TANW Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – Two Idiots In Love

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Topic: The Most Confusing Day in History! The Summary of LinShan’s #1 Love Pentagon!
Poster: Scout
Content: I’ll give a summary, if I’m wrong, please correct me:
1) Night Wolf and Bell are a couple;

2) Bell and LuoMing Wind have an ambiguous relationship;
3) Uncle He confessed to LuoMing Wind;

4) Night Wolf and LuoMing Shadow have an ambiguous relationship;

5) Night Wolf and Bell divorce;

6) LuoMing Wind and Bell hold a wedding ceremony;

7) Uncle He snatches a marriage;

8) Uncle He and LuoMing Wind marry (wtf two male accounts can still get married, I’ve seen everything);

9) LuoMing Shadow and Bell marry.

End of Summary.
1L: Wonderful summary! Such simple sentences, I don’t know why some people have to write tens of thousands of words to scam money.



YeLang: “She’s Bell.”
Surprised, LingYang was speechless for awhile, “Bell… isn’t a ladyboy?”
YeLang affirmed, “I’ve exchanged videos with her before, it’s definitely her.”
“Then, then… Even if she’s not a ladyboy, but she’s at least a scammer right? Anyway, anyway…”
Only then did YeLang noticed LingYang’s discomfort, and could roughly guess what he was thinking. He was amused.
“It’s hard to say, maybe they really got in a car accident and lost her memories, you think only you can use this kind of rotten excuse?”
LingYang pouted.
Previously when YeLang saw this expression on him, he was helpless towards it. Now when he saw it felt like torturing him a little more.
LingYang’s heart was bitter: I had just taken the first step on this path of love, why did such a powerful hidden love rival appear, why am I always the victim of such misfortunes?

When LingYang reached home he got shocked by the wreckage in his room. He cautiously tiptoed in, trying to avoid stepping on the items lying across the floor.
Standing in the center of the room he looked around, feeling a sudden fear after the event: Was Brother Lang trying to demolish my place?

Walking to the desk, he picked up the X-ray and waved it under the light, clicking his tongue, whose luscious jade paw was this, how beautiful.
His computer was on, he moved his mouse to get rid of the screensaver, only to see screenshots from <Pale Soul OL> on the screen. Damn, the shots where he purposely captured with ambiguous angles to fantasise about Night Wolf had all been exposed.
He inspected the room again, next to the wall he discovered… The corpse of YeLang’s phone.
LingYang collected the parts of the phone and thought, even a max level engineer would not be able to revive you, if not for my quick wits, I’m afraid the one in pieces would have been me.

XuXian also returned, he did not join the rest in their karaoke session, and no one knew where he went.
“Need help?” He stuck his head through the door.
“Don’t speak arabic, I don’t understand it.” XuXian was a foreign language student, his major was in european languages with a minor in arabic, there were only two students studying these in the entire school.
The corner of XuXian’s mouth cramped, “That was in english.”
T/N: XuXian’s ‘Need help?’ was spoken in english.)

The two of them tidied the room while discussing their experiences of dealing with an enraged wild wolf boss. LingYang of course was unable to tell him the truth, luckily he was very adept at lying, he started exaggerating and making up stories. XuXian knew that he was full of hot air, but he did not deflate him, and treated it like a standup comedy.
“Right, do you know WeiShi?” XuXian asked after he was done with his nonsense.
“How do you know this name?”
“I heard it from BaiLong.”
“He’s my class leader… Why?”
“Ah Lang said that BaiLong had looked for him, I was very curious so I went to ask him about it, want to guess what happened?” XuXian asked mysteriously.
“BaiLong went to look for Brother Lang? Why?” LingYang was also very curious.

XuXian then repeated what BaiLong told him, WeiShi had told him YeLang had a wife, so he ran over to stand up for LingYang. Hearing this, LingYang was shocked.
“So it turns out Ah Lang asked for a divorce suddenly because of this.”
“Faint, then did you mention anything to Little White Dragon?”
“Of course not, I’m also not stupid. I only told him that Ah Lang had already divorced his wife, he was very satisfied.”
“Ah~~ Good that you didn’t mention it, if Little White Dragon knew that WeiShi had used him as a cannon fodder, he would definitely kill him.”
“He has something against you?”
“… It’s not merely something against me, he thinks I stole his wife.”
“Why is it that no matter where you go, you’re able to make enemies everywhere?”
“Maybe because I’m the type to attract animosity?”

XuXian gathered the books together, after moving them he realised LingYang was not tidying up but sitting on his bed texting.
“Who are you texting?”

