TANW Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – The Gathering of Righteous Power

<Pale Soul OL> Forum Gossip Section

Topic: 6 Months, It’s Been 6 Months! Sakka is Still Fishing By Lake ShiWen!
Poster: Moved By You
Content:  Azure Buckle is your heart made of stone!!!
1L: Sighing in first place, crying silently.
2L: Quickly dump that fellow of a dubious gender! There are many fishes in the sea, why only focus on one!
3L: Azure can also be considered a type of stone right?
4L: Is there anymore fish left in DaiShan’s Lake Shiwen?
5L: Is Sakka going to fish until the Lake Shiwen becomes dry…
6L: I can’t stand this anymore, what’s so good about Azure Buckle, he’s just a perverse ladyboy, Sakka, are you blind! I’m so much better than him, please consider me~
7L: Is the above commenter that weirdo from DaiShan who got married and divorced 7 times? Heheh…
8L: (whispers) maybe he just likes to fish… Running away covering my head
9L:  Could it be Azure Buckle-sama met with an accident, it’s not that he doesn’t want to come online, but that he can’t come online. For example, he got into a car accident and lost his memory or something… Fine I also know that this explanation is lousy T^T


MuRong did not immediately reply LingYang, but first removed the effect of the Anonymous Potion.

[Guild] MuRongFeiTian: How are you my little fellas ^_^
[Guild] CuteEgg: Boss!!!
[Guild] LittleCloth: What the hell, boss is online!
[Guild] MourningMo:  Heihei, Guild Leader, long time no see.
[Guild] DevotedCouple: Yo, someone still knows how to come online, I thought he had already forgotten all about us.
[Guild] LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: We’re all orphans, 555
[Guild] FlowerHouse: Guild Leader you’re finally here, everyone misses you very much ^ ^
[Guild] Bell: O(∩_∩)O Hello Guild Leader
[Guild] MuRongFeiTian:  All above are very obedient~ Group kiss

After much consideration, LingYang decided that it was the wisest choice to admit everything to this pervert.

[Whisper] Bell: Hi Boss, I’m Little Antelope!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: Uh huh? You finally decided to tell the truth?
[Whisper] Bell: Previously when I didn’t recognise you, it’s because I’m blind!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: Don’t say that, we’ve never exchanged blows before, you can’t be blamed for not recognising me.
[Whisper] Bell: No, actually during this year’s PK competition I saw you from a distance! Your god-like skills captured me very quickly, I’m your brainless fan!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: Although I know that you’re only saying this out of courtesy, but it’s still very pleasant to hear it.
[Whisper] Bell: It’s true! But because I was too far away at that time, so I couldn’t see you clearly, if not I would have recognised you that day!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: If you recognised me you wouldn’t have said that you’re LuoMing Shadow right? ^_^
[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] Bell: Boss I know I was wrong!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: A fault confessed is half redressed.
[Whisper] Bell: But how did you know that I’m Bell?
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: I didn’t know, it was little Ying that said his brother had found a new partner, and it was actually our MT’s wife, I was very curious, so I came here to take a look.
[Whisper] Bell: … So I confessed for nothing, didn’t I?
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: What do you think? I immediately guessed who you were with your first move, you were sensible to confess on your own  initiative, if not I’m not sure what I might have said in the guild chat.
[Whisper] Bell: If you knew you still killed me seven times!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: I want to get to know you better ^_^
[Whisper] Bell:

(T/N: Little Ying – 小影 is QiFeng’s little brother, 影-ying also means shadow, which was how QiFeng came up with LuoMing Shadow – LuoMingYing the account that was meant for his brother.)

[Whisper] Bell: Boss please stop playing with me!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: Does our MT know?
[Whisper] Bell: If you don’t tell him he won’t know!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: Oh really?
[Whisper] Bell: I really have no evil intentions!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: Give me a reason first.
[Whisper] Bell: … I want to court him!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: I accept this reason ^_^
[Whisper] Bell:
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: However, since you can get access to the account of little Ying’s brother, it means that you’re in the same gang as him. Who knows if you have any other accomplices? Our MT is so naive, he might just get cheated horribly by all of you.
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: I tend to be very protective of my children, but I’ll give you some time. By that time if you don’t tell him yourself, I can only help you inform him.
[Whisper] Bell: will! I’ve been preparing already, Boss, please give me some time!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: That’s good, I still have one more piece of advice, our MT’s temper isn’t very good, you shouldn’t antagonise him all the time.
[Whisper] Bell: When did I antagonise him!
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: You mean it wasn’t you? When I came online he didn’t even bother greeting me, after whispering him he only replied with two words.
[Whisper] Bell: Which two words?
[Whisper] MuRongFeiTian: Heheh.
[Whisper] Bell:

“LingYang. LingYang. Student LingYang!”
Brother Bear pushed LingYang who was drooling as he slept, “YangYang!”
“Here!” LingYang bounced up on reflex.
“Do you think my statement just now was right?” Teacher Tang XiuWen on the podium asked him, expressionless.
“Of course you’re right! Teacher, I cannot agree with you anymore!” LingYang replied passionately.
His surrounding erupted in laughter, Brother Bear held his laughter back and whispered to LingYang, “Teacher Tang just said, the reason for not having enough sleep is most likely because of a rich night life, do you agree with him?”
“Please sit down and stay back after class. The other students should look at page 113 of the book…”
LingYang sat down dejectedly, the previous night he had stayed up till 2am to train his mining skill so as to craft YeLang’s spear. The first class in the morning happened to be Tang XiuWen’s class, as Tang XiuWen was now his substitute counsellor, LingYang would naturally not dare to skip this compulsory module. Who knew that coming here to catch up on his sleep he would still get shot at, what a tragedy.
After the class ended, the other students all left quickly, and so did Brother Bear after gleefully consoling LingYang. You should know, the person he was most afraid was would be this iceberg Teacher Tang.
LingYang heard someone calling his name, lifting his head, he got a fright.
It was not Counsellor Tang XiuWen, but the class leader WeiShi who had been transferred to the West, and had not been seen in a long time. His other identity was LingYang’s disciple-in-law in Pale Soul, Little Buckle’s ex-husband.
“You you you, why are you back?”
“The project was completed ahead of schedule, naturally I would return.”
LingYang thought this was not good, why was this stubborn fellow still not giving up! He immediately wanted to look for an excuse to flee. Turning around he saw Tang XiuWen, and ran there as though seeing a saviour.
“Teacher! I’m here to admit my mistake! Let’s walk and talk ok?”
Tang XiuWen shot a look at him, carrying his book he directly headed out. LingYang quickly followed, and this time WeiShi did not chase after him.
“Ah, I’m saved, I’m saved.” LingYang rejoiced as he patted his chest.
“Student LingYang.” Tang XiuWen spoke.
“Yes Teacher?” LingYang fawned on his saviour.
“Don’t always use me as your shield.”
“Uh…” LingYang scratched his head, embarrassed. “Teacher, you realised it? Am I that obvious?”
“You owe him a lot of money?”
“No no no, how could that be,” LingYang hurriedly claimed his innocence. “It’s an idiot that owes him, I’m only an innocent guarantor that got dragged in only.”
Tang XiuWen suddenly changed the topic, “You haven’t been attending the night class at all.”
“…” LingYang’s mouth was wide open, he was speechless.
Tang XiuWen was referring to the seminar held after 6pm. There were at least two to three hundred students attending such seminars held in the auditorium. As there were too many students, most of the teachers would not take attendance, and the final exam would definitely be an open-book exam. Chances of failing this module was nearly zero, and it was really one of the easiest choices to gain school credits.
LingYang chose Tang XiuWen’s night class which was scheduled on Tuesday 6pm to 8pm, but as he had to participate in the guild activity at night, he had not been able to attend a single lesson. As there were many people like LingYang who skipped them, the teachers of night classes tended to close one eye to them.
However LingYang would never have thought that Tang XiuWen would have discovered his absence out of a few hundred people, and had actually noticed it every class..
“That, actually I… I have to work at night.” Working in the dungeon would also be considered working right? I can even earn DKP!
Tang XiuWen’s eyes swept past him coldly, remaining silent.
LingYang thought, this is over, he must have a crush on me, why else would he pay such close attention to me?
No, his heart already belonged to someone else, he must find an opportunity to make him give up! LingYang made up his mind silently.
Half past three in the afternoon, LingYang gave YeLang a call, it happened to be very noisy over there.
“Hold on a second.” LingYang managed to hear those four words.
After a few moments, the noisy background disappeared. “Yes?”
“Where are you? Why is it so noisy over there?” LingYang asked.
“I’m in the workshop.”
“Workshop? What are you doing in the workshop?” LingYang was surprised.
“Metalworking practice.”
LingYang scratched his head, he was a literature student and so did not know much about it. “Oh, I just want to know if you’ll be free later for swimming, forget it if you’re busy.”
“I’m free,” YeLang spoke. “Class is ending soon, you wait for me at my dorm room first.”
When YeLang returned to his dorm, LingYang was sitting on his seat playing on his computer. Seeing him he immediately stood up.
“Brother Lang, you’re back.”
After LingYang greeted him did he realised that YeLang’s outfit was very special today, he carefully studied it.
“Why are you… dressed like this?” YeLang was wearing a greyish-green overall, together with a pair of brown leather work boots.
“As we were in the workshop, these clothes are more resistant to dirt.” YeLang placed the item in his hand on the table, turning around to collect his swimming accessories.
LingYang, without a change in his expression, looked down at that pair of work boots on YeLang’s feet and fantasised for a bit, then he looked at the item YeLang brought back.
