TANW Chapter 86

Chapter 86 – I’ll Fly You to the Heavens
Wild Wolf Empire Community Masters Discussion

OP: I’m thinking about taking care of a tibetan mastiff sub, any doms of such subs here that can give some tips?
1L: OP, are you sure? Everyone wants to take care of a tibetan mastiff, but there are not many who are actually able to. Are you sure you have this ability to do so?
2L: Not all subs are the tibetan mastiff type, and not all masters can handle them. Before you think of taking care of one, please assess your own ability, don’t cause harm to another person. Once you start taking care of a tibetan mastiff, you can never let him go free.
3L: Those who know the OP would laugh, you think you can take care of a tibetan mastiff? Do you know what a tibetan mastiff needs? They need love, which you’ve lacked since 800 years ago.
4L: OP – It’s because I’ve played too much previously, so I’m tired. Now that I’m older, I’ll like to find a long-term partner too.
5L: There are only so many doms of tibetan mastiffs on the forum, they’re all lurkers. There’s BigBan, His Highness, BigN, oh, right, there’s also wildwolf.
6L: A newbie would like to ask, what is a tibetan mastiff?
7L: The above doesn’t know the characteristics of tibetan mastiffs? They only recognise one master for life.
8L: OP – Those few that 5L mentioned I’ve sent them a private message before, but they didn’t reply. I saw the information of the last one, he’s still very young, did you add him wrongly?
9L:  Don’t look down on Little Brother wildwolf. He’s a new modern type, with actual strength. You might not even be comparable to him.
10L: OldGun – Previously I said that this person was very promising, but needed about 3 to 5 years of experience before he could truly shine. Who would have thought that he’ll be at this stage so quickly. Too bad, I was pretty interested in the person with him, what’s his name, Antelope Cannot Run?
11L: It’s Antelope Cannot Fly, I’ve seen this ID before, he’s commented on my post in the boots section previously.
12L: Brother Gun even dares to eye a tibetan mastiff? Aren’t you afraid of getting bitten?
13L: OldGun – Haha, his character’s not bad, he wouldn’t bite anyone. It’s his owner that wouldn’t even allow people to look twice at him.
14L: wildwolf – who are you?
15L: The owner of the tibetan mastiff has been poked out…
16L: Brother Gun is a poker expert no explanation.
17L: OldGun – What the fuck, I’m going into hiding.
18L: This post is now completely off-topic. I really want to know Antelope Cannot Fly’s reaction if he sees this post.
19L: This is the Masters section he wouldn’t come here.
20L: Hold on, let me go next door to call him over.
21L: AntelopeCannotFly – !!! When did you register an account???

YeLang sat on the sofa as LingYang used his thigh as a pillow while watching a television program. After that incident in the alley, neither of them were in the mood for sex. However, LingYang’s resilience was really very impressive, within a short period of time, he was rolling in laughter at the silliness displayed on television.
There was a sudden banging on the door, it sounded very urgent. Both LingYang and YeLang were very surprised as not many people knew of this apartment, and they had never had any visitors before.