“Brother Lang.”
“… Why are you texting him?”
“Oh, asking him if he wants to go and repair his phone tomorrow.” LingYang replied without lifting his head.
Twitching, XuXian turned his head to look at the remnants of YeLang’s phone on the table, then turned back to look at LingYang who was focused on texting, and decided not to say anything.

With a lot of difficulty, they finally managed to return the room to its previous condition. LingYang logged into the game, and the account he logged into was of course still Bell.
Night Wolf was offline, but LuoMing Wind was online. Ever since he got married, LingYang had not seen him. LingYang went to Night Wolf’s house —— No, now it was Bell’s house, and went through it, finding an acceptable item as a wedding gift, he teleported over to LuoMing Wind.

On the map, LuoMing Wind and Bell were standing there facing each other, Bell had already been motionless for at least ten minutes already.
Bell suddenly started jumping, showing that he was back.

[Whisper] LuoMingWind: Finished laughing?

With that message, LingYang ran off to laugh for another five minutes.[Whisper] Bell: It’s too fucking funny, I’ve never seen such a funny thing in my life before.

Above LuoMing Wind’s head was the label <UncleHe’s Wife>.
Mentioning that, when the system announced a marriage, the groom’s name would always be first, then followed by the bride’s name. At that time LingYang’s focus was not on that, and so did not pay attention to the position of the names.

[Whisper] LuoMingWind: It’s all thanks to your guild leader, he actually instigated Angry to destroy his Gender-Changing Pearl.
[Whisper] Bell: QiFeng ah QiFeng, it serves you right. Having known you for so long, this is the first time I’ve saw someone managing to get the better of you.
[Whisper] Bell:
I suddenly feel that the light has shined into my life, that my future is full of hope!
[Whisper] Bell:
Thank you for bringing me so much joy, I’ve decided to overlook the fact that you didn’t help me repair my reputation.
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
No need to rely on me, there are people fighting over the chance to do that for you.

Just as QiFeng finished speaking, T.Rex teleported over, even using the couple ability to do it. Seeing the <LuoMingWind’s Husband> label above his head, LingYang could not help but pound the table as he burst into laughter again.

[Local] UncleHe: Bell!!! I’m sorry!!!!!
[Local] Bell: Haha, it’s fine. Right, congratulations on your marriage, here’s my gift ^o^
[Local] UncleHe:
Previously I misunderstood you, I’ll make up for it!!
[Local] Bell:
It’s really nothing >”<
[Local] UncleHe:
No, you got misunderstood because of me, I’m going to rectify this misunderstanding!

A short while later, a message appeared on screen.

[LoudSpeaker] UncleHe:
Yesterday my wife threw a tantrum, then decided to fake a marriage with Bell to spite me, but now I’ve already coaxed my wife back. Bell is innocent, everyone please don’t treat her unjustly! The next time someone gossips about her again, I’ll kill everyone of them!!

Uncle He repeated this message for a total of five times, LingYang laughed till he cried.

[Whisper] Bell:
I, I can’t take it anymore…
[Whisper] Bell:
I’m suddenly full of admiration for Boss MuRong, I want to be his brainless fan.
[Whisper] LuoMingWind:
Hmph, sooner or later I’ll settle this account with him, wait and see.

The next day was a Sunday, when YeLang arrived at LingYang’s place he was in the arena. Seeing YeLang he tossed his mouse aside and greeted him, causing XiaoGe to complain angrily on YY.

“Why didn’t you reply my text?” LingYang asked.
“What did you text me about?”
“Wanted to ask you if you want to go repair your phone today with me.”
“I didn’t receive it.”

Hearing a crash, the both of them turned their heads towards the sound, only to see XuXian suddenly slapping the dining table and standing up.
“I’ve decided.” XuXian said.
Waiting for half a day the two of them did not hear a continuation, LingYang asked, “What did you decide?”
“To distance myself away from the two of you. I’m afraid that stupidity might be contagious.” Then he ran back to his room and closed his door.
“What happened to him?” YeLang asked.
“Menopausal?” LingYang was also unclear.

The both of them brought the pieces of the phone to the Electronics City within the college town. The staff swept his eyes over it, “We repair phones here,  we don’t salvage junk here.”
YeLang also gave LingYang a glare, “I’ve told you that it couldn’t be repaired.”
LingYang shook his head, sighing, “Hai, what a waste.”
“You have the cheek to say that?”

It just happened that there was a store that sold the brand of the phone YeLang was using nearby. YeLang headed directly towards it, finding the model he was using, he got ready to pay for it.