“What’s this?” He picked it up and scrutinised it, it was a thin metal rod, its surface carved with meticulous decorative details.
“The handle of a hammer.”
“The handle of a hammer?”
“It’s the metalworking practice assignment, everyone has to make a hammer, the head of the hammer is benchwork, this is lathe work.”
“Ah? You can even make your own hammer? How?”
YeLang thought about it, attempting to use the simplest way to explain it to him, but LingYang still did not understand.
“Wow, you guys are actually doing something so complicated, so cool.”
YeLang’s roommate came back, there was also a hammer handle in his hand. Seeing LingYang, he was first take aback, then next, an “Ah, aren’t you that…”
LingYang was shocked, could it be that everyone in SenLan Technological University knows me?
YeLang stared at his roommate, the latter immediately swallowed the words, “that Taoist priest in Ah Lang’s phone.”
“Classmate you also made a hammer handle? Let me look at it.” LingYang was very sociable, he never regarded himself as an outsider.
He looked at the handle of YeLang’s roommate, and even compared it against YeLang’s, finally coming to a conclusion, “Both are very impression, but Brother Lang’s is more exquisite.”
When YeLang heard his words, he hesitated a little, “Do you like it? If you do I’ll give it to you when it’s done.”
YeLang’s roommate was heading out, upon hearing this he stumbled, turning around to look at YeLang. Seeing that he was staring at him again, he quickly ran away.
“Eh? Can you do that? You don’t have to submit your assignment?” LingYang was pleasantly surprised.
“I just have to let the teacher mark it.”
“That’s great,” LingYang brightened, a handmade gift from the husband was completely different from those that could be purchased in the market, it was a priceless treasure.
The both of them headed for the swimming complex with their swimming fear, SenLan’s Snack City was along the way, and they completely did not notice a guy and a girl conversing inside.
“Guild Leader, why are you so nice today, actually taking the initiative to buy me a drink? Don’t tell me you like me.” In SenLan’s Snack City, Passionate Sword’s assistant guild leader Devoted Couple and guild leader MuRong were having a conversation.
“This is to thank you, I’ve troubled you and MoMo with the guild matters during this period of time.”
“You still dare to mention this?” Devoted Couple had a disbelieving expression on her face. “This is not the first time you’ve delegated your duties, why are you thanking me suddenly? There’s other motives to this, isn’t it?”
MuRong grinned, “Our assistant guild leader is still the most intelligent, then I’ll just say it directly. I’m interested in your Protect the Endangered Wild Wolf Plan, why don’t you tell me about it?”
“So, you’re saying, Bell’s disciple also came along?” After listening to Devoted Couple, MuRong gave a conclusion.
He tapped his fingers on the table, mumbling to himself, “Little Antelope’s disciple… Azure Buckle? So he’s also in LinShan?” The corner of MuRong’s mouth curved up, “Things are getting more and more interesting.”
“Guild Leader, listening to you, it seems like you know who the second Bell is?” Devoted Couple asked.
MuRong laughed coldly, “Little Antelope, LuoMing Wind, Azure Buckle, the three of them are famous wily foxes, can you imagine, our naive wolf must have been cheated horribly by them.”
He slowly shook his head, “Little Antelope, Little Antelope, you actually dare to incite trouble in my territory, bullying my unguarded Passionate Sword?”
MuRong spoke to Devoted Couple, “The intention of your plan is good, but you guys may have made a mistake, to protect wild animals, the most important thing is not to raise them in captivity, but to release them.”
“Release them?”
“Let it regain it’s original savagery, let it return to nature, and let it survive by its own strength, this is the correct way to protect it. Simply put, we have to let the wolf catch the antelope by itself.”
Devoted Couple did not understand, “Guild Leader, you mean…?”
MuRong picked up the soda on the table and took a drink, “There might be some chaos in the server later, but you all have to remember, no matter what happens, you guys must not reveal anything.”
He smiled slightly, “Evil can never prevail over good, having allowed them to jump around for so long, it’s also time to tear this group of three apart.”
The author has something to say:
DKP Records:
[ImaginaryYear]x1, [Division]x3, [AnAn]x3, [Dots.]x5
Originally wanted to stay up late tonight (You liar!!!)
But the author’s husband suddenly said today was the wedding anniversary.
What the fuck, the author herself had completely forgot about it.
Recently he had been hanging out every day with the author’s single, tall, handsome and rich childhood friend, the author had thought that they were having a homosexual relationship, who would have thought he actually still remembered this.
So now the author is going to celebrate it, so she’s not staying up late anymore.
In addition, a [Newest Version of Illustrations of Main Character], (loot is limited to people on computers)
MuRong’s illustration is a buffalo, although their characters are not very similar =_,=
The main reason is because he’s very protective of his children, he can be very fierce, although he’s a herbivore, but when he’s enraged he can even beat a lion…

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