“Maybe it’s the property manager or someone checking the water meter? I’ll go take a look.” Standing up, LingYang headed to the door. When the door was opened, the person outside immediately pulled him into a hug, giving him a shock. He wanted to break free, but his strength was not comparable to the other person.
“YangYang, why did you have to conceal it from me?” MengHu’s voice had changed completely. “Why did you have to hide from me, and refused to tell me anything?”
“You… How did you get this address? You’re drunk?” No matter how LingYang tried, he could not push him away. The entire compound knew about MengHu’s low alcohol tolerance, he could even get drunk on the wine his family made. This was not the first time LingYang had seen him drunk, but it was the first time he had seen MengHu so emotional.
“If I didn’t happen to meet Hu LuoBo, were you planning on hiding this from me forever?”
“… What do you mean by meeting carrot?”
“YangYang,” The voice of this adult man was filled with unwillingness and regrets, whoever who heard him would all be overwhelmed by it. “At that time, if I didn’t drink that wine, would you have been mine?”
LingYang was completely bewildered. What wine? What did he mean by that?
Before he could question him, YeLang chopped his hand towards the back of MengHu’s neck.
“Why did you hit him?”
“I heard that you could make a person unconscious with this method. It’s more effective on drunkards.” YeLang replied expressionlessly.
“But he’s still conscious!”
“Maybe I didn’t hit the correct part, let me do it again,” YeLang again chopped his hand down, but MengHu was still awake.
“I’m not BaiLong, how would I know where’s the correct position? Let me try a few more times, I’ll definitely get it right.” YeLang repeated his action for a third time, and this time, MengHu finally went down. “Got it right this time.”
“You’re doing it on purpose right!”
YeLang declined to comment.
LingYang looked at MengHu lying on the ground, “Then what should we do now?”
“Just leave him there.”
“This is the door! Aren’t you going to help move him in?”
“It’s very nice of me not to toss him out already,” YeLang went back into the house, he obviously did not want to deal with him.
With all his strength, LingYang finally dragged MengHu into the house. While dragging him, he asked YeLang, “Hey, what do you think he was trying to say just now?”
“Don’t know.”
“Carrot is a person?”
“Don’t know.”
“What is that wine?”
“Don’t know.”
YeLang pulled out his phone. Each time the both of them came to the apartment, they would switch off their phones so as to prevent anyone from disturbing them. Turning it on, as expected, he received XuXian’s text.
Little Xian: MengHu has been looking for YangYang everywhere. It seems pretty urgent. I couldn’t contact you, so I could only give him your address.
So this was how he found the place. YeLang thought, that damn Hu LuoBo…
“Tiger is only talking nonsense after getting drunk.” After settling MengHu down, LingYang ran back to YeLang. “Don’t take it seriously.”
YeLang snorted.
“Hey, what happens if he wakes up and start making a fuss?” MengHu was after all from the military school, he was not sure if YeLang could take him in a fight.
“How would I know. There’re collars at home, why don’t you put one on him.”
“Hey! It would be even stranger for him to realise that there’s something like that at your house after he wakes up!”
YeLang received a call from XuXian and went to the cafe he mentioned. Both XuXian and BaiLong were already there, sitting together on a bench.
“Why did you call me here?” YeLang walked towards the empty seat across them, along to be dragged down by BaiLong to sit between the both of them, as though they were bodyguards.
“What are you guys trying to do?” YeLang did not understand, was there a need for the three of them to squeeze together?
“Flower says that he’s afraid you’ll become impulsive, and that we have to watch over you,” BaiLong explained.
YeLang frowned, “What exactly is going on?”
XuXian placed his index finger in front of his mouth, signalling YeLang to keep his voice down. “Shh, we’ve received information that MengHu has invited YangYang to meet him here.” He jabbed his thumb behind him, “They’re just behind us.”
The separation of each cubicle in the cafe was done very well, between each table was a very high divider. When YeLang entered the cafe, he did not see who was behind them at all.
YeLang was irritated upon hearing this. Just yesterday, MengHu had ran over his place in a drunken fit and he had yet to settle that with him. Now, he even secretly approached LingYang, did he see him as being invisible?
One of the waiters of the cafe noticed a new customer and came over, “Hi, what would you like to order?”
“Carrot juice.”
“Sorry about yesterday, I drank too much.” MengHu’s voice drifted from behind. YeLang held his temper back and listened attentively.
“Oh, it’s alright!” LingYang hurriedly spoke up. “However, you’ll have to fly a plane next time, it’s best you quit drinking. If you get caught flying after drinking, it wouldn’t be good for you.”