“Since you have to change it, why don’t you change to a new model?” LingYang leaned against the counter and watched, the model that YeLang wanted was released two years ago, its functions and hardware were somewhat outdated already.
“I’m used to the old one already, I don’t feel like changing it,” YeLang was a nostalgic person, whether it was his food or other items, he would always choose the options that he was used to, and would not change them easily.

The staff at the shop was still very helpful, reminding them that this brand of phones had a built-in memory card, the memory card from the old phone could transferred to the new one, and the data would not be lost. So YeLang bought the exact same model as his previous phone, and passed it over to the staff to transfer the memory card over.
In a short period of time LingYang became as thick as thieves with the staff, YeLang saw that he was chatting happily, and so left by himself to get a drink.
Handing the money over, YeLang turned to leave, only to feel someone pulling his wrist. He looked backed, unexpectedly seeing Bell.

Bell bowed towards him, “Hi, that day I accidentally did a shoulder throw on you, please excuse me, you didn’t get injured right?”
YeLang looked at her doubtfully, then looking down and slowly pulling his hand back, he shook his head.
Bell then nodded towards him, “That’s good, I often throw people down out of reflex, I can’t get rid of this habit.”
YeLang completely did not know what to say.

“That,” Bell hesitated, “Can I ask you a question?”
YeLang nodded.
“Do I know you?”
YeLang was startled.
“I know it’s very rude to ask like that, but…” Bell bit her lip, “I was in a car accident, then I lost my memory, I cannot remember a lot of things to do with me already.”
YeLang’s eyes widened.

“When I saw you that night, I felt that you were very familiar, like I’ve seen you somewhere before.”
YeLang could not believe what he was hearing, “You got in a car accident and lost your memory? When?”
“Half a year ago, which was June this year.”
That was exactly when Bell disappeared!

“Then your family? Your friends?”
“I’ve got to know the rest of them, although I don’t know who they are, but…”

“That guy who pulled me away the last time, he said he’s my boyfriend, but I have no recollections of him at all,” Bell frowned. “I keep feeling that I had someone I liked, but no matter how I try to remember, I can’t recall who he is.”
“After seeing you, my boyfriend became very strange. Whatever I asked him he also wouldn’t reply me, even asking me to avoid you if I see you. I think there’s a problem here.”
Her voice became urgent, “So, do you know me? Do you know who I am?”

“LingDang!” A girl called her in the distance.
Bell looked back and acknowledged her, then spoke hurriedly, “My friend is calling me, I have to go.” She took a pen out from her bag, and pulled YeLang’s hand over. “This is my mobile number, if you really know something, please give me a call.”
“Goodbye.” After writing her number, Bell ran off towards her friend. YeLang stared after her, then looked at the number on his palm, the whole situation was inconceivable to him.

By the time YeLang returned to the store, the data in his phone had been restored. Having left the store behind in a far distance, LingYang could not stop smiling sneakily.
“What are you smiling at?” YeLang asked.

“Heihei, I’ve discovered your~little~secret~!” LingYang gloated.
“What secret?”

LingYang held his chin, “Your phone has my photos, and they’re actually the photos from the first time we met. Hey, did you start liking me from that moment? Ah,” LingYang bit his fingernail, “Actually, you fell in love with me at first sight, didn’t you?”

YeLang saw that face that was asking for a beating, his hand itched, “The first time I saw you, you were dressed pretending to be someone you’re not, your white clothes billowing in the breeze. I still thought I saw Little Dragon Girl.”
LingYang’s eyes brightened, “Doesn’t that mean I’m your dream lover?”
YeLang sneered, “After spending so much time together, I then discovered you’re not the Little Dragon Girl, but the Little Dragon Boy.”
LingYang did not understand, “What do you mean?”
“Your horns and tail have all been exposed.”
(T/N: Little Dragon Boy refers to a song.)

Finishing, YeLang continued walking. LingYang stood there and thought over it, he finally laughed out in amusement.
He chased after YeLang, hanging onto him, singing cheerfully, “I have many little secrets~ little secrets ~ little secrets~”
“You’re off-key!”
LingYang did not bother about that, and went louder, “But I won’t tell you~ But I won’t tell you~ But I won’t~ tell~ you!”
YeLang turned his head away, the corners of his mouth curved up slightly.
(T/N: And yes, LingYang’s singing the song.)

The author has something to say:

Today was supposed to be a happy ending, to complete the happy ending by 7/7 the author didn’t even celebrate it, only eating cold KFC at 9pm T^T

[HeiYao] threw landmine x1! [lshw5q] threw landmine x2! [Ji] threw a long comment!

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Last week a lot of effort was need to push the climax, the author is mentally and physically exhausted to the point where she won’t love anymore. This week the author wants to rest a little so everyone please excuse her, the double chapters will be delayed ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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