Seeing this, the other team members also stopped.
Noticing that the person who had refused to let go of him was now paying attention to someone else and was no longer gripping his hand tightly, Xu Xian was again prepared to escape. This time, only after taking a couple of steps, the other party again caught his wrist in a manner he could not defeat, and was dragged back again.
“Do you train in Xiao Qin Na1?” Xu Xian was astonished.
He glanced over, “Stop thinking about escaping, I won’t let go of you.”
“You want something?” Luoming’s number 7 spoke.
“Qi Feng, I haven’t seen you in awhile.”
“You’re here not to talk to me about the good old days right? Also, I don’t think I know you that well.” That guy called Qi Feng replied.
“Sure, then I’ll ask you directly. I heard you’ve been close to Ling Yang recently?”
“Heard? Who did you hear it from, Sakka, that fisherman?” Qi Feng shrugged. “Whoever I’m close with, it’s my personal matters. I don’t think I need to report anything to you.”
“Qi Feng.” That person’s voice suddenly lowered. “You know that we’ve all been looking for him, and only you know where is he.”
“So?” Qi Feng stared into that person’s eyes. “Little Antelope is mine now.”
“I want to know exactly what happened that day. Also, what happened to his hand?” His voice sounded somewhat impatient.
“This impoliteness isn’t your style, Young Master Bai.” Qi Feng walked off, dodging him. “If you knew it’ll be like this, why did you do that right from the start?”
“Qi Feng!”
“I can only say that the antelope is now with the wolf, so the lion and the tiger should stop being concerned,” he replied, not bothering to look back.
The rest of Luoming’s team followed one after the other. When number 14 walked past he still curiously looked at XuXian’s wrist which was grabbed by that guy in white. When the distance between them grew very far, that guy’s brow was still creased deeply.
“Uhh…” Xu Xian reminded him softly. “You’re still holding onto me.”
That person turned his head rapidly, and recovered his cynical playboy air. “Oh yes, I forgot there’s still you, this payment.”
“What payment, I’m also a victim!”
“Since you’ve already given yourself as payment to me, I’ll have to make good use of it.”
“I’ve already said I’ve been framed by Yanguang!”
“The BBS you mentioned just now, Ling Yang uses it frequently? What’s the address?”
Xu Xian hesitated for a bit, but still reported a long string of numbers.
“Why is it so long, and why is it in digits?” The other was stunned.
“It’s the school’s intranet, haven’t you used it before? Are you really a student from the college town?” XuXian scratched his head. He did not know how to explain it. “It’s a BBS under Telnet, do you know Telnet? It’s a software similar to TERM…”
The more he explained the more confusing it got. The other party clearly also did not understand, and just dragged Xu Xian along with him.
“Hey, where are you bringing me?”
“To my dormitory. Help me set up that telenet or nettel that you mentioned.”
“Ah? But I have something on tonight, I don’t want to go! Let go! …”

Author’s Note:

The author says while reviving: Everyone is asking for a meet up, this kind of things cannot be hurried.

Author is killed again: Fine, next week, next week…

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