“… There’s no traffic police in the sky.”
“Oh right!”
MengHu shook his head. He did not ask to meet LingYang to discuss this matter. “I had always thought that you were angry with me and hid from me because of that phone call. When you were willing to forgive me, I was already very content. Now that you have a good partner, I’ll also rather be your good brother for the rest of our lives, and keep some things to myself. But…”
He shook his head again, “The heavens had to let me discover the truth. YangYang, I used to tease you for being timid, but actually you’re the bravest of us all. I’m the real scaredy-cat. There are some things that I’ve never dared to tell you, always afraid that after telling you, we won’t even be able to remain as brothers.”
LingYang’s jaw dropped, was this for real?!
BaiLong pulled his phone out. XuXian saw him and asked, “Are you really planning on creating an account called @MyFriendIsAnIdiot?”
“No, it’s going to be called @MyFriendsAreAllIdiots.”
MengHu continued, “You’ve always refused to accept my good intentions. I wanted to gift you clothes, you refused. Gave you a mouse, you also didn’t take it. Even a bottle of milk, I had to lie that I was lactose intolerant before you accepted it.”
This was ingrained in LingYang since young, “My mom says that we can’t randomly accept things from other people…”
“Right, so in your eyes, I’ve always only been ‘other people’.”
LingYang was tongue-tied.
XuXian exclaimed quietly, “On the matter of giving gifts, MengHu really cannot compare to Ah Lang.”
BaiLong glanced over to the person next to him, “What have you given him as gifts?”
XuXian replied on behalf of YeLang, “A handmade hammer, second-hand clothes, sheepskin gloves… And that Wu GuanFeng autograph for YangYang’s birthday. The autograph was free, but YangYang was so happy about it.”
BaiLong recalled that autograph. “That photo taken on the beach with him in beach shorts and flip-flops? LingYang had shown it off to me before, but I felt that it was a little silly looking.”
“Yup, hasn’t Wu GuanFeng always been the cool type? Ah Lang, why didn’t you choose a better photo?”
YeLang gave a derisive snort.
“I previously thought that we still had a lot of time together, that there would still be chances for me. I originally wanted to confess to you on the day your application to be a pilot was accepted, but… After that, I decided to tell you everything when we got the championship for the PK competition, then…”
MengHu’s two pauses made XuXian sincerely felt that this person was too pitiful.
LingYang did not know what to say, he then remembered something. “But, that Fan girl and you…”
MengHu seemed to be very embarrassed, hesitating, he wanted to talk about it, but also did not dare to do so. “During our high school graduation dinner, I knew that my alcohol tolerance was low, so I didn’t dare to drink too much to keep myself from getting drunk. However, you had drank a lot due to your bad mood, and then, I couldn’t help but… but kissed you… But I didn’t expect that she would see it.”
LingYang covered his mouth in shock. I still thought that my first kiss was given to Brother Lang!
YeLang’s fingers tightened and the stirrer broke into two. He gritted out, “Yin— Zhi— Ping—”
(T/N: The Legend of the Condor Heroes thing again where Yin ZhiPing was the one to take Little Dragon Girl’s virginity.)
“After that, she used this incident to threaten me, saying that she would tell you about it. You also know, at that time your mood was… I was deeply afraid that you would become more agitated, so I agreed to help guide her in the game. Then, I also got married to her within the game, and as for being my girlfriend, that was what she told others by herself. By the time I found out about it, it was already too late.”
“However, we had been neighbours for so long. I had only thought that she was being mischievous only, and never expected her to do such a thing to you. If I knew, if I knew…”
MengHu pressed his head into his palms in pain. Seeing him like this, LingYang also could not help but sympathise.
“LingYang,” MengHu suddenly sat up and called him by his full name solemnly. “I know that it might be too late to say this now, but I’ve already let the past 16 years slip through my fingers. I don’t want to let myself have any regrets.”
LingYang stared at him in incomprehension.
“I’m the one who caused the destruction of your dream of being a pilot. However, I’ve checked it out. Although you cannot fly a plane with your injury, you can still enter the cockpit. Not only do I want to help you continue your dream, I even want to help you complete it,” MengHu gripped LingYang’s hands that were on the table. His eyes were very serious, “Be my co-pilot, I’ll fly you to the heavens.”
YeLang pounded the table and stood up, “Despicable!”
BaiLong and XuXian hurriedly pulled him down.
Hearing MengHu’s suggestion, LingYang’s eyes starting shining.
“Really?” He asked.
YeLang’s heart clenched.
MengHu gave a solemn nod.
It was apparent that LingYang could not control his excitement. His eyes did not leave MengHu, even his breathing sped up, and the other person also looked back at him unhesitatingly.
He only managed to calm himself down after awhile.
LingYang slowly pulled his hands back.
“I’m sorry.”
“Why?!” MengHu asked in disbelief. There was truly a moment just now, where he thought that he had succeeded.
“Because I’m not worthy.”
Because you’re not worthy.
When Fan BeiBei had blocked LingYang in the dark alley, that was what she said.
You used to have a chance to become a bird in the sky, too bad that you can only become a chicken that cannot fly now.
How can a chicken be worthy of a bird?

Even if they’re just a pair of chicken claws, I will break them, this is the price to pay for your wishful thinking!

The hope in MengHu’s eyes gradually dimmed, he had understood LingYang’s meaning completely.
To LingYang, MengHu’s existence was the cruelest reality. Just like the scar on his back, although it no longer hurt anymore, but it would never disappear.
Even though it was a rejection, he could still express it so tactfully.
In this life, the two of them were destined to only brush past each other.
After MengHu left, LingYang walked over to the table next to him.
“I knew you guys were eavesdropping over here! I heard all your comments!”
LingYang pointed at the glass of carrot juice in front of YeLang. “Whose one is this? Why is no one drinking it?”
YeLang pushed the glass over.
“YangYang, what’s called I’m not worthy?” XuXian did not understand.
Drinking a large mouthful of carrot juice, LingYang licked the stain around his lips left by the drink. “Eh? Shouldn’t some encouraging words be said when rejecting someone to make them feel less miserable?”
“So you gave him a nice guy card, an advanced edition of a brother card…”
“I’m not worthy of your card.” BaiLong concluded.
That night, YeLang’s actions were very gentle, as though he was a completely different person. LingYang was somewhat unused to it.
He was immersed in YeLang’s gentleness, as he was about to reach the peak of his desire, the other person suddenly stopped. With this pause, LingYang nearly cried out in agitation.
“LingYang,” From his position above, YeLang looked down towards LingYang, his eyes serious.
LingYang was about to go crazy. Don’t tell me you need another 5 minutes cool down? I’ve already been denied any orgasms for an entire week. Yesterday we were disrupted by MengHu, if I don’t get any release today, it’s sure to spoil!
Also, at this time, calling me by my full name so seriously, what are you trying to do?

“LingYang,” YeLang repeated his name, his voice expressing a devotion that had never been heard before. “I’ll fly you to the heavens.”
Bending down, he laid a kiss on him.
LingYang closed his eyes. In the next second, he soared up to the sky.
The author has something to say:

This author is really not good at writing extras. Everyone can discuss what extras they would like to see, maybe something would inspire the author. It seems that requests for Brother Gun’s extra seems to be the most popular for now? As a character who didn’t fill up even 500 words, it’s really quite satisfactory.

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